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Big button phones are phones which are primarily designed for the elderly and people with visual impairments. The larger buttons work to make them easier to use, lessen eye fatigue, and make dialling numbers less intimidating. 

The best landline phones for seniors also have features such as amplified sound and flashing lights for people with hearing impairments. Additionally, they are not just limited to landlines, as large-button mobile phones are also available. Consequently, this meets the needs of the tech-savvy older generation.

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Our team has compared the features, usability, durability, and cost-effectiveness of the top big button phones on the market. 

Our reviews have evaluated the phones’ button sizes, display clarity, audio quality, and extra features like buttons for emergency calls and hearing aid compatibility. 

Rather than just being available to the elderly and the visually impaired, these phones can be used by anyone who finds it difficult to use the small buttons on standard phones. This may include people suffering from Parkinson’s disease or arthritis that harm their fine motor skills. 

The big button phones are evidence of the industry’s dedication to inclusivity, guaranteeing that everyone can maintain their independence and stay in touch with their loved ones. This is regardless of age or physical limitations.

The Best Rated

large button cordless phone for visually impaired people

  1. Improved Visibility: Users who are blind are catered to with large buttons and enlarged text.
  2. Simple Setup – Plug the supplied phone line into your RJ11 jack.
  3. Easy Use – This large button cordless phone for visually impaired people is a simple home appliance that runs without difficulty.
  4. Pre-stored Numbers – M1/M2 Buttons enable speedy dialling to pre-programmed family numbers.
  5. Emergency Button – A specific 911 button guarantees quick access to assistance.
  6. A loud ringer and a volume-adjustable handset are suitable for users who are hard of hearing.   

The Best Value

best big button cordless phone for seniors

  1. Has nine one-touch speed dial buttons, making calls easier for elderly people.
  2. Large photo and number buttons accommodate users with poor vision or shaky hands.
  3. Hands-free operation and adjustable ringer and call volumes increase user convenience.
  4. The best big button cordless phone for seniors offers a clutter-free setup with no additional power connection needed.
  5. High-quality plastic construction guarantees the product’s Longevity and consistent performance.
  6. An excellent gift for elderly family members or a kid-friendly phone.

The Best Of The Rest

best cordless phone for elderly uK

  1. This corded phone’s big, spaced-out buttons make dialling simple.
  2. The best cordless phone for elderly UK features a built-in hearing loop for people who wear hearing aids.
  3. The memory feature provides ten two-touch and three one-touch options for dialling.
  4. the redial button enables quick repeat calling if the line is busy.
  5. A flashing light on the visual indicator alerts users to incoming calls.
  6. This big button phone is perfect for nursing homes because of its loud, clear sound.

big button phone for elderly people

  1. An elderly-friendly, big-button corded phone appropriate for care facilities.
  2. For ease of use, this big button corded phone for elderly people uses large fonts, loudspeakers, and electric indicator lights.
  3. Has 10 Two-Touch Memory and 3 One-Touch Memory for quick dialling.
  4. This big button phone for elderly people offers volume control and extension features to accommodate blindness and hearing loss.
  5. A sturdy ABS plastic shell material that promotes user safety and high performance.
  6. The speaker feature enables clear communication without raising the handset.

large number phones for visually impaired people

  1. Six large photo memory buttons, including SOS, ensure easy contact with loved ones.
  2. To assist users who are blind, larger buttons display images and numbers.
  3. The volume can be adjusted up to 80 dB with these large number phones for visually impaired, making them suitable for people with hearing loss.
  4. A significant LED indicator makes incoming calls stand out, lowering the chance of missed calls.
  5. Swissvoice specialises in providing solutions for people with vision and hearing impairments.
  6. This cordless phone is an excellent mobility aid that reduces obtrusive calls. 

best landline phone for elderly uK

  1. Telephone line power eliminates the requirement for batteries or an external power source.
  2. The best landline phone for elderly UK ensures excellent call quality and is compatible with hearing aids, a feature that makes it perfect for mobility aids.
  3. Big-button mobile phones have easy-to-use, large buttons that simplify usage.
  4. Has a visual ringer indicator that makes it simple to see when a call is coming in.
  5. This big button corded phone for elderly people offers essential functions at the touch of a button, such as call muting and last number redialing.
  6. Compact design with wall mounting capability, a common feature in cordless telephones.

large button phone

  1. Senior-friendly design with big photo buttons and louder sound.
  2. A bright LED light bar and an audible ringtone alert the user to incoming calls.
  3. Six programmable photo keys make it easier to call significant individuals.
  4. This large button phone offers buttons that make it easier for seniors to select and recognise numbers.
  5. An extremely loud ringer that can be adjusted to 90 dB.
  6. Call volume during a conversation can be increased by 40 dB. 

big button cordless telephones for the elderly

  1. Simplified Big Button Design: Clear, large dialling keys are ideal for people with vision problems or shaky hands.
  2. Direct Memory Function: This big button cordless telephones for the elderly has three programmable direct memory buttons for simple dialling.
  3. Visual Ring Alert: To improve user-friendliness, a flashing light indicates an incoming call.
  4. LCD Display: A sizable backlit screen with Caller ID that makes it simple for people with vision impairments to use.
  5. Simple Setup: Even during power outages, simply connect to your RJ11 telephone jack.
  6. This big-button mobile phone is Comparable to the Amplicomms Powertel in terms of features and advantages.

cordless phones for visually impaired seniors

  1. This cordless phones for visually impaired seniors has big, apparent buttons that make dialling easier for people with vision problems or shaky hands.
  2. A remote motorcycle can be heard when the ringer volume is adjusted to 90 dB.
  3. A prominent character backlit display makes it easy to see incoming calls.
  4. Accessible for users with hearing loss and compatible with various hearing aids.
  5. This big button corded phone for elderly people has two direct memory buttons that can be programmed, making calling easier for elderly users.
  6. A cordless phone with extra-large buttons that is perfect for senior citizens.

landline phones for visually impaired seniors

  1. An essential corded landline phone with speed dial, caller ID, and hands-free capabilities.
  2. These landline phones for visually impaired seniors are perfect for use at home, simple to install, and with extra-large buttons for better visibility.
  3. Battery-free design for apparent nighttime use with a wire-powered LCD screen.
  4. Provides volume control, area code selection, and ten two-touch memory keys.
  5. Provides storage for dialled and received call information, increasing user convenience.
  6. With options for a refund or replacement, our service guarantee ensures customer satisfaction with the product.

big button corded phone

  1. This big button corded phone is designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss and is compatible with hearing aids. 
  2. Has a vacuum cleaner like 80dB ringer that makes sure calls are never missed. 
  3. During calls, the volume boost control allows up to 30 dB of receiver volume adjustment.
  4. Huge buttons with 14mm-high digits are perfect for people who are blind.
  5. 12 one-touch memory dialling buttons, including emergency services, are included.
  6. This big button corded phone for elderly people only requires a landline connection to function, meaning it does not require main power.

big button telephone

  1. This big button telephone is ideal for the elderly, the large buttons making it simple to identify and dial.
  2. Has ten frequently used numbers stored on a speed dial.
  3. Real-time date and week are shown on an LCD with adjustable brightness.
  4. A high-quality voice IC chip provides clear voice calling.
  5. The hands-free chat function enables multitasking while on calls with the best landline phones for seniors.
  6. Environmentally friendly, long-lasting ABS plastic is used for dependability.  

landline phones for the elderly

  1. These landline phones for the elderly feature large, widely spaced buttons which make dialling simple.
  2. During calls, the volume control delivers loud, clear sound.
  3. Caller ID and a visual ring indicator improve accessibility and convenience.
  4. The best landline phones for seniors feature built-in hearing loops to allow for the use of hearing aids.
  5. Redial and speed dial features make it easy to make quick calls.
  6. Comes with a speakerphone, a pre-dialing feature, a clock, and a phonebook with 30 contacts.

large button phones for seniors

  1. Big buttons make it simple for everyone, especially elderly people.
  2. One-touch speed dial makes calling simple and quick.
  3. A call awareness-improving “in-use” indicator light helps you avoid missing calls.
  4. Easy setup is made possible by the straightforward installation process.
  5. These large button phones for seniors offer volume controls designed with hearing impairment in mind.
  6. Ideal for various settings, including hotels, offices, and homes.

large button telephone for visually impaired people

  1. This large button telephone for visually impaired is a landline, which offers dependable and consistent communication.
  2. Is delivered in a single package for simple handling and assembly.
  3. The phone’s dimensions are ideal, making placement simple.
  4. It is easily portable due to its manageable weight of 2.3 lbs.
  5. Reduces dialling errors with easy-to-use, large buttons.
  6. The updated product is more affordable and has excellent functionality.

Features to Look for When Buying Big Button Phones

When buying a big-button phone, he buttons should be large and clear to allow for ease of dialling.

For people with hearing impairments, an amplified phone with volume control is advantageous. This is because the loud volume can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs, therefore promoting clear communication. For mobile use, big-button mobile phones can also accommodate a SIM card. 

These phones often come with valuable features such as an SOS button, providing added security for the user. Depending on the user’s mobility levels, a corded telephone or cordless handset option may be preferred. Some models also come with an extra handset, which is useful for larger homes or care homes.

Choosing the Right Big Button Phone for Elderly Users

It is important to note that some models even offer photo buttons, where a picture of a loved one can be attached to a speed dial button. These are thoughtful features for older people who struggle to remember phone numbers. 

Big-button phones are ideal for elderly users, particularly those with visual impairments or limited dexterity. BT Big Button phones are another popular option among older people, due to their simple functionality and customer service support. 

Notably, models such as the Doro PhoneEasy and Amplicomms Bigtel are designed explicitly with elderly users in mind. These phones offer features like amplified sound for further clarity, as well as nuisance call blockers to prevent unwanted calls.

Ensuring Easy Delivery and Set Up of Your Big Button Phone

After you select one of the best landline phones for seniors, the majority of companies offer delivery services to your doorstep. Still, it’s important to double-check if they help set up the phone. This would be especially helpful for an elderly person who might not be tech-savvy. 

As most big-button phones are plug-and-play, they are ready to use immediately. Still, some models may need a little more setup, particularly if they are cordless phones or mobile phones that require a SIM card. In this case, customer service support is essential to providing a seamless setup process.

Exploring Additional Features of Big Button Phones

In addition to their large buttons and amplification of sound, some big button phones offer additional features that might be of interest. For instance, FM radios can serve as sources of entertainment and news for the user. Alternatively, built-in answering machines let users receive messages when they are unavailable to answer the phone.

As with all features, the necessity of these extra options will depend on the specific user’s needs and preferences. 

In addition, some big button phones also include a smart TV feature. This allows users to connect their phones to their televisions for a larger display.

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