Phones for hard of hearing

Phones for hard of hearing, telephones for hard of hearing, the deaf and hearing impaired and cordless phones for hard of hearing in the UK

Its hard to communicate with a person with hearing difficulties or with impaired hearing. Whether it is you or a person, you love, hearing loss can be such a predicament to deal with.

It becomes even harder when you want to talk to someone who is far away, and you can only communicate via the phone. People with hearing loss can enjoy the pleasure of using telephones too since several innovations have been made in recent years for hearing impaired phones.

Telephones for hard of hearing vary in prices and are made to fit everyone’s budget. You can, therefore, get one for your loved one to ease communication.

These phones are made loud to amplify sound and make hearing possible for the deaf.

Phones for hard of hearing

Hard of hearing phones are telephone devices make specially for people with hearing impairments. They are made with amplified speakers to make phone conversation louder and more comfortable to follow.

Phones for the deaf or partially deaf are made with a louder handset. The volume is set such that you can adjust to match the hearing loss level if you or your loved one have a hearing loss, you still have a chance to communicate efficiently via hard of hearing phones.

If you want to keep up with technology, there are cordless phones for hard of hearing. They are easier to carry around and do you know how convenient they are for video calls?

Different types of telephones for hard of hearing?

There are different types of phones for hard of hearing. Depending on the specifications, one needs. There are high-end phones that are a bit more expensive but more efficient in aiding hearing.

Mid prized phones are also available with great features to improve communication for people with hearing difficulties.

If you want to get a hearing-impaired phone and you have a tight budget, there is still a good deal for you too.

Cordless phones are also available. These phones make it easier to catch a call since they are easily portable. You can put the phone in your pocket and set it to vibrate. Is it hard to fail to hear the vibration in your pocket?

Phones that can filter noise from the background to make words more precise.

The best telephones for hard of hearing below


Geemarc CL100 Loud Big Button Telephones For Hard of Hearing

telephones for hard of hearing

  • It has a receiving volume of 30Db which can easily be added or reduced by the user.
  • It has big buttons keypad easy enough to dial, and it is hearing aid compatible.
  • It has a maximum ringer volume of 85Db, which is loud enough to hear making it one of the best telephones for hard of hearing
  • It can redial the last number dialed in case you forget.
  • It has a cord and is mountable on the wall.

best phone for hard of hearing seniors uk

Big Button Digital Telephones For The Hard of Hearing

telephones for the hard of hearing

  • It has an extra loud ringer and a digital answering machine making it one of the best telephones for the hard of hearing.
  • It records up to sixty minutes of your call messages and blocks nuisance calls when necessary.
  • It is enhanced with easy access to Bluetooth calling features.
  • It has big buttons with instructions to guide the user.
  • It has twin cordless handsets with a battery life of more than eighty percent.

3G Big Button Telephone for Hard of Hearing

telephone for hard of hearing

  • The user gets to enjoy 3G network with faster browsing capacity.
  • Its big keypad makes dialling easier for the elderly, it is loud enough for hearing aids making it a great telephone for hard of hearing
  • This phone gives you a fancy look with its classic flip features and eased dialling.
  • It’s made with long battery life to ensure your call convenience.
  • It is hearing aid compatible with extra loudspeakers and large buttons.

hearing impaired phone

BT Big Button 200 Corded Hard of Hearing Phone

hard of hearing phone


  • It’s the perfect product for anyone who isn’t into high technology mostly the elderly
  • The dial pad is big enough to see clearly and not miss any.
  • The flashing lights when it rings can’t go unnoticed. It’s a convenient phone.
  • It’s easy to use since its size is manageable even for people with poor eyesight.
  • It’s a little bit old tech, but you can easily add an answering machine.

mobile phones for hard of hearing

Digital Cordless Phone For Hard of Hearing

phone for hard of hearing

  • This phone for hard of hearing comes in a twin set that can be used independently of the other.
  • The speech that comes from the phone is super clear and loud enough for the deaf.
  • It’s a cordless phone; therefore, movement is not limited while using it.
  • Its answering machine is an added advantage which makes it easy to use.
  • Its sound quality makes it a good price for its price.


best cordless phone for hard of hearing

One of the best phone for hard of hearing – BT4600 with Call Blocker

best phone for hard of hearing

  • It can record sixty minutes of a call message with its digital answering machine.
  • Calls are made clear by the ability to increase volume or pressing the amplification button.
  • Its ability to identify caller is epic and gives one a choice to answer or hung-up.
  • It has a sound boost button and a hand free speaker making it sound reliable.


hard of hearing phones

Panasonic KX-TGE722EB Big Button DECT

Panasonic KX-TGE722EB Big Button DECT

  • Cordless phone with nuisance call blocker to ensure you don’t get annoying calls.
  • Its inbuilt call answering machine enables it to record over forty call minutes.
  • It’s a hearing aid compatible phone and very suitable for hearing impaired phone.

house phones for hard of hearing

Best Mobile Phone for Hard of Hearing – Doro 6520 Locked Flip Mobile Phone

best mobile phone for hard of hearing

  • It has hearing aid compatibility that can adjust audio settings to get louder.
  • It’s Enhanced with large clear buttons for easy dialing.
  • It’s easy to use, and its battery life is long over ten hours.

hard of hearing telephones

Doro PhoneEasy 311c Phones For Deaf People

phones for deaf people

  • The phone is inbuilt with a hearing loop to ease the use of hearing aids making it one of the best phones for deaf people
  • Its volume buttons are made easy to let the user adjust the volume to be loud and clear.
  • Its visual ringing indicators like flashlights make it hard to miss a call.

best phones for hard of hearing

Landline Phones for Hard of Hearing – GEEMARC AMPLIDECT COMBI 295

landline phones for hard of hearing

  • These landline phones for hard of hearing are hearing aid compatible and has a redial function for the last ten calls made.
  • It has an adjustable volume ringer of more than 70db.
  • People with low to medium hearing loss can comfortably use it.
  • It has an answering machine that can record calls.


phones for hard of hearing uk

Phones For Hearing Impaired – Panasonic KX-TGF320E

phones for hearing impaired

  • These phones for hearing impaired people are really good
  • It’s a corded and cordless phone that blocks nuisance calls.
  • The phones readout numbers when a call is coming through and has an answering machine.
  • It has an adjustable receiving volume button.

phones for elderly hard of hearing

Cordless Phones for Hard of Hearing – Panasonic KX-TGD322EB

cordless phones for hard of hearing

  • It comes with sixteen hours talk time and a nuisance call blocker.
  • It has a digital answering machine and a clear, loud volume.
  • It is a cordless phone for the hard of hearing, making it easy to carry around.

screen phones for the deaf

Doro 5030 Unlocked Phones For The Deaf

phones for the deaf


  • These phones for the deaf are really easy to use.
  • It has great specs for the seniors with general functions and an emergency key.
  • It has hearing aid compatibility and adjustable audio settings for louder sounds.
  • It is light and easily portable by the user.

telephones for the hearing impaired

How do hearing aid compatible phones work?

Hearing aid compatible devices are inbuilt with a telecoil. 

The telecoil enables the hearing aid to detect magnetic signals which represent words and makes it clear for the hearing impaired to hear.

A hearing aid hears with its microphone and amplifies the sound which is in- form of a magnetic signal. Some phones have been programmed to amplify sound according to a person’s hearing loss.

Some earphones and headphones are hearing aid compatible. So that when you connect them to a phone handset, hearing is amplified.

How do phones for deaf people work?

They mainly have loud rings of up to 80 decibels or louder. They are also made to create attention by producing flashing lights that are hard to ignore. Sometimes it is necessary to have extension bells to plug in more ringers for louder ringtones.

These phones are made compatible with hearing aids so that through the use of electromagnetic action, the sound is trapped and amplified.

Some cellphones are made small in size so that they can move vigorously in your pocket for you to notice a call. If the voice is limited significantly, these phones are made with better texting capabilities.

These phones can not only clear and amplify voice but also block background noise so that you can only hear what matters. Similar words are made easier to identify by the phone’s program.

What features do mobile phones for hard of hearing have?

When purchasing a hearing impaired phone, you should consider several factors:

  • Consider its compatibility with hearing aids. This is the most important feature to consider since a phone that is not hearing aid compatible cannot be used by the deaf. Consider also compatibility with other aiding devices like headphones and earphones.
  • The volume of the phone should be another factor to consider. Ensure it can be adjusted to the user’s preference. Check also for additional amplification, just in case you might want the sound louder.
  • The design of the phone also matters to many. You might want a small, light easily portable and shiny phone while another prefers a bigger heavy phone. Cost of the phone matters a lot when you have a specified budget.
  • Since most people with hearing difficulty have a sign language background, a phone with a good video chat ability is important. Consider its camera megapixels to ensure its images are clear and visible if sign language is used.
  • Purchase a phone whose call alert features are clear. Whether its vibrations, lights, or a loud ringtone depending on the user’s preference.
  • Cordless phones for hard of hearing are more user-friendly since movement is easy while still going on with the conversation.
  • Consider the phones ability to reduce interference by blocking background noises and induction loops. To enhance phones operation, you can buy a phone with a voice carry over ability.

What do mobile phones for the hard of hearing cost?

You can get telephones for hard of hearing from prices as low as £14 with basic properties like audible and visual call alert properties. They are pocket- friendly and suitable for noisy places.

There are also easy to use phones with big buttons that are easy to dial. A talking dial number that ensures the call is made to the right recipient goes for as low as £19.

Mid prices for phones with explicit features like hearing aid compatibility and receiving volume as high as 30D=Db are also available. This is a giveaway price considering how extra loud some of these phones are.

There is a high -end phone for £90 and above that come with an answering machine.

What do cordless phones for hard of hearing cost?

Cordless phones for hard of hearing cost vary depending on their different categories.

Amplified single cordless phones may cost as low as £40 while those that come in doubles go at a double price.

Cordless phones with hearing aids compatibility and adjustable volume control button may cost you up to £50. Those with a digital answering machine may go for up to £60.

Some mobile phones for hard of hearing come with a corded telephone and costs as low as £90. Most of these phones are hearing aid compatible and adjustable receiving volume control, and this is a fair price considering its specs.

How to use phones for the hard of hearing?

Summary of this page

1 - What is a phone for the heard of hearing?

This phone is designed to help those that may have hearing issues to know when a phone is ringing. This can sometimes be through an extra loud ringing or through lights going off.

2 - How much do phones for the heard of hearing typically cost?

The price of a phone can vary but the cheapest can be found for around £20.

3 - Where can I find a suitable phone for the heard of hearing?

The UK Care Guide has identified the best phone for the heard of hearing's that are available to purchase today, Come on to the site and have a look.

4 - What are the different types of phones for the heard of hearing?

There are a number of different types of phones, which are very similar in style to a normal phone.

5 - What to look out for when buying a phone for the heard of hearing?

The key thing to identify is what you want from the phone. Is it preferable to have an extra loud ringing sound or do you prefer a phone to have a lot of bright lights so you can see that the phone is ringing.

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