living room aids

Living rooms are often the heart of a home, a place where families gather and spend quality time together.

However, as we age or face mobility challenges, using this space comfortably and safely can become difficult. This page provides information on various living room aids available in the UK that can help make your living room more accessible and comfortable.

From seating aids like riser recliners to mobility aids such as walking frames, you will find a range of products to help you or your loved ones maintain independence and comfort in the living room.

In addition to product options, this page will offer practical advice on modifying your living space to suit your needs better.

Whether you are looking to make small adjustments or considering more significant changes, you will find helpful tips and solutions here.

With the right aids and modifications, your living room can continue to be a space of relaxation and enjoyment for everyone.

standing aids

Seat Lift

Pressure relief cushions

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