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Stairlift rental

Stairlift rental is when you pay a service to temporarily install a stair lift onto your staircase. There will be a charge every month for as long as the use of this stairlift is required.

This article will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not renting is the best available option for your needs.

We will answer the most frequently asked questions regarding stairlifts to rent, and talk you through the options you have when it comes to buying or renting a stairlift.

1 – Can stair lifts be rented?

Buying your own new stair lift might not always be a feasible option if you can’t afford to pay the full stairlift cost in one go. But don’t worry: if you’re looking for cheap stairlift options, a monthly rental scheme can help.

The option to rent a stairlift is now relatively common among stairlift companies.

2 – Is it better to rent or buy a stairlift?

Many customers wonder whether renting a stairlift is going to work out cheaper given their circumstances. For short term needs, a temporary stair lift makes a lot of financial sense.

If you require a stairlift because you are having difficulty using your staircase while you recover from an illness or a procedure, you will likely find it more cost effective to use a stairlift rental scheme. Using a stairlift rental service is also a great option if a family member or guest with reduced mobility will be coming to stay with you for a short period of time.

But in the longer term, the monthly rental fee for using an installed stairlift will add up and may become prohibitive over time. In cases where you will need a stairlift for years, it is likely best to purchase a new stairlift and accept that you will have to pay for some additional servicing to your stairlift over the years.

3 – How much does it cost to hire a stairlift?

As a rough guide, the stair lift rental cost for a straight model should not exceed around £10 per week.

However, it’s important to remember that there will be an initial installation charge for fitting the stairlift to your home. The full fee can total between £350 and around £1000, but this price will cover administration, installation and the later removal of the stairlift from your staircase.

This charge may sound like a lot, but renting will work out cheaper for you in the short term than buying new stairlifts. The costs to buy a straight stairlift can end up totalling between £3000 and £5000.

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4 – What affects the stair lift cost?

The prices of stairlift hire vary according to the rental service and the exact specifications of the space where the lift will be installed.

Factors such as these will all affect the costs:

  • Whether a curved rail is needed, or if a standard straight rail would be appropriate.
  • Whether you need a radiator to be moved, power points to be added, or a windowsill to be trimmed in order to install the lift to your stairs.
  • The height of your staircase, as many stairlifts are designed to help you travel up or down approximately 15 steps. If you are looking for a much longer or shorter rental stairlift, this will be taken into consideration.
  • The width of your stairs may also affect the cost of a stair lift rental. Narrow staircases could mean that you need to rent a stairlift which can fold away to make space for any other residents to use the stairs.
  • Any optional extra features that you request, such as a swivel seat for ease of disembarking from the lift.

4 – How do I get an exact quote?

If you call a rental company, their customer service team will be able to answer any questions you have about the cost of stair lift hire.

One of the service’s surveyors will conduct a home visit to make an in-depth assessment of your stairs. Once they have done this, they will know what adjustments they will have to make so you can start renting a stairlift.

After this visit, the stairlift rentals service will call and provide you with a full personalised quote. This quote should include the size of the deposit, the one-off installation costs, and the monthly price for continued use.

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5 – Which kinds of rental stairlifts are there?

There are a couple of varieties of stairlifts to rent: curved stairlifts, and straight new or used stairlifts.

Curved stairlifts prices are not always offered by a rental company. This is because a curved stairlift is typically custom-made for your home’s staircase, and so is unlikely to be able to be reconditioned after the lift is no longer needed by you.

You can see a short video showing you what a curved stairlift is and how it can be used below.

Straight stairlift models, on the other hand, are able to be fitted easily onto any standard staircase. Because of this, removal can also happen quickly once the rental period is over.

Information about the types of rental stairlifts a company has available can usually be found easily on their website.

Acorn Stairlifts has options for renting stairlifts as well as buying. They offer both curved and straight stairlifts, and because maintenance and servicing included for free in the scheme, there is no need to worry while you are renting a stairlift.

6 – How long does the installation take?

The exact amount of time the company’s engineers will need to install a new stairlift to the stairs in your home will vary depending on the service and the space in your home.

More complex installations will take longer, but the installation of a straight stairlift from Acorn, for example, will typically take between 1 and 5 hours.

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7 – How do I hire a stair lift?

To start your stairlift rental, simply call a stairlift company or fill in their online contact form and inquire about the possibility of stairlift hire.

If you would like a personalised quote, you will also need to give the rental business your address so that they can conduct a home visit.

To find the most cost effective solution, it might be worth giving one or two services a call and comparing the installation costs and monthly prices they give you.

8 – Do I have to sign a contract?

You may be asked to agree to a set rental term when you rent stair lifts.

If you anticipate that you will only need the stairlift for a month or two, you will want to make sure that your rental stairlift agreement doesn’t require a more long term commitment. You don’t want to end up paying extra for continued use of a rental stairlift when you don’t need it anymore.

Not all stairlift rental companies will require you to sign a contract, but you should be aware that when you are renting a stairlift this is a common feature of the rent agreement. A standard renting term would fall between one month and three months.

9 -Will I have to pay for stairlift rental maintenance?

Customers who choose to rent a stairlift will save themselves the worry of needing to pay extra for maintenance or breakdown cover.

The best services for stairlift rental offer free cover for any maintenance or servicing required during the rental period.

When you purchase a stairlift, by contrast, servicing is one of things you would need to budget for.

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