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Best Stairlift Companies In The UK | March 2024


This article provides an overview of the top stairlift models and stairlift companies in the UK to assist you in selecting the best stairlifts for your specific needs. It will discuss the different types of stairlifts, the features to consider when purchasing one, and the leading UK stairlift manufacturers to help you do the following:

1 – Understand the importance of choosing the best stair lifts for your needs.

2 – Learn about the different types of stair lifts available and their specific features.

3 – Discover the main topics covered, including the benefits of stairlifts, the best stairlift suppliers and considerations for purchase.

4 – Grasp the benefits of understanding these topics, such as enhanced mobility and safety.

5 – Take informed actions post-reading, like assessing your own needs and contacting manufacturers for quotes.

Key Takeaways & Learnings From This Page On The Best Stairlift Companies In The UK

1 – Stairlifts are essential for enhancing mobility and independence for individuals with mobility issues.

2 – There are various types of stairlifts available, including straight, curved, and outdoor models, to suit different staircase configurations and your unique mobility needs.

3 – Key features to consider when purchasing a stairlift include remote control capability, rechargeable batteries, and safety features like retractable seat belts.

4 – The article highlights the importance of selecting a stairlift that fits your specific needs and staircase type.

5 –  It is crucial to compare models and prices from different stairlift suppliers to find the best stairlift for your budget.

6 –  Understanding the benefits and features of stairlifts can significantly improve the quality of life for those with mobility challenges.

7 –  After reading, individuals should consider their mobility needs, research various stairlift models, and contact reputable stair lift manufacturers for quotes and further information.

Topics that you will find covered on this page

What Is A Stair Lift? 

A stair lift, also known as a chair lift, is designed to provide a safe and comfortable means of ascending and descending stairs. This device, tailored to fit straight, curved, or outdoor staircases, operates on a rail system attached to the stairs.

The process of selecting the best stairlifts lies in understanding the user’s specific needs and the staircase’s configuration, ensuring the chosen solution offers optimal independence and safety.

The journey to acquiring the best stair lifts begins with thoroughly evaluating your staircase type and the individual’s mobility requirements.

For homes with straight staircases, straightforward stair lift models offer an efficient solution. In contrast, curved or spiral staircases might necessitate custom-designed stair lifts to ensure a perfect fit and seamless operation.

Outdoor staircases, exposed to the elements, require outdoor stairlifts built to withstand weather conditions, featuring durable materials and weather-resistant components.

Choosing the best stair lift extends beyond mere functionality; it involves considering the user’s comfort, the ease of use, and the integration of safety features such as emergency stop buttons, seat belts, and swivel seats for easy access.

The Best Stairlift Companies and Models

Here is a breakdown of the major reputable stairlift companies based on our research:

1 – Acorn Stairlifts

Acorn Stairlifts is a global stairlift company with a strong presence in the UK. They specialise in producing stairlifts that are easy to install, with a fast turnaround time from order to installation.

Acorn offers solutions for straight, curved, and outdoor staircases, focusing on simplicity and safety. Their stairlifts are known for their innovative design, including slimline models that fold away when not in use. 

2 – Stannah Stairlifts

Stannah is one of the most well-known stairlift brands, with over 150 years of experience in the lift industry. They offer a wide range of stairlifts for both straight and curved staircases and are renowned for their reliability, safety, and user-friendly features. 

Stannah stairlifts are customisable, with various models to suit different needs and preferences.

3 – Handicare Stairlifts

Handicare offers a variety of stairlifts designed to fit any type of staircase, including straight, curved, and outdoor models. They focus on providing safe, reliable, and comfortable stairlifts to enhance mobility within the home.

Handicare also offers a range of customisation options, allowing users to tailor their stairlifts to their specific needs and preferences.

4 – Companion Stairlifts

Companion Stairlifts is known for its personalised service, offering a wide range of stairlifts for straight and curved staircases. They provide bespoke solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of each user, ensuring a perfect fit for every home. 

Companion Stairlifts prides itself on its customer service, offering free home visits and consultations to help customers choose the right stairlift.

What To Look For In A Reputable Stairlift Manufacturer

When selecting a stairlift manufacturer, looking for a company with a solid reputation, years of experience, and a range of products to accommodate various needs and budgets is essential. You should also look for stairlift suppliers that provide after-sales support, such as repairs and maintenance, and researching customer ratings and reviews is essential.

\Why You Should Choose A Reputable Stairlift Manufacturer

Choosing reputable manufacturers ensures the stairlift’s safety, dependability, and use of high-quality materials. 

Reputable stair lift companies will also provide superior customer services and after-sales support, such as warranty coverage and routine maintenance to keep the stairlift in good working condition. Researching and comparing stairlift suppliers can help identify reputable firms and prevent future problems.

Types of Stairlifts

There are various types of stairlifts available, each catering to different mobility needs and staircases: 

1 – Curved Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts are designed for curved, twisted, or spiral staircases. They can be tailored to the unique shape of your staircase, providing a smooth and safe ride.

Top stairlift companies in the United Kingdom, such as Acorn Stairlifts and Handicare Stairlifts, offer a variety of curved stairlift models with an array of different features.

2 – Straight Stairlifts

Companion Stairlifts and Platinum Stairlifts are popular manufacturers of straight stairlifts. Straight stairlifts are appropriate for staircases with no bends or curves. They are usually less expensive and easier to install than curved stairlifts.

3 – Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor stairlifts are constructed to withstand extreme weather conditions and provide safe access to the outdoor stair top areas. They typically feature weather-resistant covers, non-slip surfaces, and waterproof controls.

4 – Stairlifts For Spiral Stairs 

Due to the unique shape and restricted space, spiral staircase stairlifts can be challenging and costly to install. Many stair lift manufacturers offer customised stairlifts to accommodate these curved staircases, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

5 – Stairlifts For Narrow Staircases

Stair lift manufacturers have developed several space-efficient models which are ideal for homes with narrow staircases. Typically, these stairlifts have foldable seats, arms, and footrests, meaning they don’t obstruct the staircase when not in use.

Be sure to explore your options when finding the best stairlifts for homes with narrow staircases. 

Features to Consider When Searching For The Best Stair Lifts 

There are several key factors you should consider when searching for a stair lift:

1 – Remote Control Capability

A remote control can call or send the stairlift to the opposite end of the staircase, ensuring convenience and ease of use for users experiencing mobility issues.

2 – Rechargeable Batteries

Battery-powered stairlifts allow for uninterrupted use and safety during power outages. This is particularly important if your home experiences frequent power cuts, ensuring the user is not stranded on the stairlift or stuck on one floor of their home. 

3 – Retractable Seat Belts

A retractable seat belt provides increased safety and security when in use.

4 – Powered Swivel Seats

A power swivel seat allows the user to safely enter the stairlift and exit the stairlift by rotating the seat. This can be a useful feature for those experiencing a variety of mobility issues. 

5 – Extended Warranties From Reputable Stairlift Companies 

A warranty extension provides additional peace of mind by covering repairs and maintenance for longer. Most reputable stairlift companies offer warranties for their products.  

Benefits of Having a Stairlift

Identifying the Best Stair Lifts For Your Mobility Needs

1 – Limited Mobility Needs and Requirements

Before purchasing a stairlift, it’s important to evaluate your mobility needs and requirements. Consider the type of staircase (straight, curved, or spiral), the maximum weight capacity required, and any desired safety features, such as a footrest that folds automatically or a seat with a retractable seat belt.

2 – Finding the Best Manufacturer for Your Budget and Needs

Identifying the best stair lift manufacturers requires researching and comparing the leading stair lift companies in the United Kingdom, their product range, customer reviews, and after-sales support. 

You should also consider your budget. Grants may be available to help cover the cost of purchasing and installing a stairlift; therefore, it is essential to investigate all possible sources of financial aid.

Undertaking these steps will help you  make an informed decision that will improve your quality of life and provide the mobility assistance. 

The Best Outdoor Stairlifts

Identifying the best outdoor stairlifts requires understanding the unique challenges of outdoor environments. The best outdoor stairlifts can withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring durability and reliability for users.

Stairlift companies and manufacturers offer a range of models that feature weather-resistant covers, non-slip surfaces, and waterproof controls tailored to provide safe access to outdoor areas.

Here are some steps you take to choose the best outdoor stairlift suited to your mobility needs:

Step 1 – Identify Your Needs

Firstly, assess the outdoor staircase where the stairlift will be installed. Consider the length, width, and shape of the stairs, as well as the specific environmental conditions it will face. This initial assessment will guide you in choosing a stairlift that fits perfectly and meets your requirements.

Step 2 – Research Stairlift Suppliers

Next, research stairlift suppliers and companies that specialize in outdoor stairlifts. Look for those with strong reputations for quality and service. Reading customer reviews and seeking recommendations can help identify the best stairlift companies that offer products designed for outdoor use.

Step 3 – Compare Features and Prices

Then, compare the features and prices of different outdoor stairlifts offered by various stairlift companies. Key features to look for include weatherproofing, ease of use, safety features, and maintenance requirements. Price comparison will help you find the best value for your investment in an outdoor stairlift.

Step 4 – Arrange a Consultation

Finally, arrange a consultation with your chosen stairlift suppliers. They can provide expert advice, answer any questions, and offer a quotation tailored to your specific needs. This step ensures that you select the best outdoor stairlifts, providing peace of mind and enhanced mobility.

The Best Straight Stairlifts

When selecting the best straight stairlifts, it’s crucial to consider specific models known for their reliability, safety, and ease of use. Models such as the Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift and the Stannah 600 Straight Stairlift are among the top choices reputable stairlift companies offer.

These stairlifts are designed to fit any straight staircase, providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

Here are some steps you take to choose the best straight stairlift suited to your mobility needs:

Step 1 – Assess Your Staircase

Begin by assessing your staircase to ensure compatibility with models like the Acorn 130 or the Stannah 600. Measure the staircase length and check for any potential obstructions. This step is vital for ensuring that the chosen straight stairlift model fits your home perfectly.

Step 2 – Research Stairlift Suppliers

Research stairlift suppliers that offer the Acorn 130 and Stannah 600 models. Look for suppliers with excellent customer reviews and a commitment to quality. This research will guide you to the best stairlift companies that provide these models.

Step 3 – Compare Models and Features

Compare the features of the Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift and the Stannah 600 Straight Stairlift. Key features include their safety mechanisms, such as seat belts and sensors, and user-friendly controls. This comparison will help you decide which model best suits your needs and preferences.

Step 4 – Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation with the Acorn 130 and Stannah 600 stairlifts suppliers. Use this opportunity to discuss your needs, ask detailed questions about each model, and receive a custom quote. 

This final step ensures you select the best straight stairlift for your home, tailored to your specific requirements.

The UK Care Guide works in partnership with Acorn Stairlifts. 

Here are 10 reasons why they are the best stairlift provider in the UK.

Stairlifts made in the UK
Same day home appointments available
Next day installation available
Slimline models that fold away conveniently when not in use
Hinged rail designs to eliminate any trip or hazard
Affordable and reliable with low running costs
Some can be fitted quickly and easily to the stairs, not the wall
Amazing feedback and testimonials
Some require no structural changes to your home
Market leading experience in the UK

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"Motorised stairlifts, also known as chair lifts or stair lifts, allow individuals with mobility issues to navigate stairs easily."

Finding The Best Stairlift For Homes With Narrow Stairs 

The best stairlift for homes with narrow stairs will offer a compact design without compromising on safety or functionality. 

Several stairlift manufacturers offer space-efficient models specifically for this purpose, featuring slim profiles that ensure the stairlift is neatly tucked away when not in use, thereby maintaining the staircase’s accessibility for other users.

These stairlifts often come with foldable seats, arms, and footrests, allowing for maximum clearance when the lift is not in operation. 

This feature is paramount in ensuring that the stairlift provides assistance without becoming an obstacle in itself and is convenient for other members of your household. 

Stairlifts equipped with swivel seats and retractable seat belts also offer added convenience and safety in homes with narrow staircases, making it easier for users to get on and off the lift. 

Additionally, remote control operation enhances the user experience by allowing the stairlift to be called to the top or bottom of the stairs, a feature that is particularly beneficial in homes with narrow stairs.

Innovative Features Across Stairlift Brands

Stairlift manufacturers continuously innovate to improve user experience, safety, and accessibility. This section delves into the unique features and technological advancements introduced by leading stairlift brands.

 1 – Acorn Stairlifts’ FastTrack® Installation System

Acorn Stairlifts offers the FastTrack® system, a unique innovation that allows for rapid, custom stairlift installations within a few hours, minimizing disruption for the user. This system is particularly beneficial for complex staircases where traditional installation methods might take longer.

2 – Stannah’s Smart Seat Design

Stannah stairlifts are equipped with the Smart Seat option, which combines comfort with practicality. The seat is adjustable in height and width, and it comes with multiple upholstery options to match the home’s interior. This feature ensures that the stairlift is not only functional but also a visually appealing addition to the home.

3 – Handicare’s Turn and Go Feature

For exceptionally narrow staircases, Handicare has developed the Turn and Go feature, which allows the seat to automatically turn during ascent or descent to fit through tight spaces. This innovation ensures that users with limited space can still benefit from stairlift installation.

4- Brooks Stairlifts’ Energy Efficiency

Brooks Stairlifts focuses on energy efficiency, with their stairlifts designed to consume less power without compromising performance. This feature is particularly appealing for environmentally conscious users and helps to reduce electricity costs.

Which Stairlift is Best?

Several factors, including the type of staircase, budget, weight capacity, and desired features, determine the “best” stairlift. Typically, straight stairlifts are the most cost-effective option, whereas curved models are more expensive due to the customisation required to fit the particular staircase. 

Outdoor stairlifts are also more expensive due to the need for weather-resistant features. Stannah, Acorn Stairlifts, and Handicare are among the best stairlift companies in the United Kingdom, known for their efficient customer service and wide range of products. 

What Is The Average Price Of Stairlifts?

The average price of stairlifts can vary based on the model and features of each unit. Straight stairlifts typically cost between £2,000 and £4,000, whereas curved stairlifts can cost between £5,000 and £8,000. 

Due to the additional weather-resistant features, outdoor stairlifts can range from £3,000 to £6,000.

Reconditioned outdoor stairlifts can be a cost-effective option, with prices beginning at approximately £1,500. It is essential to research various stairlift manufacturers and models to find the one that best fits the individual’s budget and needs.

What Is The Average Life of a New Stair Lift or Chairlift?

The average life of a stairlift chair can vary depending on maintenance and how often it’s used. Regular cleaning and maintenance, such as lubricating the chair’s track and scheduling periodic inspections with a professional technician, can extend the chair’s life. 

With proper care, most stair lifts have a lifespan of at least 10 years.

What Is The Safest Type Of Stair Lift?

Different stairlift suppliers offer various safety features, such as sensors, a secure seat, and a manual emergency stop. You may also consider stairlifts with folding arms and rails, a covered gear rack or racks, and a seated or standing position for the rider as additional safety features. 

Choosing a reputable stairlift company is also important for ensuring user safety and comfort. The ‘safest type of stairlift’ will differ depending on the user’s mobility needs. For instance, some stairlifts have a greater weight capacity, making them safer for heavy users.

Warranty and After-Sales Support Services

After purchasing a stairlift, the quality of after-sales support and the comprehensiveness of the warranty can significantly impact user satisfaction and confidence in their investment.

 1 – Acorn Stairlifts’ Comprehensive Warranty Coverage

Acorn Stairlifts offers a 12-month warranty covering all mechanical failures due to defects in materials or workmanship, with extended warranties available for purchase. Their after-sales support includes a 24/7 helpline and nationwide network of engineers ready to provide prompt service and maintenance.

2 – Stannah’s Extensive Warranty and Maintenance Plans

Stannah provides a two-year warranty on all stairlifts, which covers parts, labour, and call-out charges. Additionally, Stannah offers optional extended warranty and maintenance plans, ensuring that users can enjoy peace of mind with continuous support and service.

3 – Handicare’s Flexible Warranty Options

Handicare stairlifts come with a standard one-year warranty, which includes parts and labour. Users can extend their warranty up to five years, offering additional protection and access to Handicare’s dedicated customer service and maintenance team.

4 – Brooks Stairlifts’ Reliable After-Sales Service

Brooks Stairlifts’ warranty covers 12 months from installation, providing repair or replacement of parts due to manufacturing defects. Their customer service team is available to assist with any queries, and they offer maintenance services to ensure the stairlift remains in optimal working condition.

Benefits of Stairlift uk

What Are Some Bespoke Features Available for Stairlifts?

Numerous stairlift manufacturers offer custom-made stairlifts to fit a staircase’s specific dimensions. Customised features include footrests that fold up, powered swivel seats, and curved rails that conform to the shape of a curved staircase. 

Heavy-duty models with increased weight capacities are also available for those with specialised mobility requirements.

What Is The Difference Between Manual and Motorised Gears in Stairlifts?

Manual gear stairlifts are operated manually, while an electric motor powers motorised gears. Most modern stairlifts are motorised, offering smooth, quiet operation and making them easier for people with mobility issues.

What Is The Difference Between a Curved Stairlift and Straight Stairlift?

A straight stairlift is designed for stairs that ascend and descend in a straight line with no curves or bends, whereas a curved stairlift is designed for staircases with bends, landings, or curves. 

Curved stairlifts are custom-made to fit a particular staircase, whereas straight stairlifts are typically less expensive and simpler to install.

Financial Assistance and Affordability for Stairlifts

Navigating the financial aspects of purchasing a stairlift can be challenging. This section outlines various options available to help manage the costs associated with acquiring a stairlift.

1 – Government Grants and Subsidies

In the UK, individuals may qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) if they need to make changes to their home due to a disability. This grant can be used towards the cost of installing a stairlift and making other necessary home adaptations.

2 – Manufacturer Financing Options

Several stairlift manufacturers offer financing options to spread the cost of the stairlift over a period of time. For example, Stannah provides financing plans that allow customers to pay for their stairlift in instalments, making it more manageable for those on a fixed income.

3 – Rental Options

For those who require a stairlift on a temporary basis, such as during recovery from surgery, renting a stairlift can be a cost-effective solution. Companies like Acorn Stairlifts offer rental programs where stairlifts can be installed for a monthly fee, which includes maintenance and removal once the stairlift is no longer needed.

4 – Reconditioned Stairlifts

Purchasing a reconditioned stairlift from a reputable supplier can offer significant savings compared to buying a new model. Reconditioned stairlifts are fully serviced and tested to ensure they meet safety and operational standards, providing a more affordable option for those with limited budgets.

uk best stairlift manufacturer

Our Final Thoughts

This comprehensive guide to stairlifts in the UK offers invaluable insights into enhancing mobility and independence for those with mobility challenges. Here are 7 key pieces of information presented in the article, alongside some actionable steps:

1 – Stairlifts are a crucial investment for improving mobility and safety in the home.

2 – There are different types of stairlifts, such as straight, curved, and outdoor models, each designed to suit specific staircase configurations.

3 – When choosing a stairlift, consider key features like remote control capability, rechargeable batteries, and safety features.

4 – It’s important to compare stairlift models and prices from various manufacturers to ensure you find the best fit for your needs and budget.

5 – Consulting with stairlift specialists can provide personalized advice and help you make an informed decision.

6 – Installing a stairlift can significantly enhance the quality of life for individuals with mobility issues.

7 – After reading, take the time to assess your mobility needs, research stairlift options, and reach out to reputable manufacturers for further information and quotes.

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Are outdoor stairlifts suitable for all types of outdoor staircases?

Weather-resistant and able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, outdoor stairlifts are constructed to withstand the elements. Nevertheless, ensuring the stairlift is compatible with the outdoor staircase’s particular configuration is essential. 

For safe operation, outdoor stairlifts typically feature nonslip surfaces and waterproof controls.

How can I choose the best stairlift manufacturer for my needs?

The best stairlift for your needs can be determined by comparing prices and features from various manufacturers. Choosing the best stairlift manufacturer requires careful consideration of reputation, experience, and product selection. 

Check customer reviews for feedback on product quality and after-sales support, and seek out companies that offer a range of models to accommodate a variety of budgets and needs.

Can stairlifts be customised to fit unique stair configurations?

Numerous stairlift manufacturers offer customised options to accommodate unique staircase configurations, including curved and spiral staircases. These stairlifts are custom-made to fit the dimensions of the stairs and provide a safe and comfortable ride.

What are some essential safety features to look for when purchasing a stairlift?

Safety is a top priority for stairlifts, and there are several features to consider when choosing a model. There are safety sensors that detect obstacles on the stairs, a secure seat to keep the rider in place, and a manual emergency stop button. 

Additional safety features may include foldable arms and rails, a power swivel seat, and a covered gear rack to prevent clothing or other objects from becoming entangled in the mechanism.

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