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Cheap Electric Wheelchairs For Sale in 2020

If you are looking for the cheapest electric wheelchair for sale then you will find these below.

What is an Electric Wheelchair?

An electric wheelchair is also referred to as a powered or automatic wheelchair because it relies on a motor to run. The construction is a bit similar to the traditional manual chair except that this one operates automatically.

It means the user doesn’t need to push the wheels to get the chair moving. The upside of the design is that it gives the user freedom of movement. Without the need to have someone else pushing the chair, the user has access to many environments.

An electric wheelchair has a control function that allows the user to pilot the chair as required. These chairs have a range of movement, which determines how well it can manoeuvre.

Electric wheelchairs are designed for indoor use, but some of them are suitable for selected outdoor needs. The backrest of an electric wheelchair can recline or not, depending on the model. Some powered chairs have storage compartments such as pockets, baskets or cases to make it easy for users to carry things around.

Here is a short video on buying an electric wheelchair.

The cheapest electric wheelchairs and power wheelchairs for sale

SISHUINIANHUA Electric Wheelchair

  • The electric wheelchair has a comfortable handle adjuster that allows you to move the wheelchair.
  • It is portable as it has detachable legs which makes it easy to carry around
  • Equipped with the rear grip anti-slip design that ensures that the wheelchair doesn’t move backward
  • The pads are removable and can be easily washed
  • The pedals can be freely adjusted to allow easy movement

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RDJM Lightweight Dual Function Foldable Power Wheelchair

  • When fully charged the wheelchair could be operated for 18-25km at a speed of 6km/hour.
  • It has a power indicator light, speed indication, and a speed adjustment button
  • The wheelchair has a foldable backrest which makes it compatible to fit in the car trunk
  • It comes with two units of powerful motors
  • It has solid tires which are inflatable and wear-resisting

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KPLMⓇ Folding Portable Travel Powerchair

  • The wheelchair is easy to control as it has buttons installed at a hands reach
  • It is very light, and it weighs 38kg which means it can be easily carried
  • The wheelchair operates at 20-28km when fully charged at a speed of 6km/hour
  • The tires are made of strong, durable material that is resistant to wear and tear

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DONGBALA Lightweight Wheelchair

  • You can easily travel with the wheelchair as it can be dragged as a suitcase when folded
  • The wheelchair can be easily controlled by the user minimizing the need of nursing staff.
  • It is designed with a tilting backrest giving you a comfortable posture
  • It has an adjustable anti-fall belt which gives you additional protection
  • The wheelchair has a longer battery life which can be operated for a distance of 20 km

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Electric Multi-Functional Wheelchair

  • The wheelchair is made of aluminum which makes it light and easy to transport
  • It has a durable non-slip handrail and armrest to give you the needed support
  • Equipped with an adjustable seat belt to fit you comfortably
  • Can support a maximum user weight of 100kg
  • Has a foot bar that helps lift the curb

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GX-Wheelchair Electric Wheelchair

  • It has great shock absorption ability and a powerful obstacle performance
  • The seatbelts are adjustable which prevents the user from leaning forward
  • The wheelchair can be easily folded to make it more convenient to travel
  • The frame of the wheelchair is made of durable thick carbon steel to prevent rusting
  • It can easily adapt to any road surface which makes it easier to move around in

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 BBX Electric Wheelchair

  • It has a 360 degree intelligent and waterproof joystick that allows easily controlling
  • The tires of the wheelchair are solid, and inflatable that makes it easy for the wheelchair to turn
  • When fully charged it can operate for about 10 to 15 km at a speed of 6km/ hour
  • It has a horn button to alert people to move out of the way to make it easier for you to move
  • It has an adjustable armrest which makes it easier for you to reach tables

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Electric Wheelchair by KWK

  • This wheelchair has an overcharge discharge protection that disconnects your wheelchair once it is fully charged
  • It has the front shock absorption system and an overturn protection
  • It has a strong and thick frame that ensures it lasts for a long time
  • The wheelchair can be easily folded for storage and transportation
  • The rear wheel is a long life that ensures you move comfortably

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Foldawheel PW-1000XL

  • The wheelchair runs on a powerful and quiet motor which allows you to move freely in the house without making any noise
  • It can be easily folded for transportation and storage
  • It is lightweight as it weighs 60lb which makes it convenient when you want to carry
  • This wheelchair has two units of polymer Li-ion battery which allows you to travel for 18.5 miles
  • It has 19” between the armrest which gives you enough space to sit comfortably

CHUDAN Comfort Electric self-propelled wheelchair

  • The tires are inflatable and solid making them resistant to wear and tear
  • It is equipped with a non-slip lock-up mode which ensures that you don’t fall
  • The wheelchair is made of thick carbon steel which is rust-resistant for durability
  • It can be used on any terrain as it is designed to give you the needed comfort
  • Has shock absorber that ensures you are comfortable while using the wheelchair

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Dotters 36V 250W Electric Handcycle Wheelchair Attachment

  • The wheelchair is connected to a bike stand and two handlebars for easy control
  • It is made of high-quality material which is rust-resistant for durability
  • It is equipped with an LCD that shows the speed and charge percentage
  • The wheelchair moves at a maximum speed of 20km/ hour
  • It is equipped with a design crash barrier which ensures you are safe

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Who Would Use Powered Wheelchairs?

Powered wheelchairs are useful for any person with difficulties walking. Individuals with limited or no mobility can get powered wheelchairs to make it easy to get to places.

People suffering from long term conditions that make walking difficult can use electric wheelchairs for long distance needs. Individuals living with disabilities that heavily impact mobility and those with spinal injuries find great use for automatic chairs.

A powered wheelchair may be recommended for a person who is recovering from serious surgery that restricts movement. Electric wheelchairs provide an opportunity for all these people to have flexibility and enhanced quality of life.

If you want to buy a powered wheelchair then the price will depend on the functionality that you want it to provide.

Here is a video review of some of the best electric and powered wheelchairs.

What Is an Electric Wheelchair Price?

When looking up an electric wheelchair for sale, you will realise that wheelchair prices range widely. The price of an electric wheelchair typically starts from £1,000 and goes up to £2,000 for high-end designs. Many aspects determine the price of a powered wheelchair.

For instance, the material used for the frame. The frame material will dictate the weight of the chair for one. Some metal alloys that are used for wheelchairs such as aluminium produce lightweight products, which is always a big consideration.

The material will also determine the durability and look of the chairs. So, the higher the quality of the material, the more the wheelchair cost.

The type of battery and its range dictate the wheelchair price. It is why chairs with lithium-ion polymer batteries cost more than lead acid or Li-ion batteries because they are expensive to make and more durable.

The chair’s functionalities will matter as well. How far it can turn, the ability of the backrest reclining and the adjustability of the armrests are some of the features that drive up the wheelchair cost. Of course, the little extras like a pocket in the backrest or a lap belt will also influence cost.

If you want a cheap electric wheelchair, you can choose to do without some features.

What to Look Out for When Buying Electric Wheelchairs

Picking a powered wheelchair is a decision that requires careful consideration. Before you can start browsing for a suitable electric wheelchair for sale, understand the needs of the user.

How much the chair can move will determine what type works best.

For example, a person who can transfer to and off the chair without assistance will require flip-up armrests. These armrests go up to make it easy to get in and out.

Consider the distance that you need to travel to know the right battery range. If the chair is only used for limited movement around the house, it may not matter how much charge the battery holds.

However, a person who has to go out to the shopping centre or run some errands will need a battery that can last a significant while. Some manufacturers have wheelchairs that can hold more than one battery, meaning that users get a lot of mileage.

The user’s weight and height are critical because wheelchairs are designed with specific measurements. You have to get a chair that can accommodate the weight of the user.

Look at the distance between armrests and the depth of the seat. A wheelchair may be the right weight capacity, but the seat might be too small.

Decide whether you want the backrest/headrest to recline or not. The mobility of the user will matter here. If a person can lean back, then a reclining headrest may be preferable. A reclining back offers a chance to rest comfortably. If not, then an upright backrest may work excellently.

The ability of a power chair to fold is a big determinant for anyone who has to use a car. A cheap electric wheelchair that is easily foldable saves time when getting into a vehicle. The chair can also be stored without any trouble, making travelling convenient.

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