Bath Steps | December 2023

For people with mobility issues, the elderly, or those recovering from surgery, bath steps are essential. With these products, users can safely enter and exit the bathtub without help, increasing independence and lowering the risk of slips and falls. 

They securely support the user’s weight while withstanding the moist bathroom environment. These stairs typically have feet and anti-slip surfaces for added safety, and their height is frequently adjustable to meet individual needs.

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Bath steps are helpful for people who are shorter or have physical limitations in addition to the demographics above. Because of their adaptability, they can be used in other rooms of the house where an extra step is required.

Due to their advantages, bath steps are now a standard fixture in many UK homes. They are crucial in ensuring that users have a high quality of life because of the safety and independence they offer.

We have examined some of the top bath steps on the UK market to give readers accurate and trustworthy information. 

Our thorough analysis aims to help potential buyers make an informed choice by considering elements like robustness, safety features, usability, and adaptability. Our review will aid your search for the best bath steps for your needs.  

The Best Rated

Wistows Bath bath steps for elderly people

  1. Dependable bath step, ensuring a secure bath-to-shower transition.
  2. These bath steps for elderly people offer a non-slip platform that increases user comfort.
  3. A sizable cushioned platform with a non-slip surface.
  4. For user convenience, the design is stackable and height-adjustable.
  5. Portable for use while travelling or at home.
  6. A sizable stepping platform that can support up to 190 kg.   

The Best Value

White Aidapt bath steps for disabled people

  1. A stable, non-slip platform guarantees user safety.
  2. Ideal for users who are frail or have limited mobility.
  3. These bath steps for disabled people are tough and hygienic with a surface that is simple to clean.
  4. Up to 120 kg, offering comfort and dependability.
  5. Convenient to store and transport easily.
  6. Adaptable mobility aid from reputable manufacturer Aidapt.   

The Best Of The Rest

Anti-Slip shower step for elderly People

  1. This shower step for elderly people aids with exiting and entering the bath safely
  2. Built from rust-free, weatherproof materials
  3. Provides a sizable, sturdy, traction-resistant platform.
  4. Support loads up to 200 kg.
  5. Wiith measurements of 49.5 cm wide, 10 cm high, and 40 cm deep
  6. It is a helpful add-on step for shower chairs and bathing supplies. 

NRS M11077 Nuvo Adjustable shower steps

  1. The NRS Healthcare M11077 Nuvo shower steps offer a height-adjustable solution for secure bath access.
  2. Three separate adjustable bath steps are included in this purchase.
  3. The step has exceptional slip resistance, so you will be safe even when your feet are wet.
  4. Its design makes cleaning simple and allows for easy portability.
  5. It is impressive, With a maximum user weight capacity of 317kg.
  6. Although it’s not a shower chair, it improves bathing procedure safety.   

Non-Slip Safety bath steps with handrail

  1. Platform dimensions are L36xW44xH25.5cm, which is ideal.
  2. Includes a handrail that is 90 cm high for added stability.
  3. Featuring non-slip feet for stability.
  4. These bath steps with handrail offer one step to help in reaching.
  5. Perfect for anyone who requires assistance with mobility.
  6. A valuable aid for people with disabilities.   

Mobility Aid shower steps for elderly People

  1. Enhances disabled people’s access to the doorstep.
  2. Made of hard, long-lasting plastic for longevity.
  3. Weight up to 135 kg is supported by the non-slip surface.
  4. Halve the height of the threshold for ease.
  5. Sturdy material that is UV and water-resistant.
  6. It is appropriate for outdoor use and always available.   

Anti-slip 10cm Bathroom Step

  1. 10 cm high platform available for easier access to the shower
  2. This bathroom step improves safety with a slip-resistant feature
  3. Useful for the entire house
  4. The item is 50 cm long, 40 cm wide, and 10 cm high.
  5. Rubberized non-slip feet for a stable installation
  6. Up to 190 kg in maximum user weight  

Elevated Safety bath step for elderly people

  1. This bath step for elderly people ensures a secure bathtub entrance and exit, perfect for both young children and seniors.
  2. Rubber-textured, large platform that improves stability and security.
  3. Adds 4″ height and has non-slip feet for stability.
  4. Safety for users is ensured by the broad base, which prevents tipping.
  5. Made of a sturdy material, able to support up to 400 pounds.
  6. Offers a 60-day unconditional guarantee to give customers peace of mind.   

Sturdy Non-Slip bath step with handle

  1. A new non-slip surface makes bathing safer.
  2. This bath step with handle gives robust access to high shelves and lightbulbs.
  3. A lightweight design ensures simple movement between rooms.
  4. The wide-legged structure ensures maximum stability and firmness.
  5. Ideal for kitchens, offices, vacation homes, and bathrooms.
  6. Adaptable height options make it suitable for disabled people.  

D.I.L Anti-Slip bath step stool

  1. This bath step stool offers substantial, anti-slip platform guarantees safety and stability.
  2. Enables those who are weak or have mobility issues to access doors, baths, and showers more easily.
  3. Robust, hygienic construction that is water and UV-resistant.
  4. Supports 135 kg at most, which is ideal for many users.
  5. Superior surface area outperforms less durable, smaller alternatives.
  6. Benefits disabled people with adjustable height and non-slip feet.   

VIVAAS Robust Non-Slip shower step

  1. Its cosy, slick-resistant surface gives bath entry and exit safety.
  2. This shower step is made from premium, climate-resistant plastic that is environmentally friendly.
  3. Through stacking, the distinctive modular design enables the creation of a larger space or small stairs.
  4. 50×40.5x10cm portable size guarantees simple storage and portability.
  5. Children, seniors, and people recovering from injuries or surgeries can all use it.
  6. Includes bath rails, shower seats, and adjustable bath steps.   

Elderly Mobility Aid bathroom steps for elderly People

  1. Shower entry and exit assistance make it simple for those who need extra support.
  2. These bathroom steps for elderly people are made from rust-free and lightweight material, it is solid and durable.
  3. Slip resistance is assured With a fully textured top for comfort and safety.
  4. Hefty dimensions for stability and a 200 kg weight restriction.
  5. With a blue, non-slip surface that makes it easy to see, it can support up to 330 lbs.
  6. Offering a modular, adjustable height bath step is especially helpful for people with disabilities.  

Portable Black bathroom steps

  1. Easy stepping makes climbing easier, perfect for doorways, bathtubs, and cars.
  2. These bathroom steps offer a foldable design which ensures portability and simple storage for versatile use.
  3. Large platform and non-slip grips improve stability and safety.
  4. High-quality, environmentally friendly plastic was used in the construction to ensure durability.
  5. Superb capacity for bearing loads; able to support up to 300 lbs.
  6. Perfect for elderly, pregnant, and disabled people to use as convenient bath steps.   

Prima bath steps for seniors

  1. The user has secure footing on the large, flat surface.
  2. These bath steps for seniors offer non-slip pads that are already there increase user safety.
  3. Adjustable step height is made possible by modular design.
  4. Two steps, non-slip feet, and a linking element are all part of the set.
  5. Able to support a user weight of up to 240 kg.
  6. The extra-large platform is designed with disabled people in mind.  

NRS Healthcare bathtub steps for elderly People

  1. These plastic bathtub steps for elderly people offer many uses around the house.
  2. Appropriate bath steps to ensure a secure entrance and exit.
  3. When flipped, these bathtub steps for elderly people offer 4 or 6-inch height options.
  4. Non-slip feet are included for increased stability and safety.
  5. The modular step design makes it simple for people with disabilities to use.
  6. Features an extra comprehensive platform, providing superior support and comfort.   

Choosing the Right Bath Step for Your Needs

It is crucial to factor in the user’s unique needs when choosing a suitable bath step. For instance, someone who travels frequently might need a portable bath step. Alternatively, a modular bath step allows the user to change the height over several stages to suit their personal comfort. 

It is preferable to have mobility shower steps with an upper surface which allows lots of foot space. Additionally, choosing a bath step stool with a handrail can add stability.

Bath boards or bath seats are possible options for those who need extra support. Combining these with bath steps will make bathing safer and more comfortable.

On the other hand, a shower stool enables the user to sit down whilst bathing. Consequently, this reduces the risk of slips and falls. For people with severe mobility issues, household aids such as a toilet chair should be considered. 

 Whilst a pan can be used over the toilet, it can also be used anywhere in the house. These products are widely available from NRS Healthcare, specifically known for being tough and high quality.

Finally, when making this purchase, remember to consider delivery information. This is because your shopping experience can be significantly improved by dependable delivery and customer service, ensuring the item arrives quickly and in good condition. 

Features to Look for When Buying Bath Steps

Various features should be taken into account when shopping for bath steps, guaranteeing that the product effectively meets the user’s needs. Safety features, such as a non-slip upper surface and non-slip feet, are vital to avoiding untoward incidents. 

Another critical factor to consider is the product’s durability. This means that the bath step should be strong enough to support the user’s weight comfortably. Additionally, the bath step’s height should be adjustable to meet the user’s needs. 

Modular bath steps can also be helpful in this situation, providing comfort and usability by allowing height adjustment. Furthermore, it is important to note the portability of a feature.

A portable bath and shower step stool would prove useful to those who travel frequently or have a small bathroom. This is because it is simple to move and store. It is further advisable to look for bath steps that are eligible for VAT exemption. This can work to save you money, particularly if you are buying several bathing accessories.

Making Use of VAT Relief and Exemptions

When buying bath steps and other bathing aids, those who qualify for VAT relief and exemptions can save a lot of money. 

If you are chronically ill or disabled and use the products for personal use, you are eligible for VAT relief. Remember that lifts, seats, and comparable goods are typically exempt from VAT. Therefore, it is imperative to ask the retailer if the product qualifies for VAT relief. 

Most retailers, such as NRS Healthcare, provide this information on their websites. Alternatively, you can contact customer service with questions. Make sure that you request your VAT relief at the time of purchase, with most retailers offering an online form that must be completed to place an order. 

If you are eligible, the VAT will be subtracted from the total cost of your order. It is important to remember that understanding the VAT relief and exemption policies can make your purchase more affordable, whilst also still finding the high-quality items you require.

Delivery and Customer Service 

When buying mobility shower steps and other bathing aids, good delivery and customer service are essential. For instance, reliable delivery ensures that your product arrives on time and in good shape. Most retailers, including NRS Healthcare, offer thorough website delivery details. 

These details include the anticipated delivery date and any related shipping fees. Alternatively, excellent customer service ensures that any questions or issues you have are resolved quickly and effectively. 

This is necessary when buying products for the user’s safety and comfort, such as commode chairs, bath lifts, or bath steps. Additionally, if there are any problems with your product, effective customer service will work to resolve them efficiently. 

Whether there is an issue with the product or delivery, access to excellent customer service will significantly improve your shopping experience. If a retailer excels in customer service and delivery, a smooth and trouble-free purchase is guaranteed. 

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