are stairlift grants means tested

December 2023

Are Stairlift Grants Means Tested In December 2023


Stairlifts are a crucial addition to the homes of people with mobility challenges, enabling them to move about independently and quickly. Yet, the price of a stairlift might be prohibitive, especially for individuals with low financial means. Funding for stairlifts might be an invaluable resource. 

This article examines stairlift grants in the United Kingdom, including whether they are means-tested, the application procedure, eligibility requirements, other sources of financial aid, and quality of life enhancements.

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What is a Stairlift Grant?

Local councils provide stairlift grants, which are government-funded grants or financial assistance programmes, to enable persons with mobility challenges to pay the expense of installing a stairlift in their houses.

The quantity of financial support varies according to an individual’s financial situation.

Who Needs a Stairlift Grant?

Anyone with a physical or mental handicap that makes it challenging to navigate their home’s stairs safely is eligible for stairlift funding.

They may also be made accessible to chronically ill or handicapped folks who need mobility assistance to move about their homes.

What are the Benefits of a Stairlift Grant?

Stairlift grants may enhance the quality of life for those with mobility challenges. A stairlift enables autonomous and safe mobility around the house and may save a person from transferring to an expensive, emotionally taxing care facility.

Installation of a stairlift may also help mental health by eliminating the fear of falling and enabling access to previously inaccessible portions of the house.

What is the Definition of Means Testing?

The means test determines a person’s financial assistance eligibility based on income and assets. 

This guarantees that those who can pay for their care or support do so, while those who cannot get financial aid.

Are Stairlift Grants Means Tested in the UK?

Stairlift grants in the United Kingdom are means-tested. For establishing a person’s eligibility for financial assistance, the individual’s household income and assets are considered.

If a person’s family income exceeds a certain level, they may not qualify for a stairlift grant. If a person is qualified, they may be forced to pay the stairlift installation costs.

How Does Means Testing Impact the Eligibility of Stairlift Grants?

In several ways, means testing might affect eligibility for stairlift grants. If a person’s family income exceeds a specific level, they may not qualify for financial aid. 

If a person is qualified, they may be forced to pay the stairlift installation costs. The amount of financial help supplied will depend on the individual’s financial situation and the local government’s policies.

Who is Exempt from Means Testing for a Stairlift Grant?

Some state benefits, such as income-based jobseeker’s allowance, income assistance, and pension credit, may exclude individuals from means testing for stairlift grants. 

Nonetheless, they may be forced to pay for installing the stairlift.

Is There Any Way to Waive the Means Test for a Stairlift Grant?

There is no way to waive the stairlift grant’s means requirement. A person with extraordinary circumstances, such as a severe handicap or health condition, may be eligible for funding that does not need a means test.

The applicable council department, occupational therapist, or environmental health officer of the person may give more information.

Applying for a Stairlift Grant

To apply for a stairlift grant, applicants must submit a completed application form and written quotes from two licenced stairlift suppliers. The application will demand details on the applicant’s family income, assets, state assistance, and savings.

The application procedure might differ according to the regulations of the local council. However, people can contact their local council or home improvement firm for further information.

What Information Do You Need to Provide in an Application for a Stairlift Grant?

The needed information for a stairlift grant application may vary based on the requirements of the local municipality. People must often disclose their family income, assets, and state assistance. 

They must also give written quotes from two certified stairlift suppliers.

Where Can You Apply for a Stairlift Grant?

Individuals may apply for a stairlift grant with their local council or home improvement agency. 

Noting that each municipality may have different financial aid rules and eligibility requirements, it is vital to contact the appropriate department for further information.

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Applying for a Stairlift Grant uk

How Long Does It Take to Receive Approval or Denial of Your Application For a Stairlift Grant?

According to the local council’s regulations and workload, the time required to get an acceptance or refusal for a stairlift grant application might vary. 

Yet, a judgement often takes up to six months to reach.

What is the Payment Process After Approval of A Stairlift Grant Application?

If an application for a stairlift grant is successful, the client would typically get financial support directly.

Local governments may also give VAT reductions for installing stairlifts, further decreasing installation costs.

Other Financial Assistance That May Help With A Mobility Issue

In addition to stairlift grants, other financial aid programmes can assist those with mobility concerns. 

Government grants and council support programmes, such as the Disabled Facilities Grant granted by local governments, may offer financial assistance for home modifications, including stairlift installation.

Non-profit groups and charities like the ACT Foundation may also provide minor grants for mobility equipment costs.

Quality of Life Improvements After Receiving A Stair Lift Grant

Following getting a stairlift grant and installing a stairlift, an individual’s quality of life may significantly improve. Individuals may reach previously inaccessible regions of the house with the aid of a stairlift, so enhancing their freedom and mobility inside the home.

Furthermore, stairlifts may minimise the incidence of falls and promote mental health by eliminating the anxiety of using the stairs.

In the United Kingdom, qualifying requirements for stairlift grants depend on family income and assets. Even though the application procedure might be extended, it is essential to investigate all possible sources of financial aid, including government grants, municipal support programmes, and non-profit organisations.

Obtaining financial support for constructing a stairlift may significantly enhance the quality of life and freedom of those with mobility challenges.

Is a stairlift deductible as a medical expense?

Regrettably, a stairlift is not deductible as a medical cost in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, there are further possibilities for financial support, such as the handicapped facilities grant (DFG) provided by local governments.

The DFG is a government-funded grant to assist disabled individuals with house modifications, such as installing a stairlift. How to apply for the DFG may be obtained from the local home improvement agency or appropriate municipal department.

"Stairlifts are a crucial addition to the homes of people with mobility challenges, enabling them to move about independently and quickly."

What can I do with new stairlifts?

There are a variety of solutions available if you have an underused stairlift. You might sell the stairlift privately or donate it to a recognised charity offering mobility assistance to needy individuals.

Nevertheless, certain stairlift suppliers may provide a repurchase option to acquire the stairlift from you.

How do you qualify for a free stairlift in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, there are no free stairlift programmes. Nonetheless, those with limited mobility or disabled people’s requirements may be eligible for financial support via local authorities, grants for disabled facilities, or other financing alternatives.

To be eligible for financial help, persons must fulfil specific requirements, such as having a physical or mental disability that impairs their mobility and requesting funds for a stairlift that is vital to their health.

What is the average price of a stairlift?

The price might vary depending on the stairlift’s type, features, and installation requirements. According to our research, the average cost of a straight stairlift is between £2,500 and £3,500, but the average cost of a curved stairlift is between £5,000 and £6,000.

The price of a stairlift may vary based on the individual’s unique requirements, such as the kind of staircase or the amount of customisation necessary.

Means Test for a Stairlift Grant

Can I claim a stairlift?

Even though stairlifts are not tax-deductible as medical costs, some persons may qualify for financial aid via local authorities, handicapped facilities grants, or other financing possibilities. 

You should contact your local government or the appropriate agency for further information on the application procedure and qualifying requirements.

In addition, certain stairlift suppliers may provide financing alternatives or payment plans to assist in spreading out the expense of a stairlift.

Is there a market for used stairlifts?

A market exists for secondhand stairlifts. You may get financial relief by selling your old stairlift privately or via a stairlift supplier that provides a repurchase option. 

However, it is crucial to remember that the market for secondhand stairlifts might be restricted, and the amount you get may be less than what you originally spent.

Can I sell my old stairlift?

Sure, you may sell your old stairlift privately or via a company that provides a repurchase programme. When selling your old stairlift, getting written quotes from various stairlift suppliers is advisable to verify you are receiving a fair price.

Also, evaluating the labour expense necessary to remove the stairlift and the risk of staircase damage is essential.

What is the justification for a stairlift?

The purpose of a stairlift is to give folks with limited mobility or disabled people safe and secure access to previously inaccessible portions of the house.

Stairlifts increase a person’s freedom and quality of life, lower the chance of falls and boost their mental health.

The expense of a stairlift might be a financial strain for some people. Still, with financial assistance and financing alternatives available via local governments, handicapped facilities grants, and other funding choices, individuals can get the stairlift they need.

What is the billing code for a stairlift?

The billing code for a stairlift might vary based on the individual’s circumstances and insurance coverage.

You should contact your insurance carrier to discover whether the stairlift cost is covered. Also, some persons with impairments or mobility concerns may be eligible for VAT exemption, drastically lowering the stairlift cost.

Some folks may also seek further financial support from non-profit organisations or charities that provide financial aid for mobility concerns or other housing awards.

Those who fulfil specific requirements may also get assistance with the expense of a stairlift from social services.

Ultimately, the stairlift cost should not be a barrier to acquiring the essential mobility equipment, and several financing and support alternatives are available.

Stairlift Grant in UK

Do you need planning permission for a stairlift?

Stairlift installation is often exempt from needing a planning permit since it is considered a minor home modification. 

Nonetheless, you must verify with your local council or appropriate agency for installation instructions or limitations.

What is a Disabled Facilities Grant?

A Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) is a government-funded award to help disabled persons with home improvements, such as stairlift installation. 

It is a means-tested award, which means the applicant’s income and assets decide eligibility.

Is a Stairlift Covered by the Disabled Facilities Grant?

Yes, the Disabled Facilities Grant may support the installation of a stairlift as one of the eligible home modifications.

Nevertheless, the grant amount may vary dependent on the individual’s financial status, and the stairlift installation expenses may be partially reimbursed.

What Other Housing Grants are Available for Disabled People?

In addition to the Disabled Facilities Award, disabled individuals can access several additional housing subsidies. Local governments grant some of these awards, while nonprofit organisations make others available.

The Home Improvement Agency Grant, the Housing Adaptation Grant, and the Quick Response Adaptation Programme are examples of such awards.

How Can a Stairlift Company Help with Funding?

Companies that sell stairlifts may provide financing alternatives or payment plans to help customers stretch out the cost.

In addition, certain firms may provide a buyback scheme to acquire the stairlift back from the owner if it is no longer needed.

What is VAT Relief?

VAT Relief is a government scheme that exempts individuals with specific impairments or long-term illnesses from paying Value Added Tax (VAT) on particular items and services.

Hence, the stairlift cost may decrease if the person qualifies for VAT Relief.

What is the Role of Occupational Therapists in the Application Process?

Occupational therapists play a crucial part in the stairlift grant application procedure. They may aid in evaluating the individual’s mobility needs and proposing suitable equipment.

In addition, they may assist with completing the application form and communicating with the appropriate council department on the applicant’s behalf.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a stairlift grant if I am not a disabled tenant or homeowner?

You can apply for a stairlift grant if you are not a disabled homeowner or renter. The Disabled Facilities Grant is accessible to qualified individuals regardless of their living situation. 

It is vital to highlight, however, that the award only covers home changes that are required for a person’s health, well-being, and independent living.

Can I get more than one grant to cover the cost of a stairlift?

Yes, you may be qualified for more than one stairlift grant. Other housing grants or financial assistance programmes may be available in addition to the Disabled Facilities Award to help cover the installation of a stairlift. 

You should contact your local government or a reputable stairlift supplier to enquire about additional financing sources and the application procedure.

Can I sell my old stairlift if I no longer need it?

If you no longer need your old stairlift, you may sell it. Several stairlift vendors offer a buyback option, but other people may elect to sell the device privately. 

Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that the market for used stairlifts may be restricted, and the price obtained may be less than the initial purchase price.

Can I claim a stairlift on my tax return?

No, a stairlift cannot be claimed as a medical cost on a UK tax return. Yet, other financial aid programmes, such as the Disabled Facilities Grant, may be available to assist with stairlift installation costs. 

You should contact your local government or a registered charity to learn more about funding opportunities and eligibility criteria.

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