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How to choose a mobility scooter battery

Mobility scooters are generally incredibly eco-friendly, as they run on electricity and don’t generate any harmful emissions.  They are different to power chairs.  All mobility scooter batteries are 12 volt.  You would normally fit two batteries which means that you have 24 volts in total.

Mobility batteries provide the power for these energy-efficient vehicles, but just like a car battery, each model has different requirements, and eventually the battery will need to be swapped for a new model

In general mobility scooter batteries last between eighteen months and two years with moderate use and appropriate care (see more on this below).

Cheapest mobility scooter batteries – Some top tips before you buy

1. Not all mobility scooter batteries are the same. Some will perform better and last longer than others.

2. It’s likely that a battery will be supplied with your mobility scooter at the time of purchase, but after a while you’ll need to replace the battery – especially if you use the scooter frequently.

3. The lifespan of mobility scooter batteries can be greatly reduced or extended by the care you take to properly maintain the scooter and charge the battery.

4. Most mobility scooter batteries will need to be fully charged after each use – sometimes this can take eight hours or more.

5. It’s important that you don’t undercharge the battery consistently, as this can reduce its lifespan. Overloading your scooter with heavy bags and objects can also impair the efficacy of the battery.

6. When considering mobility scooter batteries, it’s important to firstly check which type of battery specification the scooter you have needs. Then you can research models and makes of mobility scooter batteries before comparing prices.

7. Bear in mind that the cheapest mobility scooter battery isn’t likely to be the of highest quality – but an expensive battery won’t automatically be the best option for you either.

8. Always purchase your mobility scooter batteries from a verified, reputable source – as some can be fakes which could at best be a waste of money and not work particularly well, and could potentially pose a danger to your safety at worst.  The cheap mobility scooter batteries we have listed below are all from reputable sources.

How to look after your mobility scooter battery

Here is a useful video that shows you how to get the most out of your mobility batteries.

Our ratings for the best and cheapest mobility scooter batteries available

Mobility Scooter Battery (AGM) 12v-12Ah


1. Much cheaper than you would pay at care shops

2. Long battery life

3. Batteries arrive fully charged

4. Lightweight, so easy to carry

Power Sonic PS1270 12V 7Ah AGM Battery


1. Lightweight

2. Fits most mobility scooters quite easily

3. Strong and positive reviews

4. Good value for money

Pair of 12v 12ah Mobility Scooter Batteries


1. Will arrive fully charged

2. Really good value for money

3. Really easy fitting

4. No quibble full manufacturer warranty

Ultramax NP20-12 battery

Ultramax NP20-12, 12v 20Ah 20HR (as 17Ah, 18Ah, 19Ah & 22Ah) Mobility Scooter, Jump Starter Battery


  • Fully supported warranty 
  • DIMENSIONS: L 181mm x W 76mm x H 167mm including terminals
  • Maintenance free gel battery
  • Well rated battery

Ultramax Gel Battery NPG20-12


  • All batteries have a 12 month guarantee
  • Standard dimension
  • Terminals are internal threaded connectors
  • Well rated battery

Mobility Scooter Battery (AGM) 12v

Mobility Scooter Battery (AGM) 12v-55Ah


  • Range of 30-35 miles
  • Suitable for a range of scooters
  • High capacity for longer range between charges
  • Standard battery dimensions


2 x ULTRA MAX 12V 80Ah batteries


  • Listing is for TWO batteries 
  • Brand New Fresh Stock for Maximum Performance
  • Longer lifespan due to Heavy-duty plates
  • Battery supplied Fully Charged

Ultramax NP12-12, 12v 12Ah 20HR


  • Great value for money
  • Will work with most mobility scooters
  • Lightweight which makes it easy to carry
  • Fully supported warranty from the manufacturer

Numax 24V Connect & Forget Battery

Numax 24V Connect & Forget Mobility Battery Charger 4amp


  • Numax 24V Connect & Forget Mobility Battery Charger
  • One of the best batteries available
  • Works with all mobility scooters
  • Fast charging

Mobility scooter chargers

The battery for your mobility scooter will need to be charged up after each use – and this is usually done using mobility scooter chargers.

Scooters normally come with a charger, but it’s likely that you’ll need to replace it at some point. There are a range of mobility scooter chargers available – and just like batteries, it’s important to make sure you choose one that is compatible with and suitable for your model.

The 3 key things to look for on batteries for mobility scooters

The volatage – Electric wheelchair or scooter batteries are 12 volt.  They are usually fitted in pairs which gives them a 24 volt output. If you are replacing batteries then we always recommend replacing them as a pair.

The power output – The power output on batteries for mobility scooters is marked in amp hours (Ah).  This can be usually found on the side of the mobility battery E.g. 12 volt 35A/h. The amp hour rate may vary slightly between manufacturers for a similar size battery.  Therefore, the physical size of the battery is the critical thing to look out for.

The battery Amp – The next thing to decide upon once you’ve identified which mobility battery Amp hour you require, is whether you want a GEL battery or an AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery this is often referred to as a sealed lead acid (SLA) battery.

Both batteries are sealed, non-spillable and maintenance free.

The main difference between the two is the performance and longevity of each. As the battery in a scooter or power chair is the only power source the battery is designed to work differently to other batteries.

How to change mobility batteries

If you need to change your scooter battery its important that you get it right, as doing it wrong can be a health and safety hazard.

Each mobility battery manufacturer will clearly demonstrate how their battery should be fitted.   However, to give you an idea as to what you need to do, you can watch the video that we have below.

We have also set out some really good tips about installing your battery:

  • Mobility scooters normally require two batteries with, as we stated above, a 24-volt connection.  Each battery will provide a 12 volt connection to give you 24 in total.
  • Never mix and match between different battery manufacturers or use batteries that have different date codes
  • You should also never mix Gel batteries and AGM batteries, as they are not designed to work together.
  • Always fully charge your scooter batteries prior to using it for the first time
  • Follow installation and start-up instructions provided by the mobility equipment manufacturer when you look to take your scooter out for the first time.

batteries for mobility scooters

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