paying for care

Understanding the costs associated with care services and how to manage them can be a complex task.

This is why this page has been created, aiming to simplify the financial aspects of care and provide clear information relevant to the UK.

This page explores a range of topics linked to paying for care. This includes an overview of the average costs of different types of care, such as home care, live-in care, and care homes.

We also discuss the financial assessment process, carried out by local authorities to determine what contribution, if any, you should make towards your care. Additionally, we delve into various funding options, including local authority funding, NHS funding, and self-funding.

We also provide information on allowances and benefits that might be available to help offset costs. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be better prepared to navigate the financial aspects of care services in the UK.

how to pay for your care fees

NHS continued care funding

Deferred Payment Schemes

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