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Any modern bathroom suite must have shower trays because they serve both functional and aesthetically pleasing functions. Homeowners, interior designers, and real estate developers are their main customers because they want to design chic and available bathroom spaces. 

These people appreciate that the shower tray can direct water flow to the drain, avoiding spills and potential water damage to bathroom fixtures and flooring. Additionally, shower trays add to the overall design of the bathroom. 

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They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to accommodate various aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. In evaluating this product, we considered a few of the top shower trays on the market and carefully examined their construction, aesthetics, and overall functionality. 

These models stood out for their superb construction, adequate water drainage, and adaptability to different bathroom design styles. These top-of-the-line shower trays are constructed of premium components like acrylic and stone resin to ensure durability and longevity. 

They also have a variety of shapes, such as square, rectangle, and quadrant, which allows for flexibility in installation and design. But a shower tray’s usefulness goes beyond its outward appearance. 

By giving the user a safe and comfortable surface to stand on, a well-chosen shower tray can improve the user experience. Some of the models in our review have anti-slip surfaces for increased safety, which is crucial for households with young children or elderly members.

Furthermore, these shower trays are practical for families with busy schedules because of their easy-to-clean surfaces. So a shower tray combines functionality and style and can significantly improve your bathroom.

The Best Rated

White Rectangular Shower Tray

  1. This rectangular shower tray’s low profile, slimline design is impressive.
  2. It is made of white stone, making it durable and hard-wearing.
  3. It has a high tolerance to both extremes of temperature.
  4. Simple maintenance is made possible by the surface’s ease of cleaning.
  5. Some postcodes and regions are exempt due to delivery restrictions.
  6. The tray works great as a base for a low-profile shower.   

The Best Value

Quadrant Shower Tray Set

  1. This quadrant shower tray has a low-profile, slender design.
  2. The white stone surface is hygienic because it is simple to clean.
  3. Its GEL coat surface is highly durable and long-lasting.
  4. It can withstand both extremes of temperature.
  5. We must deliver to specific areas and postcodes.
  6. Excellent for enhancing visitor experience; quality rights reserved.   

The Best Of The Rest

White Rectangular Shower Tray

  1. This rectangular shower tray has a sleek, contemporary design for wetrooms today.
  2. Our low-profile shower tray is among the slimmest on the market, standing only 40 to 45 mm tall.
  3. The product uses the ‘Pearlstone Matrix’, a patented technology, making it one of the lightest and most substantial shower bases available.
  4. The shower tray is up to 50% lighter than conventional stone resin trays, so installation and handling are safer.
  5. A lifetime warranty is offered on this shower tray former, ensuring durability.
  6. This shower tray ensures durability and resilience, making it perfect for frequent visits and delivering a great, long-lasting experience.   

Slate Effect Shower Tray

  1. Boasts super strength thanks to a patented resin and filler combination.
  2. A slate-textured finish ensures safety by preventing slipping.
  3. Grade 3 anti-slip surface that is waterproof, bacterial-resistant, and highly impact-resistant
  4. A contemporary style that incorporates hidden drainage and a slate texture fits any bathroom design
  5. A circular saw makes cutting and shaping shower plates simple.
  6. Low-maintenance, long-lasting countertop basins are available. 

Nuie White Slimline Shower Tray

  1. A rectangular, glossy white design gives any bathroom a contemporary, sleek feel.
  2. It is lighter than other stone trays because it is made of sturdy, non-porous stone resin.
  3. A slimline profile offers a minimalist appearance and is perfect for bathrooms with little room.
  4. Despite its thin design, It is strong enough to support a person’s weight.
  5. It Is simple to clean and maintain and comes with a free waste trap kit.
  6. A remarkable lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee that guarantees a dependable user experience for life.   

Contemporary Slimline Shower Tray

  1. Comes with free shower waste 
  2. Exceptionally durable, 60% lighter than standard trays
  3. Uses mineral torsion beams for increased tensile strength
  4. Include a simple plumb riser kit for adaptable fitting.
  5. Fully WRAS-approved for quality assurance
  6. Has a commendable 25-year warranty that guarantees long-term dependability.

Milano Lithic's Rectangular Shower Tray

  1. Simplifies levelling with its flat underside.
  2. Acrylic-capped polymer resin was used in its construction.
  3. Torsion beams made of integral minerals provide increased rigidity.
  4. Provides an adjustable fit with a custom fit.
  5. Provides a 10-year strength and durability guarantee.
  6. Has a 45mm depth and a depth of 1000 by 900 millimetres.

Biubiubath 900x700mm Stone Shower Tray

  1. The 900 x 700 mm stone tray has a waste trap.
  2. Features a sleek profile with a 30mm height.
  3. Its design makes it simple to maintain and clean.
  4. Has a GEL coat surface that is strong and long-lasting.
  5. Capable of withstanding both high and low-temperature changes.
  6. Riser kits are available; installation requires floor space for waste and pipe.   

Elegant Rectangular Stone Shower Tray

  1. Dimensions are 1400 x 700 x 40 mm, with a 90 mm waste trap.
  2. A 40mm-high, slender stone tray design is perfect for contemporary wet rooms.
  3. Reinforced with a fibreglass base to increase product toughness.
  4. Has a glossy acrylic finish that resists stains.
  5. A flat underside makes levelling and installation simple.
  6. Installation guidelines are offered; following them will guarantee top performance.   

Slimline White Shower Tray

  1. Contains a low-profile, rectangular shower tray.
  2. Comes with a free shower waste 
  3. It is incredibly durable and 60% lighter than stone alternatives
  4. Increased rigidity and strength thanks to mineral torsion beams
  5. A 45mm height with a minimalistic, designer appearance
  6. WRAS-approved with a comforting 25-year guarantee.   

White Rectangular Shower Tray Kit

  1. Using superior stone material enhances your bathroom by ensuring superior quality and durability.
  2. Stone resin trays are up to 50% lighter than conventional ones, making them safer to handle and fit.
  3. Modern and contemporary wet room designs are perfect for its smooth finish.
  4. The “Pearlstone Matrix,” a patented technology, creates a distinctive design and appearance.
  5. Comes with a premium riser kit that enables you to elevate your shower tray.
  6. Has a remarkable lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that provides assurance.   

White Shower Tray 584mm

  1. A 95mm depth and 584mm x 584mm dimensions.
  2. Has a spotless white finish.
  3. Made from top-notch acrylic.
  4. Requires a 114″ waste fitting.
  5. Displays extraordinary burstiness.
  6. Constructed without hyphens or colons.

Grey Stone Shower Tray

  1. The tray is perfect for any shower enclosure cubicle, measuring 1000 x 700 x 40mm.
  2. The 40mm-high slimline stone tray is simple to maintain and clean.
  3. It has a sophisticated grey design that enhances the appeal of contemporary interiors.
  4. The bases made of reinforced fibres guarantee durability.
  5. The acrylic finish is stain-resistant and makes maintenance easier.
  6. A flat underside guarantees simple installation and levelling. It is advised that you follow the provided instructions.   

800x700x40mm Durovin Acrylic Shower Tray

  1. Has dimensions of 800x700mm and a waste hole.
  2. Dual Layer Acrylic Surface guarantees cleaning simplicity.
  3. Compact and appropriate for all shower enclosures.
  4. The rectangular shape is adaptable to different shower sizes.
  5. The durability and damage resistance of acrylic material.
  6. For best results, expert installation and testing are advised.   

Durovin Rectangular Anti-Slip Shower Tray

  1. Provides ample space with dimensions of 800 x 700mm.
  2. Has a Dual Layer Acrylic Surface that is simple to clean.
  3. The height of a rectangle non-slip tray is 40mm.
  4. A surface with bumps for better anti-slip.
  5. Extremely durable, thanks to the fibreglass backbone and acrylic top.
  6. Quick post-dispatch shipping is available within 24 hours.   

Understanding Shower Tray Shapes and Sizes

Shower trays are available in various sizes and shapes to suit various requirements. For example, quadrant shower trays are perfect for corner installations because they conserve space while having a unique appearance. 

On the other hand, rectangular trays offer a larger showering area and fit perfectly in alcoves or up against walls. Square trays are adaptable and can be used in various bathroom designs. Your shower tray’s size should match the room you have in the bathroom and the overall aesthetic you want.

Due to their extended curve, offset quadrant shower trays provide a larger showering area. This design will benefit those looking for a roomy yet portable shower solution. Regarding shower tray formers, these items make it possible to design a wet room with level access, providing simple access and improving the overall showering experience. 

Regardless of size or shape, it’s crucial to consider the shower tray’s height and profile. For instance, low-profile shower trays provide a sleek, contemporary look and facilitate stepping into and out of the shower.

Finally, the finish of the shower tray can significantly affect how it looks overall. Shower trays can contrast or complement your bathroom floor and other accessories for a unified look because they are available in various colours and finishes. 

Whether you choose a simple white, a striking black or a subtle stone, the finish you choose can completely change the look of your bathroom. The best shower tray for your needs can be found by understanding shower trays’ various sizes, shapes, and finishes.

Essential Bathroom Accessories and Furniture

While the shower tray serves as the shower enclosure’s base, bathroom furniture and accessories are essential for improving usability and appeal. For instance, a towel rail near your shower enclosure offers practical convenience, and a countertop basin adds a touch of sophistication and elegance. 

Additionally, bathroom furniture like vanity cabinets and storage units provide extra space for toiletries and other necessities, helping to keep the space clutter-free. Another essential accessory is bath screens, which act as a barrier to stop the water spray from your shower from soaking the rest of the bathroom. 

Bath screens can be found in various designs, from straightforward single-panel screens to multi-fold designs, which add to your bathroom’s overall aesthetic. The shower door, which has options like sliding or hinged doors and offers various benefits and styles, also plays a vital role in the enclosure.

Your showering experience can be improved by using shower accessories. These include thermostatic valves, mixer bidet taps, hand showers, and showerheads. When choosing these, consider their usability, toughness, and compatibility with your shower tray and enclosure. 

Last but not least, remember the significance of an effective waste system. High-quality waste can effectively drain the water in your shower tray, preventing water buildup and potential damage.

Delivery Information and Customer Service

When you buy a shower tray, home delivery is frequently required. It’s important to have delivery information to know when and how your shower tray will arrive. Most suppliers give customers a choice between next-day delivery and standard delivery, with the former being more convenient for pressing needs. 

It’s crucial to remember that deliveries might be subject to item availability and that particular restrictions might be in place. Customer service is yet another essential component of your shopping experience. 

You can be guided through your purchase by a supplier who offers top-notch customer service and can advise you on the ideal shower tray for your requirements. They can help you before, during, and after your purchase with any questions or problems. 

For instance, Hudson Reed, a well-known provider of bathroom fixtures, is renowned for its premium goods and first-rate customer support.

Features to Look for When Buying a Shower Tray

There are several essential features to think about when buying a shower tray. First, the shower tray’s durability, upkeep, and feel are influenced by its material. For instance, acrylic and stone resin shower trays are famous for their durability and squeaky-clean surfaces. 

Second, think about the tray’s dimensions. Depending on how your bathroom is set up and your personal preferences, you might choose a quadrant, rectangular, or square tray. Anti-slip surfaces and other safety features are crucial, especially in homes with young children or senior citizens

The accessibility of your shower as well as the appearance of your bathroom may be impacted by the shower tray’s profile. For instance, low-profile shower trays have a more contemporary appearance and are simpler to enter. 

Finally, think about the type and position of the waste. Water drains quickly thanks to a strategically placed and effective waste system, preventing flooding and slip hazards.

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