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Top Reasons Why Older People Should Exercise

You may have heard many times that exercise is good for older people, and it is a fact. However, they need to be careful with the type of workout they do. Due to their age and body condition, intense exercises may not be recommended. But some exercises are safe for them, and they should incorporate them into their daily lifestyle as there are several benefits to them, including the following.

Stronger bones and muscles

As people grow older, their muscles and bones weaken. However, they can prevent this through regular exercise. Having a stronger body even with old age lets them be more independent. They would be able to do things by themselves without the assistance of others.

Improves mental health

Exercise releases feel-good hormones, thus making them feel happier. In addition, it’s good for their mental health, as it can prevent negative thoughts, including depression, which is common in older people. They tend to overthink, especially if they are stuck in bed or have difficulties moving. Exercising will keep their mind occupied and avoid thinking unnecessary thoughts.

Helps manage weight

It also helps increase metabolism, especially since it slows down as people grow older. A fast metabolism helps burn calories and fats efficiently, thus aiding weight loss. Proper weight management is essential to prevent other health problems, such as hypertension, heart diseases, and diabetes. Plus, when they look good, they also feel good about themselves. It’s one way to boost their confidence.

Besides exercise, there are also treatments that they can get if they want to improve their appearance, like anti wrinkle injections. Wrinkles are some of the common signs of ageing. However, these injections can help delay them by making the skin look tighter and smoother. In addition, these treatments only take about 20 minutes to complete with no downtime. The side effects are also minimal, including swelling on the injected area and bruising that also goes away in no time.

Improves socialisation

Older people may join group exercises to make the activity more fun. There is a higher chance of sticking with it if they enjoy and do it with others. It also allows them to socialize. Interacting with other people is excellent for their emotional and mental health.

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Prevents dementia

Exercising not only keeps the body active but also sharpens the mind. It helps the blood circulate within the system properly, thus ensuring the efficient delivery of oxygen in different parts of the body, including the brain. It functions right when there is an ample supply of oxygen, thus preventing mental problems, including dementia. Besides physical exercise, some exercises target the brain, such as reading and solving puzzles.

Promotes better sleep

Another benefit of exercise is having a better sleep. Many older people have difficulties sleeping. They either have insomnia, or their sleep gets quickly interrupted. Exercise will help them enjoy a proper rest.

If you have older people in the family, encourage them to exercise regularly to enjoy all the above benefits. Also, be sure to consult with the doctor to determine the amount and intensity of exercise that is safe for them.