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Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair Ramps

What Are Scooter Ramps?

Mobility scooter or wheelchair ramps are regularly an afterthought post the purchase of a mobility scooter.

When you are looking to buy a ramp for a mobility scooter you should think about how you will use it.   This has an important bearing on the type of ramp that will be most appropriate for your needs. Typical circumstances where a ramp is used include:

  • At an entrance way to overcome a step
  • Mounting a kerb
  • Loading a wheelchair or scooter in to a vehicle

Where the ramp is to be used at a public entrance or access point it must be able to accommodate other users as well. This may exclude the use of portable ramps unless you are prepared to pack them away after each use.

Where the ramp is needed when you are out and about, it needs to be compact and lightweight so it is easily carried. Loading or unloading a scooter from a vehicle can be done with a variety of different ramps.

Choosing the Perfect Mobility Ramp

Ideally, the mobility ramp should come with a non-slip surface so that the wheels of the scooter can cling to it easily, even when it is placed at a steep incline.

Lots of different types of ramps have been created for people with different needs and it is a good idea to consider your needs carefully before purchasing and take a good look around at what is available.

As mobility ramps come in a number of different lengths, it is essential to carefully measure the flight of stairs, curb or other area that needs to be accessed to ensure that you order the right length for your needs, while the width of the mobility ramp is another factor that should be taken into consideration.

The Best Scooter Ramps For Sale

We have searched the market and identified what we think the best scooter ramps are.  Have a look and see what you think to them.

Mobility Scooter Ramp

scooter ramps


  • Easy mobility scooter ramp to transport and assemble
  • Provides plenty of grip in static use
  • Folds in half for easy storage
  • Very sturdy even when used by two people

ramp for mobility scooter

Avonstar Classic Range Foldable Door Ramp

mobility scooter ramps



– Comes in various different lengths at no extra cost
– Very strong and sturdy
– The ideal size for most doorways
– Smart modern design

scooter ramp

Mobility Scooter Ramps For Cars

ramps for scooters



– Very easy to carry and place in the desired location
– Very strong and sturdy and ideal mobility scooter ramp for cars
– Ideal for everyday use
– Enough support for two people

mobility ramp

Ramps For Mobility Scootersramps for mobility scooters



– Only a few centimetres wide when folded for easy storage
– Very strong and sturdy
– Easy to use
– The holes at the top of the mobility ramp allow it to be screwed in place

mobility scooter ramps for cars

A Cool Scooter Ramp

mobility scooter ramp



– Very solid and cool looking ramp
– Stays firmly in place at all times
– Can be cut to fit narrow doorways
– Ideal for shallow inclines such as curbs

mobility ramps

Large Scooter Rampscooter ramps for sale




– Very lightweight yet strong and large scooter ramp
– Easy to transport and reposition when desired
– Sturdy and stays firmly in place during use
– Ideal for regular use

telescopic ramps for mobility scooters

The Advantages of Telescopic Ramps for Mobility Scooters

Many of the leading scooter ramps are light enough so that they can be transported easily to any desired location and secured firmly in place.

People who are unable to climb a flight of steps can easily roll over the smooth surface of the ramp in their mobility scooter without having to get up and be helped up the stairs, which provides the user with extra freedom and independence.

Telescopic ramps for mobility scooters or wheelchairs can be folded when they are not in use and stored in a convenient place in the home. Most of these ramps are also small enough so that they can be placed in a car boot and taken out on day trips so that people who are confined to a mobility scooter can always be sure they will be able to access the café, restaurant or museum of their choice.

How to choose a ramp for a scooter

Here is a useful video that gives you some useful tips on how to choose a ramps for a scooter.

The Disadvantages of Cheap Mobility Scooter Ramps For Cars

People who choose cheap mobility scooter ramps for cars may well find that they are not durable or strong enough to meet their needs. If the scoot ramp is permanently fixed in an outdoor space, it needs to be weather resistant so that it will not become damaged by excessive sun and wind.

While aluminium is a popular choice for this type of scooter ramp, it is essential to make sure that they provide enough grip as they could easily become slippery during wet weather, which could make them dangerous. People who wish to take their scooter ramp with them when they go out will also need to choose the model carefully if they are travelling alone, as the weight of the ramp could make folding and carrying it a real chore.

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