Have your health and social care services been replaced or removed?

The University of Birmingham are undertaking some research and your support in this would be appreciated.

Decisions are often made to change the health and social care services that are available to patients and service users. Sometimes this involves setting up new services and new treatments; at other times it involves moving or taking away services and treatments.

The reasons for making these changes can range from financial pressures, to changes in need and evidence of what services are effective.  Whatever the reasons for removing or replacing services are, it is important that those affected are heard in the decision making process.  Services users, patients and carers and members of the wider community all have valuable perspectives to feed into decision making.

Can you help with this research?

In this research we have gathered the experiences of NHS bodies on the challenges of making such decisions and we now want to hear from a range of other groups.

In particular we want to hear peoples experiences of having services or treatments either replaced or removed.  We also want to gauge people’s views on how such decisions should be taken in the future and what the role of patients, services users and communities should be. 

This survey is part of research being carried out by the University of Birmingham and funded by the National Institute for Health Research.  if you would like to take part or have any questions to ask please email N.C.Bryant@bham.ac.uk


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