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Walk in shower for elderly, costs and installation

Walk-in showers are a growing trend in the UK. Many people are now taking out their tubs to install their new walk-in showers. But before you start the process, you should understand what these showers are, the average cost of a walk in shower, and their main advantages.

Most people think of walk-in showers as bathrooms that just don’t have tubs. This is only partially true since a bathroom could lack a tub but still not qualify as a walk-in shower. In reality, a walk-in shower is any bathroom that does not have a door or curtain. You can literally walk into them.

The idea behind these bathrooms is that you will have more space or the illusion of extra space.

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Almost all the best ones are made of glass, and that further increases the illusion of greater room. These showers are ideal for people with mobility issues or those who just like aesthetically pleasing rooms. Walk-in showers may have limited privacy, but generally, no one should be able to walk in on you as you enjoy your bath.

It is important to factor in the cost of walk in shower installation. The price depends on many different factors, including the type of tiles and fixtures you want. The cost of a walk in shower installation ranges from around £200 to £2,000. More luxurious types can cost you around £5,000.

The average cost of a walk in shower will vary from place to place.

Here is a short video that provides more information on the type of products that you can use in the bathroom to help provide both comfort and safety.

Here is a short video that explains more about what a walk in shower is.

Walk in Shower Room Ideas

Here are some excellent walk in shower ideas for small bathrooms, as well as spacious ones:

Glass enclosed shower rooms

These shower rooms are minimalistic and have glass shower screens and are particularly known to offer a spa-like look and feel. To create a glass-enclosed shower room, you will need to use light colours and an open design.

A corner shower can help you save some space in the bathroom. Besides creating an airy feeling, a glass shower screen will let in light and make the transition to the bathroom seamless. These showers also contain a small bench and some shelves mounted on the walls.

Click here to see some glass shower rooms.

Light-filled shower

These ones are designed with a small window that lets light into the bathroom. The wet room screens and the ceiling can also be made of glass to let in some skylight. With these bathrooms, you should maximise on the decorations. These can make the room personalised and more inviting.

Steam room shower

If you have some room in your shower, you can consider creating a steam room along with the walk in shower rooms. These rooms must have a bench or two for extra comfort. Since the room will have two functions, you should consider adding a small window that would let air escape when you just want to take a shower.

Round shower

This is simply a shower that has a circular walk in enclosure. It is a modern style that is quite complicated to implement. These showers are typically located in the middle of the bathroom.

The shower head usually stands out as the central part of the decor. Circular walk in enclosures are not easy to install in small bathrooms.

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Natural walk in shower

If you love nature and the outdoors, you can choose to create a similar environment in your bathroom. You can achieve this look by installing wooden stands outside the shower. You should also consider using stone to make the flooring of the shower.

Open showers

It is also possible to have a shower with no walk in enclosures. These ones are more harmonious, spacious, and cohesive.

Indoor and outdoor shower

Shower cubicles can appear more spacious if you fuse the indoor decor with that of the outdoors. For example, if there is a type of plant growing on the outside of your bathroom, you can leave some specimen of the plant in the shower room.

This way, the outdoor space will feel more connected with the shower. Naturally, you will need wet room screens made of glass for this design.

Gray Subway

These shower cubicles are designed with attractive grey tiles. A long marble top bench can make the bathroom a lot cosier. You can also consider using blue-green tiles. They can create a unique design that has a relaxing feel.

Corrugated metal shower cubicle

Instead of using tiles, these showers are designed with corrugated metal walls. They have an appealing ultra-modern design, but you will need to find high-quality materials for the construction. You can include a shower tray walk in for a more attractive appearance.

Marble showers

For an upper-class look, you can use dark marble to make the flooring of your shower. The walls can be constructed with glazed ceramic. This design can be used to make bold statements.

How to Install a Walk-in Shower

Walk in shower installation can be complicated. Still, many people choose to handle the entire process themselves as they want to create a personal space that suits their preferences perfectly. DIY projects can also be cost-efficient.

Before embarking on the project, you should make sure all the legal matters are sorted out. This can add to the cost of the whole process, but the final effect will be an increase in the value of your home.

You should start by laying out a detailed floor plan. Make sure the vanity and toilet both have sufficient room on their own. You will then have to work on the shower pan. This will help to create a waterproof walk in shower enclosure that will prevent water from entering the flooring and walls.

Here are the steps you should follow when laying down the shower pan:

• Dry fit the shower pan to make sure it works effectively.
• Cut the foundation of the floor with regard to the dimensions of your shower pan.
• To prevent the puncturing of the floor pan, you should make sure all the nails and protrusions in the joists are removed. Alternatively, you can get smooth nails.
• The joists should be perfectly level for the floor pan to drain.
• You can then fit the joists with 2 by 4 nailers, after which you can place the plywood. The shower pan will be able to fit in this subfloor.

It is important to create a slope so that the pan can drain water properly. Make sure you let a heavy object sit on the pan as it dries. This could take about 30 minutes.

Next, you will need to install the panels. These should be installed in the channels at the edge of the pans. You should cut the panels to make them fit perfectly into the walls where your shower will be. The panel should be secured to the stud framing with screws and washers.

You can use the same procedure to install the panels to the shower ceiling. Sealants should be used to make the walls and ceilings waterproof, then you can smoothen the surfaces with a putty knife.

From here, you can use your walk in shower room ideas to create a personalised bathroom space. Make sure you buy walk in shower enclosures, screens, and trays that match your preferences.

You should note that glass wet room shower screens are best preferred for such showers. Some great walk in shower ideas for small bathrooms and larger ones will be covered in the next section.

Here is a video on how to install a walk in shower.

What Goes in to Make a Walk in Shower?

Walk in shower enclosures

The walk in shower enclosure and tray are critical parts of these types of bathrooms. But how much are shower enclosures? Cheap shower enclosures can cost you about £100. You should note that the cost of your walk in shower enclosure will be determined by their shapes, sizes, and styles.

The various types of enclosures include quadrant enclosures, offset quadrant enclosures, shower doors, rectangle enclosures, frameless enclosures, and bath screens. The shower enclosure and tray should be purchased at the same time since they have to be of the same style.

Click here to see the best shower enclosures.

Walk in shower screens

Walk in shower screens are practical and quite affordable. They are used to prevent splashes in the bathroom and are a lot easier to clean compared to shower curtains. The screens can be fixed to the wall and on top of your bath.

Wet room shower screens are especially ideal for walk in showers since they create a sense of more space and make the room appear brighter. If you have a small bathroom, you should consider adding shower screens.

Glass shower screens are available in many different types, shapes, and sizes. You should consider the design of your panels and your own preferences before you go shopping for a screen. Others are also considerably easy to install, and they can be ideal for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time with the remodelling of the bathroom.

It is also important to shop from a trusted manufacturer since these glasses may lead to bathroom accidents.

All high-quality glass screens are at least 4 mm thick, and that means they cannot break easily. Also, check whether the edges are bevelled to create a smooth curve. That way, it will be impossible to get injured.

If you have a powerful shower, you should make sure your glass screen is wide and long enough. Otherwise, it will not contain the spray accurately.

It should also have a tight seal at the point where it meets the bath. This will help to prevent leaks. A tight seal is especially important if you are planning to buy a bifold model that will be regularly pushed back and forth.

A popular type of shower screen is the foldable model. This one can be used in small bathrooms since the standard hinged ones require more space.

You can also choose to buy reversible screens. These can be fitted on the right or left side of the bathroom. The advantage of reversible shower screens is that they are easy to fix and will take a relatively short time.

To add some personality to your bathroom, you can try to find a glass shower screen that has some decorations. These are easily available on the internet. These screens will especially be advantageous in households that have children since they are easy to see. Plain ones can be hard to see and may lead to some accidents.

You can also buy two-part or full enclosure glass screens for your walk in shower. These ones will cover two sides of the bath or even the whole shower.

So, how much are shower enclosures? The cost of your wet shower screen enclosure will depend on the thickness and style of the product. Established manufacturers will also charge higher prices for their screens. Still, they are your best bet since they can guarantee you quality. You should remember to factor in the cost of walk in shower installation when planning your budget.

Click here to see the best walk in shower screens.

Shower trays walk in

Walk in shower tray and screen can add a sense of sophistication to your bathroom and should, therefore, not be ignored. Buying a shower tray walk in is not a straightforward process. You have to consider many different factors.

First, you need to look at the walk in shower tray sizes. If you pick a small tray, it will not be able to contain all the water and may lead to cases of mould growth and other forms of water damage. These problems can cost you a lot of money and are best avoided. The walk in shower tray sizes will also be determined by the available room for opening the door.

The walk in shower tray and screen will also have to be compatible, and this is another reason why you should not buy cheap shower enclosures. The tray will have to fit snug to your enclosure. Otherwise, it will not contain all the water in the shower.

The most common tray shapes are square, rectangle, and quadrant. You may need a unique shape if your shower is round, pentagon-shaped or even P-shaped.

The appearance of your tray will especially be determined by the colour and material you choose. It could be ceramic, acrylic, marble, or stone resin. You should look through the pros and cons of each of them before you make your purchase.

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