Talking Watches | December 2023

Talking watches are a cutting-edge tools for a variety of different people. However, it is important to note that the primary users of these watches are people who have trouble reading small print, or those who are are visually impaired. 

With these watches, you don’t need to interpret the time visually. Rather, they tell them the time audibly. These watches are also beneficial to people who prefer auditory information to visual information, or those who need hands-free accessories as they are constantly moving.

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These cutting-edge watches provide their wearers with a priceless sense of independence and functionality. As they eliminate the need for ongoing timekeeping assistance, they enable users to manage their time by themselves. 

Instead of relying on others or struggling to see the time, people with visual impairments can just press a button to hear the time. Thanks to this straightforward feature, easily keeping track of time can significantly improve people’s quality of life.

Our in-depth review series examined some of the top talking watches on the market. Our favourite products were carefully chosen rated based on user feedback, popularity, and functionality. 

Our reviews are intended to offer a thorough and unbiased assessment of each product, assisting potential customers in making an informed choice. To ensure a comprehensive analysis, each watch has been evaluated on many factors. These include ease of use, voice clarity, battery life, and extra features.  

The Best Rated

best talking watch

  1. Time and day/date are easily viewed on a large LCD.
  2. The voice announcement feature relays the time and date to benefit people with low vision.
  3. Five different alarms provide multiple reminders for significant tasks.
  4. For accurate timekeeping, a talking stopwatch is included.
  5. The hourly chime function provides timely updates.
  6. The best talking watch includes simple-to-follow setup and use instructions.

The Best Value

ladies talking watches for the blind

  1. This ladies talking watches for the blind is ideal for the elderly or visually impaired, featuring a loud English voice feature.
  2. Stylish big crown and high-hardness glass mirror are featured in a slim, traditional design.
  3. Bold hands and an easy-to-read face for people with low vision.
  4. For setting alarms or reminders, use the voice-activated operator menu.
  5. High-quality product with a stainless steel band and a precise Japan Miyato movement.
  6. The included Japan Maxell Lithium battery provides long-lasting use.  

The Best Of The Rest

best talking watches for the blind UK

  1. The best talking watches for the blind UK combine the capabilities of an atomic watch and a talking radio watch.
  2. Time and date are read in a clear human voice, much like talking products.
  3. Ideal assistance for someone with low vision or vision impairment.
  4. It has a chic leather strap that exudes elegance and comfort.
  5. Includes a function for setting alarms, with multiple settings available.
  6. Powered by a CR2032 lithium battery that is included, ensuring dependable day delivery.   

talking watch for the blind

  1. Simple for people with low vision, stylish analogue face.
  2. This talking watch for the blind uses radio control to guarantee the accuracy of the global time.
  3. Clearly and naturally announces the time; great for the blind.
  4. Enhanced by stylish black leather straps that add to its aesthetic appeal.
  5. Powered by the CR2032 lithium battery that is included, ensuring extended use.
  6. An atomic talking watch is a remarkable addition to our new products.

talking watch for visually impaired people

  1. Ideal for elderly people or those who are blind or visually impaired.
  2. With its unisex design, this talking watch for visually impaired people fits everyone who wears it.
  3. It is simple to operate With a comfortable leather or stainless steel band.
  4. The English voice feature makes it possible to tell the time at night or for people with low vision.
  5. Excellent gift for friends or relatives in their later years.
  6. Features radio-controlled precision similar to a talking atomic watch.   

large number watches for visually impaired people

  1. The self-setting feature adjusts for daylight saving time and UK(MSF) signals.
  2. There are stretchy or leather band options for different wrist sizes.
  3. A British man’s voice announcements to help elderly or visually impaired users.
  4. Bold hands and large black numbers improve the readability.
  5. The time, date, week, alarm, and hourly chime are just a few features of these large number watches for visually impaired people.
  6. Black strap and stylish silver casing resemble the new Apple Watch.

speaking watch for the blind

  1. This speaking watch for the blind adjusts to UK time signals with precision.
  2. A crisp British-English male voice narrates the watch.
  3. It has an alarm and pronounces the time, week, date, and year.
  4. High-quality chrome plating enhances the robust metal case. 
  5. Any wrist size can quickly wear and remove the expansion band.
  6. It arrives with a gift box, an English manual, and protective bubble wrap.   

speaking watches for the blind uK

  1. Especially made for the elderly, the blind, and the visually impaired.
  2. The time and date are announced in a loud, clear English voice.
  3. An alarm can be set using a single button, and the quartz movement is precise.
  4. The stainless steel bracelet’s 6.69-inch dial diameter fits most wrist sizes.
  5. Ideal for chefs, nurses, doctors, outdoor workers, and athletes.
  6. These speaking watches for the blind UK provide a hassle-free resolution with a one-year warranty if issues arise.   

talking watches for visually impaired people

  1. Designed to provide crucial independence for people with low vision or blindness.
  2. These talking watches for visually impaired people feature a loud, clear British English-speaking voice for the time, date, and alarm.
  3. Self-adjusting automatically, including changes for daylight saving time.
  4. Comfortable, adjustable leather band in a unisex design that fits men’s wrist sizes.
  5. Provides additional features, such as a medication or appointment alarm.
  6. The Atomic Talking Watch, a user guide, and a 6-month manufacturer warranty are all included in the package.   

talking wrist watch for the blind

  1. Ideal for blind people, it has a loud and clear English voice.
  2. With a stylish crown and high-hardness glass mirror, the design is slim and traditional.
  3. This talking wrist watch for the blind features a genuine leather band and polished metal case for added comfort. 
  4. Specialised print makes for easy reading for those with low vision.
  5. Voice-activated menus make it simple to set alarms and reminders.
  6. Japanese Miyato movement of the highest calibre and a stainless steel band guarantee longevity.   

ladies talking watch uK

  1. Make sure that the time, day, date, and alarm are spoken in clear English, suitable for people with visual impairments.
  2. Features a big, stylish crown and a high-hardness glass mirror in a slim, traditional design.
  3. The genuine leather band and polished metal case provide comfortable wearing.
  4. With large, legible numbers on the watch face, this ladies talking watch UK is specially created for ease of reading.
  5. Voice-controlled alarm clock for simple setting of alarms for appointments, medication, or waking up.
  6. A Maxell Lithium battery powers this superior timepiece with a precise Japan Miyato movement and stainless steel band.   

visually impaired watches

  1. The hearing impaired and the blind benefit from loud, clear English voices.
  2. High-hardness, ultra-thin glass mirror with a fashionable big crown.
  3. The genuine leather band increases the wearing comfort.
  4. These visually impaired watches are simple to use and especially made for people with low vision. 
  5. A voice-controlled operator menu makes setting up alarms and times simple.
  6. Powered by a high-quality Japan Maxell Lithium battery.   

digital watch for visually impaired people

  1. Talking in English facilitates communication.
  2. The alarm function ensures punctuality.
  3. This digital watch for visually impaired people features voice broadcast customizable settings.
  4. Children and people with visual impairments can use it.
  5. 12 or 24-hour modes are available.
  6. It is ideal for people with poor vision.

watches for blind people

  1. The SHMIOU talking watch is designed with the elderly, the blind, and the visually impaired in mind. 
  2. A loud, clear English voice announces the time and date when a button is pressed. 
  3. These watches for blind people feature an easy-to-set alarm function and a precise analogue quartz movement. 
  4. An excellent leather strap with a sizable, readable blue dial that fits most men’s wrists. 
  5. Ideal gift for blind people, outdoor enthusiasts, construction workers, chefs, nurses, or medical professionals. 
  6. Pressing the S2 button for 5 seconds will restart the speech function if it stops.   

women's talking watches for the blind

  1. These women’s talking watches for the blind feature an alarm, time, and date.
  2. Is equipped with a radio-controlled system.
  3. Has a distinctly English voice.
  4. Automatically corrects for changes in the clock.
  5. Five daily alarms are included.
  6. Ideal for those who are blind or have low vision.

Comparing Talking Watches and Apple Watches

Although both talking watches and Apple Watches have advantages, choosing between the two frequently depends on the user’s requirements. Talking watches offer a straightforward and efficient solution for the visually impaired, providing necessary assistance with time keeping. 

When a button is pressed, these watches feature an audible English voice that announces the time. For people with poor vision or total blindness, this feature is beneficial.

Alternatively, Apple Watches have numerous features beyond timekeeping. These include call-making and call-receiving capabilities, health monitoring and mobile notifications. However, the small screen and various features can prove challenging for people with vision impairments. 

Whilst Apple Watches offer a talking clock feature, it is not their main selling point. Therefore, these watches might not be as user-friendly as talking watches. It’s also important to remember that talking watches are typically a lot less expensive than Apple Watches. 

Therefore, talking watches are a more viable option for a broader range of people. Thanks to the availability of VAT relief for them, talking watches are made even more affordable for visually impaired people. 

Finally, customer service and delivery information are crucial when buying any product. It is key to note that manufacturers of both Apple and talking watches typically provide dependable customer support and delivery choices. However, prospective customers should always confirm that they are buying from a reputable company before making a purchase. 

Features to Look for When Buying Talking Watches

When buying a talking watch, there are several important characteristics to keep an eye out for. Firstly, remember that voice clarity is crucial. This means that the watch should have a loud voice that is understandable and audible in various settings. 

Secondly, the interface of the watch should be straightforward and user-friendly. As the elderly or people with vision impairments wear these products, they may struggle with navigating overly complex features. As a result, using the watch function should be simple and easy. 

In addition, take into account the watch’s extra features. For instance, a radio-controlled atomic clock is a feature found on some talking watches and works to  provide accuracy. This means that even when travelling across time zones, the watch automatically updates to the right time. Some models also include multiple alarms and an hourly time announcement. 

Finally, it’s crucial to think about the watch’s design.  Many talking watches feature a stylish black dial and clear analogue face, providing a classic accessory. 

Talking Watches and Vision Impairment

For people with vision impairment, talking watches are a form of necessary assistive technology. They are made to provide audible and clear time announcements, avoiding the need for visual timekeeping. 

As they no longer need support to keep track of time, visually impaired people benefit significantly from this feature’s increased independence and confidence. 

To make reading the time easier for people with low vision, some talking watches feature large numerals and clear analogue faces. 

The Royal National Institute recommends a large selection of talking watches for the blind (RNIB). These watches meet the institute’s standards of quality, meaning that they can effectively serve the needs of people who are blind or visually impaired. 

Besides talking watches, other related products are available for people with vision impairments. These include watches with Braille, featuring raised dots that can be felt to interpret the time. 

Talking Watches for Dementia Patients

Dementia sufferers may also benefit from talking watches. As this condition, can lead to trouble with keeping the time, people may benefit from the unmistakable voice announcement of the time. 

For people with cognitive impairments, the ease of use, often just a button press, is ideal. In addition, multiple alarms are also included with some talking watches. These can be configured to remind the user of significant occasions or duties, such as taking medication. 

This feature can offer independence and peace of mind, whilst also positively impacting a dementia patient’s daily activities. The design of talking watches also prioritises usability and simplicity. With a plain analogue face and a single button for time announcement, the plan is frequently minimalist. This makes them simpler to use and less likely to confuse. 

Furthermore, talking watches can be a fantastic substitute for a standard wall clock for dementia patients. It can be soothing and reassuring to hear the same voice reading the time, meaning that it provides a helpful tool for managing people’s daily lives.

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