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Overbed tables are valuable items which are primarily used by people who spend a lot of time in bed due to illnessess, recovery from surgery, or mobility issues. They offer a stable and adaptable surface for various tasks, including reading, writing, computer use, and eating.

These tables aren’t just used in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. Rather, they’re also increasingly used in domestic settings to further comfort and convenience.

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By allowing users to maintain a certain level of independence and complete daily tasks less easily, the product offers invaluable assistance. An overbed table’s height-adjustable feature enables it to be tailored to meet individual needs, consequently ensuring maximum comfort.

In addition, most designs have lockable wheels that further stability and mobility. This makes it possible to move the table around while keeping it securely fastened. As part of our product review series, we have examined some of the top overbed tables on the market.

Our rigorous review process has considered various factors, ranging from durability and design to functionality and price. Therefore, prospective buyers can be confident that our reviews provide a thorough and trustworthy guide to find the best overbed table for you.  

The Best Rated

best over bed table

  1. The best over bed table is delivered within 7 to 10 days after leaving our London warehouse.
  2. This mobile workstation, which has four castors and brakes, provides supreme mobility and stability, making it perfect for use at home.
  3. This overbed table is a thoughtful gift ideal for nursing homes, hospitals, and home care, offering the elderly and patients significant assistance.
  4. It is an excellent option for small spaces because it has a generous surface area for various tasks like laptop work, drawing, writing, and food serving.
  5. Three levels of height adjustment are available for the table, ranging from 67 to 79 cm, to accommodate various seating positions and user ages.
  6. The table is sturdy and resistant to weight and wear due to its medium-density fiberboard and sturdy steel tube construction.   

The Best Value

FATIVO extra long over bed table

  1. Compact C Side Table: With a sturdy MDF and iron tube frame, this table is the perfect solution for small-space living.
  2. This extra long over bed table features an adjustable height feature: You can adjust the height for comfort while sitting or lying down between 66 and 89.5 cm.
  3. Stable H-shaped Frame: A 20 kg load capacity heavy-gauge metal base ensures stability and durability.
  4. Multipurpose Use: Serves as a dining table, side table for the sofa, overbed table, and laptop table.
  5. Easy mobility – The product is suitable for indoor or outdoor surfaces thanks to hidden wheels that enable smooth 360° movement.
  6. Installation is simple; a hardware package and instructions are included for quick assembly.   

The Best Of The Rest

Simpahome over bed table on wheels

  1. Our height-adjustable table offers flexibility and can be used anywhere in your house.
  2. This over bed table on wheels serves as a workstation, dining table for watching TV, study table, and more.
  3. Excellent for care facilities, medical facilities, or anyone with mobility issues.
  4. The supplied tools make assembly simple and available in Black or Birch.
  5. This overbed table for disabled people is mobile and has wheels that can be locked. It weighs 3.90kg.
  6. With a range of adjustment from 68 to 88 cm, it comfortably fits over sofas and beds.   

COSTWAY Adjustable over the bed table

  1. C-shaped design that is compact and suitable for use on the side of a bed or sofa.
  2. This over the bed table features two lockable, five universal, smooth nylon casters for stability.
  3. With a tilting top for comfort, it is height adjustable from 61 cm to 92 cm.
  4. Versatile application in various contexts, such as work, study, or leisure.
  5. Long-lasting satisfaction is guaranteed by a sturdy design and tough materials.
  6. A variety of furniture styles complement contemporary, sleek design.   

Elite Adjustable under bed tables for seniors

  1. A single finger can easily adjust the height, ensuring the user’s comfort.
  2. Large tabletop measuring 76 cm by 38 cm, suitable for use over a chair or bed.
  3. With easy-moving swivel castors, it is perfect for use in a bedroom or living room.
  4. This hospital bed table features a wipe-clean table top and frame, making maintenance simple.
  5. Two castors have brakes, improving stability and safety.
  6. These under bed tables for seniors are delivered flat packed for easy assembly at home, ensuring suitability for challenging environments like care homes.   

Aidapt overbed table uK

  1. This overbed table UK is the ideal bedside table for housebound people, making meals and reading easier.
  2. Fully adjustable to accommodate various viewing angles and heights.
  3. A raised edge built into the surface prevents objects from slipping off.
  4. Exceptionally simple to keep clean and maintain.
  5. Ideal for challenging hospital environments or care facilities.
  6. Suitable as a coffee table for guests, guaranteeing reserved rights.   

SIMPDIY best overbed table uK

  1. The adjustable height feature allows flexible use between 20 and 26 inches.
  2. The best overbed table UK has a sturdy vintage tabletop and a matte-black steel frame, exuding industrial elegance.
  3. It has brakes and wheels for secure positioning and easy movement.
  4. With only a few simple steps and included hardware, assembly is a breeze.
  5. Look to the lower shelf for additional storage of books, bags, and other items.
  6. Perfect for a challenging care home environment or as a hospital table.   

bed tables for eating

  1. The bed tables for eating are ideal for hobbies and meals
  2. Easily manoeuvrable, suitable for use from a chair or a bed
  3. Adjust from 66 to 95 centimetres in height.
  4. This overbed table for disabled people can be tilted for user comfort.
  5. Beautiful, durable design for challenging environments
  6. Ensure the most recent information or visitor items are always available.   

Adjustable NRS under bed table

  1. This under bed table is perfect for hobbies, reading, writing, and mealtimes.
  2. Provides effortless height adjustment.
  3. A sizable tabletop with moulded edges prevents spills.
  4. Height-adjustable to accommodate a range of mattresses and divan beds.
  5. Provided with castors for easy movement.
  6. Provides simple cleaning under challenging environments.   

Deluxe bed table for elderly People

  1. This bed table for elderly people is ideal for use in bedrooms or living rooms, blending in with difficult environments.
  2. Height and tilt can be easily adjusted, making it convenient for activities like reading.
  3. Swivel castors are included, which facilitate easy positioning and movement.
  4. Includes a top and frame that are wipeable for simple maintenance.
  5. This bed table UK is designed to fit underneath furniture, such as divan beds, with a 9 cm clearance, such as chairs.
  6. Home assembly is shipped flat-packed and calls for a cross-headed screwdriver and a 16mm spanner.   

large overbed table

  1. This large overbed table allows for smooth height adjustments with mechanical spring power.
  2. Ideal for those who are confined to beds, providing a gentle lift for simple elevation.
  3. Offers a more comprehensive 71-110 cm height adjustment range.
  4. An environmentally friendly MFC particle board flat top.
  5. Four wheels are included, with two lockable for stability.
  6. Sturdy steel frame with an 8 kg lifting capacity.   

Adjustable EasyLift large overbed table

  1. This large overbed table is perfect for reading, writing, and hobbies.
  2. Little finger pressure is needed for simple height adjustments.
  3. Raised edges on the considerable beech tabletop help prevent spills.
  4. Height can be changed from 76 to 107 centimetres.
  5. Equipped with wheels for simple movement and cleaning.
  6. Mattresses and divan beds that are appropriate for demanding environments.   

Portable Adjustable over bed desk

  1. This over bed desk is height adjustable from 53 to 82 cm to fit a variety of settings.
  2. A large, 54 x 40 cm teak-laminated desk surface.
  3. Powder-coated steel tubing for strength and longevity.
  4. Wheelchairs and beds can be moved with ease thanks to the four castors.
  5. This bed table UK features raised edges and open corners on the desk surface to prevent item displacement.
  6. 10 kg of impressive weight capacity that is appropriate for a variety of uses.   

Adjustable over double bed table

  1. The mobile workstation’s height and width can be adjusted from 56 to 85 cm and 128 to 188 cm, making it ideal for use with a mattress or divan bed.
  2. The central portion of the desktop can be tilted to various degrees, increasing comfort and flexibility.
  3. Simple Assembly: Only six steps are involved in the assembly of the over double bed table, which takes only 10-15 minutes on average. Professional skills are not required.
  4. Large Size and Storage: The workspace is kept organised and tidy with a 120x40cm size, which improves focus.
  5. High-Quality Materials: The workstation is made of sturdy, long-lasting 16mm MDF board and is suitable for a demanding environment thanks to a thick stainless steel frame.
  6. Lockable Wheels: Because the table has lockable wheels, it can be easily moved around the house or hospital while remaining secure when parked.   

over bed tray table

  1. This over bed tray table uses the least amount of space possible in its design.
  2. Encourages user comfort and accessibility.
  3. With its chic wooden top, it improves décor.
  4. Product longevity is ensured by durable construction.
  5. This hospital bed table is excellent for multiple uses.
  6. Simple assembly for a convenient experience.   

Overbed Table as a Mobility Aid

Overbed tables, which are frequently found in nursing homes and hospitals, are an essential mobility aid for people who spend a lot of time in a chair or a bed. These tables often deature castor wheels which make them easily mobile and movable. They can also be easily adjusted in height and angle to fit various bed or chair heights.

It is important to note that overbed tables, such as the Days Overbed Table or the Easylift Overbed Table, specifically feature a robust design and high durability. This means that they are explicitly created to withstand demanding environments.

These tables are frequently used with home furnishings such as bed rails, shower chairs or speciality seating. For instance, a riser recliner chair or a power chair can be used with an overchair table. When used with a bed chair table, these tools can significantly increase a person’s comfort and independence

Furthermore, small rails or a raised edge are advantageous features of such tables. This design feature adds further safety by preventing objects from slipping off the table. Some tables even offer features like an overbed linen trolley, which is great for storing personal items or soft furnishings for added convenience.

For qualified customers, purchasing overbed tables frequently qualify for VAT relief. These factors, alongside the availability of discounts, make these tables an affordable option for many people.

Typically, delivery is available to the UK’s mainland and the supplier will provide specific instructions. The buying experience typically includes exceptional customer service, handling VAT information, and dealing with necessary cookies on digital platforms.

Features to Look for When Buying an Overbed Table

Before making an overbed table purchase, numerous features should be taken into account. For instance, the table top should be sturdy and straightforward to clean. The table’s size should also be adjustable to accommodate varying bed heights, including divan beds and mattresses. In addition, an excellent overbed table should have castor wheels to provide ease of movement.

Moreover, it is advantageous to have small rails or a raised edge on the tabletop to stop objects from slipping off. Some tables also have an overchair table feature, which is idealfor people who spend a lot of time sitting in a chair. 

When looking into options, you might like items such as the Days Overbed Table or the NRS Healthcare Overbed Table. These are reputable brands with a reputation for producing long-lasting, high-quality goods. Therefore, confirming that the supplier has a solid customer service history and offers thorough delivery information is also crucial.

Finally, VAT relief is frequently available for qualified customers. Therefore, the supplier should make this information readily available. Yous should also look for any further discounts that might be offered, as these can lower the purchase cost.

Related Products to Consider 

An overbed table can be used in conjunction with some related products. For instance, bed rails can increase the safety of those who spend a lot of time in bed. Shower chairs can also help to maintain personal hygiene, whilst specialised seating can improve comfort and mobility.

To improve comfort and mobility., a riser recliner chair can be a valuable addition to the living area. This can be combined with an overchair table to create a welcoming and useful space. To make the seating area even more comfortable, soft furnishings can be utilised.

These related products can typically be delivered to any location on the UK mainland. To guarantee a seamless purchasing experience, verifying the delivery information offered by the supplier is necessary. These related products are frequently subject to special discounts, making them more accessible to a broader range of customers.

Choosing the Perfect Overbed Table

The user’s needs should be considered when choosing an overbed table. A key feature of the table is its height adjustability, which enables it to be used with different bed types. This includes divan beds and different chair heights. 

Moreover, raised edges or small rails can add a layer of safety by preventing objects from slipping off the table. Some tables, such as the Easylift Overbed Table, also offer features like a linen trolley for added convenience.

When looking for an overbed table, it is important to investigate related products that can improve the usability and comfort of the living space. These could be shower chairs, bed rails, or specialised seating like a riser recliner chair.

Finally, take into account the supplier’s delivery and customer service options. A trustworthy supplier will always provide clear delivery and VAT information, as well as a helpful customer service team. Therefore, consider looking into any discounts or possible VAT relief available for your purchase.

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