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Our Mission - It's Simple

UK Care Guide stepped into the digital space with a clear mission – to simplify mid and life’s later chapters. We noticed a need, a gap, people needing more support. So, we acted.

We are pleased to see that our site is visited by over 2 million visitors a year.

Our platform is more than just a website – it’s a comprehensive resource hub. A companion during times of complexity. 

Money worries? We’ll guide you through. 

Legal issues? We’re on your side. 

Concerns about well-being, long-term care, or lifestyle changes? We’ve got your back.

We deliver straightforward advice, offering real-world guidance. We untangle the knotty problems, leaving you with clear, usable solutions. No complicated language, no bewildering information, just reliable support you can lean on.

Our mission? Simple. 

We aim to become the first choice, the go-to website for all mid to later life needs in the UK. 

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Running The Site

We have an amazing team of people that keep our site operational. 

This is everything from writing and editing our articles, providing expert press commentary, creating and publishing our research reviewing products through to working with our partners.

Saq Hussain


Saq is responsible for running the UK Care Guide website. He founded People-tech, which operates this site.  

Prior to taking on the operation of this site, Saq was a Director and the UK Head of DC Pensions, Benefits and Wellbeing at PwC.

Saq is also a part of the steering group at the Living Wage Foundation that has developed the National Living Pension standard, which is aimed at helping ensure people have enough money to retire on.

Saq has regularly featured in the press, with examples including:

William Jackson

Engagement Officer

William has been a part of the UK Care Guide since its launch in 2014. He was a parent of the original team that developed the concept and then worked on the growth of the site.

William is still involved with the site in a freelance advisory capacity.

William is also responsible for managing relationships with a number of our partner organisations, both in the UK and abroad. 

William has regularly featured in the press, with examples including:

Mary Churchill

Community Relations

Mary is an exceptional individual who serves as the heartbeat of our site.

With her unwavering dedication and passion, she plays a vital role in ensuring the success of our community engagement projects.

As the driving force behind our initiatives, Mary assumes a range of responsibilities that contribute to the meaningful work we accomplish.

Our Experts

Our freelance consultant editors are independent experts who bring a wealth of experience and practical knowledge to a range of topics and issues that impact people from mid to later life.

Dr. Lawrence Cunningham

Dr. Lawrence Cunningham, a retired medical doctor, is a highly respected and accomplished professional who dedicated his career to medicine.

For the past 3 years, he has been a contributing writer to the UK Care Guide.

With a passion for healing and a commitment to patient care, he significantly impacted countless individuals’ lives throughout his extensive practice.

After graduating with honours from a renowned UK medical school, Dr Cunningham specialised in internal medicine, gaining valuable experience in diagnosing and treating various medical conditions. 

Lawrence has regularly featured in the press, with examples including:

Helen Bell

Helen is a dedicated nutritionist with a passion for promoting healthy lifestyles and wellbeing.

Helen has been working with the UK Care Guide since 2018.

With a deep understanding of the connection between nutrition and overall health, Helen provides expert guidance to individuals seeking to improve their dietary habits.

Armed with a degree in nutrition from a reputable institution, she possesses a wealth of knowledge in creating personalised meal plans and offering evidence-based advice.

Helen’s compassionate approach and commitment to empowering others make her a trusted resource in the field of nutrition.

Helen has regularly featured in the press, with examples including:

Wendy Green

Wendy knows a lot about how to be healthy and balanced in life.

She’s been helping people do this with the UK Care Guide since 2022.

Wendy knows about different things like how to be mindful, how to keep fit, and how to stay emotionally strong. She uses this knowledge to give all-round help.

She shows people how to make good decisions for their health. She teaches them how to look after themselves and keep their minds and bodies healthy.

People really value Wendy because she cares a lot about health and likes helping others.

Our Amazing Writing Team

Our site would be nothing without our team of fantastic freelance writers.  

Rob Atherton

Rob is a highly skilled professional who excels in the realm of content creation and editing.

With his extensive expertise and a keen eye for detail, he plays a pivotal role in shaping and refining the content produced by our team.

Armed with a degree in History from Leeds University, Rob brings a unique perspective and depth of knowledge to his work, ensuring that our site consistently delivers high-quality and engaging content to our audience.

Rachel Barnes

Rachel stands out as a highly competent professional, armed with a diverse range of skills such as content creation, social media oversight, and product evaluation.

Her comprehensive comprehension of art and humanities infuses her work with a distinct perspective, generating content for our site that is both compelling and insightful.

Rachel’s broad-based experience and proficiency render her an essential contributor, adept at creating absorbing narratives and successfully steering our social media engagements.

Olivia Morgan

Olivia Morgan is a talented content writer with a passion for crafting captivating narratives.

Olivia is skilled in producing high-quality content and optimising it for various digital platforms.

She is dedicated to creating engaging and informative materials that resonate with target audiences.

With a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, Olivia’s proficiency in storytelling and editing ensures that every piece of content she produces is of the highest calibre.

Our Amazing Press Coverage

We take immense pride in being sought after by esteemed press organisations.

They have sought our expert opinion and showcased our groundbreaking research, validating our position as leaders in helping people in mid to later life.

Below is a glimpse of the coverage we have earned, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.


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