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Bath lifts are medical equipment which are crucial to ensuring that people with limited mobility can bathe safely and comfortably. 

Primary users of bath lifts include the elderly, those with disabilities, and those recuperating from surgery. This is because they may find it difficult to enter or exit a bathtub on their own. Consequently, bath lifts eliminate all potential slipping and falling risks. This results in a secure and safe environment. 

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Baths lifts encourage dignity and privacy while performing personal care tasks. Consequently, this enables a level of independence. One of the many advantages of these indispensable gadgets is their ability to gently lower and raise people into and out of the bath. 

It is important to note that bath lifts frequently run on batteries and have an easy-to-use control system. In addition, they feature security features such as non-slip seats and backrests. Many models are also lightweight and transportable, making storage and transportation simple. 

For households with a single bathroom that must accommodate various needs, these gadgets are the perfect answer. This is due to their adaptability. In order to provide users with all necessary information on these products, we have examined some of the best baths lifts on the market.

Bath Lift Prices In the UK

The cost of bath lifts in the UK varies depending on the type and features that they have.

Here are some examples of prices for different models:

  1. Endres Riviera Bath Lift: £199.95 
  2. Mangar Inflatable Bath Lift: £399.95 
  3. Bellavita Nova Bath Lift: Starting from £229.95.
  4. The Aquatec Orca Bath Lift: £269.95 
  5. Narwhal Bath Lift: £329.95 
  6. Beluga Bath Lift: £464.95 
  7. Aquatec Orca XL Bath Lift: £359.95 
  8. Saver Bathlift: £663.28 
  9. Neptune Bath Lift: £519.95
  10. Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift: £279.95 

These prices include VAT relief, which is available for eligible individuals.

The prices vary based on the features, brand, and type of bath lift. Some are inflatable lifts, while others are either electric or manual lifts.

Accessories and additional parts may also be available when you are buying the bath lift.

The Best Rated

Bathmaster Deltis: Elderly Mobility Aid

  1. Provides greater comfort and security with a premium waterproof bath lift.
  2. The Bathmaster Deltis fits the majority of bathtubs, making bathing simple. 
  3. The unit can be lifted and carried more efficiently, thanks to the split design. 
  4. An indispensable aid for the elderly, the handicapped, and those who require assistance with bathing.
  5. The all-plastic construction ensures durability and simplicity of cleaning.
  6. It has blue covers a floating remote, and needs no maintenance.   

The Best Value

best bath lifts uK

  1. Free 1-year warranty on the phone, the charger, and the actuator.
  2. Conveniently, disassembling is straightforward, light, and simple.
  3. The best bath lifts Uk feature s shallow seat travel for deeper immersion in the water.
  4. Accommodates both corner and standard baths.
  5. Guarantees same-day shipping for orders placed before noon.
  6. A flexible bathing aid appropriate for the elderly, the disabled, and accessibility requirements.   

The Best Of The Rest

best bath lifts

  1. With a weight of just 9.3kg, this bath lift is remarkably light and manoeuvrable. 
  2. With a 6cm lowest accessible height, it guarantees user comfort. 
  3. The backrest tilts to an unmatched 50 degrees for maximum relaxation. 
  4. With an impressive 48 cm seat height, this bath lift makes transfers simple. 
  5. The best bath lifts feature a washable hygienic cover for convenience and cleanliness and a waterproof floating hand control. 
  6. A VAT exemption for qualified people means that this bathroom accessory offers one of the best bath lift prices.   

best bath lift

  1. The best bath lift is astonishingly light, weighing only 9.3 kg.
  2. Impressively supports a maximum weight of 140 kg.
  3. It is generously proportioned With dimensions of 83 cm in length and 70 cm in width.
  4. 35 cm wide seat that is comfortably roomy.
  5. Ideal bathroom aid for people with disabilities.
  6. The ideal complement to beds and chairs that recline.  

bath lifts for elderly People

  1. These bath lifts for elderly people include a free four-year warranty for the handset, charger, and actuator.
  2. Lightweight, folds into two main parts, and is simple to disassemble.
  3. Includes a non-slip, stable, and skin-friendly base plate.
  4. Shallow seat travel allows for deeper immersion in the water.
  5. It comes with free blue covers and is appropriate for standard tubs and corner baths.
  6. Same-day dispatch is available for orders placed before noon, Monday through Friday.   

best bath belt lifts

  1. Bellavita Bath Lift’s ergonomic design guarantees ideal bath immersion.
  2. The best bath belt lifts come with simple controls, installation and operation are simple.
  3. Supports a user weight limit of 140 kg or 22 stone.
  4. Features hygienic and machine-washable covers for maximum cleanliness.
  5. Effective bathroom aid for people with disabilities.
  6. Combine the advantages of both boards and reclining chairs for convenience.   

Eco Reclining Bathlift: Accessibility Aid

  1. The handset, charger, and actuator have a free 4-year warranty.
  2. It’s lightweight, simple to disassemble, and has a non-slip, gentle base on the skin.
  3. Provides 6.5 cm of low seat travel, encouraging deeper water immersion.
  4. Bath lift reviews emphasise the item’s compatibility with both standard and corner baths; free white covers are included.
  5. If an order is placed before noon, it will be shipped that day.
  6. A multifunctional bathroom aid that doubles as a power and recliner chair.  

Kanjo Bariatric XXL Bathlift

  1. Includes a 4-year warranty on the phone, the charger, and the actuator.
  2. It folds into two main parts and is lightweight and straightforward to disassemble.
  3. The base plate is exceptionally stable, skin-friendly, and non-slip for user comfort.
  4. Bath lift reviews celebrate the shallow seat travel, allowing for greater immersion in the water while bathing.
  5. Supports up to 170kg and fits all standard tubs and corner baths.
  6. Orders placed before noon, Monday through Friday, are guaranteed to be shipped the same day.   

Reliable Reclining Bathlift Solution

  1. A free 4-year warranty is included on key components.
  2. A powerful battery guarantees easy, quick disassembly.
  3. Low seat travel of 6.5 cm ensures deeper water immersion.
  4. All standard and corner baths are supported, and complimentary blue covers are provided.
  5. Same-day dispatch guaranteed if ordered before 12pm.”
  6. For people who use an electric wheelchair, this is the perfect bathroom aid.   

Eco Reclining Bathlift: Accessibility Aid

  1. Enjoy a free 4-year warranty for the actuator, charger, and handset.
  2. Design is conveniently divided into two main parts for simple portability.
  3. Allows for a 6.5 cm minimum seat travel, ensuring deeper water immersion.
  4. It is guaranteed to work with every standard bathtub, even corner bathtubs.
  5. Orders placed Monday through Friday before noon will be shipped out the same day.
  6. An excellent bathroom aid that improves bathing for the elderly or disabled.   

White Bellavita Health Bath-Lift

  1. This item qualifies for VAT relief, which is beneficial financially.
  2. Presented in a crisp, medical-white hue complements any bathroom decor.
  3. It is made of a robust, lightweight plastic that is long-lasting and manoeuvrable.
  4. Uses straightforward touch controls for operation, making it simple for any user.
  5. Offers the best comfort thanks to its industry-leading 50-degree reclining backrest.
  6. It significantly improves the bathing experience for people with disabilities as a bathroom aid.   

Invacare Aquatec Orca Bath Lift

  1. The uniquely designed Invacare Aquatec Orca Bath Lift improves the look and functionality of bathrooms.
  2. Users can bathe safely and confidently with the help of this bathroom accessory.
  3. Boasts a floating hand control with a quick-release mechanism and an integrated rechargeable battery.
  4. Users up to 140 kg can quickly lower and recline thanks to its adjustable functionality.
  5. It raises users safely to the bath’s edge after bathing, ensuring secure transfers.
  6. Its open, streamlined layout and smooth surfaces make cleaning a breeze, improving household aids.   

Neptune Bath Lift: VAT-Exempt

  1. Ensures that disabled people have a comfortable bathing experience.
  2. Provides a portable, lightweight bathroom aid.
  3. Enables users to take a full nap in the bathtub.
  4. Contains a waterproof hand control with an easy-to-use switch.
  5. A maximum user weight of 160 kg is supported.
  6. This necessary dressing aid will help you enjoy bathing again.   

AquaJoy Economical Reclining Bathlift

  1. Offers firm support and a substantial 140kg user weight capacity.
  2. Boasts a comprehensive and long overall dimension for a comfortable bathing experience.
  3. Includes a backrest that reclines to a maximum of 50 degrees to improve comfort.
  4. A sitting height that can be adjusted to meet the needs of different users.
  5. Ideal bathroom aid for people with disabilities, ensuring comfort and safety.
  6. Complements other aids like chair tables and wall-mounted shower seats.   

Medium-Sized Paediatric Bath Lifts

  1. Helps children maintain their posture while bathing.
  2. Frame made of lightweight, strong plastic for simple portability.
  3. Clean surfaces guarantee hygiene.
  4. Comfort is guaranteed by removable fabric for machine washing.
  5. Allows a child to sit at the bottom of the bath.
  6. Seat and back angle adjustments meet specific support needs.   

Deciding on the Right Bath Lift

In order to find the right bath lift for you, you should consider a variety of different factors. To begin with, choosing the correct type of bath chair or bath seat is crucial. Therefore, the user’s comfort, the chair’s ability to recline, as well as its ability to conform to the user’s body shape, are all essential factors to consider. 

Second, you should think about purchasing a bath hoist or an inflatable bath lift. These features can significantly improve usability, particularly for people with severe mobility restrictions. In addition, the presence of a mangar bathing cushion is another essential feature to take into account. 

This cushion will also help to provide a safe transition from the bath lift to other areas of the bathroom or home, as well as facilitating further comfort. The bath lift’s ability to double as a shower chair can be  another bonus, expanding its range of applications beyond the bath. 

Moreover, the supplier’s delivery information is crucial. This makes it crucial to know whether the bath lift will be delivered in its entirety or pieces. If the latter, the assembly guidelines must be precise and short. 

Additionally, the level of customer service provided by the supplier can significantly impact how the customer feels overall. This is specifically relevant when asking questions or seeking support for potential product problems. 

Last but not least, the availability of VAT relief for people with disabilities or mobility issues can significantly lower the bath lift prices. Consequently it is essential to confirm this with the supplier before making a purchase. This will ensure that you are receiving the best bath lifts prices.

Features to Look for When Buying Bath Lifts

When buying a bath lift, several factors should be considered. First and foremost, the bathboard and seat should be secure during bathing and non-slip. To provide a soothing bathing experience, the centre should also be able to recline. 

In addition, the lift should have a hand control, allowing the user to operate it safely and independently. The device should also be simple to transfer, allowing the individual to use it as a transfer aid. Typically, a profiling bed or mobility aid is used to accomplish this. 

The bath lift should be able to be moved around the bathroom, or to other locations, as necessary. Third, the lift should work with other daily living aids such as power chairs, wheelchair accessories, and walking sticks. 

Additionally, the lift should be able to accommodate a visitor. Therefore, they should be able to use the bathroom without having to remove the bath lift.

Finally, including extra features like a wall-mounted shower seat or a stool are worthwhile investments. With their ability to provide stability and comfort while showering, these aids can significantly improve the user’s bathing experience.

Understanding the Role of an Occupational Therapist

For those with mobility issues, bath lifts are often highly recommended by occupational therapists. This is important as they are responsible for determining a person’s mobility needs. 

Their advice is particularly relevant to those who use electric wheelchairs, power chairs. The therapist can offer insight into the user’s comfort and safety needs, as well as advising on whether a bath lift chair or seat is necessary. 

Additionally, they can suggest whether a shower chair or a bathboard would be more appropriate. The therapist can also recommend using shower seats, wall-mounted seats, or mangar bathing cushions. 

These suggestions are based on the user’s individual requirements, ensuring a relaxing and secure bathing experience. Moreover, the therapist can help the user to exercise their legal rights under UK law. For instance, ensuring they receive the required aid accessories and qualify for VAT relief.

The Riviera Bath Lift and Other Options

For those looking for a dependable and comfortable bathing solution, the Riviera bath lift is one of the most popular options on the market. This is because it provides hand control, a comfortable seat, and a reclining chair. Consequently, this allows for a tranquil bathing experience. 

Additionally, it is an electric bath lift, which allows for smooth lifting and lowering. However, it is important to note that other choices exist. For instance, the inflatable bath lift or the mangar bathing cushion. These options ensure the user’s safety and comfort while bathing by offering cosy seating and simple transfer.

Moreover, the provider’s delivery information and customer service quality should be considered. This is because a supplier who provides outstanding customer support and precise delivery information can significantly improve the customer experience.

Finally, remember to evaluate the bath lift’s compatibility with additional aids like wheelchair accessories, power chairs, or walking sticks. This guarantees the user’s mobility outside of the bathroom, and comprehensively responds to their mobility requirements.

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