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The Best Large & Big Button Phones For Sale

What is a Big Button Phone?

A big button phone comes with extra-large buttons that are easy to see and use. This phone is designed for the elderly and people with vision problems. The audio is amplified as well, making it suitable for individuals with hearing challenges.

The interface on a big button telephone is bigger than on a regular phone. It makes it easy to see numbers and other information. You can get a big button home phone with a cord or not.

A big number phone has basic features like caller ID and hands-free mode. Some have additional features, such as photo memory buttons.

How a large button mobile phone helps elderly persons

A functional phone is a lifeline for a senior, especially one living alone. It allows communication with first responders, carers and doctors. More than that, it makes it easy to stay in contact with family members and friends.

Large button mobile phones make all this easy. The large buttons guarantee that the user can see them clearly. Loss of vision is common with old age, and large buttons make it easy to access certain phone functions.

They have amplified sounds so that the user can hear ringing. Impaired hearing is another issue that some ageing individuals deal with. It can be hard for them to notice a normal phone ring.

Even a person with hearing aids can hear the amplified audio. Some telephones are designed with voice technology that announces the caller. Others call out numbers when dialling so that a user can ensure they are correct.

A big number phone is designed with a simple interface to avoid confusing the user. Poor memory in an old adult can make it difficult to use devices. Photos on the buttons, emergency speed dial and no-slip grip are some features that improve ease of use.

How to use a large button mobile phone?

The best big button phones for sale

Geemarc CL100 Big Button Corded Telephone

large button mobile phone

  • Powered by a telephone line only so it doesn’t require connection to the mains
  • Receiving volume is adjustable up to 30 dB, and you can control the tone to suit hearing loss
  • Maximum ringer volume is 85dB, so it’s hard not to hear it ringing
  • You can set this large number phone to amplify when you pick up the receiver
  • 9 one-touch memories are available for frequently used numbers

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 Benross 44570 Jumbo Big Button Telephone

best big button phone

  • Extra-large numbers that are easy to see and press. Suitable for a senior with arthritis.
  • It can sit on a desk or mount on a wall, providing excellent flexibility
  • It has 2-touch memory buttons that can store 10 numbers
  • Available in black or white to suit your home decor
  • Lightweight, which makes it easy for the user to pick up the receiver

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Amplicomms BigTel 40 Plus Phone

cheap big button phone


  • Speed dial with 10 storage slots for most-used numbers and emergency contacts
  • Best big button phone for persons with poor memory thanks to 6 programmable photo buttons
  • An LED screen alerts you that the phone is ringing
  • The reception volume is 40dB, with the option to set it as required
  • Hearing aid compatible and a maximum ringing volume of 90dB

cheap big button phone

 Ornin S016 Big Button Corded Telephone

big button phone reviews

  • Hands-free speaker control with adjustable volume
  • A maximum ringing volume of 40dB, which is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss
  • 3 quick dial buttons with one-touch functionality for emergency and family contacts
  • A spacious keypad that makes dialling easy and reduces mistakes
  • Hearing aid compatible with HI/LO earpiece volume control.

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Geemarc Amplidect Combi Photo 295-Corded Telephone

big button phone reviews

  • 4 buttons for memories with 3 allowing photo customisation
  • 6 languages available, including Spanish, German and French
  • Answering machine with up to 15 minutes of recording time
  • Messages retrievable from the main unit or the cordless phone
  • The volume of the handset can amplify up to 30 dB

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Geemarc Photodect295 – Amplified Big Button Cordless Phone

big button phone reviews

  • Links to the Combidect295 and transfers the memories
  • Has 3 one-touch photo buttons; suitable for an individual with dementia
  • The indoor range for the handset is 50m and 300m outdoors.
  • Hands-free function with a volume level of up to 22 dB
  • The large number phone has a standby time of 2 days and 8 hours of talk time

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D DOLITY Universal Big Button Corded Telephone

big button telephone

  • 10-number speed dial function to store emergency and family numbers
  • Easy to customise photo memory buttons with one-touch dialling
  • Ideal for regions with power outage problems
  • Ringer volume control to suit the user
  • Suitable when looking for a cheap big button phone

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 Alcatel TMAX 10 Elderly-friendly Phone

big button telephone

  • 4 sound levels to cater to different sensory requirements
  • A hands-free feature that allows the user to talk comfortably
  • 6 direct spaces that you can personalise with pictures
  • Light indicator alerts you of incoming calls; ideal for visually challenged
  • The telephone is compatible with hearing aids

big button telephone

Doro PhoneEasy 312cs Big Button Corded Phone

large button telephone

  • A large display that is suitable for visually impaired users
  • Hearing loop function to allow then use of hearing aids with the handset
  • Pre-program frequently used numbers in the A-C keys
  • An easy-grip handset that makes handling the phone simple
  • Built-in phonebook retains a maximum of 30 contacts

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Tel UK New Yorker Big Button Corded Phone

large button telephone

  • On/off button for the ringer to suit the user’s preference
  • 10 speed dials for most-contacted family members and emergency numbers
  • Music on hold function to entertain callers when engaged
  • Button for last-number redial, making it easier to reconnect dropped calls
  • The large button telephone mounts on the wall

large button telephone

 Amplicomms PowerTel 96 MEGA Amplified

big number phone

  • Bright LED with backlight to make incoming calls more visible
  • 2 programmable numbers for easy access to emergency contacts
  • Tone control to set sound according to hearing requirements.
  • A corded phone that works even during power cuts
  • Receiving volume adjusts to 60dB and ringer volume to 90dB


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Invero Jumbo Big Button Corded Home Telephone

big button corded phone

  • Has extra large buttons for visually impaired users
  • Can connect with BT telephone network and cable networks
  • Flash when ringing feature to make it easy for the user to see.
  • Speakerphone function for hands-free communication.
  • 2-touch number memories that can store up to 10 entries

Electric treadmillsbig button corded phone

BT Big Button 100 Telephone

big button phone for sale

  • A number memory that stores up to 10 numbers. Each one can contain 32 characters
  • An in-built inductive coupler makes the phone compatible with hearing aids
  • One-touch 1571 button that dials your network answering machine when you can’t answer the phone
  • The handset and speaker have 5 volume levels that you can adjust according to need
  • Secrecy feature that prevents the caller from hearing you when talking to someone on the room

big button phone for sale

How Much Does a Big Button Phone Typically Cost

Before you buy big button phone for your home or loved one, know what to expect in terms of price. The average that you can spend on a big button phone is £22. However, you will find big button phone for sale options as low as £15 and as high as £80.

These price fluctuations depend on several things. The brand is one. Some brands have premium telephones that fall on the higher side of the price scale. If you want a cheap big button phone, you can find manufacturers with budget devices.

The features included in a big number telephone influence the price as well. Safety features are some of the elements that drive up the price of a phone. A telephone with an SOS button will cost more than one without.

A caller ID LED is another reason a big umber phone might cost more than average. An LED screen improves the functionality of a big button handset because it displays vital information. In-built caller ID also adds to the price.

Key Things to Look Out for When Buying a Big Button Phone

Consider Every Scenario

When picking a phone for a senior person, evaluate everything. Consider the specific needs of the user. If it’s dementia, run through all the possible scenarios that such a person might encounter.

You can speak to a doctor or specialist to get the right information. For instance, if you know a loved one might forget who to call in an emergency, get a phone that personalises emergency contacts.

Look at big button phone reviews to see which devices work best in different situations.

Factor in Sensory Requirements

The sound amplification on big button phones is different. Check the adjustment level of the ringer before you buy big button phone.

The sensory needs of the user will determine the right choice. An individual with severe hearing impairment will require a phone with a high decibel rating.

Does the big button phone for sale need to have illumination or not? If the user has limited vision, then you have to get a big button telephone that lights up. Illuminated buttons and display will make it easier to dial and notice incoming calls.


You can get a big button corded phone if the user doesn’t have any trouble with the wires. However, if mobility is an issue, then a cordless phone is more suitable.

The same considerations apply when deciding whether to get a wall-mounted or desktop telephone.

Big button phone reviews can help you narrow down your options. You also get different opinions about the best big button phone for your budget and needs

Summary of this page

1 - What is a Big Button Phone?

A big button phone comes with extra-large buttons that are easy to see and use. This phone is designed for the elderly and people with vision problems. The audio is amplified as well, making it suitable for individuals with hearing challenges.

2 - How much do Big Button Phone's typically cost?

The prices range from the cheapest around £19 with the most expensive in the hundreds of pounds.

3 - Where can I find a suitable Big Button Phone?

The UK Care Guide has identified the best Big Button Phone's that are available to purchase today, Come on to the site and have a look.

4 - What are the different types of Big Button Phone's?

The phones can be differentiated by the features that they have such as accessibility and sound.

5 - What to look out for when buying a Big Button Phone?

The key thing to look out for is to ensure that the phone meets your needs.

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