Trusts & protecting your assets

Making sense of trusts can sometimes feel like a complicated task, considering the various types available and the legal and financial implications involved.

That’s why we’ve developed this page – to simplify and clarify the concept of trusts within the UK context.

Here, you’ll find discussions on a variety of trust-related topics. We delve into the different types of trusts – including bare trusts, interest in possession trusts, and discretionary trusts – explaining how they work and their respective advantages.

We also examine the roles of settlors, trustees, and beneficiaries in the context of trusts.

Additionally, we shed light on how trusts can be used for effective estate planning, and the impact they might have on your tax situation.

Armed with this information, you’ll be able to understand how trusts could fit into your overall financial planning.

asset protection trusts

discretionary trusts

home protection trust

Family protection trusts

life interest trusts

property protection trusts

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