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An examination has been conducted on some of the best products related to the mobility scooter alarm. Thoughts and experiences have been shared in the following reviews to assist individuals in finding the most suitable product to meet their needs. 

This task focuses on mobility, electric scooters, and accessories, including mobility scooter alarms and the all-important scooter alarm for theft prevention.

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The main users of these products are individuals with mobility issues who rely on electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters. The alarm system is an anti-theft alarm, offering protection against mobility scooter theft. 

This is not only a scooter accessory but also an essential mobility aid. The remote control feature adds a layer of convenience for users. With VAT relief and a clear returns policy, these products offer value for money and peace of mind. 

Walking aids such as walking sticks and frames are also part of the broader range of mobility aids, catering to the needs of those with mobility issues. However, the focus of this review is mainly on mobility scooter alarms. 

These alarms are part of the broader category of mobility scooter accessories, including items like the scooter bag and spare parts. Apart from the standard delivery, the delivery information, return, and refund policies are clearly stated. 

The green power aspect of electric scooters, electric bikes, and powered wheelchairs is also highlighted, enhancing their appeal to environmentally conscious users.

The Best Rated Mobility Scooter Alarm

Universal Motorcycle Alarm System

  1. Strong 125db siren and flashing warning lights discourage robbers
  2. The majority of DC12V motorcycles are compatible, improving anti-theft security
  3. For added security, include two remote controllers.
  4. Condensed and lightweight, making installation and carrying simple
  5. Provides defence against robbery and theft
  6. A satisfaction guarantee of 100% and round-the-clock customer support
  7. A refund policy is applicable to ensure the utmost client satisfaction.

The Best Value Mobility Scooter Alarm

Anti-Theft Bicycle Alarm System

  1. Mounts steadily on bikes with a mounting bracket and ring size adjustment
  2. A loud 113dB alarm with three volume settings effectively deters burglars
  3. Sensitivity can be changed from a soft touch to a forceful or vigorous blow.
  4. With an IP55 waterproof rating, it is suitable for outdoor use.
  5. Has a wireless control feature and a vehicle search function with a bright orange
  6. A vibration-activated alarm that works with a variety of cars and doors
  7. Serves as a noise generator to frighten off animals.

The Best Of The Rest Mobility Scooter Alarms

Wireless Vibration Alarm Overview

  1. Motion sensitivity that can be changed up to 20 metres away using a wireless remote control.
  2. Produces a powerful 113dB sound that successfully dissuades thieves.
  3. A SOS emergency feature and six customisable siren sounds for easy location identification.
  4. IP55 rated, dustproof and waterproof for outdoor use.
  5. Compact design, easily installed with a double-sided sticker or strap.
  6. Best burglar deterrent for windows, doors, bikes, and scooters.
  7. Runs on three *AAA batteries (not included), lasting six to ten months.

Wireless Remote Alarm Chain Lock

  1. Provides two ways to unlock: password or remote control
  2. A loud alarm goes off When a disturbed or wrong password is entered thrice.
  3. Multiple locks or comparable alarms can be controlled by one remote simultaneously.
  4. IP55 waterproof and able to withstand temperatures between -10 and +60 °C
  5. Fit for locking sports equipment, toolboxes, motorbikes, and more
  6. Perfect as wheelchair and mobility scooter attachments for increased security
  7. May also be used as a pressure-relieving or bathing aid.

Wireless Anti-Theft Vehicle Alarm

  1. Has a displacement sensor that measures three dimensions for accurate identification.
  2. The ringtone from the remote control helps locate the car quickly.
  3. When the bike tilts more than 45 degrees, an automatic help sound is activated.
  4. Adaptable sensitivity settings improve the security of bicycles.
  5. Features six-alarm sounds, including a powerful 113dB anti-theft sound.
  6. Made of sturdy, water-resistant plastic that works well in any weather.
  7. Perfect add-on for bikes, scooters, and other green power vehicles.

Wireless Security Alarms, 4-Pack

  1. Adaptable bike alarm for home security, motorbikes, scooters, and bicycles
  2. A SOS emergency alert feature with sensitivity levels that can be adjusted
  3. A loud alarm that can be adjusted in volume is IP55 waterproof for outdoor use.
  4. A vehicle search feature and wireless control with a range of up to 20 metres
  5. Easy installation with the included strap and sticker; no wiring needed; 6. Compact design for installation and concealment that is simple
  6. Fit for use as an anti-theft alert or mobility scooter accessory.

Enhanced Lancoon Bike Alarm

  1. Movement or vibration activates a loud anti-theft alert.
  2. A 113db alarm successfully deters bicycle thieves.
  3. A 4-key remote control makes operation simple.
  4. IP55 waterproof design that can be used outside.
  5. Cable ties and double-sided stickers are two installation techniques.
  6. Expandable and programmable to accommodate up to 8 remote controls.
  7. Adaptable to cars, e-bikes, scooters, motorcycles, and bicycles.

Universal Motorcycle Alarm System

  1. Ergonomically designed for user-friendliness
  2. Lightweight and simple to assemble 3. Suitable for all 12-volt motorcycles
  3. Has an electronic alarm system against theft.
  4. Complete with a shock sensor and two remote controls
  5. Assures security by requesting assistance in an emergency
  6. Powerful discouragement against pilfering.

Heavy Duty Motorcycle Alarm Lock

  1. This U-lock guarantees robust and long-lasting protection, resistant to up to 20 tonnes of shears.
  2. The lock with a 16mm thick rod ensures security for larger objects.
  3. A built-in 110dB alarm system effectively deters burglars.
  4. The alarm system runs on button batteries (LR44 or AG13).
  5. The lock’s completely enclosed construction makes it resistant to rain and water.
  6. Perfect for locking gates, fences, warehouses, motorcycles, and bicycles.
  7. Three all-brass keys, instructions, and extra batteries are included in the package.

Anti-Theft Motorcycle Lock System

  1. An alarm with a sensitivity of 130 dB
  2. A closed alarm system for prolonged exposure to water
  3. Sturdy alloy material that is resistant to rust and knocks 4. Improved anti-drilling with a bullet lock cylinder
  4. A helpful item that comes with a charging cable and bullet keys
  5. Beneficial for accessories for mobility scooters
  6. Products that are similar to transit wheelchairs and bath lifts.

Wireless Security Alarm Features

  1. Adaptable sensitivity levels provide versatility for a range of requirements.
  2. A wireless remote control can easily operate up to 20 metres.
  3. The SOS feature and loud 113dB alarm effectively dissuade burglars.
  4. It is appropriate for outdoor use thanks to its IP55 waterproof rating.
  5. Sticker or cable tie installation are the two convenient methods.
  6. It can be used with various vehicles thanks to the vibration trigger.
  7. It also helps with windows, doors, and other properties that require security.

Remote-Controlled Bicycle Alarm System

  1. The vibration sensor alarm sounds at 113 dB.
  2. Provides effective theft deterrent
  3. Made of robust, stain-resistant plastic
  4. Has an IP55 water resistance rating.
  5. Offers long-range wireless capabilities
  6. An easy installation procedure
  7. Adaptable to different types of vehicles.

Red KECOLNA Motorcycle Lock

  1. It sounds like a 110 dB anti-theft alert detecting vibration or shock.
  2. Made of forged stainless steel, which offers durability and strength.
  3. The lock and alarm are easily activated with a single press.
  4. The waterproof feature keeps rust from forming and enables use in wet weather.
  5. Fits the majority of motorcycles, including those with disc brakes.
  6. Lock, two keys, a carry pouch, an Allen key, and a reminder cable are included in the package.
  7. Committed customer support for all problems, including exchanges and refunds.

Alarmed Cycling D-Lock, Oxford

  1. Fulfils the Police Preferred Standard
  2. Secured by Design Accredited 
  3. Encourages long-term decreases in property theft
  4. Promotes best practices and design
  5. Reduces the need for police personnel
  6. Encourages society to be safer
  7. Has a theft alarm built in.

12V 7AH Alarm/Safety Battery

  1. Small size, easily integrating into a variety of devices
  2. A completely sealed design increases robustness
  3. Adaptable substitute for 7.2ah, 7.5ah, 8ah, and 6ah batteries
  4. Standard features Fast-On connectors with a 6.30mm width
  5. Adaptable to any orientation, providing installation flexibility
  6. A high burstiness level guarantees peak efficiency.
  7. Perfect for bathing assistance, spare parts, and anti-theft alarms.

Assessing Your Mobility Scooter Alarm Needs

Before purchasing a mobility scooter alarm, it is crucial to assess your needs. Do you use your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair frequently in public areas? If so, an anti-theft alarm might be necessary to guard against thieves. 

It’s worthwhile to consider VAT exemption for those who qualify, as this can substantially affect the cost. Customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the experiences of others and can aid in your decision-making process.

Types of Mobility Scooter Alarms

There are various types of mobility scooter alarms available. Some alarms are specifically designed for electric scooters, while others are suitable for powered wheelchairs. 

Every alarm has unique features, such as an SOS emergency alarm, which can benefit fall prevention. Exploring these options and considering which features align best with your needs is essential.

Features to Look for When Buying a Mobility Scooter Alarm

When purchasing a mobility scooter alarm, there are several features to look out for. The alarm should be easy to install, with clear instructions provided. An effective alarm will be loud to deter thieves and alert others nearby. 

Some alarms also come with a remote control for ease of use. It’s also worth considering an alarm that offers pressure relief for those using bathing aids or transit wheelchairs

Where to Buy a Mobility Scooter Alarm

There are several places where mobility scooter alarms can be purchased. These include physical mobility aid shops, where shop information and product details can be easily accessed. 

Alternatively, alarms can be purchased online, providing a broad range of options and often a secure checkout process. Remember to check the return policy before purchasing, and consider customer service reviews to ensure a smooth buying experience.

FAQs Related to Mobility Scooter Alarm

Q1: Can a mobility scooter alarm be used on an electric bike?

A: Some mobility scooter alarms can also double up as an alarm for an electric bike. Always check the product details to ensure compatibility.

Q2: What is the purpose of a SOS emergency alarm on a mobility scooter?

A: The SOS emergency alarm serves as a safety feature. In an emergency or a fall, the user can activate the alarm to call for help.

Q3: Are mobility scooter alarms easy to install?

A: Most mobility scooter alarms come with installation instructions and are designed to be user-friendly. If you encounter difficulties, customer service from the shop or manufacturer should be able to assist.

Q4: Are mobility scooter alarms VAT exempt?

A: Some mobility scooter alarms may be VAT-exempt for qualifying individuals. It’s advisable to check the VAT exemption policy of the shop or online platform you purchase from.

Q5: Can a mobility scooter alarm deter thieves?

A: Yes, the primary function of a mobility scooter alarm is to deter thieves by emitting a loud sound when an unauthorised movement of the scooter is detected.

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