Best days out in the UK for those with mobility issues during COVID-19

Sometimes you may feel like your mobility issue limits your ability to go out and enjoy yourself with your family, or just on your own. Fortunately, there are some great ways that you can get out of the house and make the most of the opportunity, especially now things are starting to reopen again.

We’ve put together a useful guide to show you some of the best ways you can get out of your house this summer. From trips to the seaside, to shopping trips in town and taking advantage of the reopening of museums, hopefully you find something that suits you.

Shopping Trips

Rejoice! The shops are open again and people are filling the high streets again (with a 2 meter distance of course). It’s worth remembering, as of July 24th wearing a face mask is compulsory in shops so make sure you don’t forget yours.

If your fortunate enough to have shops nearby then why not head out and buy yourself something nice? Even just heading out around the high street is a good way to get yourself out of the house without exerting too much energy.

Do you struggle with pushing a manual wheelchair? Check out the range of powered wheelchairs from places like Fenetic Wellbeing. They are great for getting out and about when on shopping trips because you can power them yourself without relying on someone else to push you along.

Seaside Trips

If you’re lucky enough to experience a good British summer day, then why not head to the seaside? There are some great seaside trips you can take advantage of across all coasts of the UK. From the Blackpool lights, to the Devonshire stretches and the stunning Whitby beach, there are loads of places you can choose from.

There is loads you can do whilst you’re there, even if you just fancy a fish and chips lunch on the promenade or a sunbathe. If the arcades are open, then why not try yourself at the slot machines? Just make sure you bring your hand sanitizer to use before and after to keep yourself and others safe!

Timeout Magazine has put together a great guide to the top beaches in the UK so you can choose for yourself.

National Parks

Again, with a powered wheelchair or mobility scooter then National Parks are a dream. There are some absolutely stunning sites that you can take advantage of across the UK, depending on what sort of day out you enjoy. Whether you like a historic landmark/abbey or a stunning stretch of land, the UK has it all.

It’s worth checking out what restrictions these parks have in place. You may need to book in advance to guarantee a parking spot or access to the park. So it may be best to find where you’re wanting to go first and then have a look at their website or the National Trust website to find out more information. 

Museums and Art Galleries

These venues are yet to reopen after the COVID lockdown (as of July 2020), but there are plans in place to maybe reopen then in the future months. Museums are a great way to get out of the house and see a little bit of history and culture. Let’s be honest, the British summer is never quite what we expect it to be so museums and art galleries are ideal on rainy or generally miserable weather days.

Keep an eye on government guidelines to see when these kinds of venue can reopen again and go and support your local museum.

Stay Local

If you’re lucky enough to have nature on your doorstep or a town centre then why not just keep it local? Sometimes the best days out are actually on your doorstep. So whether it’s popping round to a family or friends house for a coffee in the garden or a trip to your local park, you may sometimes be surprised to find what’s local to you.

How do you prepare for a day out?

It’s important to ensure that you fully prepare for a day out so you don’t get caught out and have to head home if, for example, you forget a mask and can’t go into any shops. Keep an eye on government guidance regarding COVID-19 and any local lockdowns that may be in place in the area your planning on heading.

It’s always important to take a face mask with you and hand sanitizer so you can keep yourself safe and those around you. It’s also important to ensure you try and keep a social distance of around 2 metres from people where possible.

So there you have our guide to some of the best days out you can have during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you need any more advice or guidance, then feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help!


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