Bathroom Vanity Units | December 2023

For homeowners and real estate investors who value functionality and aesthetic appeal in their bathrooms, the bathroom vanity unit is an essential piece of furniture. In all its multifaceted beauty, this product is made to suit a wide range of people. 

The Bathroom Vanity Unit is the best option for everyone, from the busy professional looking to maximise space to the design-conscious homeowner looking to add a touch of elegance to their bathroom. 

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It offers the ideal fusion of style and functionality, providing a practical storage solution while enhancing the bathroom’s overall aesthetic appeal. It’s amazing how valuable these things are. Your bathroom can be organised and decluttered with the help of the bathroom vanity unit. 

It promotes a clean and organised environment by providing plenty of storage space for bathroom accessories, cleaning supplies, and toiletries. The unit also includes a washbasin, giving it a dual purpose that is useful and space-saving. 

Every user of the bathroom vanity unit is guaranteed a coordinated and practical bathroom. We have scrutinised some of the top bathroom vanity units on the market in our thorough review. These units, the pinnacle of excellence and sophistication, have been evaluated based on their style, usefulness, robustness, and value for money. 

No matter the size or type of your bathroom, our review offers various options to ensure you find a piece that perfectly satisfies your requirements and preferences.  

The Best Rated

Kleankin Ceramic Bathroom Vanity

  1. Space-Efficient Vanity Unit: This small, under-sink storage unit with a white finish is ideal for small kitchens and bathrooms.
  2. Integral Ceramic Basin: The appliance includes an integrated ceramic wash basin with a typical tap hole.
  3. Ample Storage: The under-sink cabinet improves the bathroom organisation, which offers enclosed storage for products and toiletries.
  4. Outstanding Construction: The bathroom cabinet is resilient MDF, ensuring longevity even in humid environments.
  5. Optimal Capacity: It guarantees significant storage capacity with dimensions of 50W x 86H x 25T cm and a maximum load of 10kg.
  6. Assembly Required: The traditional wall-mounted vanity unit must be assembled after delivery.   

The Best Value

Artis 600mm White Vanity Unit

  1. This Artis white gloss floor standing vanity unit is 600mm (W) x 840mm (H) x 395mm (D) in size and features a ceramic basin.
  2. The vanity unit is a stunning white gloss colour made of sturdy 18mm MDF, making it ideal for any contemporary bathroom.
  3. The unit has two roomy drawers that offer plenty of storage and are perfect for organising your small bathroom.
  4. A basin waste, which is not included, is modified to fit in the top drawer and has soft-close technology to reduce banging.
  5. A ceramic single-tap hole basin that is scratch- and stain-resistant pairs with the drawer to create the perfect basin vanity unit.
  6. For your peace of mind, the unit has a free 10-year guarantee against manufacturing flaws.   

The Best Of The Rest

VeeBath Linx Bathroom Set

  1. Enhances Bathroom Appearance – By removing clutter, this set improves the capacity and appearance of your bathroom.
  2. Wall-mounted vanity and wall-mounted toilet are included in the set.
  3. Exceptional Value – VeeBath provides superior quality without compromising affordability, offering more for less.
  4. Simple Assembly – The product must be assembled, enabling a customised setup.
  5. High-Quality Materials – This set is made of premium MDF, guaranteeing its sturdiness and luxury lifetime.
  6. Additional Features – A soft click mechanism is incorporated into the set, ensuring a seamless fit and finish.   

Affine White Vanity Unit

  1. Appreciate this top-tier Regis furniture item’s gorgeous curved design.
  2. Take pleasure in the resin basin’s sturdiness and elegant appearance.
  3. Take advantage of the pre-drilled single-tap hole to select your preferred basin mixer tap.
  4. This product needs no assembly and is ready to use immediately.
  5. Enjoy the roomy storage space, two spacious drawers, and contemporary design.
  6. Purchase with assurance, knowing that a 15-year warranty will cover any manufacturing flaws.   

750mm White Bathroom Vanity Bundle

  1. A 750mm bathroom vanity unit that is pre-assembled for simple installation
  2. Washbasin unit with included bath waste and mixer tap
  3. Has a solid brass body of superior quality and a zinc handle.
  4. A free 10-year guarantee is offered on the vanity unit and basin.
  5. Traditional vanity unit design that is aesthetically pleasing
  6. A wall-mounted vanity unit is an option to maximise space.   

Modern NUIE NVX192 Vanity Set

  1. Ideal for small rooms like bathrooms and cloakrooms.
  2. Offers roomy storage for cleaning products and toiletries.
  3. Comes with a premium vitreous china basin that is predrilled.
  4. Rigidly supplied for simple home installation.
  5. Has the typical anti-slam and soft-close door mechanism.
  6. Comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.   

White Aurora Vanity Unit

  1. A conventional vanity unit with a basin and a single tap hole measuring 550mm
  2. It supports a bathroom mixer tap purchased separately, increasing its usefulness
  3. Features a matte white finish and high-quality construction for a beautiful appearance.
  4. Features knob-style handles and soft-close doors for easy access.
  5. The storage cabinet’s flat-pack design ensures quick assembly and immediate use.
  6. An advantageous 3-year warranty against manufacturing flaws that guarantees customer satisfaction.   

Nuie Mayford Cloakroom Vanity Set

  1. Perfect for suites, cloakrooms, and small bathrooms
  2. Delivered fully assembled for easy installation at home
  3. It has a soft-close door system to prevent doors from slamming.
  4. May be used with complementary wall-hung toilets.
  5. Has a sizable five-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  6. The package has a cabinet and sink for a full setup.   

Modern Bathroom Vanity Unit

  1. A gorgeous cabinet beneath the sink.
  2. Available in white or grey.
  3. Made of solid wood and has two shelves.
  4. Elegant and compact design, suitable for different bathroom sizes.
  5. A rich finish that goes with many different types of decor.
  6. Perfectly fits between shower baths and beneath conventional vanity units.   

Huibathroom 500mm Freestanding Vanity

  1. This sturdy vanity unit has a ceramic basin that is hardy and simple to clean.
  2. Provides roomy storage for cleaning supplies and toiletries, ensuring a clean bathroom. 
  3. Has self-closing doors for a peaceful bathroom environment.
  4. The countertop basin has a large capacity and quick drainage and is resistant to high temperatures.
  5. A green product made of a non-toxic MDF board that can be used in traditional and modern bathrooms.
  6. We provide prompt replacements or refunds for defective products.   

Nes 600mm White Vanity

  1. It has one tap hole and is perfect for bathrooms and cloakrooms.
  2. Features a double-door vanity unit, adding a class touch.
  3. Offers a tonne of space for washing and storage, improving functionality.
  4. Created with efficiency in mind, making the most of the space in your bathroom.
  5. Is delivered in flat-pack form, making assembly simple.
  6. Wall mounting options allow for flexible installation.   

490mm Elegant White Vanity Unit

  1. Perfect for ensuites, cloakrooms, and smaller bathrooms.
  2. Made from 25mm high, white gloss MDF, durable and moisture resistant.
  3. Handle-free, with rounded corner edges and safety in mind design.
  4. Has a traditional white foul-resistant vitreous polyresin basin.
  5. Makes installation simple with a single pre-drilled tap hole and overflow.
  6. Offers roomy storage for cleaning supplies and toiletries, making it the ideal storage option.   

White Gloss Vanity Unit

  1. The curved design of Regis furniture is distinctive.
  2. A countertop board is included with vanity units.
  3. Customers are free to select the basin of their choice.
  4. Integral handles do not require chrome.
  5. Soft close rollers guarantee silent drawer closure.
  6. A 15-year guarantee covers manufacturing flaws.   

Deluxe Right-Hand Bathroom Suite

  1. Complete suite with a ceramic toilet, vanity, and right-hand basin.
  2. A 1100mm L-shaped vanity unit with MDF construction that is moisture-resistant.
  3. White finish with a high gloss that is durable and eco-friendly. 
  4. A glazed ceramic toilet with a contemporary D-shaped design is included.
  5. A resin basin with an acrylic coating for superior scratch and stain resistance.
  6. The placement of cistern buttons can be adjusted to meet your needs.   

Eden White Vanity Unit

  1. For convenience, it is delivered fully assembled.
  2. Made of engineered wood that resists water.
  3. Has a tough, glossy white finish.
  4. For increased functionality, a double vanity unit.
  5. Separate taps are available for customization.
  6. Gives off a lot of burstiness.   

Understanding Different Types of Bathroom Vanity Units

Bathroom vanities are available in various designs and sizes, each with unique qualities. For example, wall-hung vanity units are popular with people looking for a contemporary and minimalistic appearance. 

As their name suggests, these units are wall-mounted, freeing up floor space and giving the impression that the bathroom is more extensive. They are thus exceptionally well suited for tiny bathrooms. 

On the other hand, floor standing vanity units are classic and provide lots of storage. They come in various colours, including the always-classic gloss white and the sophisticated grey, and are ideal for large bathrooms. 

Double vanity units with two basins are an excellent option for large bathrooms or homes with multiple users.  Small bathrooms or cloakrooms are the only places where cloakroom vanities are appropriate. 

Despite their small size, these units provide enough storage for toiletries and other bathroom necessities. Last but not least, a basin is a feature of countertop vanity units. This design is offered in contemporary and traditional styles, adding a touch of elegance to any bathroom.

Features to Look for When Buying Bathroom Vanity Units

There are many features to consider when buying a bathroom vanity unit. The type of unit is essential to start. The size and design of your bathroom should be considered when choosing a vanity unit, whether a wall-hung unit, floor-standing unit or cloakroom unit. 

Another critical factor is the unit’s colour. Grey units add a touch of sophistication, while gloss white units offer a clean, crisp appearance. Another essential feature to take into account is storage. 

For example, double-basin vanity units frequently have additional storage, making them a sensible option for large families. Units with drawers also make it simple to access items that are stored. 

Another crucial aspect is the type of basin. Some units have a built-in sink, while others have a countertop sink. Last but not least, consider extra features like a toilet or a bathroom mirror. These features improve the vanity unit’s functionality while adding to the bathroom’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Furniture

The furniture you select for your bathroom significantly impacts how it looks and feels. Therefore, it’s important to select items that go well with the size and design of your bathroom. For instance, wall-hung units are ideal for contemporary bathrooms. 

They come in various colours and offer a sleek, modern appearance. On the other hand, floor standing vanity units are perfect for conventional bathrooms. They come in multiple designs and colours, are strong, and provide much storage space. 

Another crucial piece of bathroom furniture is a towel rail. They contribute to the bathroom’s aesthetic appeal and serve a functional purpose. WC units are an excellent option for traditional and modern bathrooms because they hide the pipes and cistern. 

They come in various designs and give off a streamlined, clean appearance. Last but not least, all bathrooms need to have mirrors. They are functional and give the impression that the restroom is more significant and brighter.

Bathroom Vanity Units for Visitors

It’s essential to have a fully functioning bathroom if you frequently host guests. For example, a cloakroom vanity unit is ideal for guest bathrooms. Despite their small size, these units provide lots of storage for necessities like toiletries. 

You can choose one that matches the decor of your bathroom because they come in various styles and colours. Another excellent option for guest bathrooms is a wall-hung toilet. In addition to saving space, it gives the bathroom a bit of modern flair. 

Another crucial item is a bathroom mirror. It fulfils a practical need and improves the bathroom’s overall aesthetic appeal. Lastly, give your guest bathroom a shower enclosure or bath screens. 

These features improve the bathroom’s usability while also enhancing its aesthetic appeal. To make a warm and inviting space for your visitors, choose a design that blends well with the size and style of your bathroom.

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