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Talking clocks are a remarkable invention which benefit a wide range of people. For instance, they accommodate elderly people or people with visual impairments who might have trouble reading a traditional clock. 

A talking clock will also prove handy for people who multitask due to their busy lifestyles, consequently boosting productivity and efficiency.

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These fantastic gadgets offer audible time updates with the push of a button. More sophisticated models even provide predetermined intervals. For those who are blind, this feature can provide independence and autonomy. 

Additionally, these clocks frequently include extra features like alarms, temperature readings, and calendar notifications. Therefore, this increases their usefulness and practicability.

We have reviewed several of the top talking clocks on the market, considering their dependability, usability, extra features, and user reviews. Our evaluations and analysis provides the most accurate information possible, enabling you to choose the talking clock that best suits your needs. Our research considers a wide range of models to accommodate varying needs and budgets, ranging from the most basic to the most developed.  

The Best Rated

talking clocks for the elderly

  1. An alarm clock with programmable reminders is ideal for personal organisation.
  2. This talking clocks for the elderly has a large button design to make it easier to use.
  3. Voice announcement feature—ideal for the blind and visually impaired.
  4. This bedside clock for visually impaired people provides the assistance required for daily tasks.
  5. The night clock feature guarantees continuous usability.
  6. Prioritises user convenience while providing clear delivery information. 

The Best Value

talking clock for the blind

  1. Time, day, date, and year are pronounced in plain English.
  2. Designed with the elderly, those with Alzheimer’s, and those who are blind in mind.
  3. This talking clock for the blind eliminates the need for guesswork, making it the ideal gift for grandparents.
  4. The provided manual or the audio prompts make adjustments simple.
  5. This bedside clock for visually impaired people allows for nighttime use.
  6. Uses two AAA batteries to operate, which is a crucial convenience.  

The Best Of The Rest

speaking clock for the blind

  1. Talking watch that is simple to use; one tap to announce the time, another to reveal the date.
  2. The best talking clock features simple setup procedure with audible instructions that reduce unintentional changes.
  3. Produce a strong, clear North American voice suitable for hearing aid users.
  4. This speaking clock for the blind ensures portability and runs on two AAA batteries without a cord.
  5. Ideal size and contrast for blind people, like a roller coaster.
  6. The best talking clock serves as a day clock and a reminder, offering crucial assistance for people who are blind.   

talking alarm clock for the blind

  1. Clarity has been improved with a distinct English female voice for the time announcement.
  2. An LCD shows the time, date, weather, and week for quick reference.
  3. This clock for the blind features flexible options for displaying the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on preference.
  4. During the busiest times of the day, an optional hourly chime voice announcement is played by this talking alarm clock for the blind.
  5. Alarm with five different sound options and a customizable snooze function.
  6. ‘Person’ and ‘necessary cookies’ do not apply to this product description.   

talking clock for the blind uK

  1. The Penguin Talking Alarm Clock provides A fun way to tell the time.
  2. Its digital display offers easy-to-read, crystal-clear timekeeping.
  3. The snooze feature enables extra rest when required.
  4. Without depending on mains power, battery operation ensures reliable performance.
  5. This clock for the blind offers free returns within the UK, providing customers with peace of mind.
  6. This talking clock for the blind UK includes a button clock for convenience and easy use.   

talking clocks for the blind

  1. Atomic Time Precision – These talking clocks for the blind automatically adjust for daylight saving time and synchronise with UK(MSF) signal.
  2. Perfect for those who are blind or visually impaired – A pleasant English male or female voice announces the time, date, day of the week, temperature, and reception status.
  3. Medication Reminder Feature: Each alarm has three 5-minute snoozes and five distinct alarm times for important medication reminders.
  4. These clocks for blind people come with five different alarm music options, ranging in intensity from passionate to serene, are selectable, with volume controls from 0 to 5.
  5. The LED backlighting function provides Bright LED backlighting for easy reading in the dark without disturbing others’ sleep.
  6. Effective Power Use: Two AA alkaline batteries will last a year, thanks to the low power consumption.   

speaking alarm clock

  1. Voice announcements in English for your convenience.
  2. This speaking alarm clock features a large LCD screen to ensure clear visibility.
  3. There are various alarm alerts available.
  4. Two AAA batteries are used to power these clocks for blind people.
  5. Bright orange colour enhances aesthetic appeal.
  6. Specially created for people who are blind.   

clock that announces the time every hour

  1. Explicitly designed with the blind and visually impaired in mind.
  2. Operating with a single button to voice the time and temperature.
  3. Clear female voice commands are featured.
  4. For visibility, the LCD has a yellow backlight.
  5. This clock that announces the time every hour features an alarm, a snooze button, and an hourly chime.
  6. These talking alarm clocks are the ideal thoughtful present for friends or family.

speaking clocks for the blind

  1. Due to its small (8x10x8cm) size, placement is made simple.
  2. These speaking clocks for the blind use three AAA No. 7 carbon batteries or USB/DC 5V for dependable operation.
  3. These talking alarm clocks feature a 12/24 hour clock and five different alarm music options.
  4. Provides a global temperature display with a switchable Fahrenheit/Celsius function.
  5. A mobile projection lens that enables movable 90-degree projections is included.
  6. It includes voice support, a green or blue backlight, and a snooze button.

best talking clock for the blind

  1. A sizable display for convenient time and date viewing
  2. Backlit function for excellent visibility at night
  3. Times for the default alarms are pre-programmed.
  4. The best talking clock for the blind features an alarm that is both loud and extra loud to guarantee hearing
  5. Use the supplied batteries; an AC adapter is not required.
  6. It’s practical for medication reminders.   

clocks for the blind and hard of hearing

  1. Automatic radio atomic clock synchronisation, with adjustment for daylight saving time.
  2. Seniors and the visually impaired benefit from speaker placement because it ensures loud and clear speech.
  3. Time, date, day, month, year, and signal reception are displayed on a sizable LCD screen.
  4. These clocks for the blind and hard of hearing feature eight daily alarms with volume control, which are great for wake-up calls and reminders.
  5. Features a low battery indicator powered by two AAA batteries (included).
  6. Ideal for the elderly, those with dementia, and those with visual impairments, this sleek design fits in with any decor.   

clocks for partially sighted people

  1. Announcing the time, day, and date helps people who are blind.
  2. Integrated alarm clock that works like a regular clock.
  3. These clocks for partially sighted people feature a sturdy, large (7 cm) talk button that is easy to use.
  4. A loud, clear, English male voice said the time.
  5. An extensive print instruction manual is included for the user’s convenience.
  6. 2 AA batteries power it, ensuring long-lasting use.

talking clock for elderly people

  1. Clear verbal time announcement is provided
  2. Ideal for elderly people and those who are blind
  3. Outstanding contrast and visibility
  4. Promotes independence while preserving timing awareness
  5. This talking clock for elderly people is simple to understand and follow instructions
  6. Operation powered by batteries is practical and portable.   

talking clocks for visually impaired people

  1. Explicitly designed with the blind in mind.
  2. These talking clocks for visually impaired people feature a readable, clear analogue face.
  3. Modern design enhances any interior design.
  4. The ‘Talk’ button has been enlarged for easy control.
  5. This alarm clock for blind people features a female voice that is clear and understandable.
  6. A product for assistive devices for the blind from a reputable vendor.

voice activated clock

  1. Display options are flexible; you can hang it, lay it flat, or stand it.
  2. Continuously quiet operation guarantees high-quality sleep.
  3. This voice activated clock features nighttime lighting that is gentle on the eyes.
  4. Ideal DIY kit with automatic time, temperature, and date displays for enthusiasts.
  5. This alarm clock for blind people features controlled lighting for the best brightness during the day and at night.
  6. Clear real-time display visibility thanks to the transparent casing.

Features to look for when buying Talking Clocks

When purchasing a talking clock, you should consider a few essential features. For instance, the alarm feature is one of the most important. This is because an alarm is necessary for those who depend on their clock for daily reminders. Therefore, look for a watch with a talking alarm that announces the time. Another helpful feature is the snooze button, temporarily stopping the alarm before it starts again.

The design of the clock must also be taken into consideration. Remember that a compact design is beneficial, as these clocks take up less room and are easily portable. Alternatively, some talking clocks are available in the shape of a cube to provide a contemporary feel. On the other hand, a talking wall clock with an analogue and clear face may be preferable for a more conventional appearance.

Furthermore, the hourly chime, the hourly time announcement, and the digital display are additional features to consider. Although they might not be required for everyone, these features can be helpful for people with vision problems. Whilst the hourly time announcement and chime can help you keep track of time throughout the day, the digital display is easy to read.

Finally, consider how simple it is to use the clock. This includes whether the clock comes with ample print instructions, as well as how easy it is to set alarms. Regardless of how many features the clock offers, it will only be helpful if it is easy to use.

Delivery and VAT Relief

When purchasing a talking clock, delivery is a crucial factor to consider. Many businesses promise delivery within a certain number of business days, typically using a reputable courier such as Royal Mail. 

In addition, determining if the company provides VAT relief to qualified customers is vital. This could significantly lower the price of the clock, making them more accessible to people on a limited budget.

Clocks for Vision Impairment and Memory Loss

For people with memory loss or vision impairment, talking clocks are beneficial tools.This is because voice announcements of the time can significantly assist those who are blind or experience vision loss. 

Some models even feature reminders, offering support to people with dementia or memory loss. Moreover, there are low-vision clocks and watches to help people with visual impairments. These frequently feature voice announcements, as well as large and transparent displays. 

New Products and Popular Models

It is essential to always keep an eye out for newly released goods. Thanks to manufacturers’ constant innovation, the features and designs of new models are constantly improved upon.

One popular model that has proven to be dependable and user-friendly is the RNIB Communiclock. This offers a multipurpose timepiece which is suitable for a wide audience, featuring a clear digital clock display, an alarm, and a snooze function.

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