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Electric reclining chairs for the elderly in 2019

Mobility issues can be a real problem for many of us as we approach older age. As our capacity for movement increases, so do our ailments and health issues – as there are multiple benefits connected with staying physically active, fit and healthy.

Fortunately there are now plenty of products on the market that look to combat this – easing pain, providing support and helping people to maintain independence for longer.

Electric reclining chairs for the elderly are a fantastic addition to the home for anyone with mobility issues, pain or discomfort. Versatile, stylish and incredibly comfortable, these practical furniture pieces are incredibly popular.

At UK Care Guide we specialise in supporting and advising individuals with care needs and their families. In this informative guide we explain why electric recliner chairs can be beneficial, what to look out for when buying one, and how you can best choose a model well-suited to you.

Who is an elderly reclining chair suited to?

An electric riser recliner chair can be beneficial for anyone needing a little extra assistance or comfort in the home. Many people without disabilities or health complaints buy electric recliner chairs – purely for comfort and relaxation.

Specifically they enable individuals who are less mobile or who have specific health complaints to improve their overall wellbeing, allowing them to enjoy enhanced comfort when relaxing, but also the opportunity to move around more freely whenever they wish.

How do electric riser recliner chairs work?

An electric riser recliner chair is specifically designed to help you as you get up or sit down without manual effort. They are also commonly known as ‘rise and recline chairs’ or ‘lift chairs.’ Electric recliner chairs are easy to use as they are operated via a handset, which is attached to the chair (usually within a holster) ensuring it’ll never go astray.

As the chair slowly moves upwards it provides the necessary support and stability required to transition from a seated position to an upright, standing position. This makes this type of recliner ideal for individuals with poor shoulder, arm or hand strength, back pain or weaker or unstable legs.

The best electric recliners to buy on the market today

Oscar bonded leather recliner with drinks holder


  • Very attractive chair renowned for its comfort
  • The cup holder adds a great touch
  • Very easy to put together – arrives in two pieces so easy to move around
  • Excellent value for money


Winged recliner chair with massage and rocking capability


  • Rock, Swivel, Recline the choice is yours with this highly versatile chair. 
  • The heated seat is ideal in the winter or to comfort an aching back and shoulders.
  • Make your favourite drink, place it in the drink holder.



  • Really stylish chair
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Great value for money
  • Recommended for older people

Electric rise recliner armchair with massage and heat function


  • Massage and heating function make the chair great
  • Really stylish chair
  • Well rated for its comfyness
  • Comes with 2 plugs

Cord fabric recliner armchair sofa lounge chair


  • Great build quality with a chunky feel
  • Looks and is very comfortable
  • Really good value for money
  • Good value for money

The Oxford – Riser recliner lift and tilt chair

The Oxford - Riser Recliner/Lift Tilt Chair


  • Almost horizontal when fully reclined
  • Looks really stylish
  • Rated as being very comfortable
  • Fabric is nice and strong

Elite Care Axbridge electric power reclining armchair


  • Delivered and put in a room of your choice
  • Biscuit mosaic covering
  • Optional castors also provided
  • Good value for money

Cavendish electric recliner chair with heat /massageAdvantages

  • Massage is subtle even on higher settings
  • Really easy to put together
  • Built in storage pockets on the side and front
  • Good value for money

Hainworth Leather Electric Powered Recliner Chair with Heat and Massage Hainworth Leather Electric Powered Recliner Chair with Heat and Massage Advantages

  • Really comfortable chair
  • Very stylish chair and looks classy
  • Has a heat and massage facility for added comfort

Here’s a useful video showing you the best electric recliners in 2017.

Benefits of an electric riser recliner chair

An electric riser recliner chair can offer multiple benefits for individuals with a range of health concerns and mobility issues. These include:

Ease of operation – Compared with manual models electric riser recliner chairs are much more efficient and easier to use.

Increased wellbeing – Being able to get up and out of the chair offers greater opportunity to socialisation, movement and interaction.

Risk of shoulder injury or fatigue reduced – Compared with manual models, an electric riser recliner chair can be operated with the touch of a button.

Posture correction – This can have huge benefits for anyone with specific spinal conditions or spondylosis, and relieves aches and pains.

Leg elevation relieves fluid retention – This can also boost circulation.

More opportunity for physical activity – Owners of an electric recliner chair with mobility issues will be more active compared to those without. Because getting out of the chair is easier, they are more likely to get up and do things for themselves or take a walk around the house to stretch their legs.

If you’re unsure whether an electric riser chair will be suitable for your needs, it may be best to consult your doctor, specialist or social worker and ask for their professional opinion.

What are the benefits of a dual motor riser recliner chair?

There are two types of reclining chairs available – manual and electric. There are also two types of electric riser chairs to choose between – single motor, and dual motor. If you’re considering purchasing a dual motor riser recliner chair you’ll naturally want to understand the various benefits attached for health and wellbeing.

Dual motor riser recliner chair models are normally more expensive than single motor electric riser chairs.

What’s the difference between single motor and a dual motor riser recliner chair?

In a standard electric riser chair a single motor controls all electrical functions. This means that the main components – the backrest, foot rest and riser function – are all operated via a singular set of buttons. This limits the flexibility and functionality of the chair – so you’ll only be able to achieve certain movement patterns. For instance, you can move to a fully reclined position, upright position or raise the footrest all with a single button.

But you may not be able to make each one function separately in a unique sequence. When you press the ‘rise’ button, the backrest will rise, the footrest will drop and the chair itself will ascend to allow you to achieve a standing up position. A single motor is responsible for this.

In a dual motor riser recliner chair two motors control the movements. One takes care of the backrest, whereas the other motor operates the footrest and riser functions. Both motors have individual sets of buttons, all on the same handset.

So what’s the benefit of a dual motor riser recliner chair compared with standard electric riser recliner chairs? The first is flexibility. You can get comfortable in a position that suits you, by independently operating both motors in conjunction with one another.

You can create multiple different seated positions to suit your personal preference at any particular time, so you won’t be restricted to just sitting down or standing up. Dual motor riser recliner chairs are most popular with elderly and disabled people for this reason.

Here is a good video on some of the best leather electric riser recliners.

What benefits can I expect from a dual motor riser recliner chair?

A dual motor riser recliner chair may have one or more of the following functions – all of which have individual benefits:


All riser recliners (including single motor models) allow you to easily get up from a seated position thanks the their rise functionality. With the push of a button the seat itself moves upwards, slowly raising and tipping forward, allowing you to stand.Dual motor riser recliner chair


Sitting works in exactly the same way as the rise function – only in reverse. You can position yourself on the seat in the raised position, with both hands on the arm rests. The chair will then slowly lower and tilt backwards until you are in a seated position.


Reclining chairs are a great option for anyone looking for an easy way to relax and get comfortable. They allow you to lie back with your feet up and rest during the day. This is especially useful for individuals who tend to spend much of their day sitting down, as the reclining function (especially with a flexible dual motor) allows you to keep switching your position, alleviating discomfort and soreness. Drainage, circulation and clotting issues can also be alleviated through constant leg elevation.

Lie back

Some recliners allow you to lie back completely, or to varying degrees, with your legs up. It isn’t necessarily healthy to sleep in a chair for long periods of time however – so if this is something you are looking for a specialist chair bed may be a better option.


The tilt function isn’t always a feature in rise and recliner chairs, as this helps to relieve soreness and pressure that can often come with sitting down for long periods of time. The chair fully supports your head, back, arms and legs, distributing weight evenly.

Click here to find some of the cheapest electric recliner chairs in the uk.

Here’s a useful video that shows you the positions a dual motor riser recliner chair can get in to.

Choosing electric recliner chairs for the elderly

It’s important to carefully choose electric rise and recline chairs, taking into account a number of key factors. Firstly decide how much  you’re willing to spend. Budget accordingly, determining the average cost for the type of chair you are looking for before browsing in person.

If selecting electric recliner chairs for the elderly, consider any specific needs they may have and where necessary consult medical professionals to determine what type of model might be best for them. As electric recliner chairs tend to be costly, it’s worth purchasing a more advanced model if it’s likely that the person’s mobility issues or care needs may develop over years to come.

Certain mobility retailers specialise in electric recliner chairs for the elderly, or have staff members specifically designated to advise and support in this area. This could be useful if you are unsure which model will best suit you both in the short and long term.Electric recliner chairs for the elderly

Additional tips and tricks

Look online at what’s on offer before you head in-store to buy. It’s best to try out these types of chairs in person, as then you’ll know whether it’s really comfortable and provides the best fit for you. Don’t feel pressured into a decision by salespeople present – instead, shortlist a few models before picking one that suits your needs and budget.

If cleanliness and hygiene is a concern, especially for anyone who will spend large portions of the day in the chair, leather electric riser recliner chairs may be a better option. They will easily wipe clean and can be covered with warm blankets to avoid coldness or sticking on skin. Leather electric riser recliner chairs tend to be more expensive, so bear that in mind before you buy.

Looking for expert support and assistance when buying mobility equipment? Take a look at our comprehensive collection of articles and guides here – or check out our very own range of home help equipment here.

Where can you find the best value chairs in the uk?

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