lasting power of attorney

The concept of lasting power of attorney (LPA) can be somewhat complex, particularly as it involves important decisions about your future if you cannot make them yourself.

With this page, we aim to simplify the concept of LPA, offering clear and concise information to help you understand its purpose and process within the UK context.

On this page, we discuss a range of topics relevant to LPAs. This includes the two main types of LPAs – the Health and Welfare LPA and the Property and Financial Affairs LPA – and their respective roles.

We also outline the process of choosing an attorney and how to set up an LPA. Furthermore, we delve into the duties of an attorney and what happens if an LPA is needed but hasn’t been set up. With this information, you will have a clearer understanding of the importance of LPAs and how they can serve to protect your interests.

Lasting power of Attorney Costs and Fees

Health & Welfare lasting Power of Attorney

Property & Financial Affairs Power of Attorney

how to get power of attorney for an elderly parent with dementia

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