best chairs for the elderly

The Best Chairs For The Elderly Including Fireside Chairs, an Orthopedic Chair and Specialist Chairs For The Elderly

Many elderly people spend a lot of time sat in their chairs so it is vital that they are sat comfortably and with proper support, which is why something like an orthopaedic chair is helpful.  

When it comes to chairs for elderly people there are many available on the market, each with different features so it can be difficult to make the right choice, especially when you compare electric riser recliners with things as broad as recliner garden chairs.

However, choosing the correct chair can have huge health benefits for an elderly person. In this article we set out the best specialist chairs for the elderly on the market today.

In this article we will highlight:

  1. Chairs for the elderly
  2. Orthopaedic chairs for the elderly
  3. Armchair for elderly people
  4. The best high back chair for elderly and old people
  5. Comfortable chairs for the elderly
  6. Waterproof chairs for the elderly
  7. Chairs for elderly disabled
  8. Fireside chairs for the elderly – Alternatively you can read our detailed guide on fireside chairs.

Here is a short video that provides some guidance on buying a chair.

The Best Fireside Chairs For The Elderly

Orthopedic High Seat Chair and Fireside Chairs For The Elderly

fireside chairs for the elderly


  • Heavily padded seat cushion that provides unmatched comfort to the user making it one of the best fireside chairs for the elderly
  • A sturdy back helps to provide the best support to your back
  • It comes with an extra padded stool that can be used as a footrest
  • The seat is wide enough to accommodate plus-size adults
  • The wings are wide enough to allow for head support

high back armchairs for the elderly

Morris Living Oxford Riser Recliner

Morris Living Oxford Riser Recliner

  • A single motor helps in springing the chair into motion
  • The seat comes with a two-buttoned controller for reclining or inclining it
  • The padded headrest ensures that the user enjoys the utmost comfort
  • It costs £449.99, and the price could reduce if the user can prove they have a chronic illness

nhs chairs elderly

The Evesham Electric Recliner Chair

The Evesham Electric Recliner Chair


  • It is powered with the help of two motors
  • The foot and backrests each have different controls for a customized encounter
  • It comes equipped with a side pocket for keeping the remote
  • It comes in two boxes to ease transportation, and it is easy to install
  • Individuals weighing up to 19 stone can fit in this seat

high chair for elderly



  • The seat has a lever used in unravelling the leg rest
  • An electric switch comes as part of the deal to jump-start the massage function
  • Keep your drink in place with the help of the drink holder
  • Recline, rock or swivel to the perfect angle thanks to the latch
  • This seat comes in three colours to give you a variety to choose from

elderly chair

Armchair For Elderly

armchair for elderly


  • Top-quality materials are used in the production of this armchair for elderly people
  • Reposition yourself to a new position using the push-back mechanism
  • A 12-months warranty comes as part of the package
  • The ergonomic design is essential in ensuring the user experiences the ultimate comfort
  • The soft fabric is luxurious, and it provides a smooth finish

hospital chairs for home

Orthopedic Armchair

orthopedic armchair

  • The orthopedic armchair has extra padding that keeps you comfortable continuously
  • The legs are thick and sturdy for the utmost support
  • It is made of high-quality Herington fabric to ensure it lasts long
  • The fabric is easy to clean and is available in 7 colours
  • It has fire retardant features for safety purposes

orthopedic chairs uk

Orthopaedic Lounge Chairs

orthopaedic lounge chairs


  • The sturdy armchair for the elderly has a padded backrest and it is slightly slanted to offer the best support
  • The orthopaedic lounge chairs seat fits in well into your livingroom’s set up thanks to its modern finish
  • A warranty is provided to assure that the armchair is of the highest quality
  • The sturdy frame ensures that even the heaviest person can enjoy the benefits of this seat
  • You can choose one out of the three available shades

comfortable armchairs for the elderly

Best High Back Chair For Elderly

Here are some of the best high back chairs for the elderly that we have found.

Orthopaedic High Back Chair For Elderly

high back chair for elderly


  • You get to pick from 13 different fabric colours
  • The high back offers ample support to the back and lumbar
  • The cushion is hard and firm for the best comfort
  • The manufacturer incorporates fire safety precautions into this chair

comfortable chairs for seniors

Orthopedic Chair with a High Back

orthopedic chair

  • The high back orthopedic chair for the elderly comes with two leg height options
  • It has a high back which offers support to the back and head
  • Ample padding is availed to provide comfort
  • A smooth finish ensures you experience luxury while using this seat
  • It is available in several colours

armchairs for the elderly

Orthopedic Chairs

orthopedic chairs


  • The extra-wide sitting provision makes these orthopedic chairs suitable for plus-size individuals
  • It is available in six choice colours
  • A heavily padded cushion made of high-density foam keeps you comfortable at all times which makes these chairs with support so comfortable
  • Wings on the side help to support your head in case you doze off
  • Just screw the legs on, and you are good to go

chairs with support

CosmoLiving Recliner Arm Chair – The perfect old person chair


old person chair

  • Adjustable leg rest and back for the ultimate old person chair
  • Non-slip features ensure safety when rising up
  • A metallic frame is used to ensure the seat lasts long
  • It’s made out of faux leather, but it feels and looks like the real one
  • A high back keeps your back, and lumbar well supported

adjustable chair for elderly

Morris Living Paris Armchairs For Elderly

armchairs for elderly


  • It offers the best support thanks to the high back making it one of the best armchairs for elderly
  • The winged structure provides more support
  • The finish is done using soft fabric
  • The wooden legs hold the seat in place and offer a unique style

upright chairs for the elderly

Armchair Queen Anne Upright Chairs For The Elderly

Armchair Queen Anne Fireside Chair

  • The padding is done using high-quality foam for the ultimate comfort making it one of the best upright chairs for the elderly
  • A removable seat cushion comes as part of the deal
  • The PU leather makes the seat easy to maintain
  • A neat finish makes the chair look stunning
  • Quick to assemble with or without a manual

waterproof chairs for the elderly

A chair for elderly people


chair for elderly

  • This chair for elderly people has curved arms offer the user a relaxing encounter
  • It is equipped with fore retardant properties as required in the UK
  • The neat finish ensures product durability and a luxurious look
  • It comes with a foam-filled and detachable cushion and pillow

orthopaedic chairs elderly

Orthopaedic Chairs For The Elderly

If you are looking for orthopaedic chairs, we have highlighted some of the best below.

Wooden Orthopaedic Chairs

orthopaedic chairs

  • These orthopaedic chairs have a robust frame made of metal and hardwood supports the user
  • Breathable multi-layer mesh ensures that the seat does not smell
  • The armchair can be used as a bed or chair thanks to its recliner properties
  • The extra cushion is useful in availing support and comfort to the user
  • The seat can rotate up to 360°, and the backrest can be adjusted in different positions


high seat chairs

Living Room Bedroom Reception Armchair

Living Room Bedroom Reception Armchair


  • The suede cover is breathable, ensuring that the seat doesn’t develop a stench
  • It has a stylish appearance making it ideal for décor purposes
  • An ergonomic feature makes it the perfect seat for recuperation
  • You only have to fix the legs when it comes to assembling the chair

chair for the elderly

Chairs XUERUI Furniture Reclining 

Chairs XUERUI Furniture Reclining


  • It takes the shape of an office chair, which makes it ideal for working elders
  • The frame is made of metal making the seat strong
  • This seat is a space saver thanks to its petite nature
  • It offers quality support to individuals who sit all day long

high armchairs for the elderly

Deepdale Orthopedic Chairs For Elderly

orthopedic chairs for elderly

  • The seat is made of waterproof properties for easy maintenance
  • The seat has a generous layer of antimicrobial Medicoate Laquer for the highest hygiene standards
  • This high chair has a basic structure that allows you to move it around easily
  • The frame is made out of hardwood to provide sturdy support
  • It meets the UK standards for fire-retardant items

chair for old person

Salisbury Dual Motor Riser Recliner Arm Chair 

Salisbury Dual Motor Riser Recliner Arm Chair

  • The chair is made of a soft, breathable material that reduces sweating
  • It blends in easily with house décor thanks to its simple style
  • The remote is strategically attached to the riser chair to keep it secure
  • The backrest is ergonomically finished to provide the ultimate comfort
  • The two motors ensure that each function works independently

Best arm chair for elderly

Electric Rise Recliner Leather Armchair

Electric Rise Recliner Leather Armchair

  • The seat can recline up to an angle of 135°
  • It is equipped with an anti-tipping gear that keeps it from falling forward when rising
  • Secure your cup in place with the help of the cup-holder
  • There are two side pockets useful for securing the remote and other items
  • The backrest is heavily padded to offer support

arm chair reviews

Leather Chair For Old People

chair for old people


  • This is the perfect chair for old people.
  • It is made of brown leather for that classic finish
  • Side pouches are offered for easy location of the remote
  • This chair operates using a single motor
  • Two convenience buttons are provided on the remote to differentiate the riser and recliner functions
  • The back is triply padded to provide even more comfort
  • It comes in either brown or tan

arm chair

Chairs for Elderly Disabled

Below are the best chairs for elderly disabled people.

Yaheetech Fabric Padded Sofabed

Yaheetech Fabric Padded Sofabed



  • With the help of a latch mechanism, you can adjust the seat to 105°, 140°, or 180°
  • The chair is made of spring support for the best support
  • You can adjust it into a sofa or seat depending on what you want
  • Keep or discard the armrests to suit your preferences
  • The smooth fabric ensures you enjoy a luxurious feel every time you use the sofabed

chair for elderly

Best Chairs For Elderly

chairs for elderly


  • It is important that chairs for elderly people recline.  The good news with this chair is that the seat can recline to two preset angles
  • It has curved armrests that avail the utmost comfort
  • A roller skating mechanism allows you to move within the room effortlessly
  • The metal and hardwood frame can bear up to 120kgs
  • The default upright position keeps you supported effortlessly

Winged High Back Chair For The Disabled

Winged Leather Recliner Chair

  • The chair is equipped with two convenient drink holders
  • Keep your favourite reading material and the remote safe in the storage pockets
  • Turn the massage option on and off instantly with the help of a remote
  • Recline, rock, or swivel the seat at your convenience once you pull the leaver
  • You get to stay warm even on cold days since this chair has heating features

arm chair reviews

Leather Automatic Recliner Chair

Leather Automatic Recliner Armchair

  • A push button on the seat makes it easy to recline or rise
  • Made out of high-quality material for longevity purposes
  • It is padded all round to provide unmatched comfort
  • The company avails a 12-months warranty on the seat and its parts
  • The charger’s cable is long enough to plug from a long distance

best arm chair

A great old people chair

old people chair


  • You can position yourself in three recline positions on this old people chair
  • Padded with foam to offer you that extra comfort
  • The back and seat can be detached from each other for easy transportation and movement
  • Easily assembled with or without the help of a manual

arm chair on sale

More4Homes Chester Heated Massage Recliner

More4Homes Chester Heated Massage Recliner

  • Two motors help to put the seat into motion
  • A heated backrest keeps you warm during the cold season
  • You can relax while the chair massages your back, thighs, and calves
  • Recline the seat slightly when lounging or go all the way down if you want to nap

Best arm chair for elderly

Cocoarm Recliner Armchair

Cocoarm Recliner Armchair


  • The chair’s frame is made of metal to ensure it lasts for long
  • Four sturdy wooden legs keep your floor from staining
  • Its cover is made of linen, which means that you won’t sweat uncontrollably
  • The cover is colored in dark grey to prevent stains from showing easily
  • It’s ergonomically built to ensure total pressure relief on the lower back

Best arm chair

Armchairs For The Elderly 

The Oldbury Armchair


  • This armchair Boasts a single motor for smooth rise and fall action.
  • With just two buttons on the remote control, this model is very easy to use.
  • Fully padded for enhanced comfort and relaxation even when used all day long.

Salisbury Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair


  • Both the backrest and footrest can be fully adjusted for the perfect comfort for any user.
  • The soft textured fabric finish is very comfortable and easy to clean.
  • Designed to be very durable and comfortable even throughout many hours of use.

adjustable chairs for elderly

Adjustable Chairs For Elderly

adjustable chairs for elderly



  • This is one of the most popular adjustable chairs for elderly people
  • The single motor function enables the user to rise or recline the chair effortlessly.
  • The two button handset is designed to be very easy for even novice users to get to grips with.
  • Users who suffer from a disabling condition or chronic illness qualify for a VAT-free transaction.

high back chairs

High Back wing back leather chair

High Back wing back leather chair

  • The seat is made from PU leather making it easy to clean and maintain
  • The sleek leather finish makes the seat look stylish
  • A 20-inch seat width makes this an ideal chair for plus-sized persons
  • The sturdy frame is made out of hardwood
  • You have a variety of colours to pick from

arm chair on sale

Oyster Aster Fireside Chair

Oyster Aster Fireside Chair

  • Ergonomic triple padding provides the ultimate comfort for the user
  • The high back provides support to the lumbar and back
  • It has a weight limit of 18 stones
  • You can get it in cocoa or oyster shades

Best arm chair for elderly

Gold Wentwood Fireside Chair

Gold Wentwood Fireside Chair

  • The black wooden legs provide a contrast to the seat
  • A neat button back design creates a stunning appearance to the chair
  • It is heavily padded and winged for great comfort
  • The chair can support up to 18 stone

Cheap arm chair

Buckingham Orthopaedic High Seat Chair

Buckingham Orthopaedic High Seat Chair

  • The high back offers ample support to the back
  • This chair is made of high-quality materials that keep the spine aligned
  • The sturdy frame ensures the seat lasts long
  • It has fire-resistant properties that make it ideal for the fireside
  • An antimicrobial coating ensures that infections do not breed and spread to the user

Best arm chair

Orthopedic High Seat Chair

Orthopedic High Seat Chair

  • The 21-inch seat is made of high-grade foam
  • It has a seating space of about 17 inches
  • Sturdy wooden legs support the chair
  • It has fire retardant properties that make it safe to use by the fireside
  • It has an optional seat sofa and footstool

arm chair reviews

Fireside High Back Armchair

Fireside High Back Armchair

  • The high back fireside chair provides unmatched comfort to the back
  • A blend of leather and checked fabric offer a unique touch to the seat
  • It can be found in up to five other colours
  • It is safe to use by the fire

best arm chair for elderly

Specialist Chairs For The Elderly

specialist chairs for the elderly


  • These are specialist chairs for the elderly
  • The seat reclines quickly with the help of a push back mechanism
  • It has a heavily padded high back for the best comfort
  • The seat is offered in a variety of shades
  • You only have to assemble the legs, and it is ready to use

best arm chair for elderly

How can a chair make a difference to a person’s health?

A good chair can is important when looking for comfortable armchairs for the elderly

Posture is important as we get older because our muscles weaken and get tired more easily, causing us to lean on one side or slouch down.  Poor posture also causes other health issues such as urinary tract infections and the development of lung and chest infections and pressure sores.
The correct chair and positioning can help improve posture which then has the added bonus of reducing other negative health issues.

8 tips when buying a chair for an old person

1. Comfort.

This may seem like a really obvious thing to say but if your chair for old age isn’t comfortable then everything else doesn’t really matter.   You have to make sure that you are able to sit in the chair comfortably and perhaps for long periods of time.

Read reviews of how others that have bought your chair have found its comfort levels.

2.  Adjustable Chairs For Elderly Features

As your care needs change it could also be useful to have a chair that can change with you.  This reduces the expense of having to buy a new chair every time there is a change in a person’s health needs.

Examples of things that you might look for when buying a chair include getting one with an adjustable seat width.  This is useful if the elderly person using the chair experiences weight loss or gain.

3.  Wheels

This might not be an obvious thing to think about, but it would be useful to have a riser recliner chair with wheels.   This is that family members or carers can easily move the elderly person around the house.  This is particularly useful if the person who the chair is for has mobility issues.

4. Pressure Management as Standard

Pressure management is designed to help those that are likely to sit in a chair for a long period of time.    Having a system like this will reduce the possibility fo somebody developing bed sores.  Not managing pressure properly can lead to serious health consequences for the person using the chair. This is important if you have been in hospital and are looking for a hospital chair that gives you that comfort.

5. Head Support

Where an elderly person has poor head stability and control then providing additional support is vital.  This can often be provided one of two ways.  Firstly through a head pillow or secondly, it can be built in to the chair.

This helps provide comfort to the head as well as supporting the neck and spine.  By not having good head control the person using the chair could find that they have trouble breathing.

6. Lateral Support

This type of support helps the person maintain a mid-line posture.   In particular this will help elderly people who have weakening muscles and who may find it difficult to help push their bodies forward.   In addition, it can also help with breathing and swallowing.

7. Foot Rest

Did you know that almost 20% of our body weight goes through our foot.  Therefore, if the person using the chair has some mobility issues then a foot rest may be useful to have on the chair.   This is because it will help them maintain stability and manage pressure throughout their body.

8. Easily Cleaned

This may seem a really obvious thing to say, but the chair should be easy to clean.  Apart from just making the chair more comfortable it will help with ensuring you are able to guard against infections.

How to use specialist chairs for the elderly

Summary of the page

What are the benefits of a chair for the elderly?

The main benefit is that they are designed to help people sit and relax comfortably in the chair, particularly those that may have back or muscular issues. Many electric chairs will also help the user get up and out of the chair with ease.

How much do chairs for the elderly typically cost?

The cost of the chair will often depend on the material and features that it has. For example, electric chairs with a motor will often cost more than a fireside chair. We have found a range of chairs which you can see on our site. These will range from £100 up to £800.

What are the different types of chairs?

There are lots of different types of chairs that you can use. The most popular types are fireside chairs, orthopaedic chairs, high back chairs and recliner chairs. These all have their advantages which you can read about.

Where can I find a suitable chair?

You can buy chairs online or in physical shops. Have a look at our site as we have identified what we think the best chairs are that you can buy online.

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