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For people who need extra support and safety during their bathing routines, bath boards are crucial. 

This includes people who may find it challenging to maintain balance while stepping into or out of a bathtub. For instance, the elderly, people with mobility issues, and people recovering from illnesses or surgeries. 

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Therefore, these products provide a valuable means of reducing the possibility of slipping or falling, guaranteeing the user’s security and fostering their independence while engaging in personal care activities.

Rather than solely for safety, bath boards can be used for other purposes. They can also offer a safe and cosy platform for users to sit on, enhancing their bathing experience. This is a specific benefit for those who find standing for extended periods especially challenging or uncomfortable. 

Most bath boards also have slots for holding personal care items, handle grips, adjustable widths to fit different bathtub sizes, and other valuable features.

This review article has evaluated a few of the best bath boards on the current market. Our analysis considers various variables such as quality, robustness, usability, and cost-effectiveness. 

The manufacturers of the panels we’ve chosen for this review are well-known and reputable, with many UK customers reporting that they met or surpassed their expectations with these products. 

We aim to give you accurate information, allowing you to confidently choose a the bath board for your unique requirements.

The Best Rated

Days Moulded Bath Board Seat

  1. A sturdy slatted bath board seat is a daily safety aid in the bathroom.
  2. The board’s dimensions can be changed to fit different bathtub widths.
  3. Lightweight plastic that has been moulded makes it simple to transport or store.
  4. Holes for water drainage and a dish for storing soap built right in.
  5. Comes with a handle to help users with difficulty moving around.
  6. Ideal bathing aid for people who are elderly, disabled, or have mobility issues. 

The Best Value

White NRS Bath Board For Tub

  1. Increases bathing enjoyment with a practical board seat
  2. Ideal living aid for people with mobility issues
  3. Enables simple entry and exit from the bath
  4. It is designed with slats for quick water drainage.
  5. Features non-slip brackets for increased security.
  6. Fitted with rubber pads to ensure a stable dashboard placement.   

The Best Of The Rest

Savanah Bath Board: Handicap Accessible

  1. The stainless steel and reinforced plastic used in the Savanah Slatted Bath Board’s construction guarantees a lifetime free of rust.
  2. The bathboard is 686 mm long and 232 mm deep, and it can support a user weight of up to 190 kg.
  3. The bathroom accessory has rubber buffers and a serrated face to aid in stable and secure placement on its mounting brackets.
  4. The Medina Bath Board supports bariatric, elderly, and disabled people in increasing their independence.
  5. The bathboard seat offers a stable surface for sitting or holding objects while bathing, supporting people with limited mobility.
  6. This bath board is a multipurpose living aid that integrates easily with your bathing supplies for improved comfort and safety.   

Savanah Slatted Bath Board For Elderly People

  1. This bath board for elderly people offers durability and rust resistance are ensured by the use of stainless steel and reinforced plastic in the construction.
  2. With 232mm of depth and 660mm of length, it can support up to 190kg of weight.
  3. Serrated face and rubber buffers are included for stable placement.
  4. Increases the independence of people who are overweight, old, disabled, or otherwise handicapped.
  5. Support people with limited mobility by allowing them to sit or place objects.
  6. A practical aid for daily living comparable to shower stools and recliner chairs.   

Surefoot Adjustable Bath Board For Disabled People

  1. This bath board for disabled people enables independent washing, which is perfect for people who can’t fully enter baths.
  2. Most UK baths can be accommodated by adjusting the width; corner baths are unsuitable.
  3. No tools are needed for assembly or installation, ensuring safe bathing.
  4. Strong and cosy, with a 200kg maximum weight capacity.
  5. Suitable for those who need help with mobility but not for those who require seated support.
  6. Incorporates shower chairs and stools, an essential living aid.   

Sturdy Savanah Bath Boards for Elderly People

  1. Stainless steel and reinforced plastic were used in the construction to ensure rust and corrosion resistance. 
  2. Its angled design, 232mm deep by 711mm long, supports a user weight limit of 190kg. 
  3. These bath boards for elderly people offer quick-draining panels and serrated brackets with rubber buffers secure the board. 
  4. Rubber pads under the slats are included for added safety to prevent slipping on the bath rim.
  5. A fantastic living aid, beneficial for the elderly or the disabled. 
  6. It supports people with limited mobility and can be used as a bath chair or a surface to hold items while bathing.

PEPE's Comprehensive Bath Board Mobility Aid

  1. This bath board mobility aid ensures that elderly or people with mobility issues have a comfortable and secure level of hygiene.
  2. Stability is provided by four adjustable, non-slip legs that fit almost all bathtubs.
  3. A simple handle design lowers the chance of falls and slips.
  4. The polypropylene construction is both lightweight and robust, ensuring simple cleaning and removal.
  5. Has numerous holes for good water drainage.
  6. Suitable for the elderly, pregnant women, and people recovering from injuries.  

NRS Nuvo 76cm Bath Boards For Disabled People

  1. The Nuvo Slatted Bath Board guarantees a sturdy and comfortable bathing experience. swivel brackets are easily adaptable to different bath shapes.
  2. Excellent grips help the board to be positioned securely, enhancing safety.
  3. The bath boards for disabled people offer smooth surface makes easy transfers possible, increasing user convenience.
  4. The thin slat design encourages effective drainage and guarantees dryness.
  5. It is a great substitute for wall-mounted shower seats as a living aid.   

Comprehensive Elderly Bathing Aid Kit and Padded Bath Board

  1. Complete the bathroom set with a long-handled exfoliating bath sponge and a padded bath board.
  2. A dashboard that is easily adjustable fits internal bath widths of 16′′/40cm to 25′′/63cm without the use of tools.
  3. A bathboard that is non-slip and has a safety handle can support up to 200 kg.
  4. A sponge with two sides for gentle washing and exfoliation is excellent for removing dry skin.
  5. The handle of the shower sponge is adjustable in cold water and bendable in hot water.
  6. A long-handled sponge with a rubberized grip is practical for people who have trouble using their hands deftly.

NRS 711mm Bath Board Mobility Aid

  1. This Bath Board Mobility Aid offers the best living aid for seated showering
  2. Ideal for people who can’t stand for a long time
  3. Makes taking a shower more relaxing.
  4. Quick water drainage is ensured by the slatted design.
  5. Enables bath seats for over-bath showering
  6. Rubber pads and non-slip brackets provide security.   

Kingfisher Bath Kit Assistance

  1. A complete bathroom set includes a long-handled toe-and-foot bath sponge and a Kingfisher bathboard.
  2. Simple assembly and installation; adjustable to fit bath widths between 40 and 60 cm.
  3. Slip-resistant design that is sturdy, comfortable, and has a safety handle for added security.
  4. A convenient foot sponge that makes washing your feet and toes simple without straining.
  5. A thorough cleaning is possible without reaching forward with the 65 cm long bendable shower sponge.
  6. A hanging loop and rubberized handle provide a firm grip and convenient storage.  

Savanah Bathroom Boards: Comfort-Stability

  1. Rust and corrosion are prevented by the stainless steel and reinforced plastic construction.
  2. These bathroom boards have dimensions of 232mm in depth by 762mm in length and can support 190kg of user weight.
  3. Comes with rubber buffers and brackets with a serrated face for secure mounting.
  4. Rubber underlayments under the slats add extra stability and prevent slipping on the bath rim.
  5. Ideal living aid that improves bathing independence for people who are elderly or disabled.
  6. Provides a surface for bathing necessities and is practical for people with limited mobility.   

Premium Bamboo Duckboard, 50x33cm

  1. This bath mat offers a stable, comfortable showering experience by shielding feet from chilly floors.
  2. With its natural colour, the high-end wooden mat improves the bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.
  3. Safety and comfort are guaranteed by the mat’s anti-slip design, which is strengthened by three support battens and new anti-slip pads.
  4. The bathroom mat doesn’t need to be assembled and has rubber non-slip feet to guard against floor scratches.
  5. This 50 x 33 cm mat makes it perfect for use after a bath or shower.
  6. For simplicity and convenience, A living aid can be used with wall-mounted shower seats or a slatted shower board.   

Rectangular Anti-Slip Bathroom Boards

  1. The thoughtfully crafted bathroom boards design prevents water buildup while ensuring functionality, comfort, and style.
  2. Thanks to anti-slip pads, This bath mat ensures stability and safety even with wet feet.
  3. This item is the perfect living aid, enabling a safe exit from showers and baths.
  4. This mat promises longevity and toughness because it is made from sustainably harvested natural paulownia wood.
  5. The wood is protected from water damage and given a smooth, lacquered finish to improve aesthetics.
  6. This mat in your bathroom seamlessly combines style, safety, and sustainability and makes any visitor feel welcome.   

Almineez Oval Bamboo Duckboard

  1. Reduces the risk of slipping by ensuring a safe exit from the shower or bath.
  2. Anti-slip pads give users a stable platform and increase user safety.
  3. Made of robust, long-lasting paulownia wood, which is sustainably harvested.
  4. Perfect for any bathroom, with a smooth, water-resistant lacquered finish.
  5. The grooved design prevents slick puddles by allowing water to fall beneath.
  6. With dimensions of 60x37x3.50 cm, this item fits comfortably in most bathroom spaces.   

Understanding Different Types of Bath Boards

The shower board is a popular choice, offering a stable platform across the bathtub which allows users to sit comfortably while showering. Similarly, a bath panel, typically made of durable material, provides functionality and aesthetic appeal. Slatted bath boards, such as the Savanah and Nuvo slatted bath boards, are preferred for their quick drainage features. For those who find it difficult to stand for long periods, it may be necessary to purchase a bath seat or shower seat, as well as a bath board to sit on. 

Some models, like the Medina plastic bath board and Cosby bath board, already include a centre in their design. Shower stools are a more compact option which provide similar advantages. They can also be moved and adjusted to the user’s convenience.

The Role of Bathing Aids in Everyday Life

Bathing aids, such as bath tub boards, shower chairs and bath lifts, ensure safety and comfort during bathing routines. They offer accommodation to people with mobility issues, the elderly, and people who are recovering from accidents or surgeries. 

Bath steps, for example, can help people to enter and exit the bathtub quickly. Alternatively, bath lifts allow users to lower and raise themselves in the bathtub, allowing for further independence.

Wheelchair accessories, medication aids, and dressing aids also improve the quality of life for those with mobility challenges. 

For those seeking additional comfort, foot comfort products and specialist seating options can be a worthwhile investment. Although not directly related to bed mobility, items like bed pans and wall-mounted shower seats can vastly ease daily activities for those with mobility issues.

Features to Look for When Buying Bath Boards

A dashboard should fit snugly onto your standard bath to ensure stability and safety. Adjustable widths are also standard in many models, able to accommodate different bath sizes. Examples of these features include Savanah slatted bath boards and Nuvo slatted bath boards. 

Next, look for a board with a non-slip surface. To prevent slipping, some bath boards incorporate rubber pads or buffers on the underside.

When finding the best bath board for you, it is important to consider the board’s material. Whilst most are made of plastic for easy cleaning and durability, wooden bath boards, such as the Gordon Ellis bath board, work to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. 

Additional features include a handle grip, enhancing stability when moving on or off the board. Furthermore, bath boards also offer slots for holding personal care items and the presence of a seat for increased comfort.

VAT Relief and the Purchase of Bath Boards

Although investing in bathing aids and other household aids may come with extra expenses, VAT relief is available in the UK on various products designed for people with disabilities or long-term illnesses. 

This includes bathing aids like bath boards, shower seats, and bath lifts. To qualify for VAT relief, the person must be chronically ill or disabled.

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