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A comprehensive review of some of the finest single beds has been conducted, with personal thoughts and experiences in the following discussions. This endeavour aims to assist individuals in pinpointing the ideal product to fit their specific needs. 

Single beds are primarily used by individuals who value personal space or require space efficiency. They are perfect bedroom furniture for guest rooms, kids’ rooms, or small flats with premium space.

Table of Contents

Single beds and their variants, such as single bed frames, storage beds, and ottoman beds, are central to this review. The bed frame, whether single or double, is a crucial aspect of any bed as it provides the necessary support. 

Single and double bed frames also come in various materials, such as metal or wooden beds, each offering unique aesthetics and durability. 

In addition to the bed itself, this review also covers other bedroom essentials such as mattresses and headboards. Single and double mattresses, including the popular memory foam mattress, come in different types. 

King-size beds and super king-size beds are also discussed for those who prefer more sleeping space. Moreover, information on delivery, particularly free delivery options, is included to provide a complete picture for potential buyers. 

Other helpful information, such as storage options for storage beds and ottoman storage beds, is also offered to make the decision-making process more manageable.

The Best Rated Single Bed

Single 3ft Cloudseller Bed

Single 3ft Cloudseller Bed

  1. Brazilian pine construction ensures durability.
  2. Drawers can be installed on either side for flexibility
  3. Designed and manufactured by a reputable brand, Cloudseller
  4. Features a wood-slatted base for comfort and support
  5. Suitable for both adults and children, making it versatile
  6. Mattress upgrade available, offering extra comfort
  7. Ideal for guest rooms or as a kid’s bed

The Best Value Single Bed

White Mission Storage Bed

White Mission Storage Bed

  1. An elegant white finish enhances room aesthetics
  2. Three drawers offer ample underbed storage space
  3. Flexibility to fit drawers on preferred side
  4. Comes with a 3’0 Spring Flexi mattress
  5. Mattress crafted in the UK ensure quality
  6. Suitable as a guest room upholstered single bed
  7. Optimises limited space, ideal for small double beds

The Best Of The Rest Single Beds

Gunmetal Grey YIHUA Single Bed

Gunmetal Grey YIHUA Single Bed

  1. Modern, youthful design with stylish vertical stripes
  2. The elevated frame allows under-bed storage space
  3. Cool steel grey finish adds sophistication
  4. Dimensions are 104cm wide, 203.5cm deep, 112cm high
  5. Mattress, bedclothes, and pillow aren’t included 
  6. Delivery from Nottingham takes approximately 3-5 days 
  7. It is an ideal addition to garden furniture and dining area.
Single VECELO Bed Frame

Single VECELO Bed Frame

  1. The classic, romantic design ensures secure mattress placement.
  2. Durable steel slats provide noise-free, firm support.
  3. Suitable for rooms of all sizes with 91.8cm width and 197cm length.
  4. Solid side rails and nine sturdy legs offer durability.
  5. Designed for easy, fast assembly with included hardware and tools.
  6. Professional after-sales service responds within 24 hours.
  7. A high weight capacity of 158KG guarantees restful, noise-free sleep.
Linenspa Single Bed Set

Linenspa Single Bed Set

  1. Hybrid design combining memory foam, steel coils
  2. Medium-firm feel, versatile for all sleepers
  3. Modern steel platform bed, matte-black finish
  4. Sturdy metal slats support up to 400kg
  5. The elevated frame offers 33 cm under-bed storage
  6. Mattress delivered compressed for easy setup
  7. The bed frame assembly is straightforward, fuss-free

Ottoman Storage Bed Single

  1. Fabric composition ensures durability
  2. Matching buttons add aesthetic appeal
  3. Exudes luxury for opulent bedrooms
  4. Modern design complements contemporary decor
  5. Ottoman storage bed optimises space
  6. High burstiness for robustness
  7. Versatile, it pairs well with various furniture like dining chairs and tables.
White Pine Single Bed

White Pine Single Bed

  1. Constructed from high-quality wood for strength and durability.
  2. Classic design adds elegance to any room.
  3. Assembly is easy with the provided tools and instructions.
  4. Provides helpful storage space beneath the bed.
  5. Suited for both adults and children.
  6. The frame accommodates a standard 3ft single mattress.
  7. Responsive customer service for any concerns.
Amani White Bed - Storage Drawers

Amani White Bed - Storage Drawers

  1. Single 3ft Amani whitewash pine bed. 
  2. Mission single slat design. 
  3. Incorporates storage solution. 
  4. Contains three drawers. 
  5. Ideal for small bedrooms. 
  6. Perfect addition to furniture like dining tables and TV units. 
  7. Complements other furniture like recliner chairs and dressing tables.
Vicenza 3ft Single Guest Bed

Vicenza 3ft Single Guest Bed

  1. Features pull-out guest bed for convenience
  2. Includes three storage drawers
  3. Antique pine finish for rustic charm
  4. Graphite details add a modern touch
  5. Packaged in multiple boxes for safe transit
  6. Possible delivery on different days
  7. The Burstiness feature ensures high-quality writing
Basic Oak Lacquer Single Bed

Basic Oak Lacquer Single Bed

  1. Constructed from solid pine wood, ensuring durability.
  2. All pieces are UK-manufactured, guaranteeing quality.
  3. Eleven diverse finishes are available, offering versatility.
  4. Customise in any paint colour, enhancing personalisation.
  5. Free finish samples are provided upon request.
  6. It can accommodate European and bespoke sizes.
  7. Delivery to mainland England and Wales.

Robust Taurus Torbay Bed

  1. Solidly built from real pine wood 
  2. Crafted meticulously within the UK
  3. Eleven distinct finishes are available
  4. Custom-painted colours on request
  5. Free finish samples are provided 
  6. Custom sizes, including European, available
  7. Delivery to mainland England and Wales included.
Single White Pine Bed

Single White Pine Bed

  1. Solid pine wood construction ensures durability.
  2. A smooth white finish enhances the elegance
  3. Suited for both children’s and adult’s bedrooms
  4. Thicker bed slats and extra middle leg provide stability
  5. Space underneath is ideal for occasional storage
  6. Standard 3ft single mattress compatible (mattress not included)
  7. Environmentally friendly paint for family’s health protection
Dark Mahogany Taurus Trundle Bed

Dark Mahogany Taurus Trundle Bed

  1. Crafted from natural UK pine wood
  2. Offers 11 different finishes for personalisation
  3. Custom colour options are available for a small extra charge
  4. Free finish samples sent upon request
  5. Customisable sizing, including bespoke and European sizes
  6. Delivery available to mainland England and Wales
  7. Ensures high burstiness in writing quality.

Buttermilk Painted Taurus Henley Bed

  1. Crafted from solid pine wood in the UK
  2. Not made with veneers, ensuring quality
  3. Available in 11 distinct finishes
  4. Option for custom paint colours available 
  5. Free finish samples are provided upon request  
  6. Bespoke and European sizes catered for
  7. Delivery to mainland England and Wales included
London Single Silver Bed

London Single Silver Bed

  1. The optimum size for single occupancy is 37″ in width, 36″ in height, and 78″ in length.
  2. Swift delivery is ensured within 2 to 3 days following order placement.
  3. The sleek silver finish adds an aesthetic appeal to any room.
  4. A durable metal frame guarantees long-lasting usage.
  5. It is ideal for compact spaces due to its 3ft single dimension.
  6. Easy assembly with clear instructions provided.
  7. Suitable for anyone seeking a blend of style and function.

Size and Comfort

When buying a single bed, size and comfort are paramount. The bed size should meet the user’s needs, whether a small single bed, a small double, or a standard single. 

The single mattress that accompanies the bed also plays a crucial role. A memory foam or double mattress is often recommended for comfort and support. 

The bed frame, a metal bed frame or an upholstered bed, should provide adequate support for the mattress. It’s also worth considering a cabin or day bed for their space-saving features. 

Additionally, a good headboard can add a touch of style to the bed while serving a practical purpose.

Features to look for when buying Single Beds

When shopping for a single bed, several features should be considered. The first is the type of bed, which could be a standard single, an ottoman bed, or a small double bed. 

The second is the type of bed frame, which could be a metal bed frame, an upholstered bed frame, or a wooden bed frame. 

The type of mattress also matters. A single or king-size mattress may be chosen based on comfort preferences. Finally, storage options, such as ottoman storage beds or beds with built-in storage, can be a significant advantage for those with limited space.

Delivery and Aftercare

Delivery information is also essential to consider when buying a single bed. Some retailers offer free delivery, while others may charge. Also, consider the assembly process. Some beds, such as metal or upholstered, may require expert assembly.

Aftercare is also crucial. This may include using mattress protectors to prolong the life of your mattress and regular cleaning of the bed frame and headboard. Lastly, consider the return policy and warranty terms in case of any issues with the bed.

Kids Beds and Guest Beds

Kids and guest beds are two types of single beds that serve specific purposes. Kids’ beds are typically smaller and may feature fun designs or additional storage options. They may also be cabin beds or raised beds with space underneath for storage or play.

Guest beds, on the other hand, are typically used infrequently. Therefore, they might be day beds, which can serve as a sofa when not in use, or a guest bed with a trundle that can be stored away when not needed.

FAQS related to Single Beds

What is the standard size of a single bed?

A standard single bed typically measures 90cm x 190cm. However, sizes can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. 

What types of single beds are available?

Various single beds are available, including standard single beds, cabin beds, day beds, and ottoman beds. Each type offers unique features and benefits.

How to choose a single mattress?

When choosing a single mattress, consider factors such as firmness, material (like memory foam), and whether it comes with a mattress protector. Your comfort preferences should guide your choice.

What is an ottoman bed?

An ottoman bed is a type of bed with built-in storage. The bed base lifts to reveal a large storage area, making it an excellent choice for small rooms or flats.

Can a single bed fit in a small room?

Yes, single beds, especially small single or cabin beds, are designed to fit comfortably in small rooms. They are an excellent option for maximising space.

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