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Chair Bed

What is a chair bed?

A chair bed is a piece of furniture that comes in many shapes, styles and fabrics. A chair bed is multifunctional and is smaller in size than a sofa bed.

Chair beds are ideal for small space living since it can be used as a bed as well as a chair. 

Examples of chair beds include; Haru chair bed which is suitable for bedroom, Oliver chair bed which is suitable for small teenager’s room.

It is a chair that can be opened out to form a bed. Some chair beds can be movable therefore making it easy to move in a room. 

Here is a short video that provides some guidance on buying a chair.

Who would use a sofa chair bed?

A sofa chair bed is used by people who may not have a spacious room.  

A sofa chair bed is a sofa that can be converted into a bed by folding out the seat or through lowering the back to be flush with the seat. It differs from a futon in many ways.

A sofa bed is a couch where you remove the cushions and lift the bed frame and mattress. The futon’s mattress is used as a seat cushion and a mattress.

It can be used by people who like watching television whilst relaxing.  Also, the sofa bed resembles a couch bed except that the latter might be larger.

Some of the best chair bed’s for sale below:

Deluxe ocean chair bed

Deluxe ocean chair bed

  • Contain fibre blocks which expand back into their original after being used
  • Is Z shaped bed which enable it to easily switch between additional soft seating
  • Is made up of removable covers which make it easy to maintain and clean and it comes with eleven colours which provide a wide alternative for a person to choose
  • It is made up of an attached rounded pillow to give your head plenty of support for a good sleep
  • The chair bed is compliant to Bs5852 safety fire regulations.

Deluxe ocean chair bed

Beanbag bed chair

Beanbag bed chair

  • Is waterproof hence is water resistant and can be used in all weather conditions.
  • They can be easily wiped clean with a damp sponge so no need to worry about spilling a drink.
  • Provides cool and comfortable seating and ultimate relaxation.
  • Stretch out the bags are versatile seating that can be laid in different positions.
  • Is fire resistant BS5852 standard and also comes in eight different colours.

Beanbag bed chair

Children’s arm chair seat

Children’s arm chair seat

  • Is lightweight and soft which makes it moved easily by the child which makes child foam chair.
  • Cover is removable making easy to clean and is also machine washable.
  • Made up of material compositions of sue dine and cotton which makes it fire resistant.
  • The measurements are ideal for children’s bedroom.

Children’s arm chair seat

Single folding chair

Single folding chair

  • Has wheels with brake for easy movement.
  • It used widely, it is suitable for apartment, living room bedroom and also spare bed for the visitors.
  • Made of polyester cloth and a sponge for long time daily use and comfortable to lie or sit on the bed.
  • Contains extra pillow to support your waist and avoid fatigue making your sleep more comfortable and relaxed.
  • Can quickly converts from a chair into a couch bed.

best Single folding chair

Kids chair bed

Kids chair bed

  • It is ideal for children sleep overs and unexpected guests.
  • Made of fully removable cover which make it easy to clean and is reversible with same fabric all over.
  • Is fully compliant to safety regulations.
  • It comes ready filled with quick delivery.
  • Available in different colors enabling the customer to buy the color of his or her choice.

bed chair for sale

JAY-BE folding bed

JAY-BE folding bed

  • It exceeds British and European safety standards so it is suitable for regular use.
  • Breathable fibre mattress and compact design for easy storage.
  • Made from JAY-BE fabric which provides a life time guarantee.
  • Its compact design when folded allows it to be stored anywhere in the wardrobe.
  • Its lightweight and easy to use.

chair bed for buy

Shark crushed velvet fold out mattress

Shark crushed velvet fold out mattress.

  • Cover is removable making it easy to clean and dry cleaning can be done.
  • The fabric is durable and gives luxury, style and comfort.
  • Available in eight contemporary colours to compliment home décor.
  • Made of polyester which makes it long lasting. The cover is 100% polyester.
  • The covers and filling are both fire retardant so it meets all safety guidelines.

Running bed chair

HOMCOM lounge sofabed

HOMCOM lounge sofabed

  • Has five positions in the waist and headrest ,3 positions in the footrest to adjust to individual’s need.
  • Has steel frame to ensure the strength and durability of the sofa.
  • The mattress is thick which provides maximum comfort and relaxation.
  • Enables folding and can be stored away when not in use.
  • It functions with high quality coverings for a comfortable and modern design.

chair bed on sale

Space saving Beautissu folding chair

Space saving Beautissu folding chair

  • It is foldable and easy to store or transport. Can be stored anywhere.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry folded dimensions due to the useful handles.
  • Has removable washable cover and can be easily wiped by a wet cloth.
  • It has high quality foam padding that provides good support.
  • It has medium hard mattress that has good air and moisture exchange.

Best chair bed

Twill single fold out

Twill single fold out

  • Uses a chair or mattress and is ideal as a guest bed and seating and for general use.
  • Cover is removable hence can be easily be cleaned and is machine washable.
  • Material composition include 100% cotton and the filling is form for comfort.
  • Available in different colors which provides wide alternative choices.

Best chair bed

Modern Fabric sofa

Modern Fabric sofa

  • Easily converts into a comfortable pull out bed when needed.
  • Contains durable and resistant polyester fabric hence last longer.
  • It is thickly padded with soft and fluffy foam which provides comfort.
  • It is ideal for interiors in contemporary and minimalist design.
  • Has decorative stitching which gives the sofa an updated look.

Cheap chair bed

Honeypot sofa

Honeypot sofa

  • The sofa can be used as a sofa or a bed and it has two storage containers.
  • Available in different types of colors which enables a person to choose the color of her /his choice.
  • The sofa universal hence can be set up left or right hand on delivery.
  • It goes along with the safety guidelines and is fire resistant.

chair bed reviews

Three seater corner chairbed sofa

Three seater corner chairbed sofa.

  • It is designed with Scandinavian style for a modern and streamlined look.
  • Has soft back cushions for exceptional comfort a sturdy timber frame.
  • Contains high quality polyester for stain resistance, durability and comfort.
  • Can be used as a sofa as well as a bed and goes along with safety rules.
  • It is designed for simplicity, minimalism and functionality for comfort.

best chair bed

3 seater double bed sofa

3 seater double bed sofa

  • The sofa is available in range of colors which enable wide range of choice.
  • The sofa has substantial storage space which makes it convenient.
  • Has versatile piece of furniture which is easy to transform into a double bed.
  • Best for living room or guest bedroom and the measurements ensures it doesn’t take much space.

best chair bed for sale

Features to look for when buying a bed settee

Bed settee is a settee convertible into a bed by turning down or even by pulling out the seat. Features to look for when buying be settee includes;


Portability is important since it allows you to clean the room. Its portability makes it also reliable to move when a person is moving from one residential area to another.


The better the quality the longer it lasts. Though those with better quality are likely to be expensive, they last longer and are appealing.


The measurements are also ideal since it will determine how much space will be left in the room.it is better for a person to take the measurements of the room before buying it.


Some of them are heavier which make it difficult to move. The weight also depends on the materials used in making it.


The amount of space available in the room is of great importance before buying. Avoid buying those which take a lot of space.


Its cost will determine the type of bed settee you could buy. 

Safety features

The safety features that come in the settee matters a lot. Fire resistance is common safety measures.it ensures also that children are free from injury.

Safety measures ensure that the user does not incur costs when there is fire.

How much does a cheap armchair bed cost?

The armchair bed is a chair that has supports on the sides making it easy for a person to rest his arm when sitting on it. Its price ranges from cheap to expensive.

Cheap armchair’s range from £100-£200. The cost depends on the sellers and the number of armchairs in the market.

Though the feature that it has may affect the price, it easy to find cheap arm chairs due to the varieties available.

How much do the best bed chairs cost?

The price of bed chairs varies according to its features. Its prices also vary because of the number of sellers in the market.

The cost of the best bed chairs ranges from £150 to as much as £300. The type of mattress, adjustability, hinge or handwheel are features that affect its price.

Best bed chair will have a foam mattress, is adjustable and hinged and the presence of these features will affect the price. The prices will be a bit expensive but also the comfortability is improved making it the best in the market.

Here is the youtube video that will help you choose the best bed chairs:

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