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December 2023 

Second Hand Stair Lifts & Used Stair Lifts For Sale In December 2023

If you find yourself having difficulty climbing up or down the stairs at home, then you may have considered buying a stairlift.

Buying a new stairlift can be a considerable expense. A brand new stairlift will cost you upwards of £2000 for a straight model, or £5000 for a curved model.

In this article you will be able to get more informatio about finding stair lifts for sale.

Fortunately, it is possible to buy reconditioned stairlifts at a reduced rate. You can usually buy reconditioned stairlifts for about half the price.

This article will help you to understand what exactly reconditioned stairlifts are and what you should be looking out for when searching for second hand or cheap stairlifts.

Topics that you will find covered on this page

What is a Used stairlift?

Many reputable stairlift providers offer their customers the opportunity to sell back their used stairlifts once they are no longer required.

These used temporary stairlifts are taken back to the factory. Any faulty or damaged parts can then be replaced before they are resold as reconditioned stairlifts.

The most important thing to know is that a stairlift is classified as “reconditioned” only if the refurbishment is carried out by

  • The manufacturer
  • A manufacturer-certified supplier.

Otherwise, the stairlift is simply second-hand.

A reconditioned or second hand stairlift from a trusted firm like Acorn or Stannah Stairlifts will have been tested to make sure it is still in perfect working order. A reconditioned Acorn stairlift, for example, will provide the same quality of service and safety as new models.

On the other hand, you cannot guarantee that a 2nd hand stair lift from a private seller will meet these same high standards.

The low price of used stairlifts for sale on sites such as Ebay and Facebook might look tempting. But, it’s probably best to go with a trusted stairlift company.

How much does a used stairlift cost?

Reconditioned stairlift prices vary from company to company, but generally  they will be around £1000 for straight stairlifts and £3000 for curved stairlifts. This price typically includes the cost of installation, as well as one year’s warranty.

The exact price of your own stairlift will depend on many factors. A surveyor will need to come around to your home to assess your needs and provide a quote.

Used curved stairlifts are so much more expensive than straight reconditioned stairlifts because curved stairlifts need to be tailored to the staircase in your own home. A straight stairlift, by contrast, can be made to fit many different staircases and so can be manufactured in advance.

When comparing the prices of reconditioned stairlifts from different suppliers, you should also consider the ongoing maintenance and service costs once the first year’s warranty expires. It will often be worth paying for an extended warranty or servicing contract to cover call out fees and repairs after the first year has ended.

You should also be aware that if you are classed as disabled or chronically ill, you shouldn’t have to pay any VAT on your stairlift or its installation. Additionally, if you are over 60 but not classed as chronically ill or disabled, you will only need to pay 5% VAT instead of the standard 20% rate.

The actual cost of using new or reconditioned stairlifts after installation is very low. On average, stairlifts cost between £5 and £10 a year in electricity bills to run.

How much do second hand stairlifts cost to rent? 

If, for whatever reason, you only need a second hand stairlift for a short while, then you may want to consider renting a reconditioned stairlift rather than buying one, as stairlift costs can differ.

Both straight and curved reconditioned stair lifts are available to rent, though you may need to search a little further afield to find the product you’re looking for. Acorn, for example, only offer new straight and curved stairlifts as part of their stairlift rental service. Have a look at the range of second hand stairlifts that they may have.

Stannah, however, does offer reconditioned stairlifts to rent. Renting a reconditioned straight stairlift from Stannah will cost you approximately £850 in setup costs, then around £60 per month in fees. Renting a reconditioned curved stairlift from Stannah will cost you around £1650 in setup costs, then around £150 in fees.

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What additional features can I purchase with my stairlift?

It is possible to purchase a range of additional features to help you get the most out of your stair lift. When looking for a stairlift for sale you will find that common optional extras for both new and reconditioned stairlifts include:

  • A power-hinged track: this makes it easy to fold away the track when the stairlift is not in use. This is especially helpful if the track obstructs walkways or poses a trip hazard.
  • A powered swivel seat: this makes it easier for those with limited mobility to get on and off the seat safely.
  • A perch seat: this option is ideal for those who have difficulty sitting down or bending the knees. A perch seat is also a good option if you have a staircase which is too narrow to fit a standard model so therefore need a stairlift for narrow stairs.

Of course, any extra features that you buy should be based on your individual needs, which you should discuss with your surveyor.

How long do reconditioned stairlifts last?

The lifespan of a stair lift will depend on how often it is used, but you would expect a new or newly reconditioned stairlift to last around ten years before it needs to be replaced.

It is possible for stairlifts to last much longer if they are regularly serviced to make sure they remain in perfect working order. Provided they are properly looked after, reconditioned stairlifts should last almost as long as new stairlifts.W

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How do I buy a second hand stair lift?

After an occupational therapist has assessed your needs and recommended that you purchase a stairlift, you should contact a reputable stairlift company, who will assess your home to determine which stairlift is right. This is often free of charge, and therefore does not factor into the overall price you will pay for your stairlift.

How do I search for the right second hand stairlift for me?

You can select a brand and contact them for a free quote to discuss your options and the needs of your property.

Alternatively, you can search online for particular models of stairlifts second hand, and see if they are available from other sites like eBay. This is not recommended though, as you cannot necessarily be assured of the quality of used stairlifts purchased from private sellers. The disadvantages of this option are outlined below.

Which stairlift suppliers sell 2nd hand stairlifts?

There are many companies to choose from. However, we recommend using Acorn, as we have identified them as the best stairlift providers in the UK based on many factors including quality and value for money.

How long will it take to install my stairlift? 

The time it takes to install a stairlift will vary according to the model and the supplier, but in general, the installation can be carried out in a single afternoon.

Standard straight stairlifts, for instance, will typically take 1 to 2 hours to install, while more complex models will take between 4 and 5 hours. After the installation, the engineer will normally guide you through the controls of your new equipment and provide any more information that you might need.

Where should I buy a used stairlift from?

Always make sure that you buy a used stairlift from a trusted supplier and not from a private seller. There a number of reasons this is so important:

  • If you buy from a private seller without a warranty, there is a chance that you will end up paying more in the long run on repairs and maintenance. But, if you buy from a trusted supplier, you will be able to call a helpline for support if your stairlift develops any faults.
  • If you buy from a private seller, you will need to arrange the installation of your stairlift yourself. Whereas, if you buy from a trusted supplier, they will arrange for an engineer to carry out the installation in your home as part of the service.
  • It is an especially bad idea to buy a curved stairlift second-hand from a private seller. This is because, without a bespoke handrail, a second-hand curved stairlift will not fit the staircase in your home and you will have wasted your money.

Acorn Stairlifts are trusted suppliers of both new and refurbished stairlifts. They are good options for first-time buyers who want to make sure they are receiving a high-quality service at a fair price.

How much is a used stairlift worth?

A used stairlift is typically worth around 50% of its original purchase price. However, the final resale value will depend on a number of factors, including the condition of the stairlift and the specific model.

If you are considering selling your used stairlift, it is important to consult with a qualified dealer to determine an accurate appraisal.

Where else can I find second hand stair lifts?

You can also buy used perch stairlifts and second hand stair lifts through online platforms such as eBay, Gumtree and Preloved. On these platforms, people who no longer need their stairlifts offer them for resale. It can often be tempting to purchase a stairlift through these sites, not least because they can appear to be bargain deals, but there are some issues to bear in mind.

Firstly, second hand stairlifts for sale on these websites will not come with their full service history, which can result in big unexpected bills down the line.

You could shell out hundreds or even thousands for a seemingly cheap used stairlift that looks to be in good working order and fine condition, but then realise it has sustained previous damage that you end up paying for.

Even worse, unsafe second hand stairlifts could cause a serious accident, such as a fall from the seat or a collision of the seat with the wall or bannister.

Make sure you prioritise your safety over saving a few pounds on the purchase price.

Secondly, a stairlift is a sophisticated piece of mobility equipment, and suitability to your home and your needs is vital. Second hand stairlifts prices shouldn’t lure you into purchasing a stairlift that doesn’t suit your house and your particular mobility requirements. For example, a seated stairlift may not suit a stairlift user who has trouble bending their knees.

Thirdly, those who purchase second hand stairlifts on these online platforms have to arrange for installation themselves, which is a hidden cost that makes many used stairlifts seem not so cheap after all.

This brings another risk, as a disreputable or insufficiently trained engineer may fit the used stairlift wrongly and cause a safety hazard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy a used or second-hand stairlift?

Those with a limited budget can save money by purchasing a used or refurbished stairlift. Before purchase, it is essential to ensure that the stairlift is safe and in good working condition. Purchasing a stairlift from a reputable vendor who provides a warranty and has rigorously tested and maintained the device is recommended.

How much does a used or second-hand stairlift cost in the UK?

The price of a used or refurbished stairlift can vary depending on its make and model, age, and condition. You can expect to pay between £1,000 and £3,000 for a used or refurbished straight stairlift and between £3,000 and £6,000 for a used or refurbished curved stairlift. However, prices will vary based on specific requirements and circumstances.

Can I install a used or second-hand stairlift myself?

Installing a used or refurbished stairlift on your own is not advised, as this requires specialised knowledge and equipment. Instead, hiring a reputable stairlift supplier or installer is advised to ensure that the stairlift is installed correctly and safely. In addition, a professional installer can guide the best type of stairlift for your specific needs and ensure that the stairlift is installed correctly.

What should I look for when buying a used or second-hand stairlift?

When purchasing a used or refurbished stairlift, it is essential to ensure that it is in good working order and safe to use. Purchasing a stairlift from a reputable vendor who provides a warranty and has rigorously tested and maintained the device is recommended. Additionally, you should consider the stairlift’s age, condition, brand, and model to ensure that it is compatible with your staircase and meets your specific needs. In addition, you should request a stairlift demonstration and ensure that it is comfortable and straightforward to operate.

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