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Mobility Scooter Rain Covers – Our top tips on how to choose one!

Your mobility scooter is an investment. Depending on which scooter you have, it is likely that it cost a great deal of money. Therefore. it makes perfect sense to want to protect your mobility scooter with some type of cover, which is designed to protect your scooter in any weather. It may be that you only need a cover for when you are away from home and need to park outside.

There are many varieties to consider, with one of the most popular being a “mobility scooter storage rain cover with elasticated fit”.

Therefore, we hope the following review may assist with your choices and highlight the different types of cover that you can buy. In addition, the weather elements in your area and the size of your mobility scooter will help determine the selections you can make as well.

Style and colour options for tent style covers have expanded these days, and you are no longer stuck with black only, which used to be the case a few years ago.

A brief review of the different mobility scooter covers should help you to make informed decisions. In addition, we have noted below the best mobility scooter covers we can find on the market today.

Tips on putting on your mobility scooter cover

Here is a video that demonstrates one way to use a mobility scooter cover.

Some of the best scooter covers available to buy today

Universal Fold-Away Mobility Scooter Canopy

ScooterPac ScooterPac - Universal Fold-Away Mobility Scooter Canopy


  • Folds away to the rear of mobility scooter
  • Solid construction
  • Keeps the sun or rain off your head
  • Fits many models of mobility scooters

Large Mobility Scooter Rain Cover

 Mobility scooter rain cover


  • Machine washable
  • Hardy navy blue material
  • Rain resistant
  • Good price


Mobility Scooter waterproof storage cover


Mobility Scooter waterproof storage cover


  • Fits most mobility scooters
  • Waterproof
  • Nylon material
  • Good value

Mobility Scooter Rain Cape Jacket Cover

Mobility Scooter Motorcycling Rain Cape Jacket Cover Advantages

  • Water resistant
  • Stylish
  • Heavy duty polyester
  • Packs away easily

Large Mobility Scooter Storage Cover – Heavy Duty Water Resistant

Large Mobility Scooter Wheelchair Storage Cover Heavy Duty Water Resistant


  • For larger scooters
  • Drawstring bottom to customise the fit
  • Water resistant while fit taut
  • VAT relief possible

Mobility scooter cover – waterproof & strong


  • PVC and Polyester construction
  • Waterproof
  • Light but strong
  • Good fit

Aidapt Medium Scooter Cover

Aidapt Medium Scooter Cover  Advantages

  • The elastic fit keeps the cover snug in light wind
  • Rolls up for easy storage
  • Lightweight
  • VAT relief with this item


Heavy Duty Mobility Storage Rain Cover
Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter Storage Rain Cover  Advantages

  • Really cheap
  • Well rated by users
  • Suitable for most mobility scooters
  • Protects against the rain

Mobility Scooter Storage Cover

 Mobility Scooter Storage Cover


  • Available in a nice blue
  • Really cheap
  • covers the majority of small scooters
  • Weather resistant

What is a scooter rain cover?

Well, it is commonly made of polyester or similar material; some slip over the scooter with a drawstring at the bottom, some have an elastic fit, or some fit over the scooter like a tent.

You may require heavier material, such as in a heavy duty mobility scooter cover if you really want to protect against the elements. You might want a solid mobility scooter shelter or a light mobility scooter canopy.

There are several brands of elasticated fit mobility scooter rain covers that are perfect for storage to protect against the rain. Consider your own scooter requirements and whether it goes inside with you or not!

Other styles of covers have a more precise fit. It is important to check with the manufacturer for size requirements, as the fit is not as variable as with mobility scooter rain covers.  In addition, if you are buying a mobility scooter bag then you should make sure it is waterproof too.

There are also some special types of capes, which protect not only your mobility scooter but yourself as well.

Other important things to consider

Some mobility scooters’ batteries are exposed, which means that they are at risk to being impacted by the weather. Therefore, a cover that includes that area, or a special battery cover is something you should look out for.

If charging occurs outside, the cover should include the charge cable and equipment. It should have an access panel or loosen to provide access.

One further consideration is a set of mobility scooter ramps. Ramps are usually made of two light weight rails that create a safe lift to higher or lower doorways, and truly make a very useful accessory. You can also buy covers that you can use to protect your mobility ramp.

Heavy duty mobility scooter covers

With heavy duty mobility scooter covers, you can be assured that no matter how hard the rain comes down; your delicate electronics will not be damaged. Make sure to avoid pooling of water on the top by pulling the cover tight on heavy duty mobility scooter covers.

Mobility scooter shelters

A mobility scooter shelter with solid or partly solid materials might be your preferred choice. For example, for those living in coastal areas, protecting yourself against the wind may be something that is of primary concern.

High winds will carry away most covers that are not attached to the ground or scooter in some way. Therefore, using a shelter may give you more protection

There is no more surprising thing than to watch your mobility scooter shelter sail away on the wind. Make sure you anchor it down!

Mobility Scooter Storage: Rain cover elasticated fit

A mobility scooter with an elasticated fit is easier for some people to place on their mobility scooter. If the other styles reviewed won’t work for you, the easy use of the mobility scooter storage rain cover elasticated fit will step up to the challenge.

Various types of covers can be given VAT exemption. The item must be for a disabled person to qualify for the exemption.

So, you may wonder, why all the panic over a cover? The obvious reason is to keep it dry in the rain.

There is more to think about than just simple rain. What about heavy coastal storms?

Don’t forget all your friends on four legs that will most certainly come to check out your new cover. The canine type will test the cover for you right away.

Larger animals may bump against the scooter while it is parked. With a solidly built shelter, the risk of damage to your mobility scooter will be considerably lower than with a soft cover.

Covers to protect the scooter while you drive are important as well. Scooter battery compartments that are not sealed will need a cover as well, to keep them clean and dry.

In addition, the control panel will need to be protected. A clear plastic or vinyl cover will keep everything dry and allow you to keep full control while driving.

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