Big Button Mobile Phones | December 2023

People who struggle with the complexity of modern smartphones will find big button mobile phones to be a necessity. This includes people who are elderly, have visual impairments, or have dexterity issues who might find it difficult to manipulate small buttons. 

With their big, evenly spaced buttons that are simple to see and press, these mobile phones provide a straightforward and hassle-free solution. 

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As these phones prioritise simplicity of use, they avoid the complexity of many applications and features. Many models include an SOS emergency button, offering a vital component that enables users to summon assistance quickly. 

Additionally, some models provide amplified sound. For people with hearing impairments, this makes it easier to communicate effectively. We’ve reviewed some of the top big button mobile phones on the market, compiling the most dependable and user-friendly products.

Our thorough review process ensures that the gadgets we suggest are reliable and helpful, therefore satisfying users who need a basic and uncomplicated mobile phone. 

We are confident that the big button mobile phones which we have suggested will significantly improve communication for those who need them.  

The Best Rated

best big button mobile phone for elderly uK

  1. Elderly user-friendly design features include a straightforward menu, big buttons, and a loudspeaker.
  2. The emergency SOS function includes Five pre-set call numbers for quick assistance.
  3. Dual SIM unlocked mobile phone with 2G call and message support.
  4. Bluetooth, FM radio, alarm clock, and 16GB of storage are just a few features.
  5. The best big button mobile phone for elderly UK comes with a powerful torch for use during nighttime activities or in dimly lit areas.
  6. 800 mAh battery with a 200-hour standby time capacity. 

The Best Value

best big button cell phone for seniors

  1. The advanced configuration includes a Large 1.77-inch colour display, backlit buttons, and intuitive icons.
  2. Outstanding Battery Life – The 1400mah battery offers 5 to 6 hours of talk time and 10 to 12 days of standby.
  3. High-end MTK chip improves network signal and call stability, making stable and precise calls.
  4. SOS, video, Bluetooth, FM audio, and 100 contact storage are multifunctional features.
  5. The best big button cell phone for seniors is free to choose your service provider and supports all 2G networks without a contract.
  6. This easy to use mobile phone with big buttons is designed for accessibility, making it excellent for the young, old, and the blind.   

The Best Of The Rest

big button mobile phone for elderly people

  1. A small, amplified clamshell phone works best for older people.
  2. This big button mobile phone for elderly people features a large colour display that measures 2.4 inches, with extra-large buttons for comfort.
  3. A 1000mAh battery that can support up to 5 hours of talk time.
  4. SOS emergency button, ensuring instant communication with family members in need.
  5. Those who use hearing aids will appreciate the loud volume and clear sound offered by this easy to use mobile phone with big buttons.
  6. Additional features include Bluetooth, FM radio, and 32GB SD card support.

large number mobile phones for visually impaired people

  1. This cell phone is perfect for senior citizens because it has a big button, a loudspeaker, and prominent menu icons that make it simple. 
  2. It is a big button phone with up to 100 entries for the phone book, making it convenient for seniors and those who are blind.
  3. This large number mobile phones for visually impaired people is the ideal care home gift because it has 11-speed dial 5 SOS call numbers and ensures prompt contact with family or services.
  4. The phone has three side shortcut buttons that can quickly change the volume and operate the torch, making it easier for elderly people.
  5. The phone has a large 1000mAh battery that allows up to 4 hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby.
  6. All 2G networks are supported by this unlocked SIM-free mobile phone, enabling texting and phone calls but not internet access.

best big button phone for elderly people

  1. The best big button phone for elderly people features a user interface that has larger icons and font.
  2. Supports 5 SOS numbers and 8-speed dials for quick assistance.
  3. An upgraded 800mAh lithium battery provides long standby time with a charging cradle.
  4. Features like Bluetooth, FM radio, and torch provide users with various functionalities.
  5. All European 2G networks are compatible, dual SIM capability, and unlocked.
  6. Ideal for standard delivery, improving the effectiveness of phone calls and text messages.   

large button mobile phone

  1. Larger fonts, clear icons, loudspeakers, and a simple menu are used in the user-friendly interface to make navigation simple.
  2. Comprehensive Features: 100 contact storage, audio, video, Bluetooth, FM radio, calculator, alarm clock, and calendar.
  3. An exceptional 1400mAh battery powers the device for 5–6 hours of talk time and 10–12 days on standby.
  4. Reliable Performance: A top-of-the-line MTK chip improves network signal and guarantees phone stability to avoid malfunctions.
  5. Voice Broadcast Function: When a number is dialled, this large button mobile phone announces it, helping older users and people who wear hearing aids to avoid mistakes.
  6. No Contract Necessary: Designed for calls and texts without an internet connection, compatible with all 2G European networks.

best big button mobile phone

  1. Larger fonts, more explicit menu icons, and an improved MTK 6261M operating system are all features of the Guwet G938 that make it easier for older people to use.
  2. Extended Battery Life – The device has an 1800mAh lithium battery that offers 15-20 days of standby time, ensuring that the elderly always stay in touch.
  3. The device has a Type-C interface with a charging dock for quick and convenient charging.
  4. Five SOS call numbers may be set up with the “SOS Emergency Call” feature to get help immediately in an emergency.
  5. High-quality Speaker and Voice Broadcast – To improve usability for hearing aid users, the best big button mobile phone has a 5D speaker and voice broadcast for the number keys.
  6. No Contract Needed – The Guwet G938 is a dual-card, non-contract phone that works with all 2G GMS networks and is a good smartphone for seniors.   

large mobile phones for elderly people

  1. This smartphone has a 2.3″ IPS screen, larger fonts, menu icons, and hearing aid compatibility. It was specifically created for seniors.
  2. These large mobile phones for elderly people offer a speed dial feature, an emergency SOS button for quick assistance, and a torch for better nighttime visibility.
  3. Its 1000mAh battery supports 5 to 6 hours of talk time and up to 240 hours of standby time, and charging is simple with a dock.
  4. It is made of sturdy PC material and comes with a camera, Bluetooth, FM radio, calculator, alarm clock, calendar and a high-powered torch.
  5. This smartphone supports dual SIM for personal and professional use, is unlocked, and works with all European 2G networks for calls and texts.
  6. This device is user-friendly and versatile, offering safety features and standard tools, making it an excellent mobility aid for the elderly.   

basic mobile for elderly people

  1. For the elderly, the large buttons and clear display make it easier to read.
  2. Red and green buttons make it simple to handle calls, improving user-friendliness.
  3. A-side button that controls the torch and volume makes operation simple.
  4. The SOS functionality increases safety by allowing up to five emergency contacts.
  5. This basic mobile for elderly people is powered by a 1400mAh battery and a powerful LED light.
  6. Has multifunctional features and supports eight languages, including English and Spanish. 

best big button mobile phone for elderly people

  1. This best big button mobile phone for elderly people has a user-friendly interface with large fonts, distinct icons, and excellent audio clarity, making it perfect for visually impaired, elderly, and young users.
  2. Has a 1000mAh lithium battery that has been upgraded, providing 3–4 hours of talk time and 190–200 hours of standby time for extended use.
  3. It Has two handy side buttons that can be used to unlock the phone and operate the torch, making operation simple.
  4. Has a vital SOS feature that includes up to five preset numbers for quick connection to family and emergency services, making it the ideal mobility aid for seniors.
  5. Designed as an unlocked phone, supporting GSM Bands 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, making it compatible with all GSM networks except the three networks.
  6. Has some extra features, including the ability to store up to 100 phone book entries, audio, video, Bluetooth, FM radio, calculator, alarm clock, and calendar. 

best large button phone for seniors

  1. The best large button phone for seniors offers an improved 1800mAh battery that offers 6-7 hours of talk time and 300–360 hours of standby.
  2. An intuitive operating system with big fonts, prominent icons, loudspeakers, and a built-in SOS feature.
  3. Features with multiple uses, such as a phone, SMS, Bluetooth, FM radio, and room for up to 100 entries in the phone book.
  4. Emergency preparedness with 5 SOS call numbers and 8-speed dial options for quick access to assistance.
  5. This unlocked phone’s dual SIM compatibility offers flexibility for both work and personal use.
  6. A charging dock and compatibility with all 2G networks in Europe make it the perfect mobility aid.   

best mobile phone with buttons

  1. Simple Keypad Design – The TT190 has a talking keypad with a large, separate keypad for easy typing.
  2. Amplified Speaker – A louder speaker with a speakerphone feature ensures that calls are audible and clear.
  3. Emergency Support – The best mobile phone with buttons features an SOS alarm, giving users the security of an emergency button to contact loved ones immediately.
  4. User-Friendly Interface – Any user can easily navigate the TT190’s menu thanks to its large fonts and distinct icons.
  5. Unlocked and Flexible – The TT190 is unlocked and works with all 2G networks but not 3G-only ones.
  6. Perfect Mobility Aid – This straightforward phone is a great mobility aid, facilitating necessary communication quickly and conveniently.   

big button mobile phone for elderly 4G

  1. Specifically created for seniors, with dual SIM, Bluetooth, and FM radio as standard features.
  2. 4G technology guarantees quick, seamless internet access for a constant connection and uninterrupted entertainment.
  3. The SOS emergency button notifies pre-set contacts, improving safety and comfort.
  4. A user-friendly interface guarantees simple navigation and the use of critical features.
  5. Excellent customer service offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and quick assistance.
  6. This big button mobile phone for elderly 4G helps the elderly stay connected by serving as a mobility aid.

big mobile phone for elderly people

  1. Large, backlit buttons, clear sound, and large font facilitate easy usage.
  2. The big mobile phone for elderly people Is best for seniors, kids or as a backup device because it is primarily used for calls and texts.
  3. A strong battery and an easy-to-use charging dock guarantee extended standby times.
  4. Has eight-speed dial buttons for quick access to contacts and an SOS button for emergencies.
  5. Additions to its functionality include a calculator, torch, FM radio, audio player, Bluetooth, alarm, and audio reminders.
  6. It is a flexible mobility aid and is unlocked and compatible with all GSM network providers.   

big mobile phones for elderly people

  1. The Guwet G938 offers a user-friendly experience thanks to its upgraded MTK 6261M operating system.
  2. A big display, distinct icons, and larger fonts improve usability and visibility.
  3. The phone has an 1800mAh lithium battery, allowing for quick Type-C charging and long standby time.
  4. The SOS emergency call function, an excellent mobility aid for the elderly, enables immediate contact with up to 5 numbers.
  5. Notable features of these big mobile phones for elderly people include voice broadcast in multiple languages and a 5D high-quality speaker.
  6. This dual-card, non-contract phone offers convenience and flexibility by working with all 2G GMS networks. 

Why Choose a Big Button Mobile Phone?

This essential mobile phone is designed with large buttons, making dialling and texting a breeze for older adults or anyone with dexterity challenges. Including an SOS button is another notable feature that makes this phone popular in care homes. 

Big-button mobile phones, also known as senior mobile phones, are a viable option for anyone who values simplicity and ease of use over the multitude of features offered by modern smartphones.

The amplified sound makes the big-button mobile phone an excellent choice for people with hearing impairments, and the large, clear display also helps people with visual challenges. The big-button mobile phone also boasts a longer battery life, a crucial feature for those needing to remember to charge their phones regularly. 

Its simplicity extends to its setup, with most models supporting single and dual SIM cards.The big button mobile phone prioritises communication, with easy-to-use physical buttons for phone calls and text messages, and it provides everything you need in a phone without the unnecessary extras. 

These phones are not just great for the elderly but also an excellent choice for anyone who wants a simple phone free from the distractions and complications of a smartphone. The big-button mobile phone is the best for its intended audience thanks to its user-friendly design and focus on basic functionality. 

With excellent customer service and delivery information from most retailers, buying a big-button mobile phone is a simple process. It may not compete with the likes of the Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy regarding features, but it rules in its niche.

Features to Look for When Buying Big Button Mobile Phones

When buying a big-button mobile phone, there are several features to consider. Firstly, the size of the buttons is essential. This is because larger controls simplify use for elderly people or people with dexterity issues. 

In addition, the buttons should have clear markings for easy identification. Another essential feature is an SOS button, providing a quick and easy way to call for help in an emergency. 

For users with dementia who may have trouble remembering passwords or patterns, feature phones can prove beneficial. This phones enable users to make calls without having to unlock the phone. Battery life is another important consideration, meaning that you should choose a phone with a long standby time.

Whilst most big-button mobile phones support standard SIM cards, some models also feature dual SIM functionality. This can be helpful for users who travel frequently or have different phone numbers for personal and business use.

Although many big-button mobile phones have amplified sound, they are not all are compatible with hearing aids. Consequently, this could be a significant factor if the user has a hearing impairment. 

A the modern world is going online, owning a phone is vital to staying connected. Phones have become a source of entertainment, rather than just being used to make calls and texts. 

The Benefits of a Flip Phone

When the phone is not in use, the flip feature protects the buttons and screen. Consequently, this reduces the risk of accidental dials or damage. This design also makes the phone more comfortable to hold during calls. 

A flip phone, often associated with the big button phone category, offers many advantages. For those who find it difficult or intimidating to use a touchscreen, a flip phone with physical buttons can be a more accessible option. As the controls are typically big and spaced apart, this makes them easier to press. 

Many flip phones also have speed dial capabilities, allowing users to call their most frequently used numbers with a single button. Due to their simple design and longer standby and talk times, flip phones are also renowned for their impressive battery life. This feature can be handy for older users who may forget to frequently charge their phones.

Some models, like the Doro 780X, are designed with the elderly in mind. This means that they include extra safety features like an SOS button. Despite their simple design, many flip phones have necessary features like caller ID, text messaging, and even primary internet access.

Big Button Mobile Phones and Dementia

For people with cognitive impairments, these phones offer simplicity, large buttons, and transparent displays. They strip away the complexities of modern smartphones, focusing instead on the essential functions of calling and messaging. 

Big button phones may also prove ideal for people with dementia. Many of these phones have an SOS button, which is essential for dementia sufferers as it enables the user to quickly and effectively call for assistance. Consequently, this reassures both the user and their carers. Some models also have speed dial, allowing users to reach their preferred contacts with a single button.

In addition to being simple to use, big-button mobile phones are also simple to set up. As the majority of models support standard SIM cards, setting up the phone simple.

It’s clear that for older people or those with dementia, a big-button mobile phone can be an invaluable tool. This is because the tactile buttons and flip design of these phones can make them easy for individuals with dementia to navigate, therefore reducing frustration and enhancing communication.

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