cheap funeral plans

Cheap Funeral Plans

The death of a parent, friend, wife or husband is a difficult issue to deal with. It becomes even more challenging when you add the cost of a funeral, which has increased dramatically over the last few years.

As of 2017, the cost was estimated to be £4,078, and this cost is likely to increase to £4,944 by the year 2022. It explains the high number of people taking out funeral plans designed to take care of the funeral costs, so the family doesn’t foot the hefty funeral cost.

It is a prepayment to the funeral insurance provider and can range between £3,000 and £4,000. A funeral insurance cover should include basic costs like:

  • Transportation of the deceased to the funeral home
  • Taking care of the body
  • The coffin and hiring the finance director personnel
  • Viewing of the body at the chapel

Here is a video that explains a little more about what a funeral plan is.

10 Cheap Funeral Plans

    1. Golden Leaves – Prices from £1,644 – Click here to visit Golden Leaves and get more information on this deal.
    2. Dignity – Costs from £2,795
    3. Co-operative Funeral Care – Costs from £2,895
    4. Memoria – Costs from £2,490
    5. Age Co – £2,770 – Click Here For More Information
    6. Golden Charter – Costs from £2,895
    7. Pride Planning – £2,495
    8. Open Prepaid Funeral Plans – £2,995
    9. Sunlife – £2,895
    10. Avalalon – £3,645

What Makes a Good Cheap Funeral Plan Package

Different providers cover varying costs, depending on the plan you choose. While one cover will include the cost of embalming, another will not cover this cost but will include the cost of the limousines for the mourners. So, what makes a good funeral insurance plan?

The Plan Guards against Inflation

Since most plans require a fixed one-off fee, it should factor in the likely increase in prices of funeral services. If taking out a funeral director services only, it should account for such increase or inflation cost beforehand.

Thus, if buying a plan that costs £5,000 today but dies after 15 years when the cost of everything has doubled, making the cost £8,000, the family is not tasked with meeting the difference as the funeral plan is protected.

cheapest funeral plan

Registration with the Funeral Planning Authority

The FPA has been set up to regulate funeral insurance providers operating in the UK. An FPA registration affirms the provider’s credibility as the company has demonstrated its ability to meet the strict code of practice and met financial and company procedures.

Additionally, customers can access an independent dispute resolution process in the event of a disagreement with the provider.

Provides Funeral Guarantee

The best funeral plans provide a funeral guarantee but most companies require the family and friends to cater for this cost. A funeral guarantee contract means that the funeral home accepts payment at the time of death for the services you have selected. As such, the bereaved are not required to pay for any additional costs.

Should be Flexible

The plan should allow for any changes that occur in the course of the life of the insured without incurring additional costs. As such, if the client relocates to another city in the UK, the plan should provide similar services, e.g., assign a new funeral director without additional costs.

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How to Compare Cheap Funeral Plan Packages

Many companies have been set up to provide prepaid funeral plans hence, the need to compare funeral plans before signing up.

You also need to protect your monies from unscrupulous companies that charge hefty rates with providing the agreed services at the time of the death of the loved one. Here are things you should consider when comparing the plans:

  • It should provide security for your monies, e.g., through registration with FPA
  • The frequency of payment: Most companies offer fixed monthly funeral plans. However, others offer yearly terms. Choose a plan that matches your budget between the monthly funeral plans and its alternative.
  • Services offered: Basic plans cater for the cost of a coffin and the hearse while others provide bereavement services, limousine hire for the family and high-quality coffins.
  • They type of funeral you want: Do you want a normal burial or cremation, do you have a preference of hymns, music, flowers or readings. Such add-ons determine the type of funeral plan you choose.

10 Cheap Funeral Plans and Packages

On average, the cost of a funeral is £4,078.

This cost may vary, depending on the funeral arrangements and the location. For example, those who opt for a direct cremation may pay as little as £1,600, which includes a simple coffin, the collection of the deceased and the return of the ashes.

People who include a funeral director during the cremation might incur twice the cost, i.e. £3,311 and this cost does not include an elaborate burial ceremony. The next part of the text compares 10 cheap funeral cover options.

Our winner for the cheapest plan

1 – Golden Leaves

Golden Leaves offers great pre-paid funeral plans starting from £19.57 per month. The plans are grouped into Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, which means that you have a wider selection to choose from.

These plans are also fully guaranteed, and we believe the only one’s like this in the UK.

Each plan includes a funeral director’s professional services, advice on funeral registration and documentation, collection of the deceased from the hospital or coroner, care of the deceased, a coffin and a hearse.

The single payments per funeral cover are:

  • Copper Plan: £1,644
  • Bronze Plan: £2,394
  • Silver Plan: £3,364
  • Gold Plan: £3,719
  • Platinum: £3,969

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Other plans in the top 10

2 – Dignity

The company has a long-standing history of offering the best funeral services in the UK. It has 45 offices throughout the country that provide single operator crematoriums.


It also offers four funeral cover options; the Limited plan (£2,795), Amber (£3,195), Pearl (£3,550) and Diamond (£3,795). All the plans include the cost of a Dignity Funeral director, the total cost of cremation and the celebrant’s fee.


Funerals with burials are allowed £1,220, which caters for the minister’s fee and the cost of the burial. The family pays the costs that exceed this allowance. Dignity does not include the doctor’s fee in all its plans.

3 – Cooperative Funeralcare

The company boasts more than 1,000 funeral homes located at the heart of local communities. What makes this company stand out is its ability to offer fixed prices that cover everything against inflation and future price increases.


The company offers four packages; the Simple plan (£2,895), Bronze plan (£3,295), Silver plan (£3,650) and Gold plan (£3,899).


All the plans include the cremation fees at the local crematorium, the funeral director services (personnel and the hearse), cost of the minister, caring for the deceased and the visits to the chapel. Also, the Simple plan restricts the date of the burial while the other plans allow you to choose an appropriate date.


4 – Memoria

Howard Hodgson, a fourth generation funeral director, established Memoria to offer memorial parks and crematoria services in the UK. All its plans are fully guaranteed.


The company offers a direct cremation plan, which is the most affordable (£1,490), a contemporary plan (£2,490) and traditional plan (£2,990).


The contemporary plan ensures the insured gets the traditional cremation and a funeral service while the traditional plan provides a conductor, four pall bearers, a hearse and a limousine (optional).

5 – Age Co

It is UK’s largest charity, Age Co is committed to helping seniors looking for affordable funeral plans. It has a network of 450 shops around the country.


The company provides four different plans; Basic (£2,770), Ivy (£3,170), Holly (£3,525) and Rowan (£3,770).


All the plans offer 24-hour transportation of the deceased to the funeral premises, care and preparation of the deceased, funeral director services and a hearse. However, they don’t include the medical certification fee, the cost of embalming, flowers, burial plot and costs associated with changes in regulation.

Click here for more information on the plans offered by Age Co.

6 – Golden Charter

The company was established in 1989 and has been recommended by the Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors.


The provider offers four packages; the Value plan (£2,895), Standard (£3,495), Select (£3,850) and Premier (£4,099).


All the plans cover the funeral director service but other services (burial, crematorium and celebrant, among others) are provided on an allowance basis. If the allowance is more than the actual cost, the family meets the difference.

Click here for more information on the plans offered by Golden Leaves. 

7 – Pride Planning

It is a pretty new company in the market and it offers four prepaid funeral plans.


Pride funeral plan costs £2,495 is the most affordable and does not make an allowance for third-party expenses. There is the Pride Simplified plan that costs £3,495, Pride Plus Plan (£4,195) and Pride Essential Prepaid plan (£3,895).


All the plans offer funeral preparation services, advice about registration and certification, the services of the funeral director and funeral arrangements.

8 – Open Prepaid Funeral Plans

The company was formed in 2003 to offer financially secure funerals. The plans are tailored to protect the insured and the funeral director who is tasked with the responsibility of providing funeral services.


It offers three plans; the Simple Plan (£2,995), Traditional Plan (£3,550) and Select Plan (£4,100).


All the plans cater for the provision of chapel for viewing of the dead before the funeral service but only the select plan offers attendance cards for those attending the funeral to sign.


9 – Sunlife

It is the first company to introduce the Over 50s life insurance plan that dates back in 1979. Clients taking out plans with this company are entitled to the funeral services after paying for two years.


The company provides three funeral plans, which are similar to Dignity funeral plans; a direct cremation plan without a funeral service, Amber funeral plan with a full guarantee for the services of the funeral director and a Diamond plan. Amber and Diamond plans provide an allowance of £1,010.

10 – Avalon

The company was formed in 1993 and allows clients to buy the plans directly or through third-party partners. The company is FPA registered.


The most affordable plan is the Cremation only service, which costs £1,895. Therefore, it is regarded as one of the best funeral plans. Other plans include the Avalon Balmoral plan (£3,645), Highgrove Plan (£3,995) and Windsor way (£4,225).


Only the Avalon Windsor Way plan comes with a coffin and a limo for the bereaved. Allowance for third-party expenses for all the plans are pretty expenses.

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Summary of this page

1 - What is a funeral plan?

A prepaid funeral plan is a type of insurance policy that enables you to pay upfront in advance for your funeral. This is either with a lump sum (which is then invested securely or taken care of by your insurance company) or fixed monthly payments. Prepaid funeral plans can also be obtained directly from some funeral directors

2 - What does a funeral plan cover?

Most providers of pre-pay plans also enable you to arrange and plan your funeral – from flowers and music to location and transport.

3 - Who can help me find a funeral plan?

The UK Care Guide can help you find a funeral plan. Come on to the site and we can help you.

4 - What are the advantages of a funeral plan?

You can read about the 3 main pros of funeral plans below. 1. Peace of mind The most significant pro of funeral plans is peace of mind. The death of a loved one is always difficult and incredibly upsetting. Financial distress is something that many families simply don’t plan to suffer. This is one of the main pro for individuals that take out pre-paid funeral plans in old age. They want to ensure that their family don’t have the hassle and stress of organising or raising funds whilst they are grieving. 2. Personal preference Pre-paid funeral plans ensure you’ll have the funds (either partially or fully) to have the send-off of your choice. Some providers offer a guarantee to cover the rising cost of funeral plans, effectively ‘fixing’ your funds to enable you to pay for the funeral you want at today’s prices. It’s unfortunate and difficult for relatives when they cannot afford to pay for the funeral their loved one would have wished because appropriate arrangements haven’t been made. 3. Reduce inheritance tax Lastly from a financial perspective pre-paid funeral plans could reduce inheritance tax – as the money has been invested prior to your death. Without a plan in place relatives would need to use funds from your estate, which may be subject to tax.

5 - What are the risks with a funeral plan?

As with all insurance policies of this kind, there are some cons with pre-paid funeral plans. 1. Paying upfront The first is that you are providing funds upfront which you may need elsewhere. For example, if you can’t fully cover the cost now and dip into savings, you may find that you don’t have funds to cover the cost of residential care. 2. Not all costs covered As above, you also need to remember that funeral plans won’t always cover the full cost of your funeral. Most plans don’t include funds for every aspect – for example, the procession and church service may be covered, but the cost of burial plots or cremation are left out. Extra details such as flowers may also be classed as additional items. For this reason, it’s important to carefully consider whether the plan will provide the funeral you want – and whether it’s a cost-effective option for you.

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