tv licence discounts and concessions

TV Licence Concessions and discounts

If you enjoy watching television, then you need to ensure you’ve got a valid TV licence. You will need a valid television licence to record or watch live programmes on any channel including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Also, you will need the licence to watch or download any British Broadcasting Corporation programmes using the BBC iPlayer whether that is live or watching downloaded content on any viewing device like a tablet, big button mobile phone, television or computer.

You can comfortably spread your expenses by making quarterly or monthly payments.

In the UK, any household recording or watching live TV transmissions as they’re being broadcasted either through satellite, terrestrial, cable or the Internet is required to have a valid and free TV licence.

Hospitals, schools and businesses, as well as other organisations, are also required to have TV licences to record and watch television broadcasts. Also, your television licence needs to receive the video on demand programme services offered by the British Broadcasting Corporation on an iPlayer catch-up service.

The income generated from the licences is used to fund the radio, television and online services of the British Broadcasting Corporation. The television management team that is part of the Finance and Business department of the British Broadcasting Corporation manages and oversees the television licencing system.

How much is TV Licence a Month?

A direct debit scheme for the television licence requires you to pay your first year in six monthly payments of about £24.50, and then after these months, you will start paying for your second year in monthly instalments of £12.25 that will only stop when you decide to cancel your current television licence.

By doing so, you’ll be in the position to renew TV licence on time and be ahead on payments. You should understand that colour licences cost higher than black and white licences each month. The colour licence costs approximately £154.50 while the black and white costs £52.

Before we get in to who is entitled to a discount he’s a video about not paying the licence fee.

Who is entitled to a Discount?

Currently, many situations can make you eligible for a free TV licence.

1 – If you are over 75

If you or anyone in your home has more than 75 years, you are entitled to a free television licence. Some of the customers that are eligible for concessionary television licence or reduced fee include blind or severely sight impaired individuals, sheltered accommodation and residential care home residents and hotels, campsites and hostels.

2 – If you are blind

If you or anybody in your home is blind and you can provide the much-needed evidence, then you are eligible for a 50 per cent discount. Also, the licence covers anyone who lives in your home. If anyone in your home is partially sighted, then, you are not eligible for any discount.

3 – If you are in residential care

Also, if you are a manager of any residential care home, sheltered accommodation or supported housing, you will need to ensure that staff, residents, as well as guests, are covered by a television licence if they need to have one.

The current accommodation for the residential care concessionary television licence costs approximately £7.50 per room, bungalow or a flat according to TV Licencing. Forms are always available if you are planning to make new applications or add residents to your existing scheme. You can also be entitled to a discount if you are a sheltered accommodation or a care home resident.

As a resident of a supported housing, residential care home or sheltered accommodation, you can be eligible for a concessionary television licence. Hostels, hotels, mobile units and campsites must be covered by a television licence if the customers or staff, record or watch live TV programmes or download any British Broadcasting Corporation programmes on iPlayer.

The discount applies to any device they use or provider including desktop computers, television, mobile phone, laptop, games console, tablet and digital boxes as well as recorders like DVD. If you currently have over 15 accommodation units on your site, there is an extra fee for every five additional units or fewer. All mobile units, as well as other areas where a television receiver is used or installed, must also have a valid TV Licence.

TV Licence for over 75’s

If you are 75 years, you are eligible for a discount, and you will need to do the following to make the processing of getting your over 75 television licence easier. You should ensure that you are fully covered by a television licence including the free over 75’s TV licence.

This will allow you to record or watch live television programmes on any channel, watch or download any British Broadcasting programmes on the iPlayer. It also applies to any provider and device. Everyone who is 75 years and above can get and renew TV licence for free, but you must apply for it.

Can I Claim a Discount on My TV Licence?

Currently, there are many television discounts. If you have 75 years and above, you are eligible for a free TV licence. It covers you and anyone else living in your home no matter their current ages. Also, individuals with 74 years can get s short-term licence that can cover them until they are 75.

In case you have severe sight-impairments, or you are blind, you can claim a fifty per cent discount on your licence. Also, if you are living with your family members, the licence must be in the name of the individual who is sight impaired or blind to get the discount.

People who are living in sheltered housing or care homes can get the ARC, Accommodation for Residential Care licence. You’ll only need this if you record or watch television in your separate accommodation.

How to Claim a Discount on Your TV Licence?

If you are 75 years and above, you will need to apply for a free television licence since it is not given out automatically. You should contact the television licencing to make your application. For you to apply, you will need the following.

  • Your current television licence number.
  • Your address, postcode and name.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Photocopy of your driving licence, passport, birth certificate or your national insurance number.

If you are sight-impaired or blind, contact TV licensing for registration. After registration, all your television renewals will be at concessionary rates. Here, you will only need to provide:

  • Your current television licence application form as well as a fee.
  • Photocopy of a certificate from the local authority ophthalmologist which will confirm that you are sight-impaired or blind.

If you are living in sheltered housing or in a care home, you should contact the staff, warden or managing authority where you currently live to help you apply for the ARC licence. For you to qualify, you must be:

  • Disabled.
  • Retired and aged 60 and above.

How to Claim a Refund on your TV Licence?

You can comfortably request a refund for a TV licence if you do not need it before its expiry date and you’ve got at least a full month left on it. Also, you can claim your refund television licence if you have an expired licence and less than 24 months have passed since its expiry date. You can apply for a refund on any time and any length if you are blind or 75 years and above.

How to Cancel a TV Licence?

If you are paying for a television licence, it can be a real burden for you especially if you barely record or watch the TV you are paying for. With plenty of online watching applications, most people are currently switching to licence-free TV each day.

You should watch out though, a TV licence phone number, as well as a television licence, is a legal requirement for every individual who records and watches any live television or British Broadcasting Corporation iPlayer. If you are planning to give up on television programmes for good, you can follow these simple steps.

1 – If You Are Paying by Direct Debit

  • If You Are Paying by Direct Debit: In case you are currently paying your TV licence through direct debit, you will have to use the TV licencing contact us form to let them know what your address is and the reasons why you are cancelling. Ensure you also cancel your free TV licence as well as your direct debit with the bank.

2 – If You Use a Television Licence Payment Card

  • If You Use a Television Licence Payment Card: If you are currently using a television licence payment card, you will need to call the TV licence phone number or the payment card inquiries line between 08:30 and 6:30 during the working days or 08:30 and 13:00 on Saturdays to inform them.

3 – If You Pay the All in One Go

  • If You Pay the All in One Go: In case you are using the all in one go payment method, you should use the inquiries line for the all in one customers between 08:30 and 6:30 during weekdays and between 08:30 and 13:00 on Saturday.

4 – Request a Refund TV LicenceBritish Broadcasting Corporation

  • Request a Refund TV Licence: If you currently have at least a full month left on your television licence and you want to apply for a refund TV licence, you will need to fill out a form that you can get from the British Broadcasting Corporation. In most cases, they will request you to provide evidence of not using your television anymore. Also, they will work out the total amount of refund you are currently eligible for.

You should understand that you can only request your refund up to two weeks and if the British Broadcasting Corporation approves your refund, the licence will be cancelled automatically. Also, you will be eligible for the refund if you will not require your licence again before its expiry date. After your application, the British Broadcasting Corporation will look carefully at the details and will inform you whether it can offer the refund.