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An examination has been undertaken of some of the finest garden shears on the market within the United Kingdom. The thoughts and experiences gathered from this personal review are shared in the subsequent sections. 

This article intends to aid individuals in finding the best product to cater to their needs, whether pruning shrubs or trimming hedges.

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The users of these garden tools are typically those who find joy in outdoor living, tending to their flower pots or maintaining their garden furniture. The assistance provided by these hand tools, such as the Wilkinson Sword garden shears or the long handled grass shears, is invaluable. 

Whether for topiary work or trimming grass edges, the right pair of shears can make all the difference. The blade quality, handle comfort, for example, an ash handle, and the overall design of the shears play a significant role in the task at hand.

Customer service and delivery information should be considered when purchasing garden shears or hand tools. Reputable garden centres and online platforms offer exclusive offers and buying guides, making the selection process easier. 

Many also provide comprehensive shipping and returns policies, ensuring the smooth delivery of your chosen tools, like the Pro Pruning Saw or Sophie Conran shears, directly to your door. 

The frequently asked questions and help information sections on these websites can be particularly useful.

The Best Rated Garden Shears

Darlac Telescopic Edging Shear Features

Darlac Telescopic Edging Shear Features

  1. Lightweight Telescopic Lawn Shear for easy lawn edging
  2. Extendable handles adjust from 660mm to 1080mm for all gardeners
  3. Wavy blades trap growth for efficient trimming
  4. Ergonomic oval profile aluminium handles ensure comfortable grip
  5. Long lasting with care; replacement blades available
  6. Award winning design innovations from Darlac
  7. Over 55 years of reputable service in gardening equipment.

The Best Value Garden Shears

Kimura® Pro Garden Shears

  1. Lightweight aluminium handles with soft TPR grips ensure comfort and control.
  2. Sharp Japanese SK5 steel blades offer precision and long lasting sharpness.
  3. PTFE coating on blades allows smooth, rust free cuts and prevents sap build up.
  4. Patented gearing technology offers three times more power on every cut.
  5. Durable construction with anti rust components and riveted handles for longevity.
  6. Wavy blades can cut larger stems, making it a versatile gardening tool.
  7. A lifetime warranty is included, reflecting confidence in the product’s quality.

The Best Of The Rest Garden Shears

Fiskars Powergear2 Hedge Shears

Fiskars Powergear2 Hedge Shears

  1. Boosts trimming efficiency with patented Power Gear technology
  2. Offers 3x more power with each cut 
  3. Features fully hardened, precision-ground 10 inch steel blades
  4. Blades remain sharp even after heavy use 
  5. Low-friction coating enables smooth glide through wood 
  6. Shock-absorbing bumpers minimise jarring at the cut conclusion 
  7. Suitable for garden outdoor use and pruning tasks
Robust Garden Shear Replacement

Robust Garden Shear Replacement

  1. Compatible with select KOMOK Professional Cordless Electric Pruning Shears
  2. Fits JYH-300, JYH-606(1.2″/30mm) and JYH-202(1.38″/35mm) models
  3. Forged from SK5 heavy duty steel for strength and rigidity
  4. Curved, sharp, rust-proof blade design for efficient cutting
  5. Enables quick trimming without damaging branches
  6. International products may vary slightly from local versions
  7. Aids in garden watering and pruning tasks, enhancing garden ornaments.
Aluminium Grip Garden Shears

Aluminium Grip Garden Shears

  1. High carbon steel blades ensure durability and longevity.
  2. Chemical nickled finish provides corrosion resistance.
  3. Handles extend from 720mm to 1050mm for compact storage.
  4. Ideal for precise lawn trimming and hedge maintenance.
  5. The aluminium body offers a lightweight yet robust gardening tool.
  6. Double bumper system reduces shock load for operator comfort.
  7. Weighing only 980 grams, they’re perfect for extended use.
19-Inch Garden Hedge Clippers

19-Inch Garden Hedge Clippers

  1. Quality 65Mn carbon steel blades ensure durable and sharp cutting.
  2. Low friction, rust resistant coating makes tough trimming jobs easy.
  3. Shock absorbing bumpers reduce pressure and fatigue in the arms.
  4. Triangular steel pipe is sturdy, with ergonomic non slip grips. 
  5. Ideal for trimming living branches, pruning fruit trees and landscaping.
  6. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor pruning tasks.
  7. Makes a wonderful gift for gardening enthusiasts.
Kew Gardens Woodland Shears

Kew Gardens Woodland Shears

  1. Ideal for shrub and grass trimming
  2. Made with sustainably sourced FSC hardwood handles
  3. Handles remain warm even in cold winter months
  4. Equipped with 8-inch carbon steel blades for persistent sharpness
  5. Includes rubber shock absorbers for comfortable use
  6. Perfect addition to your pruning tools collection
  7. Aids in responsible forestry management and biodiversity protection.
Easylife Lightweight Shears Guaranteed

Easylife Lightweight Shears Guaranteed

  1. Razor sharp shears for precision cuts
  2. Super lightweight, ideal for trimming hedges, shrubs and trees
  3. Easy to use, suitable for beginners and professionals
  4. Extra long reach, balanced and comfortable to use
  5. Ultra sharp blades capable of cutting stems up to 1.3cm thick
  6. Measures 67cm long and weighs just 788g
  7. Excellent after sales service ensures customer satisfaction.
Straight Edge Garden Shears

Straight Edge Garden Shears

  1. Straight edge for precise cutting
  2. Soft grip provides comfort
  3. Draper assures product quality
  4. Features part number 36800
  5. Ideal as a hedge trimmer
  6. Suitable for flower pot maintenance
  7. Alternative to lopper use
Lightweight, Professional Hedge Shears

Lightweight, Professional Hedge Shears

  1. Set includes 60cm Hedge Shears and 21cm Pruning Shears for versatile gardening.
  2. A special 20-degree cutting angle ensures comfortable use and less bending.
  3. Sharp, anti stick blades with large and small serrations for precise trimming.
  4. High-quality, durable blades made from forged carbon steel for longevity.
  5. Lightweight, strong aluminium material for easy control and environmental friendliness.
  6. Suitable for both novices and skilled professionals.
  7. AIRAJ offers robust after sales service for any issues or questions.
GARTOL Telescopic Hedge Shears

GARTOL Telescopic Hedge Shears

  1. Comfortable, adjustable handles for easy trimming and shaping
  2. Reach high shrubs with 26” to 34.6” extendable length
  3. Unique wavy-blade design ensures precise cuts
  4. SK5 high carbon steel blades for sharp, effortless cuts
  5. Adjustable blade tension for cutting denser branches
  6. Shock absorbing bumpers reduce noise, vibration and fatigue
  7. Full lifetime warranty for customer peace of mind.
Forged Q-23 Shears Guarantee

Forged Q-23 Shears Guarantee

  1. High cutting performance is ensured, up to 50% increased, through balanced construction.
  2. Durable Teflon coated blades contribute to sharpness and safety.
  3. Shock absorbing pads and ergonomic handles facilitate the cutting of dry wood and fresh branches.
  4. Precision polished blades can be individually adjusted, offering superior tool steel quality.
  5. Total length of 600 mm, forged blade of 225 mm and weight at 1006 Gr.
  6. Ergonomic 2 component handles designed for comfort and efficiency.
  7. A 30 day money back guarantee is provided for your assurance.

Edward Tools' Heavy-Duty Clippers

  1. Wavy carbon steel blades ensure clean, healthy cuts on shrubs, boxwoods, and weeds.
  2. Features ergonomic rubber grip handles for comfortable use.
  3. Shock absorbing bumpers decrease arm and hand fatigue during extended use.
  4. Solid steel frame construction enhances leverage and durability.
  5. International product with potentially differing fit, age ratings and instructions.
  6. Personal information stays secure during purchase.
  7. Finance options available for easy purchase.
Cranberry Kent & Stowe Shears

Cranberry Kent & Stowe Shears

  1. Carbon steel blades of high quality.
  2. The design is compact and extremely light.
  3. Perfect for shaping hedges and shrubs.
  4. Offers a 5mm cutting diameter.
  5. Comes with a five year guarantee.
  6. Functions as helpful gardening scissors.
  7. No need for chainsaw trousers.
Budget Range Linzi Shears

Budget Range Linzi Shears

  1. Boasts 260mm extra long forged steel blade
  2. Anti-rust coating ensures lasting usage
  3. Total length of 640mm with grippy handles
  4. Remarkably lightweight yet sharp and durable
  5. Enables clean, smooth cuts
  6. Ideal for manicuring boxwood, hedges, shrubs
  7. Perfect for shaping decorative topiary plants

Features to Look for When Buying Garden Shears

When purchasing garden shears, certain features should be taken into consideration. The specific garden tasks would determine the type of shears, such as hedges, pruning, or edging. 

The blade quality and handle comfort are significant factors. For instance, a pair of shears with an ash handle could provide a comfortable grip for prolonged use.

The availability of long handled tools is also advantageous. These provide extra reach, reducing strain when trimming hedges or pruning tall shrubs. 

Also, consider the weight and balance of the shears. A well-balanced pair of shears can make all the difference when carrying out garden tasks, reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency.

Lastly, the after sales service should be noticed. A company with a clear shipping policy and returns policy offers reassurance. An environmental policy shows the company’s commitment to sustainable practices, a plus in today’s eco-conscious world.

FAQs Related to Garden Shears

1. What is the difference between hedge shears and pruning shears?

Hedge shears are used for trimming and shaping hedges. They have long handles and a relatively short blade. Pruning shears are designed for cutting branches and stems. They have shorter handles with a sharp, pointed blade for precision cuts.

2. Is it necessary to have long handled tools in the garden?

Long-handled tools such as loppers and hedge trimmers can benefit the garden, especially when reaching tall hedges or branches. They can reduce the need for ladders, making the task safer and more efficient.

3. Are garden shears suitable for cutting all types of plants?

Garden shears are versatile tools and can be used on various plants. However, the shears used would depend on the specific plant type. For instance, edging shears are great for trimming grass edges, while pruning shears are better suited for shrubs and small branches.

4. What is the best way to store garden shears?

Garden shears can be stored in a dry, clean place like a garden storage shed. Keeping them clean and dry helps prevent rust and ensures they remain in good condition for longer.

5. Are garden shears available for purchase in Northern Ireland?

Yes, garden shears are available for purchase in Northern Ireland. Many garden centres and online platforms offer a variety of garden shears and other garden tools, delivering across the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland.

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