Riser Recliner Chairs | December 2023

Riser recliners are often a fundamental aspect of the homes of elderly people or people with mobility problems. These specialised chairs are made with a tilt-forward feature, helping users to move from sitting to standing with little effort. 

Due to this distinctive feature, they are handy for people who might otherwise struggle with such movements. For instance, because of age, illness, or disability.

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Riser Recliner Chairs can offer support to a wide range of people. For example, they are greatly appreciated by the elderly, people who are recovering from surgery, people who have arthritis, and people who have trouble moving due to various medical conditions. 

These chairs encourage independent living and can significantly enhance the quality of life for those who use them. This is because they reduce the strain on the muscles and joints. This led our in-depth review to thoroughly examine some of the top riser recliner chairs on the market. 

Our careful analysis considered several elements, including comfort, toughness, usability, and cost. Thorough tests and evaluations support our conclusions, providing our readers with accurate and trustworthy information to support their decision-making.  

The Best Rated

best riser recliner chairs uK

  1. The German OKIN motor electric massage recliner enhances comfort and décor while providing superior seating.
  2. Dual USB outlets for remote control and device charging have been added for convenience.
  3. Overstuffed padding with an extra-thick, skin-friendly sponge is ideal for relaxation up to 135 degrees.
  4. An extendable footrest, reclining capabilities, and side pockets for convenient storage make this chair user-friendly.
  5. The best riser recliner chairs UK feature strong construction, such as an anti-back-tipping steel structure which increases safety and sturdiness.
  6. High-density fire-resistant sponges, a plush velvet finish, and a sturdy recliner motor are fine materials.   

The Best Value

riser recliner chairs for the elderly people

  1. These riser recliner chairs for the elderly aid stable standing.
  2. 145° of adjustable recline; includes built-in footrest.
  3. Extraordinary comfort is guaranteed by thick foam padding and faux leather upholstery.
  4. Built with sturdy steel and wood, it features a lift mechanism that prevents tipping.
  5. Remote control operation with side pockets to store necessities.
  6. Sizeable and weight-carrying capacity; assembly required.   

The Best Of The Rest

best riser recliner chairs

  1. For elderly people or those who need assistance, an easy electric lift-up with a maximum 70° angle is ideal.
  2. The best riser recliner chairs provide a 160° reclining back and footrest for ideal comfort at the desired angle.
  3. The chair’s back, seat, and arms are all thickly padded for maximum comfort and support.
  4. Versatile dimensions to accommodate both sitting upright and lying down.
  5. Strong design, 120kg maximum load, no assembly needed.
  6. It is a specialised seating option that can also be used as a fireside chair or occasional chair.   

best rise and recline chairs

  1. Within five days, a two-man team delivered and installed.
  2. The best rise and recline chairs provide regular updates throughout the delivery process via text and email.
  3. It has a dual motor and an additional powered headrest for maximum comfort.
  4. Includes a USB charging port and “Home” button for convenience.
  5. With a valid user’s name and medical condition, pricing is exempt from VAT.
  6. The perfect replacement for seater sofas, corner sofas, or electric riser recliners.   

recliner chairs for elderly people

  1. These recliner chairs for elderly people offer enhanced control with a dual motor.
  2. Separate adjustments for the backrest and footrest.
  3. Made from real grey leather.
  4. 5 years of beneficial structural warranty.
  5. Comfortable dimensions are H:107cm, W:92cm, and D:87cm.
  6. Superior to leather manual recliners and fabric corner sofas.   

Beige best dual motor riser recliner

  1. Independent backrest and footrest operation with a dual motor
  2. The best dual motor riser recliner features assisted exiting, lift, rise, and recline for adaptable seating.
  3. A fully padded seat and back are available for maximum comfort.
  4. Elegantly upholstered in soft linen for a luxurious feel
  5. Can support users weighing up to 150 kg
  6. Includes a side pocket holder and a six-button remote control.   

Whittlebury riser chair for elderly people

  1. This riser chair for elderly people is a dual-motor electric riser recliner chair that offers customizable comfort.
  2. For maximum comfort, it has independent foot and backrest controls. 
  3. Longevity is ensured by the chair’s soft and sturdy upholstery.
  4. The product includes a free extended five-year structural warranty for added peace of mind.
  5. It can fit into any space thanks to its dimensions of 108 cm in height, 85 cm in width, and 88 cm in depth.
  6. Despite being primarily an electric riser recliner chair, it can highlight other furniture items like coffee tables and leather footstools, thanks to its versatile aesthetic design.

luxury rise and recline chairs

  1. Demonstrates a cutting-edge, cosy design for an improved user experience.
  2. Luxury rise and recline chairs employ dual motor powered control for the best performance.
  3. Provides independent foot and backrest control for individualised comfort.
  4. Features luxuriously plush upholstery with soft padding.
  5. It fits as an accent chair With dimensions of H:107cm, W:85cm, and D:89cm.
  6. Ideal for guests needing profiling beds or electric riser-recliner chairs.   

best rise and recline chairs uK

  1. The best rise and recline chairs UK provide dual motor control.
  2. Allows for independent adjusting of the foot and backrest.
  3. Soft yet enduring upholstery throughout the interior
  4. Includes a free 5-year structural warranty.
  5. Ideal measurements are H108, W85, and D88 cm.
  6. Ideal for use as a visitor chair or accent chair.  

best recliner chairs for elderly uK

  1. Seniors who need assistance standing without strain on their backs or knees can use Power Lift Assistance.
  2. No tools are needed for simple assembly or operation, and a lighted remote control allows for adjustable positions.
  3. There are options for full-body vibration and lumbar heating, both with adjustable timer settings.
  4. The best recliner chairs for elderly UK feature an elegant design which includes two cup holders and four storage bags for convenience.
  5. Delivery in two boxes, with potential for separate arrivals; maximum recline angle is 140°.
  6. Recommended for individuals who range in height from 5’1″ to 5’9″. It is advised to consult with a doctor first.   

best riser recliner chair

  1. A single motor mechanism guarantees simple raise and recline functionality. 
  2. It helps get out of the chair and provides mobility support. 
  3. The best riser recliner chair offers full chaise seating, lumbar support, and exceptional padding. 
  4. Opulently upholstered with Jumbo Cord and sides made of contrast leather. 
  5. Includes a side pocket for easy storage of remote controls. 
  6. Delivered in two effortlessly put-together sections for quick setup.  

best electric recliner chair uK

  1. The backrest and footrest can operate independently using a dual motor.
  2. The best electric recliner chair UK offers lift, rise, and recline for adaptable seating and simple exit.
  3. The six-button remote control guarantees smooth operation and ease of use.
  4. The fully padded seat and back provide superior comfort and support.
  5. Armrests that can be lifted outward reveal a hidden storage area and cup holder.
  6. Accommodates users whose combined weight is at most 150 kg.  

rise and recline chairs reviews

  1. Our rise and recline chairs reviews recognise the maximum comfort provided with independent back recline, rise and tilt. This is thanks to dual motor functionality.
  2. Made with premium, long-lasting bonded leather for lasting quality.
  3. Guarantees a relaxing experience by operating quietly and smoothly.
  4. Increases the user’s independence by offering lift assistance to help with standing.
  5. Includes a winged backrest for added comfort and head support.
  6. Allows users to weigh up to 18 stone, promoting inclusivity.   

riser chairs for the elderly

  1. Has Timotion dual motor control for best performance.
  2. These riser chairs for the elderly provide a rise and recline feature for user comfort.
  3. The soft fabric covers come from upholstery brands.
  4. It exemplifies a chic modern style ideal for accent chairs.
  5. Dimensions of H108cm, W89cm, and D95cm are suitable for most spaces.
  6. The perfect shower chair for increasing bath safety.   

Elite Hainworth Recliner, Blue

  1. Deliver and set up at your convenience by a two-man team.
  2. It has distinct lift, rest, and recline actions for maximum comfort.
  3. A relaxation tool with an eight-point vibration massager.
  4. It comes standard with heat and massage and is available in five colours.
  5. Armrests and backrests that provide support, perfect for people with mobility issues.
  6. With the user’s name and medical condition provided, VAT is exempt.  

Understanding the Different Types of Riser Recliner Chairs

Before starting the process of buying a riser recliner chair, it is essential to understand the various types which the market has to offer.

The first kind is a riser-recliner chair, which features a single motor that simultaneously raises and lowers the backrest and footrest. This kind is perfect for those looking for a basic and uncomplicated recliner chair.

On the other hand, the backrest and footrest of the dual motor riser recliner chair is operated separately, providing a more comprehensive range of positions. This means it is a good option for people with particular comfort requirements.

Additionally, there are specialised chairs such as the electric riser recliner and the Cosi chair. The Cosi chair is a style of riser recliner which provides extra padding and support. This makes it perfect for people who spend a lot of time sitting down. 

Alternatively, the electric riser recliner is powered by an electric motor. This makes it suitable for people with limited mobility, providing a smooth and effortless transition from sitting to standing.

It is crucial to remember that the ideal chair for one person might not be the perfect choice for another is crucial. Therefore, it is wise to try a variety of chair types before choosing the best one for you.

Moreover, leather and fabric are the two most common upholstery materials for riser recliner chairs. Whilst fabric chairs offer a cosy and warm aesthetic, leather chairs provide a sleek and sophisticated look.

The popularity of leather upholstery is mainly due to its durability and ease of cleaning. On the other hand, fabric chairs frequently come in various hues and designs. Consequently, this enables you to match the chair with your current home furnishings. For added comfort, some chairs even feature fabric footstools.

Finally, it’s essential to think about the chair’s size. This is because the seat’s width, height, and depth can significantly impact the chair’s comfort and usability. To ensure a proper fit, it is advisable to measure the area in your living room or home office where the chair will be placed. Remember, a chair that is too big can be just as uncomfortable as one that is too small. 

Features to look for when Buying Riser Recliner Chairs

When purchasing a riser recliner chair, there are several essential features to consider.

To begin with, take into account the motor. A dual engine allows you to adjust the footrest and backrest separately, giving you more flexibility. Thanks to this feature, the user may enjoy a more comfortable sitting and reclining experience.

Another critical factor is the chair’s material. While fabric chairs offer a more traditional and cosy feel, leather chairs are durable and straightforward to clean. This means that the decor of your home and your personal preferences frequently play a role in this choice.

In addition, consider the functionality of the chair. For instance, many riser recliner chairs have extra features such as built-in USB ports, storage pockets, and heat and massage settings. Alternatively, some chairs provide a zero-gravity position. This simulates weightlessness to relieve pressure on the spine and joints.

You should also think about how the chair will fit in your home. This means that the chair should be spacious enough to move around comfortably in your room. Consequently, it is essential to measure your space before making a purchase. 

Choosing the Right Riser Recliner Chair for Your Needs

When selecting the ideal riser recliner chair, it is important to evaluate your personal needs and preferences. If you have mobility issues, you may benefit from a riser recliner chair with a strong motor. For instance, an electric mobility scooter or power chair. These chairs are perfect for people with limited mobility, as they are made to help with standing and sitting.

Your choice also heavily depends on the type of chair. For example, a riser or rise recliner chair may be more appropriate if you need help standing up. In contrast, a recliner chair or a rise recliner chair may be more suitable if you prefer to recline and relax.

Moreover, the chair’s material should  be taken into account. For instance, leather chairs are an excellent option for those who place a high value on ease of maintenance. This is because they offer a sleek and contemporary appearance, as well as being simple to clean. Contrarily, fabric chairs provide a warm, cosy feel. They also act as an excellent addition to traditional decor.

Finally, think about the chair’s extra features. Although some chairs offer built-in storage, others feature heat and massage features. These features can enhance the chair’s overall comfort and convenience, consequently enhancing your enjoyment.

Delivery and Customer Service when Buying Riser Recliner Chairs

Before purchasing a riser recliner chair, remember to consider the delivery details and customer service that the seller offers. Many businesses provide delivery services to your home, which is especially useful for bulky items such as riser recliner chairs. 

To ensure that your new chair is prepared for use when it arrives, some companies even offer setup services. 

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