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For people who value adaptability and space efficiency in their household goods, folding mattresses are necessary. For those who frequently host overnight visitors but don’t have a dedicated guest room and for those who live in small spaces, they present an excellent solution

Due to their portability and simplicity of storage, these mattresses are also very popular with travellers.

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The advantages of a folding mattress go beyond simple practicality. In addition, they are made with an emphasis on offering the best support and comfort. This means that high-quality folding beds offer supportive, firm foam which conform to your body’s curves. This works to relieve pressure points and promote restful sleep.

Furthermore, most mattresses also have a removable and washable cover. Therefore, it is easy to keep them clean. Our review has carefully examined the best foldable mattresses on the market, providing you with a necessary guide. 

Each item has been rated according to its overall value for the money, comfort level, and ease of storage. We care about finding you the best foldable mattress to suit your needs, meaning that our review will provide you with key information to make an informed decision. 

The Best Rated

Premium foldable mattress

  1. A plush, absorbent, and ventilated tri-fold mattress will make you comfortable.
  2. Easy to fold for storage or travel, perfect for small spaces.
  3. This foldable mattress has a detachable, washable cover for simple upkeep.
  4. The best foldable mattress UK has a supportive foam construction and a comfortable sleeping environment.
  5. 75 cm wide by 190 cm long and 10 cm thick are the measurements.
  6. Perfect for a relaxing camping trip or as a guest mattress.   

The Best Value

Inofia fold up mattress

  1. Compact Folding – This tri-fold mattress folds up easily for transportation.
  2. This fold up mattress is designed with premium Gel memory foams that are CertiPUR-US certified for safety.
  3. Superior Comfort – This tri fold mattress UK offers excellent support and helps to relieve pressure points, making for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  4. Simple Cleaning: The cover is detachable and machine washable for simple cleaning.
  5. Useful for all bed frames and even on the floor.
  6. A 100-night risk-free trial is included, giving you peace of mind when purchasing.   

The Best Of The Rest

Portable folding mattress single

  1. For convenient use, consider a portable design with carrying handles.
  2. The spine, neck, and head are supported by an ergonomic design.
  3. This folding mattress single features suitable dimensions for sleepovers, lounge activities, and uninvited visitors.
  4. The best foldable mattress UK is made from a sturdy, double-stitched upholstery fabric with a linen-like appearance.
  5. Filled with fire-resistant, high-quality polyester fibre from the UK.
  6. Designed and created with pride in the UK by the team at Loft25.   

Milliard Single foldable mattress uK

  1. A flexible folding bed that’s great for camping trips or unplanned visitors.
  2. A memory foam mattress offers cosy support and therapeutic benefits to this tri fold mattress UK.
  3. Airflow is enabled by the ventilated design for controlled sleep temperature from this foldable mattress UK.
  4. This foldable double mattress is constructed from foam that is CertiPUR-US certified and has a 10 cm high density, ensuring shape retention.
  5. Includes a removable, ultra-soft cover with a non-slip bottom.
  6. Compact when folded for simple storage, making mattress purchases less complicated.   

Inofia Double best folding mattress uK

  1. Versatile and Highly Portable – Perfect for tents, dorm rooms, mobile homes, camping, and unplanned visitors.
  2. High-density, dual-layer memory foam is used to create this mattress, which offers exceptional comfort and support for your body’s curves.
  3. Easy to Clean and Non-Slip Bottom – The best folding mattress UK has a non-slip bottom and a zippered, machine-washable cover that ensures stability on hard surfaces.
  4. This foldable double mattress is made with CertiPUR-certified foam as well as environmentally friendly fabric covers for a secure, comfortable night’s sleep.
  5. Long-Term Use: Our best folding mattresses are made to withstand regular wear and tear.
  6. Convenient Bed in a Box – Delivered right to your door, with a 100-night trial period that’s risk-free for you to buy confidently.   

Inofia folding mattress double

  1. The folding mattress double is perfect for unexpected visitors, college dorms, camping, or travel, portable and small. 
  2. Consists of 6″ of luxurious memory foam that is medium firm and provides excellent comfort and support. 
  3. Comes with a detachable, highly absorbent bamboo charcoal cover, ensuring a secure and healthy sleeping surface. 
  4. Stability is ensured by the non-slip bottom, which also improves comfort and smoothness. 
  5. Safe sleep is confirmed by CertiPUR-US certification, which is free of harmful chemicals. 
  6. Simple installation, risk-free 100-night trial, offers secure and practical purchase.   

Small Single fold away mattress

  1. Due to its unmatched portability, This fold away mattress is the best available for camping, RV travel, and hosting unexpected guests.
  2. Certification by CertiPUR and Oeko-Tex guarantees a safe, healthy sleeping environment free of dangerous substances.
  3. The high-density foam core offers comfort and support, easing pressure points and assisting spinal alignment.
  4. The mattress’ cutting-edge cover regulates temperature to prevent overheating and promote restful, undisturbed sleep.
  5. This tri-fold mattress is a sensible option because the cover is removable, ensuring simple maintenance.
  6. Our committed customer support guarantees satisfaction and provides quick assistance for any questions about mattress purchases.   

Vesgantti folding mattress uK

  1. The multipurpose tri-fold mattress from Vesgantti is great for short-term sleeping arrangements and can be converted into a sofa for reading or playing video games.
  2. This small folding mattress UK is ideal for travel or under-the-bed storage because it folds up easily and has a sturdy bag.
  3. The mattress provides superior comfort and support while relieving body pressure. It is made up of 3 cm of memory foam with gel infusion and 7 cm of high-density base foam.
  4. The knitted fabric cover of the mattress is skin-friendly, quick-drying, and simple to remove for washing, ensuring a calm and hygienic sleeping environment.
  5. The foldable double mattress is delivered vacuum-packed for simple setup and moving, and depending on the ambient temperature, it will fully expand in 24 to 48 hours.
  6. To guarantee that every one of our customers has a positive experience, our customer service team is always available to help with any questions or concerns.  

Portable Grey Folding portable mattress

  1. A versatile, foldable mattress that offers a comfortable night’s sleep anywhere.
  2. This portable mattress is compact and transportable, making it great for camping and travelling.
  3. High-density sponge provides the best pressure relief and excellent body support.
  4. The cover is ultra-soft, breathable, and removable for simple cleaning.
  5. This folding foam mattress is packaged in a box and shipped compressed and rolled.
  6. Reliable post-purchase support: we work to address any product issues.   

Compact Single fold out mattress

  1. Thanks to the versatile tri-fold design, A sofa, guest bed, or lounge chair can all be used simultaneously.
  2. Dual-layer foam Construction relieves pressure points on the body while providing the ideal balance of comfort and support.
  3. An extra soft fitted sheet is included, removing the need for a separate cover search.
  4. This folding foam mattress folds up into a small size for convenient storage and transportation.
  5. This fold out mattress features a long-lasting and hypoallergenic cover, made of luxuriously soft velvet.
  6. Exceptional After-Sales Service offers prompt problem-solving and guarantees customer satisfaction.   

Badenia Guest foldable single mattress

  1. This foldable single mattress is perfect for camping trips, sleepovers, and unforeseen visitors.
  2. Easily transportable and foldable for storage.
  3. Easy carrying is ensured by the lightweight design.
  4. The medium-hard foam core promotes restful sleep and support.
  5. This single folding mattress is machine-washable, 40°C-safe microfiber cover that is removable.
  6. A good mattress review is appropriate for a mattress buying guide. 

Light Blue folding guest mattress

  1. This folding guest mattress is a single size that fits adults, teenagers, and kids. 
  2. Features a water-resistant cover for a longer lifespan.
  3. Contains upholstery foam and memory foam for maximum comfort.
  4. When not used as a bed, this single folding mattress transforms into a seat or pouffe.
  5. Big enough to serve as a bed for an unexpected visitor.
  6. Its small size as a pouffe enables the best use of available space.   

Single foldaway mattress

  1. Outstanding portability makes it easy to use for RV trips, camping, and guest accommodations.
  2. This foldaway mattress is certified by CertiPUR and Oeko-Tex to provide a secure and healthy sleeping environment.
  3. The 15cm core foam ensures proper spinal alignment by providing comfort and support.
  4. A specially created cover controls temperature and avoids overheating for revitalising sleep.
  5. The removable and washable cover makes easy cleaning and maintenance possible.
  6. Reliable customer service ensures prompt assistance and excellent performance with this foldable double mattress

MAXYOYO tri fold mattress

  1. This tri fold mattress is adaptable and portable and measures 190 X 90 X 10 cm when flat.
  2. The compact 63 X 90 X 30cm folded dimensions save room.
  3. Made from premium Gel memory foam, CertiPUR-US certified for sound sleep.
  4. Provides exceptional comfort and support, relieving back, hip, and shoulder strain.
  5. Has a hygienic, breathable, ultra-soft cover that is machine washable.
  6. It fits all bed frames and even floors when delivered compressed and rolled.   

Grey cheap foldable mattress

  1. Better Sleep: Strong, long-lasting polyester PU fibre fabric improves sleep.
  2. Multipurpose Use: This cheap foldable mattress is perfect for camping, yoga, play mats for kids, and more.
  3. Unmatched Comfort: A soft and supportive surface is made possible by thick polyester filling.
  4. Convenient and Transportable: Made for simple storage and movement.
  5. Simple Upkeep: A waterproof fabric that is simple to keep clean.
  6. Proudly produced in the UK, guaranteeing quality and sturdiness.   

Why Choose a Folding Mattress?

When choosing the best foldable mattress for you, practicality and convenience should be prioritised. 

This is because these mattresses cater to a wide range of needs, meaning that they are the ideal solution for last-minute sleepovers or unexpected guests. They also avoid the bulk of air mattresses or awkward sofa beds

Features to Look for When Buying a Folding Mattress

In terms of use and storage, a tri-fold mattress offers greater flexibility. 

The cover should be removable and washable to maintain hygiene, whilst the quality of the foam is paramount. In addition, the size of the mattress should align with your necessary requirements.

How Does a Folding Mattress Compare to Other Types of Mattresses?

Compared to that of an air mattress or a floor mattress, comfort levels are typically higher with a folding mattress. Unlike a futon mattress or a sofa bed, a foldable mattress can be folded and tucked away when not in use. Consequently, this frees up valuable living room space. 

The best folding mattresses feature memory foam, therefore providing the same comfort level as a standard bed. This makes them excellent guest beds. 

Additional Information: The Versatility of a Folding Mattress

The best folding mattresses should fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, as well as providing a comfortable sleep. This further proves their versatility. 

When not used as a bed, a folding mattress can be a cushion for your bed frame or a mattress topper for your current mattress. Moreover, they’re useful for turning any area into a makeshift seating space when friends of family visit.

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