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Bath lifts for the elderly in 2020

What are Bath Lifts

A bath lift is a device that is designed to help individuals with limited mobility, such as the elderly, to get into a bathtub. The point of a bath lift is to make bathing safe without the need to renovate the entire bathroom, which can be a costly endeavour.

The device consists of a seat, backrest and a lift mechanism to move the user in and out of the bath. Most lifting mechanisms use mechanical systems, but it is also possible to have an inflatable chamber or compressed air. 

The backrest can be adjustable or not. A bath lift also has suction cups that stick to the surface of the tub to keep the seat stable.

Here is a short video that provides more information on the type of products that you can use in the bathroom to help provide both comfort and safety.

The best bath lifts for the elderly and others

Drive Bellavita Lightweight Reclining Bath Lift

Drive Bellavita Lightweight Reclining Bath Lift

  • The seat has a cutout at the front, which improves convenience when bathing
  • It has covers in blue and white that make the seat quite comfortable, and the user can remove them for washing
  • The seat is designed to fit into different types of baths and contains several accessories for child use as well
  • This bath lift is one of the lightest at 9Kg, which makes it easy to handle and move

Bath Lift Bathmaster Deltis

bath lifts for the elderly

  • The all-plastic construction of the seat prevents corrosion and makes it easy to clean
  • Installation is not complicated plus the bath lift can separate into two parts to simplify handling
  • The cushioning on the seat makes it safe and comfortable to use even when taking long baths
  • This seat is sturdy and can withstand regular use for persons weighing up to 150 Kg

NRS Healthcare Bellavita Bath Lift 

NRS Healthcare Bellavita Bath Lift

  • The ergonomic design of the seat provides maximum comfort when bathing for people with limited mobility
  • The lowering capability of the seat is up to 6 cm, which allows full immersion during a bath
  • It has side flaps that make the process of transferring into the bath safer and easy
  • The lift can dismantle without too much trouble to carry when travelling or for easy storage

Kanjo Eco Lightweight Reclining Bath Lift

Kanjo Eco Lightweight Reclining Bath Lift

  • Users experience great water immersion thanks to the short distance seat travel of 6cm from the base
  • The lift is designed to work with bathtubs of all standard sizes, including corner tubs
  • Users can get middle suction cups to improve the stability of awkward baths and dimpled surfaces
  • The back reclines up to 40°, allowing the user to lean back and soak in the bath comfortably

Lightweight Compact & Portable Bath Lift 

Lightweight Compact & Portable Bath Lift

  • The seat allows the user to remove the covers for washing to maintain hygiene
  • As with other Bellavita models, this seat has a lightweight construction that is both safe and sturdy
  • It is a compact design that is perfect for a bathroom with limited space and makes the seat easy to store
  • The reclining back allows the user to adjust the backrest according to specific requirements

Archimedies Lightweight Portable Bath Lift

Archimedies Lightweight Portable Bath Lift

  • This bath lift has a long seat that increases the amount of support for the user when taking a bath
  • By dismantling into three separate parts, the bath lift becomes easy to store and transport
  • It has a beautiful, sleek look that can blend into any bathroom décor
  • The seat has a high backrest that ensures the user has sufficient support at any angle

The ultimate mobility Bath Lift

The ultimate mobility Bath Lift

  • Marine-grade stainless steel is used for the mechanical components, guaranteeing strength and durability
  • The bath lift is rated energy class A+++, which provides high efficiency that translates to energy and cost savings
  • The water temperature indicator allows you to keep an eye on the bath for maximum comfort
  • The installation of this bath lift is easy for anyone with basic DIY skills

Aquajoy Lightweight Reclining Bath Lift

Aquajoy Lightweight Reclining Bath Lift

  • The backrest reclines up to 50°, allowing the user to enjoy relaxing baths without having to sit upright the whole time
  • An anti-slip design of the seat enhances the safety of the lift when is soapy water
  • The easy set up means that a user doesn’t have to get professional help during installation unless it’s preferable
  • An ergonomic design like a cutout at the front of the seat improves comfort and safety for the user

Kanjo Silverline Antibacterial Reclining Bath Lift

Kanjo Silverline Antibacterial Reclining Bath Lift

  • The antibacterial technology releases silver ions when the plastic seat is in water to fight off germs and improve hygiene
  • A seat travel distance of 6cm that guarantee proper immersion, making it possible to soak in the bath
  • The lithium-ion battery used in the waterproof hand control gives it fast charging capabilities
  • It is lightweight and can detach into two easily portable components, which make it manageable to travel with.

How does a bath lift work?

At its resting position, the seat is at the same level as the bath. The user can, therefore, slide into it without too much trouble. Once seated, you press a hand control that lowers the seat slowly into the water. After finishing the bath, you lift the chair back up and get out of the bath safely.

Who would use bath lifts?

Bath lifts are suitable for anyone with mobility issues. Getting in and out of a bath for a person who can’t lift the knees properly can be a nightmare. Bathing becomes a tedious and frustrating process especially if one has to be lifted in and out of the tub.

Some individuals have to be content with showers to avoid stress. Persons with disabilities, the sick, elderly, ageing and those recovering from serious surgery are some who find a great use for bath lifts. A bath lift allows a person with limited movement to enjoy soaking in the bath with little or no help.

What are bath lift prices?

Bath lift prices range on a wide scale because the market is filled with different technologies.

A lift with basic features can average at £200, but more advanced models can cost as much as £600. The functionalities and features that come with a bath lift are the biggest price determinants.

A reclining backrest is one feature that dictates how much a bath lift costs. Seats that don’t adjust tend to cost less than those that do. The design of the seat will affect the price. A lift that can detach into multiple parts for portability will cost more.

Bath lifts with special and/or patented technology such as antibacterial material will cost significantly more because users enjoy better hygiene. The material used is another element that will influence how much you pay for a bath lift.

Plastic is a common choice for many manufacturers, but even that has different types. Marine-grade stainless steel is one of the unique materials that some manufacturers use for bath lifts. Because of it’s high-quality, such material will increase the cost of the device.

What to look out for when buying bath lifts

With all the numerous options available in the bath lift market, settling for just one can be daunting, particularly if it’s your first purchase. Consider the available space in a bathroom before choosing a seat. Avoiding buying a bath lift and then finding out it is too large to fit in your bathroom.

Measure the bathtub as well to get the right fit.

Different seats are designed with varying measurements to cater to the varied needs of consumers. For a bath lift to serve its purpose, the seat must be level with the edge of the tub. The wrong fit could be too high or too low, which poses a safety risk.

Proper measurement will also prevent the seat from catching at the sides, which can damage it. When deciding how wide the seat should be, factor in the user. A long and wide seat is appropriate for a heavy set individual.

The weight capacity of the bath lift is critical. You want a seat where the user can lower and lift without worrying about stability. Most bath lifts have a weight capacity of 150Kgs, but you can find one that accommodates more if need be.

Do you want an adjustable backrest or not? This decision varies among users. A person with extremely limited mobility may not be able to lie down when bathing and so, a reclining backrest is not crucial. If you prefer a reclining backrest, decide how far. Some backs can lean as far as 50°.

Consider the minimum height of the seat. The lower the seat is from the base of the tub, the better the user can soak into the bath and the less the quantity of water required.

Portability is important because it determines how well you can store the bath lift. A majority of seats can dismantle into separate pieces that are easy to store. Portability also ensures that you can easily travel with the seat.

The safety features that come in a bath lift matter a great deal. Non-slip surfaces are common safety measures that ensure the user can stay on the seat without slipping. A swivel seat is another way to improve safety because it makes transfer easy. Flaps on the seat allow the user to hold on when transferring on and off the seat.

How to use bath lifts

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