GPS tracker for the elderly in 2020

What Is A GPS tracker?

This is a piece of technology that helps to track and pinpoint its carrier’s precise location. GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System, is a satellite-based navigation system that allows a GPS tracking device to link up with a network of satellites in orbit so as to gain its location. The location is then recorded on the device or transmitted to a central database.

GPS trackers come in all sizes, shapes, and with a variety of features to ensure safety and security. Although most of them are multipurpose and can be used to track virtually anything, today we’ll focus on people trackers, particularly the ones that are ideal for the elderly.

Ways It Helps an Elderly Person

A person’s memory gets weaker with age and they become susceptible to diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Seniors with these conditions tend to be more forgetful and easily confused or disoriented.

This is a massive problem since they can get lost or worse, become a victim of rape, kidnapping, or an accident. This is where an elderly tracker comes in. It allows you to know your loved one’s whereabouts without them feeling monitored. So, how does this device help an elderly person?

Route History: GPS trackers store the location data for a given period of time. Caregivers, as well as the elderly themselves, can examine the routes taken so they are prepared for any future incidents.

Security: These devices come with an SOS/panic button. When pressed, it can alert the authorities, send an alert to a preset number, and most importantly, send the precise location. This can be the difference between life and death in case a loved one is in a dangerous situation.

Piece of mind: It’s comforting for the elderly to know that they have options in case they get lost and that someone knows their whereabouts. This provides a great sense of safety and freedom.

Here is a short video with tips on what to look for when buying a GPS tracker for an elderly or senior person.

The best GPS Tracker’s for the elderly 

Yepzon Freedom GPS Tracker

best GPS tracker for the elderly

  • Utilizes three different tracking technologies (GPS, cellular 3G, and Wi-Fi), for precise indoors and outdoors tracking.
  • The easy-to-use Yepzon app supports multi-connection with one smartphone
  • It has foolproof data security to ensure your privacy
  • It’s water-resistant and shockproof
  • In case of a dangerous situation, the user can get help with just a push of a button

best GPS tracker for the elderly

SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Tracker

best GPS tracker for the elderly

  • This is dementia best GPS tracker for the elderly as it provides reliable communication even when patients wander beyond the boundaries of cell service
  • It features a custom tracking rate, which allows users to customise the rate at which tracks are sent
  • It’s compact and light for portability
  • It sends one’s GPS location to emergency responders with the press of a button
  • It begins to transmit GPS coordinates when it detects movement, thereby saving battery power

best GPS tracker for the elderly

Yepzon One Personal GPS Tracker for the Elderly

cheap GPS tracker for the elderly

  • The easy-to-use Yepzon app allows for multiple users and devices
  • You can set it on sleep mode when not in use, which is a great battery saving feature
  • It works in any part of the world, so long as you buy roaming time
  • It’s a cheap GPS tracker for the elderly with free application and affordable service
  • The app comes with 24/7 customer support

cheap GPS tracker for the elderly

Tracker Expert Personal GPS Tracker for the Elderly

GPS tracker for elderly reviews

  • You can phone your loved one thanks to the two-way communication feature
  • The geo-fence feature alerts you if the elderly person wanders away from the designed safe zone
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • It’s pretty small, making it convenient to use every day without any intrusions
  • The tracker can detect a fall and will alert the authorised numbers

GPS tracker for elderly reviews

GPS Tracker Watch for Dementia

GPS tracker for elderly reviews

  • This is another dementia tracker that offers real-time tracking
  • It comes with an SOS button and two additional buttons to contact three preset numbers in case of an emergency
  • The calf leather wristband material is soft and scratch-resistant, making it wearable for a long time
  • It supports mp3/mp4 player

GPS tracker for elderly reviews

SureSafeGO 2 ‘Anywhere’

personal gps tracker for the elderly

  • As dementia best GPS tracker for the elderly, this device features a fully mobile alarm, geo-fencing, two-way communication, and an SOS button
  • It comes with a roaming SIM card, allowing it to work internationally
  • With flexible wearing options, it can be worn on a key ring or around the neck
  • The device can detect a fall and send an alert without the user having to press a button
  • It’s water-resistant

personal gps tracker for the elderly


personal gps tracker for the elderly

  • The device can track movement in real-time
  • Users can send a distress signal with the push of a button
  • It also detects falls and sends a signal, which can be quite helpful in case the user is unconscious
  • The geo-fencing feature allows you to set perimeter boundaries to keep track of a wandering elderly
  • It’s weather-proof

personal gps tracker for the elderly

CPR Guardian II Watch

gps tracking for elderly bracelet


  • This is the most comprehensive, discreet, and comfortable GPS tracking for elderly bracelet with nationwide coverage, geo-fencing, SOS button, two-way communication, route playback, and much more
  • It features a heart rate monitor
  • With a mobile phone built-in, users can make or receive calls and voice messages.
  • It has a smart modern design with a comfortable, hypoallergenic, and soft watch strap
  • Made from the highest quality materials to withstand frequent use

gps tracking for elderly bracelet

Secure Live GPS tracker

gps tracking for elderly bracelet

  • This GPS tracking for elderly bracelet is not only a tracker, but also a watch and a phone
  • With a press of a button, wearers can contact emergency numbers when in distress
  • You can also create virtual perimeter boundaries and receive alerts when they are breached
  • Real-time tracking, updated every 60 seconds
  • The SIM card connects to the strongest mobile network to give precise GPS locations

gps tracking for elderly bracelet

Amcrest GPS Tracker

elderly tracker

  • It sends alerts when the wearer moves, exits pre-determined safe zones, exceeds a set speed, or the device has a low battery
  • The battery can last up to 10 days
  • No contracts, activation fee, or cancellation fee
  • Compact, so effortless to carry
  • Features a well-designed user interface for ease of use

elderly tracker

BuFan Mini GPS Tracker

people tracker


  • This is another cheap GPS tracker for the elderly with real-time tracking
  • It features tracking, anti-lost, and anti-theft functions, allowing it to protect the elderly, children, and even cars
  • It keeps track of the routes travelled so you can review then and prepare for any future incidents
  • The device automatically links to Google maps so the wearer can view and see where they are
  • The geo-fencing feature helps to keep track of wandering users

gps tracking for elderly bracelet

TKSTAR Mini Waterproof Tracking Device

dementia gps tracker

  • You get a free SIM card upon purchase
  • You can live-track your loved one or view their journey history from any PC, tablet, or smartphone
  • The geo-fencing feature can be set to protect wandering elders
  • When you call the tracker, you’re automatically linked to Google maps, showing the trackers exact location

dementia gps tracker

Techsixtyfour – Gator Kids and Seniors Smartwatch

dementia tracker


  • This GPS tracking for the elderly bracelet is another tracker, phone, and watch combined
  • The device connects to UK’s strongest mobile network, making it much more reliable
  • It uses two tracking technologies to ensure precise tracking: WI-FI for indoors and GPS for outdoors
  • You can see the route your loved one takes
  • It’s secure –end to end encrypted


dementia gps tracker

How Does A Tracker Help Someone With Dementia?

Independence: Wandering, disorientation, and confusion are common with dementia. A dementia GPS tracker allows seniors to go for walks and run errands without the pressure of being accompanied.

Help with memory loss: People with dementia don’t get to enjoy the basic, routine familiarity they once had. Even the basic memories like finding one’s home can become a monumental task. A dementia GPS tracker gives instant location and sends you straight to that location on Google Maps.

Set up a virtual fence: Most elderly trackers have a geo-fencing feature, which allows you to set perimeters around a particular area. The device will send a warning signal if the wearer exits the defined safe zone. As you can see, this can help keep track of a wandering elderly.

Key Things to Look Out For When Choosing A GPS Tracker for the Elderly


People trackers are often attached to one’s body or personal item. They need to be compact enough to be brought practically anywhere without being noticed.

Real-time tracking features

The sole purpose of tracking an elderly person is to ensure their safety and security at all times. That’s why you need a device that shows real-time information on their location.

A device that’s able to connect to multiple satellite systems will deliver more accurate locations. You also need a tracker that issues instant alerts if the elderly person leaves a safe zone, changes their location, falls, or breaches speed limits while driving.

Ease of use

Elderly people need a device that’s easy to use due to their cognitive impairment.

Battery life

Needless to say, battery life affects the efficiency of a device. Choose one whose battery life is long enough to suit your loved one’s lifestyle. The longer the battery life, the better the tracker!


A GPS tracker should be made of high-quality material, which is lightweight, water-resistant, and doesn’t break easily, to withstand frequent use and outdoor settings.

Distress Button

This is a very important feature to look out for when buying a GPS tracker. Users can press it when they are in distress to alert the authorities and even send an alert to a preset contact.

Two-way Communication

This feature allows for communication between the caregiver and the elderly person. You can even listen in on the device’s environment for possible dangers.


Most GPS trackers use cellular connection for data transmission. One with a global roaming SIM card is more ideal as it allows you to track your loved one anywhere on the planet.

How Much Does A GPS Tracking Device Cost

These devices range in cost from around £50 to £300. The exact price will depend on the brand, design, battery power, quality, and any additional features. Most basic trackers don’t have 2-way communication or geo-zone technology and hardly require a monthly fee.

These features are, however, very important for the safety of the elderly, especially those suffering from dementia. With more advanced models, you’ll need o purchase a monthly subscription, which usually ranges from £3 to £30/month.

Note that an expensive tracker isn’t necessarily better than a cheaper model. Read GPS tracker for elderly reviews to see what others have to say about a particular device.

How to use a GPS TRACKER?

Summary of this page

1 - What is a GPS tracker?

A Global Position Satellite (GPS) tracker allows you to track the movements of someone that has a tracking device on them. In simple terms, it is like the satellite navigation you get on your phone.

2 - How much do GPS tracker's typically cost?

The prices vary depending on the type of tracker you have, However, they can cost from about £20 up to £300.

3 - Where can I find a suitable GPS tracker?

The UK Care Guide has identified the best GPS tracker's that are available to purchase today, Come on to the site and have a look.

4 - What are the different types of GPS tracker's?

The most common types are either a button tracker, a tracker on a watch or a bracelet.

5 - What to look out for when buying a GPS tracker?

The key thing to look out for is how the tracking is done. Do you, for example, need a SIM card to activate the tracker.

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