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Talking watch and talking watches for the blind

Time is a life factor that everyone tries best to observe once in a while if not always.

A talking watch for the blind is made with speakers loud enough for the user to hear the time. You can set alarms; dates and the watch get to speak’ to you when you press a button.

With a speaking watch, you can never miss your flight, get late for your classes or work, and you don’t need to ask anyone for assistance with time.

Watches add glamour to your outfit. Giving you that sassy look you’ve always wanted. You can choose a men’s talking watch or a womens talking watch, depending on your preference.

What is a talking watch?

A talking watch is a device made for the visually impaired. Most blind people can read braille, but those who develop visual impairment later in their lives end up struggling with reading. With a talking watch, you only need to press a button and time is ‘read” out to you.

A talking watches for the blind presents time using sound techniques, so you don’t need to read braille if you are blind. With a speaking watch, you can enjoy the independence of not asking the time from someone else and not running late!

Watches for the blind were implemented in the 1980s and have continuously improved with changes in technology since then. Now there are various varieties to choose from depending on taste and preference.

The best talking watches for sales

KRONABY SEKEL Connected Movement Unisex Watch

KRONABY SEKEL Connected Movement Unisex Watch

  • It monitors all your incoming calls so you don’t have to answer nuisance callers.
  • It is equipped with a long- life battery, you don’t have to change it in two years.
  • Works with a later android version and can be set to fit all what a blind person needs in a watch.
  • It comes in handy for the blind since it has a find phone function.
  • It has an auto time zone and it sets itself.

talking watches for the blind

Men’s Radio Controlled Atomic Talking Speaking Watch

speaking watch


  • This speaking watch speaks the time, day and the date at the touch of a button making it user reliable.
  • Its strap is made from genuine leather.
  • It has a reliable battery life 1 x CR2032 Lithium battery.
  • Gives you the elegance you require and is easy to use for the elderly.
  • The watch is radio controlled and easy to set up.

talking watches for the blind

Radio Controlled Talking Watches For The Blind

talking watches for the blind

  • You only touch the button and the watch announces the time and date.
  • These talking watches for the blind are designed to help those with site issues
  • It has a clear and audible human voice.
  • Made with a comfortable genuine leather strap.
  • It is eligible for VAT relief in the UK and it’s a good talking watch for blind
  • It comes with a lithium battery that has a long life.

talking watches

Verbalise Talking Watch with Date and Time

talking watch with date and time

  • it’s a radio-controlled watch, hence gives an accurate time.
  • This talking watch with date and time announces the time and date automatically.
  • The watch can be set manually using buttons.
  • It’s a good quality watch with a clear voice.
  • It’s a lightweight watch very comfortable to wear.

talking watch for blind

Skmei Large Display Digital Watch

Skmei Large Display Digital Watch

  • It comes in varieties of colors; red, black and green.
  • It ranges in case dimension and is fit for children.
  • These watches are durable and high quality.
  • It has a plastic sleeve making it ligh-weight and comfy to wear.
  • It has stop- watch and alarm features that can be set manually or automatically.

talking watch for blind

Golden Color English Talking Watch

Golden Color English Talking Watch

  • Its speaks clear English with a human voice.
  • Its fit for the elderly and the visually impaired.
  • It announces time with the a touch of a button.
  • Its strap has an expansion band, therefore it can fit on all wrist sizes.
  • It is waterproof and has long battery life this enhances its durability.

watch for the blind

ATOMIC! Talking watch

ATOMIC! Talking watch

  • its an English -speaking watch with loud and clear male voice.
  • It tells time, date, month year accurately and conveniently.
  • It has a comfortable, stylish leather strap.
  • It sets itself according to your time zone and country.

watch for the blind

Talking Keyring Alarm Clock – Watch

Talking Keyring Alarm Clock - Watch

  • It’s a key ring watch that is is light- weight and easy to fit to your keys.
  • It talks in a loud and clear synthetic female voice.
  • Its automated to announce time hourly.
  • It has a good battery life and a clear audio and several choices.
  • Its cheap hence easy to replace.

speaking watch

Cobolt Systems Ltd W15 Talking Gents Watch

Cobolt Systems Ltd W15 Talking Gents Watch

  • Announces the time, date and day with a press on a button.
  • It lacks setting buttons to prevent accidental time changes.
  • It comes with lady and men’s version.
  • Its specifically made for the bli;nd hence it’s a good choice.
  • It has an expanding bracelet to fit different sized wrists.

speaking watch

Lifemax Women’s Analogue Quartz Watch

Lifemax Women's Analogue Quartz Watch

  • Small, light, and sassy for the ladies.
  • Has radio-controlled accuracy in uk, Germany and USA.
  • Has alarm function and hence increasingly reliable.
  • It has a voice announcement function for time and date.
  • It has a vintage look and fits every outfit perfectly.

speaking watches

English Talking Quartz Watch

English Talking Quartz Watch

  • It has a genuine leather strap and a white dial.
  • Its an English talking watch.
  • It announces time and date when you press a button.
  • It uses a c203 long-life batte.ry You don’t keep replacing it.

men's talking watch

Ladies Talking Watch

ladies talking watch

  • This ladies talking watch speaks with a clear male or female voice depending on user’s preference.
  • It comes with a two- year guarantee!!
  • It has a multiple choice of alternative straps depending on the users preference.
  • Its eligible for VAT relief in the UK.
  • It adds a classy and sophisticated style to the user.

womens talking watch

Atomic English Talking Clock

Atomic English Talking Clock

  • It’s a pendant and a key ring interchangeably.
  • It has a perfect alarm function good for the blind.
  • It talks in clear English language ia n male or female voice.
  • It announces time, date and month on pressing a button.
  • It automatically sets its self-according to the time zone.


ladies talking watch

How does a talking watch help the blind?

talking watch for blind help by ensuring they are not inconvenienced by time. They offer a reliable time announcement with a simple touch of a button.

They give the blind the independence to work under their full control, without having to wait for someone to tell them to do the next thing on their schedule.

There are speaking watches made with basic features such as one button that you press and the time is read for you. Other watches are made with a touch of sophistication. You get extra features like alarms, so you don’t need to be there to wake your loved one up.

Some watches for the blind have a countdown timer. If you set it to announce the time hourly, it does! They ensure the blind run a smooth routine like every other person.

What features to look for on a speaking watch?

When shopping for a talking watch for the blind, you should consider the several factors to get the best. You may want a wristwatch or a pocket watch. This choice entirely depends on the user’s preference.

Some people prefer carrying their watches in their pockets to wearing them. You don’t want to get a wristwatch for such a person, cause it might never get worn.

The number of buttons on a talking watch must be considered. A user may be comfortable with a basic one-button watch while another may prefer a more sophisticated one with up to four buttons.

Watches are made weighty or thin and light. Choose the best and most comfortable watch, especially if it’s a wristwatch. When choosing a talking watch for a loved one, choose one that is water-resistant since accidents may occur and you don’t want a good watch rendered useless just because it fell in the water.

Consider if the user needs a winding watch or an automatic watch. An automatic watch may be more convenient if it’s not braille, so you don’t have to wind it manually to read the correct time daily.

Watches for the blind come in different shapes, colors and sizes. These are other factors that you consider when purchasing a watch for your loved one.

Talking watches mostly are made to either speak in a male or female voice. Depending on what voice you want to hear every time you enquire on time, choose your preferred choice.

How loud the speaker of the watch is matters a lot. You may want it loud or soft, depending on where you spend most of your time. Remember, the user must be as comfortable as possible while using a watch.

For people who are not so much into technology, consider buying a simple talking watch. One that only serves basic purposes like telling the time. Some watches have been automated to set themselves!

Consider also the durability of the watch. Some watches for the blind are incredibly cheap, but they spoil within no time. A watch should withstand pressure and force if it accidentally fall

Differences between men’s and ladies talking watches?

The main difference between a man’s and a woman’s talking watch is in size.

Most men’s watches are made with larger and weightier cases, buckles, crowns, lugs, and straps. A ladies talking watch, on the other hand, are made smaller and way lighter.

A Men’s talking watch has a dark and dull colours in most cases, while ladies talking watches are painted in bright colours like red and pink.

Most ladies watches are made with round shapes that scream feminine while men’s watches have angular lines to show masculine qualities.

Another difference with a ladies talking watch and men’s talking watch is in the materials of the strap. Most men’s watches straps are made from metallic materials or pure leather.

Watches made from fabric or other materials meant to fit the wrist perfectly are considered ladies watches.

How does a talking watch work?

Talking watches have a screen that displays the time. Some watches showtime by the date and the day too. Upon pressing a specific button, the watch announces the time.

It is common to find digital watches that set themselves automatically. The radio atomic clock signal broadcasts on the air set the time according to the time zone.

If an alarm is set, the watch announces the time as previously set. Therefore a talking watch can never go wrong unless it is faulty.

How much does a cheap talking watch cost?

If you are looking to buy a cheap but functional speaking watches for the blind, you can get one for less than £10. If well taken care of the watch can last long till you ready to get a better one.

Such watches are most suitable for blind children since there is a high probability of losing it while playing. For as fair as £20 you can get a watch with great features for your loved one.

How much does the best talking watch cost?

A watch with a Bluetooth function, a long battery life of up to 2 years, and works with the android system may be considered the best watch.

If you are looking to buy a sophisticated high tech watch that gives you a classy look you want and many more benefits, then £260 is a fair price for you.

How to use a talking watch?

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