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Home Reversion Plans

I’m sure you will agree that when it comes to better understanding how equity release works, it can get confusing.   This is why we are here to help you by explaining what a home reversion plan is.

The key topics in this guide will help explain it all to you in a very straight forward way.  In this guide,you will find

  • What a home reversion plan is 
  • Where you can find people to help you find the best equity release deal

You can also read here more about how an equity release scheme works.

Some background

Equity release schemes are rapidly growing in prevalence in the UK and overseas – and with good reason. As more and more people are unfortunately finding they have left it too late to prepare for the cost of care, equity release is understandably becoming an increasingly popular option.  The two most popular options are lifetime mortgages or home reversion plans.

Why is equity release a popular choice when deciding how to pay for care?

When the opportunity to put aside money to pay for care in the future has passed, the range of options for investments that don’t affect quality of life and inheritance begin to narrow. Therefore equity release has become one of the most viable and attractive ways to fund care – and with good reason. Equity release schemes enable you to retain ownership of your home and in most cases continue to live there.

Some people won’t be eligible for certain types of equity release schemes – or it may not be a suitable option at all.

What is a home reversion plan?

A home reversion plan is primarily suited to individuals over 65 looking for a method to specifically help them pay for care administered at home – either long-term or in the near future.

Home reversion companies specifically offer one type of equity release scheme, which allows you to instantly release and use a portion of the money tied up in your property.

In essence a home reversion plan involves selling all or part of your property for a sum less than its market value. In return you’ll receive a tax-free lump sum or regular guaranteed income. Meanwhile you’ll be able to remain living at home as a tenant, completely rent-free.

Although a home reversion plan sounds attractive at first glance, there are some important aspects of this type of equity release scheme to think about.

Before you approach home reversion companies, carefully consider your future prospects and be honest with yourself and family members about how realistic it is that you will be able to remain at home for the rest of your life.

Home reversion plans tend to be inflexible in the event of a change of circumstance – and leaving the contract early would force you to buy back the share you sold at full market value. This can be tricky if your money is tied up paying for the ongoing cost of care – and also leaves you significantly out of pocket after the original sale was made below market value.

A home reversion plan is undoubtedly a high-risk option – but it can be incredibly useful for individuals who know that they are likely to remain in their own home and need to release funds early to pay for home care administration or modifications to their property to enable them to stay.

Because this option is only suitable for those who know that they can and will remain at home it can be a little restrictive – and is naturally not open to everyone.

Here is a video explaining how a home reversion plan works.

How do I know whether a lifetime mortgage or home reversion plan is the best option for me?

Choosing the best equity release scheme for your needs will depend on your personal situation and future prognosis.

For example, if you have recently been diagnosed with a long-term health condition it’s important to have a frank and realistic discussion with the medical professionals in charge of your care.

Explain that you are considering financial options to help you to pay for imminent care needs, and ask that they are honest and give a detailed explanation of the type of issues you may encounter in the future, and the level of care that is likely to be required.

Who can help me find the best Home Reversion scheme?

It is essential that you use a specialist to secure a Home Reversion scheme.   They will ensure that your interests are always protected and also ensure that you dont waste thousands of pounds on a bad deal.

There are two options for you to consider.

Option 1 – Find an advisor in our directory of advisors

We have created a directory of advisors that specialise in helping people find the right equity release provider.  The directory has advisors listed from all over the country.   You can access the equity release advisor directory here.

Option 2 – Let us, the UK Care Guide, find an advisor for you

If you do not feel confident in choosing an advisor, you can leave your details below, and we will find an advisor for you.   We do not charge for this service and it is absolutely free.

Here is a video from Martin Lewis on ‘This Morning’ explaining why you should speak to a specialist before taking on an equity release plan.

TAKE ACTION HERE  – At UK Care Guide, we have compiled an independent list of equity release specialists.   They will all be able to discuss and guide you on whether its the right option and also help you find an equity release provider.   You can access a list of them here.

Although not impartial, home reversion companies and equity release providers can also provide clear and comprehensive information about specific products. Obtaining professional advice is however a savvy move – and although you’ll have to pay a fee for their guidance, it can be invaluable and save costly mistakes or difficult situations further down the line.  We have seen plenty of examples of people not taking advice and really paying the price for it.  

For more expert insights and professional assistance with the financial aspects of care, take a look at our related articles here. You may also like to browse our directory of financial professionals who specialise in later life and care provision.

The benefits of taking financial advice

As well as the video above where Martin Lewis talks about why you should speak to an advisor before taking out an equity release scheme, we recommend you watch this really useful video from the government’s Money Advice Service where individual’s talk about the benefits of taking independent financial advice.

If you would like some help in finding an Equity Release specialist then leave your details below and we will find someone for you to speak to.  This service is offered for free!