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The 7 best chairs for the elderly in 2019

Many elderly people spend a lot of time sat in their chairs so it is vital that they are sat comfortably and with proper support.   There are many chairs for the elderly available on the market, each with different features so it can be difficult to make the right choice.

However, choosing the correct chair can have huge health benefits for an elderly person. In this article we set out the best 10 chairs on the market today.

How can a chair make a difference to a person’s health?

Here is a useful video that explains the importance of a good chair.

Posture is important as we get older because our muscles weaken and get tired more easily, causing us to lean on one side or slouch down.  Poor posture also causes other health issues such as urinary tract infections and the development of lung and chest infections and pressure sores.
The correct chair and positioning can help improve posture which then has the added bonus of reducing other negative health issues.

8 tips to look out for buying a chair for the elderly

1. Comfort
2. Head support
3. Lateral support
4. Wheels
5. Pressure management
6. Footrest
8. Easily cleaned

The best chairs for the elderly

The best chair – The Deepdale High Seat Chair

The Deepdale high seat chair is a classic, comfortable chair at an affordable price.  It features clean visual lines and is strong and stable, making it a great choice for the elderly or those who require more back and hip support.  It is compact so is a suitable choice where space is limited.

It comes with a soft, removable seat cushion and features wooden arms with an arm extension to provide extra support when getting up from the chair.

The chair has been upholstered to Crib 5 in antimicrobial, waterproof AMBLA Vinyls and Panaz waterproof fabrics.  The chair is made in the UK to a high standard and can be adapted if required.


✔ compact size

✔ wipe clean

✔ can be adapted


no padded back

UK Care Guide value for money rating


2. Rome High Back Orthopedic Chair

The Rome high back orthopedic chair is crafted in a stunning high back Queen Anne style and will add a touch of elegance to your room.  It has a classic button style back design with traditional wooden armrests and legs. The wooden armrests can also be used to provide additional support when getting out of the chair.  

The high back design provides both comfort and support for the head and neck.  It features a soft foam cushion to provide a comfortable and supportive sitting experience.

The chair  comes in a choice of colours – a classic beige or a warm, luxurious pomegranate and is upholstered in a high quality soft touch fabric.  

The chair is also available with two leg height options for additional ease of use.


✔ classic style

✔ soft and comfortable

✔ can be adapted



can’t be wipe cleaned


UK Care Guide Value for Money Rating

3.Eaton Manual Recliner Chair

The Eaton Manual recliner armchair comes in a stunning design offering the highest standards of comfort and support.  The chair provides strength, durability and superior comfort with its high quality recliner mechanism.

As it is a manual chair it does not need to be placed near an electric socket and is very simple to use, making it a good choice for the elderly and those who suffer with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other forms of memory loss.  

The manual recline feature is activated by using the bodyweight to lean back on the chair whilst pushing forward on the armrests.  The footrest will rise in unison with the back reclining.

To return to the upright position, the footrest is simply pushed down with the legs and at the same time the back of the recliner will return to its original position.

The chair is comfortably padded offering the highest level of comfort and lumbar support.  It is upholstered in a fully fire retardant high quality checkered fabric which meets UK safety regulations.  For added peace of mind it comes with a 12 month warranty.


The chair is also easy to assemble.


✔ recliner option

✔ doesn’t require electricity

✔ fire retardant material


❌ requires upper arm strength to activate the recline feature

requires assembling

UK Care Guide Value for Money Rating


4.Hainworth Electric Recliner chair

The Hainworth Electric Recliner Chair comes equipped with a heat and massage function as standard for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.  

It features an electric recline function with a very quiet motor. It is simple to use with the push of a button which is conveniently situated on the right hand side of the chair.  The footrest also rises up when the chair back is reclined. With the added feature of the padded cushioning this makes it ideal for short naps.

An outstanding feature is the 8 point vibration massage which offers a relaxing experience to massage away any aches and pains.  There are 2 points on the upper back/shoulder area, 2 on the lumbar, 2 on the seat, and 2 on the leg.

The massager is easy to use and controlled by a separate handset which can be stored in the side pocket.

Additionally the seat also heats up to provide cosy warmth in the winter months.

The chair is available in a choice of 3 classic colours – fabric cream or brown, or a black bonded leather.  

Assembly is simple, with the chair being delivered in 2 parts that need to be fitted together.


✔ recliner option

✔ massage and heat function

✔ padded backrest and arms


❌ requires room behind the chair to use the recline function

requires assembling

UK Care Guide Value for Money Rating

5. Chiltern Orthopaedic High Back Chair

The Chiltern high back chair is a beautifully elegant chair offering superb orthopaedic support.  It is available in a choice of 3 stunning colours – terracotta, beige and green. The chair is upholstered in a soft, traditional style fabric with a subtle pattern detail, allowing it to match all room decors.  

It has a classic winged design making it in elegant choice for any room.

Its high back offers both firm support and comfort especially to those who suffer with back problems. It has a firm but comfortable seat cushion.  All in all, the Chiltern is a solid, sturdy chair that is also incredibly comfortable.


✔ orthopaedic support

✔ firm and comfortable cushions


requires some assembling as chair legs need to be attached

UK Care Guide Value for Money Rating

6. Homecraft Bedroom Commode Chair

The Homecraft Bedroom Commode chair has been cleverly designed to look like a standard bedroom chair.  However, the seat can be discreetly lifted away and used as a commode offering the user dignity and privacy.

The beautifully designed commode chair is upholstered in a woven, wipe clean fabric making it an attractive and practical choice.  Its classic colour fits in with any room decor, and its compact size makes it unobtrusive. It offers a high level of hygiene as it can be easily wipe cleaned.  

The commode has a moulded plastic seat which is ergonomically shaped for comfort. For ease of use, the pan can be easily removed with a lid and folding handles.

The commode chair can also be used as a comfortable chair due to its vinyl covered foam seat pad.  

Homecraft Bedroom Commode Chair


✔ looks like a standard chair

✔ hygienic, wipe clean fabric

✔ easy to use


May be uncomfortable for larger users

UK Care Guide Value for Money Rating

7. Tucson Electric Riser and Recliner mobility chair

The Tucson is a single motor rise and recline armchair with an incredibly smooth and quiet motor action .  This means when the back reclines, the footrest rises with it.

The chair is ideal for those who require help when sitting down or getting up as it has a rise function that raises the chair to an almost standing position. It also reclines so that you can relax back into a comfortable position.

The chair has a simple two button wired control which is easy enough to be used by everyone, including those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia.   It also has the extremely useful added benefit of a USB socket in the end to charge devices and tablets.

For added peace of mind it includes an industry first wireless remote control.  This can be worn around the neck, making it a safe and convenient choice for the elderly or disabled users who may drop or not be able to locate the wired handset.

The chair is upholstered in a hard-wearing, soft and attractive cream fabric.  It has a pillow back design offering both comfort and support. Additionally, the chair also includes side pockets providing  additional storage for the control and other items.


✔ rise and recline option

✔ wireless remote control

✔ USB socket

✔ comfortable, pillow back


❌ requires room behind the chair to use the recline function

requires assembling

UK Care Guide Value for Money Rating

8 tips when buying a chair for the elderly

1. Comfort.

This may seem like a really obvious thing to say but if your chair isn’t comfortable then everything else doesn;t really matter.   You have to make sure that you are able to sit in the chair comfortably and perhaps for long periods of time.   Read reviews of how others that have bought your chair have found its comfort levels.

2.  Adjustable features

As your care needs change it could also be useful to have a chair that can change with you.  This reduces the expense of having to buy a new chair every time there is a change in the person’s health needs.  Examples of things that you might look for when buying a chair include getting one with an adjustable seat width.  This is useful if the elderly person using the chair experiences weight loss or gain.

3.  Wheels.

This might not be an obvious thing to think about, but it would be useful to have a chair with wheels.   This is that family members or carers can easily move the elderly person around the house.  This is particularly useful if the person who the chair is for has mobility issues.

4. Pressure Management as Standard.  

Pressure management is designed to help those that are likely to sit in a chair for a long period of time.    Having a system like this will reduce the possibility fo somebody developing bed sores.  Not managing pressure properly can lead to serious health consequences for the person using the chair.

5. Head Support.

Where an elderly person has poor head stability and control then providing additional support is vital.  THis can often be provided one of two ways.  Firstly through a head pillow or secondly, it can be built in to the chair.   This helps provide comfort to the head as well as supporting the neck and spine.  By not having good head control the person using the chair could find that they have trouble breathing.

6. Lateral Support.

This type of support helps the person maintain a mid-line posture.   In particular this will help elderly people who have weakening muscles and who may find it difficult to help push their bodies forward.   In addition, it can also help with breathing and swallowing.

7. Foot Rest.

Did you know that almost 20% of our body weight goes through our foot.  Therefore, if the person using the chair has some mobility issues then a foot rest may be useful to have on the chair.   This is because it will help them maintain stability and manage pressure throughout their body.

8. Easily Cleaned.

This may seem a really obvious thing to say, but the chair should be easy to clean.  Apart from just making the chair more comfortable it will help with ensuring you are able to guard against infections.


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