GPS Trackers For The Elderly | December 2023

The GPS tracker for older people is an innovative item made specifically with the elderly in mind. The fear of losing track of elderly loved ones, specifically those with disabling conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s, is a common worry. 

However, the GPS tracker can be used by family members, carers, and care facility staff to find lost patients, providing further peace of mind.

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In addition to basic tracking, these gadgets provide a variety of necessary features. Notably, they might include emergency call buttons, geofencing tools to notify carers when their charges leave a particular area and even medical features like fall detection. 

By lowering the dangers brought on by memory loss, confusion, and physical frailty, these features significantly increase the safety of senior citizens. Additionally, these trackers are typically lightweight and portable, meaning that they are convenient for older users.

Our thorough review examined some of the top GPS trackers for older people. These premium goods perform remarkably well in terms of precision, dependability, and battery life. They are also user-friendly, meaning that they are simple for the elderly to use. 

Our review allows prospective buyers to choose a product that best meets their needs, as well as those of their elderly loved ones. Therefore, the security and well-being of the elderly can be significantly improved with the right GPS tracker.  

The Best Rated

best dementia gPS tracker uK

  1. GPS technology that is portable and lightweight is perfect for covert tracking.
  2. A 1500mAh battery with a 30-day standby time guarantee.
  3. The best dementia GPS tracker UK is reasonably priced, with monthly subscriptions starting at £5.24. 
  4. With every tracker, a free 7-day trial is offered.
  5. Real-time GeoFence, movement, and battery alert notifications.
  6. Every 40 seconds, quick location updates are provided for precise tracking.   

The Best Value

GPS tracker for elderly uK

  1. This GPS tracker for elderly UK offers 4G LTE and triband technology for unlimited distance real-time location tracking.
  2. The included international SIM offers Complete EU and global coverage.
  3. Measures 4.7cm x 4cm x 1.7cm, weighs 42g and is incredibly small and light.
  4. Adaptable use as a tracker for cars, animals, luggage, keys, or private items.
  5. Up to 6 days of real-time tracking are possible with a rechargeable battery or 75 days in battery-saver mode.
  6. When GPS is unavailable, it features Wi-Fi and GSM backup for precise location tracking.   

The Best Of The Rest

gPS tracker for elderly people

  1. This tracker for dementia patients UK offers unrestricted GPS tracking with real-time location information throughout Europe.
  2. Real-time updates every ten seconds guarantee that family members are always aware of loved ones’ whereabouts.
  3. This GPS tracker for elderly people features an integrated alert button and voice call function to make rapid emergency response possible.
  4. Alerts for zone entry and exit enable prompt intervention when routine is disturbed.
  5. The history feature makes it possible to track travel patterns to stop loved ones from getting lost.
  6. A seven-day battery life guarantees reliable operation and quick charging in two hours.   

best gps tracker for elderly uK

  1. This dementia GPS tracker has up to 5 metres of accuracy with an unlimited tracking range in open areas.
  2. Multiple device management is available for free through your account.
  3. The geo-fence alarm feature on the APP improves child safety.
  4. The best GPS tracker for elderly UK saves time and money by storing a 6-month history of the route for analysis.
  5. Completely competent customer service dedicated to offering the best resolution.
  6. Needs a sim card, which is not included and has some recommended providers.

tracker for elderly people

  1. Real-time tracking for pets, family members, or belongings ensures item security.
  2. This tracker for elderly people includes a location-finding alarm for when the device is not visible on the map.
  3. For added security, anti-loss alerts start to sound when the device leaves the Bluetooth range.
  4. Only 7g and 37mm x 37mm in size, this design is small and light.
  5. Versatile use is appropriate for families, pets, and humans and is excellent as a gift.
  6. Comprehensive operating instructions and battery information are provided for ease of use.   

dementia tracker bracelet uK

  1. Pre-installed SIM, free setup, and technical support for the broadest possible mobile coverage.
  2. A fall detection feature automatically alerts the user after a severe fall.
  3. This tracker for dementia patients UK features the SOS emergency assist button for immediate contact and location alerts.
  4. Geo Zones and intelligent location tracking provide precise outdoor and estimated indoor tracking, respectively.
  5. This dementia tracker bracelet UK features two-way phone calls that allow communication without using a mobile phone.
  6. Bronze, Silver, or Gold service plans are among the options that are available for activation. 

dementia gPS tracker uK

  1. Free GPS Tracker App: Manage numerous devices and track in real-time with an accuracy of up to five metres. 
  2. Compact and Versatile: Measuring 55mm*36mm*21mm, it can track various objects, including cars and personal belongings.
  3. Historical Data Access: This dementia GPS tracker UK allows for the six-month historical path of the device to be viewed and played. 
  4. When a device leaves a defined area, the geo-fence feature sends a notification to a designated number or app.
  5. Longer Battery Life: A 1500mA Li-ion battery can last up to 25 days on standby. 
  6. Lightweight and having a built-in magnet, the concealable design enables quick and discrete placement.   

gPS tracker for dementia patients uK

  1. This GPS tracker for dementia patients UK provides precise, real-time tracking with up to 16-foot positioning accuracy.
  2. A geo-fencing feature alerts the user if the device leaves a set area.
  3. Built-in magnet allows for simple attachment to metal objects and is ideal for widespread use.
  4. Includes extra features like a power-saving mode, vibration and over-speed alarms, and more.
  5. Delivers flawless performance and is cross-platform compatible for use worldwide.
  6. It allows tracking via Android and iOS apps and any computer or tablet.   

the best personal gPS tracker uK

  1. GSM’s four-frequency network and built-in global access parameters are included in the phrase “global universal support.”
  2. Utilises GPS, Wi-Fi, and LBS to provide precise indoor and outdoor positioning.
  3. Monitoring across multiple platforms: Supports Apple, Android, and other network clients.
  4. Geofence Function: Allows for creating a circle-shaped electronic fence that, if breached, sets off an alarm.
  5. Two-way voice functionality is included in the emergency SOS call feature.
  6. The best personal GPS tracker UK features language time zone adjustments and non-interference mode in the custom settings.   

dementia trackers uK

  1. Multiple precise positioning modes are available for accurate, unrestricted tracking, including GPS, GSM, WiFi, and LBS.
  2. These dementia trackers UK feature a positioning query and SOS function for emergencies, giving you peace of mind.
  3. Strong magnets built into the ultra-portable size allow for quick and secure vehicle attachment.
  4. It is multifunctional, With features like voice control, real-time tracking, and historical trajectory.
  5. Just insert a working SIM card to start using it; no installation is necessary.
  6. Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee to guarantee the best possible customer care and product quality.   

tracker watch for elderly people

  1. Gives live tracking and past location information for the highest level of security.
  2. This tracker watch for elderly people is easily attachable to a lanyard or key ring, weighing only 23g.
  3. Able to withstand splashes or puddles while maintaining consistent performance.
  4. Includes a virtual fence that sounds an alarm when the tracker leaves a specific area.
  5. Features app sharing, perfect for friends, family, and carers.
  6. Includes a subscription-required SOS feature for emergencies.

The best dementia tracker watch uK

  1. The best dementia tracker watch UK provides historical and real-time location tracking.
  2. Possesses WiFi, GPS, and LBS capabilities.
  3. Includes a free application that can be shared.
  4. Following a free week of use, a subscription is required.
  5. Allows calling and receiving, as well as SOS.
  6. On standby, a rechargeable battery can last up to three days.   

personal gPS tracker

  1. This personal GPS tracker delivers worldwide coverage via an iOS or Android app, ensuring accurate location tracking.
  2. Helpful in tracking various things, including loved ones and vehicles.
  3. Customizable alerts, the SOS button, and geo-fence zones improve the user experience.
  4. Features a battery that can be recharged and used for up to five days.
  5. Compact design enables covert placement on a variety of items.
  6. Products sold abroad might be different from local versions.  

trackers for dementia patients uK

  1. These trackers for dementia patients UK encourage lucid two-way communication for better family care.
  2. Uses a variety of positioning systems to quickly and precisely locate objects.
  3. Provides mobile access to 180 days’ worth of historical tracking information.
  4. When a user leaves a designated safe area, an intelligent alarm system alerts the user’s family.
  5. Ideal gift to safeguard loved ones and ease potential concerns.
  6. The ergonomic GPS wristband design provides A user-friendly replacement for conventional devices.   

wearable gPS tracker for elderly people

  1. This wearable GPS tracker for elderly people features a powerful magnetic field that causes automatic absorption on metal surfaces.
  2. Mobile phones are operable remotely, allowing for various features like tracking and recording. 
  3. Enhances position accuracy by supporting both GPS and LBS tracking systems.
  4. Tracking software can track people, cars, and other objects.
  5. Allows for the deletion of memory content, phone rebooting, and restoring factory settings.
  6. Requires inserting a SIM card before charging; a TF card is required for recording.   

Deciding on the best GPS tracker for your elderly loved one

It is essential to spend time choosing the best GPS tracker for an elderly relative. It is important to note that there are many products on the market, each offering unique features and abilities. However, the elderly person’s safety and comfort should always be prioritised. This means it is best to find a device that offers real-time tracking, immediate alerts, and an SOS button. 

The personal GPS tracker should be simple, meaning that an elderly person can easily use it. GPS tracking technology has advanced significantly, consequently providing features such as real-time location updates and mobile phone alerts. 

These are essential characteristics to search for, as they enable carers to track the whereabouts of their patients in real time. Some GPS systems even include a SIM card, meaning that a separate mobile phone is unnecessary. 

The tracking device should also be compatible with well-known websites, such as Google Maps, for ease of use. These crucial components are included in tracking devices, including the GPS SmartSole and the GPS watch from Age Co. 

For instance, the GPS SmartSole is a dementia tracker that slips into the wearer’s shoe and provides real-time location updates. Alternatively, the GPS watch from Age Co is perfect for home care. This watch features a personal alarm with live location tracking,

Another noteworthy item is Project Lifesaver, which is especially useful for people with dementia. This personal tracker is perfect for ensuring the safety of elderly people, as it provides real-time tracking and an alarm system. To add another level of security for the elderly, the Medical Guardian is a GPS locator with a mobile alarm.

Features to Look For When Buying GPS Tracker For The Elderly

When buying a GPS tracker for an elderly parent or relative, there are a few essential features to consider. Firstly, the device must provide real-time tracking. By allowing carers to monitor their loved one’s location, this feature offers security and peace of mind. Additionally, the device should send out immediate alerts if an elderly person leaves a designated area or in an emergency.

Another essential component is the existence of an SOS button. If the elderly person is in danger or needs immediate assistance, the SOS button enables them to alert their carers. This feature is integrated into some devices, adding an extra layer of security. For instance, the Bay Alarm Medical GPS tracking system.

Moreover, the tool should be easy to carry and use. For instance, a GPS-tracking watch is a valuable option as you can wear it on your wrist. Whilst remaining undetectable, discreet wearables can be inserted into shoes to provide helpful location tracking. For instance, the GPS SmartSole.

The GPS unit should also have a long battery life, as well as being simple to charge. This guarantees that the device won’t need to be recharged regularly in order to continue tracking. These features mean that products like the Personal Tracker from Age Co are dependable options for elderly care.

Understanding the Importance of a GPS Tracking Device for Home Care

A GPS tracking device is a crucial component of home care, providing elderly people with an essential safety net. These tools make carers aware of where their loved ones are, consequently offering comfort and easing anxiety. 

Whether the elderly person lives alone or with family, a GPS tracker ensures that they can be found quickly in case they wander off or get lost. Thanks to gadgets like the GPS watch and SmartSole, caretakers can always be aware of their patients’ precise location. These offer real-time location tracking. 

This is especially helpful for dementia patients who are particularly prone to wandering. Caretakers can set up geofences, receiving immediate alerts if the elderly person leaves the predefined area with a GPS locator. For instance, the Medical Guardian or the Personal Tracker from Age Co offer this feature.

In addition to location tracking, some of these gadgets include an SOS button. When an emergency arises, the elderly person can use this feature to alert their carers immediately. For example, the Bay Alarm Medical GPS tracking system incorporates this feature to provide seniors with an extra security measure.

These tracking devices may also have extra capabilities, such as fall detection and heart rate monitoring. These functions can notify carers of potential health problems and, if necessary, empower them to take immediate action. A GPS-tracking device makes home care more manageable, consequently guaranteeing the security and well-being of elderly people.

Evaluating the Benefits of a GPS Tracker for Dementia Patients

It is important to not that patients with dementia can greatly benefit from using a GPS tracker. As memory loss and confusion are common symptoms of dementia, patients are more likely to wander and become lost . 

To ensure the safety of the dementia patient, carers can track their location in real-time using a GPS tracking device. For example, a GPS watch or a GPS SmartSole. The tracking device may also have an SOS button that, which enables a dementia patient to alert their carers immediately, in case of emergency. 

As dementia patients frequently find themselves in situations where they are confused and need immediate assistance, this feature is especially beneficial. Additionally, some GPS tracking gadgets include extra features like geofencing. 

As a result, carers can set up a predetermined area, consequently receiving alerts if the dementia patient leaves it. For instance, products such as the Personal Tracker from Age Co. and the Bay Alarm Medical GPS tracking system have this feature.

Additionally, the GPS tracking system employed by these gadgets is typically compatible with well-known websites, such as Google Maps. 

It is crucial to recognise that caretakers can ensure the well-being of dementia patients with a GPS tracker, providing these patients with necessary attention and assistance.

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