Fireside Chairs | December 2023

As the name suggest, fireside chairs are made to be as comfortable as possible when relaxing by the fire. This cosy setting could perhaps be furthered with a good book and a cup of tea. 

These chairs are ideal for everyone. Their consumers range from the elderly needing additional support and comfort, to young adults looking for a cosy retreat. In fact, the ability of fireside chairs to accommodate a wide range of personal preferences and needs provides their adaptable charm.

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There are multiple advantages that come with fireside armchairs. In comparison to standard chairs, they provide superior comfort and support. In addition, many designs feature high backs and armrests to provide adequate body support. This makes them ideal for people with back or mobility problems. 

To ensure maximum comfort, they are typically upholstered and cushioned. Additionally, fireside chairs provide any living area with a classic and timeless appeal. This is because their traditional style and contemporary fabric options can significantly improve your home’s aesthetics.

In this review, we have examined some of the top fireside chairs on the market. Our investigation covered a variety of topics, including design, comfort, toughness, and cost-effectiveness. 

To provide our readers with a thorough understanding of the features and advantages of these chairs, we have painstakingly evaluated them. By doing this, we hope to help you decide on the best fireside chair for you. 

The Best Rated

fireside chairs uK

  1. Enhances the room’s aesthetics with the Althorpe’s fashionable wingback style.
  2. Fabric or bonded leather, depending on personal preference.
  3. Due to its plush padding and superior lumbar support, fireside chairs UK offer comfort and support.
  4. Features an easy-to-use, premium push-back recliner mechanism.
  5. It guarantees safety by being completely fire-resistant and exceeding UK regulations.
  6. Provides elegant fireside seating, ideal for display cabinets or visitor seating.   

The Best Value

leather fireside chairs uK

  1. This leather fireside chairs UK is built with a sturdy hardwood frame
  2. Made of high-quality PU leather
  3. Ideal for offices, lounges, and reception areas
  4. Delivery in a flash, two working days.
  5. These cottage fireside chairs offer comfortingly large dimensions
  6. Available in a range of pretty colours.   

The Best Of The Rest

most comfortable fireside chair

  1. With generous dimensions of 73x60x89cm, plenty of room and comfort exists. 
  2. The most comfortable fireside chair is made of durable wood, is able to support up to 150 kg, and is appropriate for all ages. 
  3. Wth high-density 28D foam filling and comfortable, skin-friendly velvet upholstery. 
  4. Simple assembly is needed to ensure long-term use after a quick installation. 
  5. These traditional fireside chairs offer versatile use, making a classy addition to offices, bedrooms, or living rooms. 
  6. It serves as a low seat, a recliner, a swivel chair, or a decorative item.   

small fireside chairs

  1. Small fireside chairs are made from rigid tartan textiles.
  2. Exclusive design for a distinctive look.
  3. Delivery right away for quick setup.
  4. These traditional fireside chairs include a free scatter cushion.
  5. Sized at 90 cm high, 84 cm wide, and 77 cm deep.
  6. Perfect replacement for chairs that recline and turn.   

best fireside chairs

  1. A solid wooden construction assures durability and sturdiness.
  2. The best fireside chairs comfortably support weights up to 150 kg, making them perfect for adults and seniors.
  3. High-density foam and durable, breathable fabric provide the best comfort.
  4. The quick and straightforward assembly ensures long-term use of these modern fireside chairs UK.
  5. Adaptable design that works well in various settings, including the office and living room.
  6. Fire safety regulations are followed, and a UK warehouse ships the goods. 

petite fireside chairs uK

  1. Promises a robust, long-lasting construction that supports up to 330 lbs.
  2. High-density rebound sponge and ergonomic design for maximum comfort.
  3. These petite fireside chairs UK feature a sturdy, cleanable fabric and a classic, elegant design.
  4. Flexible positioning for individualised comfort, ranging from sitting to flat-lying.
  5. The tools and instructions provided make assembly and installation simple.
  6. Versatile use, ideal for the office, living room, or lounge.   

fireside armchairs

  1. These fireside armchairs provide plush padding for superior comfort.
  2. Provides excellent lumbar support for better posture.
  3. Possesses a premium pushback recliner mechanism.
  4. Upholstered in premium linen fabric.
  5. Accompanied by a 12-month warranty for your protection.
  6. Complete fire retardancy is ensured by meeting and exceeding UK safety regulations.   

wingback fireside chairs uK

  1. 74(W) x 58(D) x 89(H) cm in comfortable dimensions, with a seat depth of 51cm and a back height of 51cm.
  2. These wingback fireside chairs UK are made of high-quality supportive foam and velvet fabric for comfort and durability.
  3. Foam and cover that complies with UK fire retardant standards.
  4. Using rubber floor protectors and solid wood legs assures sturdiness and durability.
  5. These modern fireside chairs UK feature a high back, winged sides, butterfly, and studs for a contemporary aesthetic.
  6. Simple assembly; just join the chair’s legs.  

small fireside chair

  1. The chair measures 73 x 60 x 89 cm, and the seat height is 45 cm.
  2. This small fireside chair is built from supple, resilient velvet for increased durability.
  3. Solid wooden legs add to the table’s longevity and stability.
  4. Displays a stunningly contemporary design with winged sides and a high back.
  5. Finished with stitching accents and silver studs for a refined look.
  6. A simple assembly procedure can be completed in a few easy steps.   

comfortable fireside chairs

  1. Elegant leather air upholstery with long-lasting microfibre suede-effect material.
  2. These comfortable fireside chairs boast sturdy wooden frames with a classic design.
  3. It offers cosy foam seating for maximum relaxation.
  4. Armrest fronts have fashionable studs as decorations.
  5. Demonstrates a quilted appearance on the back for an additional class.
  6. These leather fireside chairs feature buttoned backs, adding to their refined appearance. 

modern fireside chairs

  1. Opulent leather upholstery for superior comfort.
  2. These modern fireside chairs feature convenient armrests to increase comfort.
  3. Dynamic use is supported by high burstiness.
  4. Made with durability and longevity in mind.
  5. Any decor benefits from elegant design.
  6. Offers the highest level of comfort and relaxation. 

small fireside chairs uK

  1. A statement-making, comfortable wingback chair that matches your decor.
  2. Sturdy velvet or fabric upholstery with supportive foam cushions.
  3. Furniture with a solid wood frame and legs will last many years.
  4. Gives any room in the house a classy, sophisticated touch.
  5. These small fireside chairs UK come with clear instructions, and complete hardware is provided for simple assembly.
  6. Compact design, 77 cm wide, 76 cm deep, and 88 cm high, ideal for the bedroom.  

cheap fireside chairs uK

  1. A gorgeously made armchair in the antique style.
  2. These cheap fireside chairs UK provide comfortable back support.
  3. The timeless design of these cottage fireside chairs will fit in with any room.
  4. Constructed with a hardwood frame and long-lasting, premium PU leather.
  5. Various colours are offered, including cream, chocolate brown, black, and ox blood red.
  6. Two working days for delivery, ensuring prompt and effective service.  

Brown Vintage fireside armchairs uK

  1. This faux leather chair is a luxurious addition that improves private and public spaces. 
  2. Supportive Design: These fireside armchairs UK allow for various sitting positions, thanks to their high back and deep seat. 
  3. Unmatched Comfort: The 49 coil pocket coil seat guarantees comfort and support for the body. 
  4. Double-stitched seams and fresh foam provide a superior experience due to fine craftsmanship. 
  5. Simple Setup: The integral structure makes assembly simple in less than five minutes. 
  6. These leather fireside chairs can be used for formal, lounge, or reception settings.   

comfy fireside chairs

  1. Features comfortable medium-firm support.
  2. These comfy fireside chairs are made of a robust and supple material.
  3. Obtainable in a variety of attractive colours.
  4. Accurate measurements guarantee a perfect fit.
  5. A free two-seater sofa is available.
  6. Ideally suited for people seeking exceptional comfort and support.   

Features to look for when buying Fireside Chairs

When buying a fireside chair, there are several essential features to think about.

Firstly, the seater sofa or lounge chair style should have a high seat or rise chair option for those who struggle with getting up. This is especially relevant to the elderly or people with mobility issues.

In addition, the two most important dimensions to consider are seat height and chair height overall. If you’re looking for a more comfortable seating option, a recliner chair or a swivel recliner chair might be something to think about.

Another crucial element to consider is the upholstery’s quality. Due to their luxurious appearance and durability, leather and velvet are popular choices. For instance, Sherborne Upholstery and Sherborne Lynton are well known for their superb craftsmanship. 

By simplifying cleaning and upkeep, a removable seat cushion can increase the chair’s usefulness. Other chair designs that provide high comfort and support include wingback, accent, tub, and wing chairs.

Moreover, the chair’s style should match the rest of your furnishings. For instance,a fireside armchair would go well with a dressing table, coffee table, or dining chairs. If you have more room, a corner sofa might be a suitable option. 

The Cannington Fireside Chair is a great illustration of a design that successfully combines aesthetics and utility. In addition, the chair’s wooden legs’ finish may also improve its aesthetic appeal.

Finally, it’s critical to consider the seller’s website design, delivery details, and customer service. A more individualised shopping experience is made possible by analytical, necessary, and optional cookies. These can offer helpful information about your browsing preferences. 

Deciding on the Ideal Seat Width and Depth

A fireside chair’s seat depth and width are additional important considerations. This is because these dimensions will significantly impact the comfort level of the chair. The seat width of a fireside chair needs to be wide enough to fit the user comfortably without making them feel crammed in, whilst the seat depth needs to be deep enough for the user to recline all the way.

In addition to the seat width, consider the chair’s overall size. For instance, a giant wingback or accent chair might need more room than a small tub or office chair. This is similar to how a single fireside armchair requires more space than a two-seater or corner sofa.

It is also crucial to factor the user’s height into your decision surrounding seat depth. Whilst taller people would find a deeper seat more comfortable, shorter people would prefer a shallower seat. Additionally, it’s important to remember that chairs with high seats or rise chair designs typically have deeper centres, consequently providing more support.

Finally, consider the chair’s style and how it will complement your furniture. For instance, a coffee table or dressing table with a wood finish would look great with a chair upholstered in leather or velvet. Alternatively, a contemporary dining table or display cabinet would look great with a sleek chair.

VAT Relief and Other Financial Considerations

When buying a fireside armchair, it is also necessary to think about your specific budget.

For instance, consider your eligibility for VAT relief. In the UK, people who are chronically ill or disabled are eligible for VAT relief. This means that if you satisfy the requirements, you can purchase a fireside chair for a sizable discount.

The cost of various materials and designs is another factor in your financial decision. For instance, chairs made of premium leather or velvet will cost more money. This is also relevant if you are buying from reputable companies, such as Sherborne Lynton or Sherborne Upholstery.

However, you may be able to justify this higher price. This is because these chairs frequently provide superior comfort, toughness, and aesthetic appeal.

In addition, the price of extra features such as a removable seat cushion, a high seat or rise chair design, or a swivel recliner function should also be considered. Although they might improve your comfort and the chair’s functionality, they might also increase the chair’s overall price.

Lastly, remember to account for delivery expenses. Whilst some stores provide free delivery, others may impose extra costs. This means that you should verify the delivery details before completing your purchase. Additionally, good customer service can make shopping more enjoyable and guarantee that problems or questions are quickly resolved.

Fireside Chairs and Home Décor

Your home’s interior design can benefit greatly from a fireside chair. There is a fireside chair to suit every style, regardless of whether you prefer a traditional wingback chair, a chic accent chair, or a comfortable tub chair

It is essential to note that the upholstery of the chair has a significant aesthetic impact. Leather and velvet prove to be popular choices, due to their durability and luxurious appearance. To suit multiple tastes, various designs and fabrics are available from companies including Sherborne Lynton and Sherborne Upholstery.

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