2nd hand stairlifts

Second hand stairlifts

Why should I buy a second hand stairlift?

If you’ve just begun looking into buying a stairlift, you will likely be looking at the question of whether to buy a new or a used stairlift. There are many reasons why you may prefer a second hand or reconditioned stairlift rather than a new one.

Who would buy a second hand stairlift?

Stairlifts are often thought to mainly be used by the elderly, but they are also used frequently by those with reduced mobility. They are also good options for those who have undergone an operation.

What is the difference between second hand stairlifts and new stairlifts?

Used stairlifts, especially reconditioned stairlifts, are often very similar to new stairlifts, however, the stair lifts cost is generally lower. It is important to first check that the company you buy from offers the same quality assurances for used stairlifts as it does for new ones, and is willing to offer maintenance.

What are the advantages of buying a new stairlift?

Before you search for a used stairlift, it is important to consider what the advantages of a new stair lift are to be certain a used stairlift is for you:

  • They usually come directly from the manufacturer so you know it’s full history
  • Stairlift parts are stocked if needed
  • There will be the option to customise your stairlift with features
  • Peace of mind that it is high quality

How do I buy a second hand stair lift?

After an occupational therapist has assessed your needs and recommended that you purchase a stairlift, you should contact a stairlift company, who will assess your home to determine which stairlift is right. This is often free of charge, and therefore does not factor into the overall price you will pay for your stairlift.

How do I search for the right stairlift for me?

You can select a brand and contact them for a free quote to discuss your options and the needs of your property. Alternatively, you can search online for particular models of 2nd hand stairlifts, and see if it is available from other sites like eBay.

Which stair lift suppliers sell second hand stairlifts?

There are many companies to choose from. However, we recommend using Acorn, was we have identified them as the best stairlift providers in the UK.

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It is also worth looking into other companies more local to you.

Where else can I find second-hand stair lifts?

You can also buy your used stairlift off platforms like eBay, gumtree and preloved from individuals who no longer need their stairlifts. However it is important to remember a used stairlift may not have the same quality assurances and warranties, and you will have to organise installation separately, which may turn out to be costly.

How much are secondhand stairlifts?

One of the factors when buying a stairlift is the cost. There is a lot of price variation, so while it may be tempting to look for cheap stairlifts, it is essential to ensure that your stairlift is the right one for you. Prices can also vary depending on:

  • The functions of the stairlift you choose, including how easy it is to get on and off of
  • What needs to be done to fit the stairlift, like moving a radiator
  • If you need a straight or curved rail

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Is there funding available to cover stair lifts costs?

It can be possible to get a grant to cover the stairlift cost. This includes:

  • The Disabled Facilities Grant
  • Referrals to charities from your occupational therapist or health and social workers
  • More specialist charities like the Edward Gostling Foundation.

Additionally, you may be eligible for 0% VAT if you are ‘chronically sick or disabled’ and the stairlift is for personal or domestic use.

What are reconditioned stairlifts?

Reconditioned stairlifts are sold by established companies at significantly lower prices. They have generally been refurbished by the company that makes the stairlift so is of a higher quality than an ordinarily used stairlift.

What are the disadvantages of buying reconditioned stairlifts?

There can be issues with buying a reconditioned stairlift to consider before you buy one:

  • There may be maintenance issues if the stairlifts are not in production anymore because it will be difficult to find parts if required
  • Difficult to customise and find a type that will fit your staircase
  • There may be a more limited warranty if something goes wrong

What should I look out for when buying a reconditioned stairlift?

There are numerous considerations when buying a reconditioned stairlift:

  • Whether the stairlift meets the same safety standards as a new stairlift
  • The warranty time and whether servicing is included
  • Whether it can be fitted to a curved staircase
  • The age of the stairlift
  • Whether the stairlift’s full history is available
  • If support services are available

How do I get my stairlift into my home?

Most suppliers will include delivery and fitting in the cost, though there are specialist companies that can do this if you buy a used stairlift. Fitting generally takes around four hours although it can be longer if you need a stairlift for narrow width stairs.

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Where can I get a reconditioned stairlift?

  • Stannah
  • Handicare offers a price match promise if you find the same or similar reconditioned stairlift elsewhere. 
  • Unicorn stairlifts

What other stair lift costs are there to consider?

If you buy your stair lift from a supplier it is likely they will fit it into your home and delivery will be included. Further, they will fix it if it breaks within the warranty period. Otherwise, companies such as Acorn recommend your stairlift is serviced every 12 months, and offer a service providing this.

What is the difference between straight and curved rails?

The layout of your staircase at home will make a difference to the staircase you need to buy. A straight rail is for an ordinary staircase going straight up, whereas a curved rail is for if your staircase changes direction. Not all stairlifts can operate on a curved rail, which is generally more complex to fit and therefore often significantly more expensive.

What other factors should I consider before looking at stairlifts for sale?

  • There will be a vast variation in the quality of used stair lifts for sale
  • You cannot use one make of stairlift and a different make of track, but you can cut a track down to fit your straight staircase.
  • It is easier to fit a used curved stairlift to a straight case than the other way round

What other purchasing options are available to me?

It is also possible to get your stairlift as part of a stairlift rental scheme. For example, Stannah allows you to rent your stairlift by paying monthly, and the cost includes servicing and removal.

How can I go about selling my stairlift?

Some companies allow buy back of unwanted staircases, though this is unusual due to the bespoke nature of fitting a stairlift and changing safety regulations. You can, however, put you stair lift for sale on a private listing for stairlifts, such as on gumtree, however, you will have to either check the buyer can get it removed privately, or pay to have it removed from your home.

Where else can I find information on used stairlifts?

You can read more about stairlifts throughout this site. 

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