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Best Top 10 Funeral Plans in the UK – Compare Funeral Plans in 2022

What is a prepaid funeral plan?

A funeral plan is an upfront payment you make to cover the costs of a funeral beforehand. Funeral plans vary in terms of cost and exactly what is included in the plan. A funeral plan cost will vary among providers, and you should compare funeral plans before settling on one.

In this article we will look at what makes a good funeral plan and how you can compare funeral plans.

Topics that you will find covered on this page

We recommend that as a minimum you select cheap funeral plans or the best value plans that provide the basics and flexibility for customisation. However, if you want a lot of features then you are better looking for the best funeral plan that you can afford.

This video provides you with some useful information on what a funeral plan is.

On the table below you can compare the best funeral plans.

The Top 10 Best Funeral Plans 

Golden Leaves£1,664
Co-op funeral services£2,895
Safe Hands£2,390
Golden Charter £2,895
Sunlife Funeral Plan £2,800
Avalon Funeral Plans £2,750
Dignity Funeral Services  £2,795
Age Co£2,770
Open Prepaid Funeral Plans £2,995
Pride Planning £2,495

More information on these top 10 funeral plans can be found later on in this article.

What is included in a funeral plan?

We have set out below what you would typically find included in a funeral plan.

  • Care for the deceased body
  • A coffin, hearse, and funeral directors.
  • Transportation of the body to a funeral home
  • A minister for the ceremony
  • Taking care for the body
  • An organised visit for the body in the chapel of rest.

What may vary from plan to plan?

We have set out below the diffferences you may find between different funeral plans.

  • Doctor’s and Minister’s fees
  • Embalming the body
  • Limousines for mourners
  • Fees for the crematorium
  • Funeral notices
  • Burial plot and burial fees
  • A headstone
  • Catering costs
  • Flowers

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top 10 funeral plans

What is the cost of a funeral plan?

You may decide to make long-term monthly payments or a lump sum payment.

A funeral plan will cost between £3000 for cheaper plans and £5000 for comprehensive plans. Funeral plans offer the biggest savings when you make the payment a few years before you think you need it and make the payment upfront.

Monthly funeral plans are more manageable but attract more interest which means they cost more. Also, make payments when funeral plan providers offer discounts. Compare funeral plans and select cheap funeral plans with guaranteed price protection against inflation to avoid incurring extra fees in the future.

What are the options besides funeral plans?

An over-50s insurance plan will pay out a single amount to the family of the affected. Unfortunately, the lump sum payout is not subject to inflation which means that you may end up paying more than you can claim. You can also pay your funeral costs from your estate when you die.

Funeral insurance is an insurance policy taken out to cover the burial cost after you die and is popularly provided by life insurance policy providers. Like other insurances, you are required to pay a premium for several years. Unlike funeral plans, funeral insurance will cover the costs of additional items such as flowers and catering.

Compare Funeral Plan Providers – the 10 best

1. Golden Leaves

Golden Leaves offers great pre-paid funeral plans starting from £19.57 per month. The plans are grouped into Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, which means that you have a wider selection to choose from.

These plans are also fully guaranteed, and we believe the only one’s like this in the UK.

Each plan includes a funeral director’s professional services, advice on funeral registration and documentation, collection of the deceased from the hospital or coroner, care of the deceased, a coffin and a hearse.

The single payments per funeral cover are:

  • Copper Plan: £1,644
  • Bronze Plan: £2,394
  • Silver Plan: £3,364
  • Gold Plan: £3,719
  • Platinum: £3,969

Click here to visit Golden Leaves and get the latest pricing for what we think is the best funeral plan.

2. Coop Funeral Care

Coop Funeral care is a leading service provider in the UK. Unlike other providers, Co-op covers all third-party costs and guarantees all plans. The plans are separated into cremation and burial plans, with each category housing Simple, Bronze, Silver, and Gold prepaid funeral plans.

Cremation Funeral Plans

  • Simple: £2,895 or £16.68 per month
  • Bronze: £3,295 or £18.98 per month
  • Silver Pay: £3,650 or £21.04 per month
  • Gold: £3,899 or £22.47per month

Burial Funeral Plans

  • Simple: £2,895 or £16.68 per month
  • Bronze: £3,295 or £18.98 per month
  • Silver: £3,650 or £21.04 per month
  • Gold: £3,899 or £22.47 per month

An instalment charge is included if you choose to pay from 2-25 years. A limit on 80 years is set for the plan purchaser. The burial fees include fees for the church service and gravedigger but do not include the cost of the burial plot.

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3. Safe Hands

SafeHands provides affordable prepaid funeral plans. The following are the available plans:

  • Topaz Plan: Single payment £2,390 or £24.97 per month.
  • Pearl Plan: Single Payment £3,495 or £37.86 per month.
  • Sapphire Plan: Single Payment £3,795 or £41.36 per month.
  • Ruby Plan: Single Payment of £4,095 or £44.86 per month.

The funeral director fees and service fees are guaranteed, and you can customise the plans to meet your needs. SafeHands provides a wide range of payment options, with zero instalment handling charge applied to payments for plans paid for over one or two years.

All payments are secured in a trust fund. Each plan except Topaz plan includes 3rd party charges which may vary, and consultation is free. Lastly, there are no restrictions on age, medical conditions, or medical history.

4. Golden Charter

The Golden Charter funeral director’s network is one of the largest in the UK. All payments towards funeral plans are directed to an independent Golden Charter trust that is operated by an independent board of trustees to ensure all future payments are made.

The following are the available plans. Each calculation is based on a 50 years old paying low-cost instalments with a £49 deposit.

  • Value: £2,895 single payment or monthly payments from £13.59
  • Standard: £3,495 single payment monthly payments from £16.45
  • Select: £3,850 single payment or monthly payments from £18.15
  • Premier: £4,099 single payment or monthly payments from £19.34

Each plan includes an allowance towards third party costs and depends on the plan you select. The Value plan has an £800 allowance while the Standard, Select, and Premier Plans comprise a £1,100 allowance.

best prepaid funeral plans

5. Sunlife Funeral Plan

The Sunlife funeral plans start from as low as £9.25 a month, and you can easily get a quote from their website. The company provides three levels of funeral covers namely- Direct cremation, Traditional, and Traditional Plus.

Sunlife works together with Dignity to provide Funeral services. Dignity will provide a funeral director when the time comes, and your life insurance pay-out goes directly to them. Dignity will contact your family and let them know where the nearest Dignity funeral director is located.

If you wish to be cremated, your family will be directed to the nearest Simplicity Cremations, who also operate under dignity. Note that anything not included in the funeral plan summary will not be paid for and your family will cover the payment.

Each level of cover includes access to a Dignity Funeral Director, collection, preparation, and 24/7 bereavement counselling.

6. Avalon Funeral Plans

Avalon has been operating for more than 20 years to provide exemplary Funeral services. The costs of a Funeral Director are fixed at today’s cost with an allowance to cover third party costs, from £17.76 p/m for the Cremation Only plan.

The funeral plans are:

  • Cremation Only Plan: £17.76 per month
  • Balmoral Funeral Plan: £35.06 per month
  • Highgrove Funeral Plan: £38.52 per month
  • Windsor Way Funeral Plan: £40.99 per month

Each plan includes preparation of the deceased, a hearse, transport to the funeral home, advice on funeral arrangements and certification and an allowance towards cremation/cemetery fee, a doctor’s fee, and minister’s fee.

funeral plan providers

7. Dignity Funerals Service

This is a leading funeral plan provider with more than 800 funeral directors in local communities across the UK. Dignity Funerals offers four prepaid funeral plans which guarantee to cover the funeral director’s fees for a burial or cremation.

Dignity has a Defaqto 5 Star Rating for the Diamond Funeral Plan, making it one of the best funeral plans on the UK. The following are Dignity Funeral’s plans currently on offer:

  • The Limited Plan: £2,795 or from £14.70 per month.
  • The Amber Plan: £3,195 or from £16.80 per month.
  • The Pearl Plan: £3,550 or £18.67 per month.
  • The Diamond Plan: £3,795 or £19.96 per month.

The limousine for mourners is available in the Pearl Plan and Diamond plan. Each plan remains intact if you move, and you have an opportunity to personalize the plan by selecting hymns and bible readings.

8. Age Co

All the plans from Age Co guarantee to cover the funeral services’ cost included in your plan. Each plan allows flexibility and covers the funeral director’s fee and the minister’s fee. Care of the deceased and advice is also provided. The plans are:

Basic: £2,770 single payment or £14.57 per month

Ivy: £3,170 single payment or £16.67 per month

Holly: £3,525 single payment or £18.54 per month

Rowan: £3,770 single payment or £19.83 per month

Click here for more information on the plans offered by Age Co.

9. Open Prepaid Funeral Plans

Open Prepaid offers four funeral plans for you to choose from:

Simple Plus/ Simple Prepaid Funeral Plan

Fully inclusive price single payment of £2,995 or £1,895 or monthly instalments from £29.56 or £17.95.

The Direct Cremation Plan

This plan goes for £1,845. It includes a funeral director plus a contribution of £1,100.00 towards 3rd party fees.

The Traditional Plan

This plan is available at a single payment of £3,550 or monthly instalments starting from £35.42. The plan also includes a fee for 3rd party costs and a limousine.

The Select Plan

This plan is available at £4,100 or monthly instalments of £41.23. It also includes a contribution of £1,100.00 towards 3rd party fees, two limousines for mourners and a funeral director..

10. Pride Planning

Pride planning offers affordable funeral plans within average price of a funeral plan in the UK. The plans are:

  • Pride practical: This is the base plan at £2495
  • Pride Simplified: Single payment of £3495
  • Pride Essential: Single payment of £3895
  • Pride Plus: Single payment of £4195

Each plan includes attendance to necessary funeral arrangements, advice on registration and certification and a hearse. The last two plans included a limousine for the mourners and a full list of floral tributes.

Are funeral plans Rregulated?

Funeral plans are not regulated by the FCA, but the authority has rules on how money paid into funeral plans should be managed. They recommend that you choose a provider registered with the FPA- Funeral Planning Authority.

The FPA is an organisation in the funeral industry that regulates funeral providers within the UK and protects pre-paid consumers. The FPA outlines a code of practice which funeral plan providers adhere to.

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