Riser recliner chairs

Riser recliners are specially designed chairs that help individuals stand up and sit down easily.

They benefit older adults with limited mobility or certain medical conditions.

This page overviews the different types of riser recliners available in the UK, including single motor, dual motor, and wall hugger riser recliners.

Single motor riser recliners have one motor that controls both the backrest and footrest, whereas dual motor riser recliners have separate motors for the backrest and footrest, allowing them to be operated independently. Wall hugger riser recliners are designed to take up less space and can be placed closer to the wall.

In addition to showcasing various types of riser recliners, this page also offers useful information to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a riser recliner.

It includes tips on choosing the right size and type of riser recliner, as well as important features to consider, such as the type of upholstery, the number of positions, and any additional functionalities like massage or heating.

Moreover, you will find guidance on properly using and maintaining your riser recliner to ensure its longevity. With a comprehensive range of options and helpful advice, this page aims to assist anyone in the UK looking for a riser recliner that meets their needs and improves their quality of life.

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