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Shower enclosures are crucial in contemporary bathrooms because they provide functionality and improve the overall aesthetic. They are primarily used by homeowners, renters, hoteliers, and others who require a safe and private place to bathe. 

These enclosures’ primary purpose is to keep the bathroom dry and secure by preventing water spills. Additionally, they significantly add to the interior décor due to the variety of available designs.

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Recently, we had the chance to review some of the top shower enclosures on the market. These products are renowned for their exceptional durability, high quality, and cutting-edge features. They come in various styles, from modern frameless designs to more conventional framed options, to accommodate a wide range of user preferences. 

Many also boast cutting-edge features that guarantee the product’s longevity and ease of maintenance, like anti-limescale glass and easy-clean mechanisms. It’s important to remember that these top shower enclosures heavily emphasise user experience and practicality. 

They are designed to induce a state of luxury and relaxation, elevating an ordinary daily activity to indulgence. They are a wise investment for any bathroom because the premium materials used in their construction guarantee robustness and resistance to wear and tear.

With the proper shower enclosure, one can unquestionably improve bathing quality while increasing the value of their home.  

The Best Rated

1000mm Luxury Wetroom Enclosure

  1. A sturdy 300x1900mm return panel and a screen panel measuring 1000x1900mm.
  2. A glass screen that is enhanced with NANO Self Clean technology to keep it spotless.
  3. Reversible fitting gives installers flexibility for left- or right-side installations.
  4. Front glass panel made of 8mm tempered easy-clean glass ensures safety.
  5. Stylish, contemporary design that has been rigorously tested for waterproofness.
  6. Simple installation with detailed instructions and fixings included.   

The Best Value

Grey Elegance Shower Enclosure

  1. The walk-in shower screen’s stylish dark grey colour improves bathroom design. 
  2. Includes a 1000mm support bar made of black stainless steel, ensuring sturdy construction. 
  3. Boasts easy maintenance and high-quality 8mm tempered glass with self-cleaning technology. 
  4. Design without frames and polished aluminium profiles for a modern look.
  5. Offers waterproof assurance and a 15mm wall adjustment for universal fitting.
  6. Both left and right orientations are compatible with the simple installation process.   

The Best Of The Rest

Elegant Black 1400mm Shower Screen

  1. Modern NANO Technology: 8mm tempered safety glass has self-cleaning capabilities that lessen water stains and marks.
  2. High-Quality Rollers: These are tested for water resistance and endurance and guarantee smooth, quiet sliding and easy cleaning.
  3. Improved Privacy: BS EN 12150-certified 8mm black transparent tempered glass offers superior privacy.
  4. Spray welding technology for improved texture, lustre, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance is used in finely crafted aluminium.
  5. Exceptional Airtightness: Clear vinyl seals and full-length magnetic door strips stop water leaks.
  6. Application Flexibility: Suitable for square shower trays, pivot shower doors, and bifold shower doors.

Elegant 900mm Shower Enclosure

  1. Superior walk-in shower panel, 900x1850mm
  2. 1000mm stainless steel support bar is included.
  3. BS EN 12150 certified 6mm tempered safety glass was used in the construction.
  4. Provides waterproof assurance after numerous tests.
  5. Modern architecture offers flexibility for left or right entry.
  6. Complete installation instructions are provided, and the product is compatible with shower trays and tiled wet rooms.   

Elegant 1100x900mm Black Shower Enclosure

  1. A 1100x1900mm sliding door and an 890x1900mm side panel are included in this product.
  2. The reversible construction enables left- or right-handed door openings.
  3. Contains 8mm tempered safety glass that is easy to clean to reduce cleaning time.
  4. The sturdy stone resin construction of shower trays makes them resistant to nicks, chips, and discolouration.
  5. It has completed numerous endurance and waterproof tests.
  6. On this premium item, a special deal is currently available.   

Xinyang Wet Room Enclosure

  1. Provides a spacious shower with 700 mm by 1900 mm dimensions.
  2. Utilises BS EN 12150 & CE certified 8mm easy clean safety tempered glass.
  3. Ensures simple installation and offers universal fitting for left or right-hand entry.
  4. Delivers a waterproof guarantee and a 20mm wall adjustment.
  5. Designed with lifetime guaranteed rust-resistant stainless steel screws.
  6. Please be aware that there are postcode and location restrictions on delivery.  

Elegant 1400x700mm Sliding Shower Set

  1. Tempered glass of the highest quality for safety, with NANO technology for simple cleaning.
  2. Sliding shower screen with 20mm wall adjustment, model size 1400x1900mm.
  3. 16 metal rollers with anticorrosion coating for quiet sliding with quick release function.
  4. Polished aluminium frame offers a robust framework and gorgeous wetroom aesthetic.
  5. Bar handles made of chrome-plated stainless steel are included, providing left or right entry options.
  6. A 1400x700mm resin shower tray with a 90mm free waste is recommended for maximum functionality.   

Elegant 800x700mm Shower Cubicle

  1. Boasts a size that can be adjusted to 800x700mm with a 20mm wall.
  2. Utilises safety glass that is 6mm extra tough and BS EN12150 certified.
  3. Features a unique hinge for maximum waterproofing when closed.
  4. Provides a door that can be adjusted for right- or left-handed opening.
  5. Quick-release bottom rollers are included for simple cleaning.
  6. Complements designs for shower baths, pivot shower doors, and bathroom faucets.   

EMKE Bathtub Shower Screen

  1. Shower screen with adjustable width – Your space will be ideally suited with this product.
  2. Enhanced Cleanliness – The cleaning process is made more accessible and has an iridescent effect with a double-sided nano-coating.
  3. Foldable and Rotatable Design – The shower screen can be folded 180 degrees and rotated, saving space and allowing for flexible mounting on either side.
  4. Smooth Operation – A special raising and lowering mechanism minimises noise and lengthens the rubber strip’s lifespan.
  5. Unmatched Customer Service – EMKE guarantees quick answers to questions and problem resolution within 24 hours.
  6. Modern Aesthetics – Excellent craftsmanship and profiles with a contemporary chrome look go well with any bathroom design.  

Xinyang Walk-In Shower Panel

  1. With dimensions of 1100 mm in width by 2000 mm in height, this product offers a roomy showering experience.
  2. 8mm safety tempered easy-to-clean glass was used in the construction, ensuring durability.
  3. Its BS EN 12150 & CE certification guarantees high quality and safety standards.
  4. 900mm stainless steel support bar that can be rotated 360 degrees is included for convenience and stability.
  5. A wetroom screen, a support bar, a fixings kit and an installation manual are all included in the package.
  6. The product is widely accessible throughout most of the UK, except for some particular postcodes, despite some delivery restrictions.   

Semi-Frameless Pentagonal Shower Enclosure

  1. Ensures absolute cleanliness by blocking leaks with a full-length evident vinyl door seal.
  2. Guarantees security with tempered glass that is 8mm extra toughened and BS EN12150 certified, preventing accidents from glass cracking.
  3. Adapts to any layout and offers flexibility with a reversible design for right or left door openings.
  4. Allows up to 20mm of adjustment for uneven or wide walls with wall profiles.
  5. Guarantees superior quality and durability, and the door’s operation is quiet and smooth, thanks to the semi-frameless design.
  6. The sleek design complements the square shower tray, towel rail, shower arms and wall toilets while displaying elegance in any bathroom.   

Schulte München White Bathtub

  1. Its artificial clear glass featuring a drop structure exudes a modern aesthetic.
  2. Aluminium profiles complete the look, enhancing visual appeal.
  3. Is a striking element in any bathroom environment.
  4. International goods could have unique qualities that set them apart from local goods.
  5. Product fit, age ratings, and language may differ.
  6. Possibly different labelling or instructions are present.   

Premium Walk-In Shower Enclosure

  1. This panel comprises 8mm Nano Easy Clean clear glass and measures 1950mm height.
  2. The BS EN 12150 and CE certifications attest to the product’s quality.
  3. It has a flexible, reversible design that makes installation simple.
  4. The included screws are rust-resistant due to their stainless steel construction.
  5. Our enclosure has a door that is simple to remove for quick cleaning.
  6. Unfortunately, some postcodes and regions are not eligible for delivery.   

Elegant 1000x700mm Shower Enclosure

  1. 700x1850mm side panel and 1000x1850mm shower door are included.
  2. Strong, 55mm-wide aluminium rail frame guaranteed to be waterproof.
  3. Features 20mm wall adjustment and 6mm tempered safety glass.
  4. Twin metal rollers are present for rust-resistant, slick sliding.
  5. Rollers with quick releases make cleaning easier.
  6. Silver handle that has been polished provides durable, rust-resistant use.

SONNI Bathtub Shower Screen

  1. Bath with adjustable splash guard is 1200 x 1400 mm.
  2. Features foldable wall design and inward and outward openings.
  3. 6mm safety glass that is easy to clean and coated with nanotechnology.
  4. Features an effortless opening raising/lowering function.
  5. Rubber seals offer excellent waterproof protection.
  6. Easy assembly; suitable for mounting on the left or the right. Perfect for stylish, compact bathrooms.   

Features to Look for When Buying Shower Enclosures

One should take into account some important features when choosing a shower enclosure. The shower door is the most critical component in determining the enclosure’s functionality and overall appearance. 

For example, sliding shower doors are ideal for bathrooms with limited space. Conversely, pivot shower doors add a more formal and traditional touch. The shower tray is yet another crucial factor.

Due to their attractive appearance and space-saving design, quadrant shower trays are incredibly well-liked. Consider a square or rectangular shower tray for a more custom fit. These are available in a range of sizes and materials, allowing them to fit a variety of bathroom designs and layouts.

The enclosure design, in addition to the door and tray, is crucial. While a corner entry shower enclosure is ideal for smaller bathrooms, a quadrant shower enclosure is an excellent option for corner installations.

While those who prefer a more traditional appearance might choose a shower cubicle, frameless shower enclosures offer a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Finally, it’s essential to consider the range of bathroom furnishings and accents that can match your shower enclosure. These additions, which range from vanity units and bathroom mirrors to shower seats and towel rails, can improve the usability and comfort of your bathroom. 

How to Maximise Bathroom Space with Shower Enclosures

Carefully choosing bathroom fixtures is the secret to maximising space in smaller bathrooms. In these circumstances, a quadrant shower or corner entry shower enclosure is ideal because they tuck neatly into corners and free up valuable floor space. 

Additionally, using sliding shower doors instead of hinged ones can reduce obstruction and increase accessibility. Wall-hung toilets and vanity units are wise choices for bathroom furniture. They not only offer necessary storage, but their elevated design gives the appearance of having more floor space. 

Like floor tiles, wall tiles with light colours and reflective surfaces can enlarge the space. The type of shower tray you choose can also significantly impact how much space you think you have. 

Unlike a square or rectangular tray, a quadrant shower tray, for example, has a curved front that is less intrusive. As an alternative, a wet room design eliminates the need for a shower tray, giving the room a seamless and open appearance.

Finally, if you have a shower bath, it’s worthwhile to consider including a bath screen. Doing so creates a designated shower area, water is contained, and the remaining space in the room can stay open and uncluttered. 

Tailoring Shower Enclosures for Visitors 

When entertaining guests, ensuring your bathroom is hospitable and valuable is crucial. A quadrant shower is an excellent choice because it offers a large, comfortable bathing area with a small footprint. For a sliding shower door, combine this for a simple entrance and exit.

A vanity unit could be added as bathroom furniture to provide more storage. This enables visitors to organise and conceal their toiletries. A bathroom mirror above the vanity unit improves the room’s sense of light and space while offering a helpful grooming tool.

An offset quadrant shower enclosure can also be wise for visitor bathrooms. It utilises corner space effectively and provides more space than a typical quadrant enclosure. Pair this with a rectangular shower tray for a sleek and contemporary appearance.

Don’t forget to provide guests who are elderly or disabled with accessible amenities like grab bars and shower seats. These improvements put safety and comfort first, ensuring everyone who visits can enjoy bathing. 

Special Offers on Shower Enclosures and Accessories

Numerous discounts are available on shower enclosures and related accessories for those looking to save money. There are discounts to be found whether you’re looking for a quadrant shower enclosure, a sliding shower door, or a corner entry enclosure.

Additionally, many vendors offer discounted costs on bathroom fixtures and furniture. These discounted items, which range from vanity units and bathroom over the door hanging mirrors to towel rails and shower seats, can significantly reduce the overall cost of bathroom renovations.

You might come across discounts on sanitary items like freestanding baths, wall-hung toilets, and close coupled toilets. These accessories give your bathroom a luxurious touch while serving a practical purpose.

Last but not least, pay attention to the little things. It is frequently possible to find shower accessories, bathroom taps, wall-mounted taps and even semi-recessed basins. The success of a bathroom design is dependent on these finishing touches.

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