Stand up wheelchair

Stand Up Wheelchair

What is a Stand-up Wheelchair?

A stand-up wheelchair is a mobile seat that allows an incapacitated user to straighten up with the help of a remote or levers.

The user can use this device to sit or stand, depending on the settings they choose on the controls

While this wheelchair has the looks of a conventional wheelchair, it is used for up to four functions.

It is used as a regular or reclining seat. It can also be used as an aid for standing up as well as a locomotive. As such, it is made of stronger material.

This machine comprises a backrest, seat, and control panel that propels the sit up or down when prompted.

Best Stand Up Wheelchair’s For Sale


Karman XO-505

Karman XO-505

  • This genie wheelchair is fully powered, making it essential for completely incapacitated patients
  • It comes with an easily detachable headrest
  • This power standing wheelchair is easily adjustable to fit the user’s body size
  • The joystick is well placed, making it easy to access. Also, it is easy to use
  • Shock absorbers that ensure comfort and stability during usage, and more so during rough rides

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Draco standing power wheelchair

Draco standing power wheelchair

  • Coordination of the adjustable parts is simultaneous to provide a smooth transition
  • Provides headlights and safety belt for the ultimate safety experience
  • Multiple wheels that provide stability in both sitting and standing positions
  • Quickly adjustable foot, head, and leg rest as well as seat depth
  • A relatively wide seat that fits a majority of the medium to large users

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LEO II full aluminium alloy frame

LEO II full aluminium alloy frame

  • Quickly detached wheel and folding backrest for easy portability
  • Adjustable footrest, backrest, height, and seat depth
  • It is among the few standing wheelchairs that come in 3 seat width choices
  • The chair has anti-tipper at the rear to prevent it from tipping backwards
  • This manual standing wheelchair can be operated from the left or right side

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Pengas II semi powered wheelchair

Pengas II semi powered wheelchair

  • An easily accessible controller that is conveniently placed on the armrest
  • The leg rest can be fine-tuned to accommodate an individuals height
  • Quick-release wheels for faster movement. The wheels can be detached for effortless transportation
  • The seats are provided in sizes 14,16 and 18. Also, the controls can be on the right or left

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Phoenix II standing power wheelchair

Phoenix II standing power wheelchair

  • Automatic speed adjustment when standing for safety and stability
  • Top speed of up to 8km/hr in both standing and seated positions
  • A long-lasting battery that covers 30km before the next recharge
  • Fitted with a safety belt, LED lights, and headrest for the wellbeing of the user
  • Fully powered machine equipped with a precision controller for proprietor use

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 2019 Electric Wheelchair

 2019 Electric Wheelchair

  • It covers up to 30 miles before charging thanks to the dual lithium batteries
  • It has a warranty that covers any production defects
  • LED lights, display, safety belt, and a DX2 controller are part of the safety and convenience package
  • It’s made of durable and robust material to ensure longevity
  • It is offered in two sizes, D07 and D07SJ

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Karman X202 full power standing wheelchair

Karman X202 full power standing wheelchair

  • It is a wheelchair whose controls are all automatic
  • Two 12V/36AH batteries are used to power the machine
  • The backrest is adjustable to suit the user’s height
  • A comfortable padded seat and backrest for relief
  • A reachable swivel joystick and padded armrest for comfort

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A cost-effective wheelchair 

A cost-effective wheelchair

  • It has six durable wheels that support both smooth and rough terrain rides
  • This is one of the wheelchairs that have active track suspension that ensures stability
  • This standing power wheelchair has an inbuilt in-line motor technology for equal weight distribution
  • Accessible joystick and adjustable setting for even more comfort

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Heavy-duty electric wheelchair

Heavy-duty electric wheelchair

  • Simple controls that provide a smooth time when operating the chair
  • It is both a manual standing wheelchair and an electric wheelchair
  • Batteries can be charged when on the chair, and they can be used for up to 8km
  • It is foldable meaning you can carry it around even during long trips
  • Allows for an easy switch from manual to electric mode and vice versa

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Who would use this kind of wheelchair?

Older and disabled people would appreciate the functions of this chair.

Considering that they may not be able to move quickly, this standing wheelchair gets them to different places within their immediate environment.

Individuals with arthritis, calcium deficiency or terminally ill people are also welcomed to use the upright wheelchair.

Since they may not manage to support their weight without help, this machine will allow them to stand effortlessly once they get tired of sitting.

Such people need to change positions frequently if they are to avoid developing sores on their bodies.

With this in mind, it is vital to note that every individual’s needs will determine the kind of genie wheelchair they get.

Even so, the user should have full use of their hands if they want to use a wheelchair that stands up.

What features to look for when buying this wheelchair?


Considering that this genie wheelchair will have to support heavyweight, it is essential to get one that is made of durable and robust material.

Go for those made using stainless metal alloys such as aluminium since they do not rust, and are sturdy.

Easily portable

Portability should be another feature to look out for when sourcing for a wheelchair that stands up.

This is because you may have to make trips to the hospital, and you will have to keep it in the trunk during your trip.

A foldable upright wheelchair will be easy to store as opposed to one that does not have this operation.


People are made differently, which is why you may need to adjust the wheelchair to suit your specifications.

As such, check to see if you can find one that has adjustable foot and headrests, seat depth, and even length.


Now that you may have to spend a considerably high amount of time on this seat, choose one that is padded using cushions for the ultimate comfort.

First check to see whether the headrest is padded, then proceed to the seat and other areas.

Power Output

Get yourself a standing wheelchair that can last for hours without plugging into a power source. In addition to this, ensure that the wheels are strong enough to support your weight.

They should be able to distribute the weight evenly once the standing up wheelchair is at work.

Operational settings

Most importantly, the user should be able to operate the wheelchair without any help either manually or using controls.

What does a cheap electrical wheelchair cost?

Standing wheelchairs cost differently depending on the company that produces them. One of the most affordable wheelchairs of this kind requires anything from £2,500.

A cheap wheelchair is not as sturdy as a costly one since it may have been made using less durable metal alloys.

Getting a cheap power standing wheelchair would mean that you have to forgo some advanced features such as automobility. However, you can still perform the most basic functions using this device.

What does the best electric wheelchair cost?

The best wheelchair that stands up does not come easy. You may have to part with up to £20,000 or more to get such a gadget.

This is because an expensive upright wheelchair has several settings that make it effective. It is also robust and comfortable.

How to use Stand up wheelchair?

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