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Direct Cremation in the UK

A direct cremation is the process by which a body is disposed of after death, without including a formal funeral service. It is the most economical method of body disposition as the many costs related to formal funerals, like the pre-funeral events, are avoided.

How does Direct Cremation Work?

Direct cremation does not require many activities as the body is cremated immediately after death.

When you want to carry out direct cremation, you may engage the services of a crematory without using a funeral home, and this helps you save some money which could be used in funeral homes.

Direct cremation can help you save money in the following ways:

a) All costs related to the purchase of an expensive casket are minimised as the body is usually cremated using the simple and less costly container.

b) Charges related to body preparations such as embalming in preparation for viewing, visitation or wake before cremation are eliminated.

c) Memorial services which involve so many expenses such as transfers, funeral arrangements, hosting of people, among many others, may be held at a later date, thus minimising costs.

When a memorial service is conducted before the cremation, then that is no longer a direct cremation but rather a “traditional “cremation.

How is a Direct Cremation Arranged?

During direct cremation, almost 90% of the activities involved are handled by the staff at the crematory. They help in body transfer and also complete the death certificate. You only need to pay a nominal fee and crematory charges which are much lower compared to what is charged at the funeral homes.

However, you may also arrange with a funeral home for direct cremation. They will offer you transfer services and also complete the death certificate. With funeral homes, you will have to pay the necessary charges for the services provided, and this may be a bit expensive.

Here is a short video that explains the cremation process.

Direct Cremation Costs

The average cost of a cremation funeral in the UK is about £2,963.Different companies in the UK offer different packages for direct cremation, but you should always ensure that the company you choose has the best price and doesn’t compromise on dignity and professionalism.

A direct cremation is the most affordable method of body disposition, as most expenses are avoided. If you decide to use a funeral home instead, you will have to incur extra costs such as a casket, preparing the body, funeral services and transfer services which are not there with direct cremation.

Besides, there are some funeral homes that lower the costs related to direct cremation by reducing their mandatory charges for the services they offer. To save a significant amount of money, you should enquire from different funeral homes to find one with reasonable and affordable direct cremation basic service.

If you are planning to dispose of the cremated remains in a cemetery, you should also consider all costs such as the cemetery, the plot or even the grave.

Leading Direct Cremation Providers in the UK

The following is a list of the leading UK providers, their prices and the services they offer:


Simplicity provides a satisfaction guarantee for all the services provided in their three plans. This company is more convenient and reliable because it operates 24/7, meaning the collection of the body can take place at any time of the day or night.

t is also flexible since families are allowed to attend the cremation ceremony. They offer their services in all parts of the UK. Their services are affordable as they charge £1,155, which is not inclusive of doctors’ fees.

Golden Charter

Golden Charter Company has good coverage, and local funeral directors, but their prices are a bit high. Their collection services are restricted since they operate within working hours.

It, therefore, means that if the collection is done past their working hours and the distance is more than 15-miles, then the families will have to pay more money. Also, it becomes more expensive since there is an allowance of £396 for cremation fees and doctor’s fees. They charge a maximum of £1,543 for the cremation.

Golden Leaves

Golden Leaves also offers expensive plans and have restrictions related to the collection since it happens in hospital or hospice. The collection is done within restricted time, which is working hours only.

Additional charges may be incurred if the collection is needed outside the stipulated working hours or if someone dies at home. They ask for £665, which is an allowance for cremation, but it is not inclusive of the doctor’s fees. If you want the ashes returned, you will have to incur an extra charge. Golden Leaves charges £1,459 as a service fee.


Dignity is among the most trusted funeral service providers, and they offer prepaid funeral plans. If you choose Dignity for direct cremation and you select the prepaid funeral plan, they will come up with the funeral program and also cater for the crematorium fee and minister’s fee. They charge £965 for their services.


Co-op cremation provider in the UK is way cheaper than the other companies providing direct cremation services. They charge £1,104 which will cover services such as collecting your loved ones past working hours, whether at home or in a nursing home.

They also charge a doctor’s fees, which is refundable in case it was never used. Additionally, they offer transfer services of the body to the funeral home.

Cheap Direct Cremation

Most people across the UK have opted to go for cheap Direct Cremation to avoid all the fuss related to a traditional funeral service. If you are considering direct cremation, you should research companies which offer cheap, high-quality, and simple cremations.

Why People Choose A Cheap Direct Cremation

The following are the reasons which make people choose direct cremation over traditional funeral service:

 In the UK, people are opting to do away with the regular funeral service as they tend to be so costly. Direct cremation costs are reasonably low.

 Most people view traditional funeral service as outdated and therefore don’t like the idea.

 People prefer spending the money on other things such as parties or giving to families rather than spending it on the funeral. The money spent on funerals can be used to better the financial state of the family, and this is important if the deceased was the main provider.

 Some families have internal disputes and, therefore, organising funerals becomes a big challenge.

Prepaid Funeral Plans

Prepaid funeral plans are the best as they enable you to foot your funeral bills in advance. This scheme is highly advisable because it helps you protect your family from the increased funeral costs, which may occur in future.

These plans also give you the chance to offer views on how the funeral will be carried out according to your wishes. When making these plans, you can opt for the prepaid direct cremation, but it is not a must. A prepaid direct cremation can be paid monthly or in a lump sum.

When making arrangements for the simple cremations, it is crucial to understand what is typically omitted in the plan. Some of the things not included in the plan are the doctor’s fee, embalming, memorial and flowers, and viewing of the deceased.

Why Choose a Prepaid Funeral Plan

  • You can air your views on how you want your monthly prepaid funeral to be arranged.
  • Even if you save money in your savings account, it is not guaranteed that it will be enough to cover your funeral expenses in future.
  • A prepaid funeral plan can reduce the hassles associated with stressful arrangements or financial strains experienced with arranging a funeral.

Direct Cremation Cost

On average, the service will cost you £1,355, which is exclusive of funeral service, a procession or the provision of a hearse or limousines.The direct cremation cost is relatively low in the UK and is the most affordable body disposition method. Currently, it is almost 70% less than the average cost of cremation.

Simple Cremation

With simple cremation, the funeral ceremony and cremation are carried out separately. A simple cremation gives you the chance to keep the ashes which means you are at liberty to hold a funeral, memorial or celebration of life anywhere, anytime you want and at any place that you desire.

A simple cremation gives the freedom to carry out a memorial service even after several months or even during summer time.

Cremation Without a Funeral

Cremation without a funeral is for those who wouldn’t like the fuss associated with holding funeral ceremonies. It is just a simple choice of a funeral not conducted like the traditional funeral as there is no funeral service, and people are absent during cremation. It is convenient for those people who, for various reasons, prefer no funeral just cremation.

Nowadays, many people do prefer the no funeral just cremation arrangement as they save on money. The number of cremation has increased significantly since 2015, and that means this option is growing in popularity.

Direct Cremation in Scotland

Direct cremation in Scotland has become more popular since it is the most straightforward and most affordable option available to them. When you perform direct cremation, it gets rid of a big part of the total expenses associated with a traditional funeral.

Low-cost Funeral Ltd is one of the leading funeral service providers which offers direct cremation in Scotland and its environs. Most bereaved families in Scotland are opting to use direct cremation, and the service is becoming more accessible every day.

Direct Cremation Plans

Direct cremation plans are becoming popular every day as they are being embraced by people who would want their wishes known, thus reducing the cremation costs. Direct cremation plans help to prepare and arrange a dignified and professional cremation while avoiding funeral ceremonies and processions.

What does the Law Say About Funerals?

Do you have to have a funeral by law? Well, some people think it is illegal to have no funeral. The law says you must conduct a funeral when disposing of a body.

However, the law requires a mandatory disposition of the body of the person who has died either by burial, cremation or any other legal means.

Also, the law doesn’t guarantee the provision of sympathy or bereavement leave in the UK. If you are employed, you can request your employer for a bereavement leave or check whether you are entitled to one in your contract.

The following are the options available for the disposition of bodies:

Traditional Funeral

In the UK, a higher percentage of people avoid traditional funerals as they have many legal requirements.

Direct Cremation

Some people prefer this method of body disposal as it allows separation of body disposal and the funeral service. The process is convenient as it is cheaper.

Natural Burial

This kind of burial takes place at a more natural environment or a woodland burial site. It allows flexibility to the family members as they can visit the place at any given time. Most of these places offer a serene environment with a peaceful location.

DIY Funeral

The law does not say that you must have a funeral director during funeral services. You may decide to carry out all the arrangements like transportation and arranging for cremation all alone without involving the funeral director.

Do you have to have a funeral by law?

As I explained above, it is not a legal requirement.

Funeral Planning Authority

The Funeral Planning Authority is an organisation that was set in the UK to regulate funeral providers in the country.

Funeral Planning Authority acts as a watchdog to ensure that service providers are operating within the required business ethics. The body ensures that customers are getting the services they have paid for at the right time.


Direct cremation is the best and simplest way of body disposal as it is less expensive, not time-consuming, and has few legal requirements compared to other methods of body disposition.