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Mobility Scooter Bags

A mobility scooter bag is a special type of bag that is designed to fit onto a mobility scooter. This means that people who drive a scooter will not need to worry about holding onto a regular bag while they travel and can keep their hands completely free for driving.
Because these bags have been designed especially for mobility scooters they come with fittings that can be placed on the handlebars, in the front basket or fit comfortably onto the back of the chair.

Choosing the Right Style of Mobility Scooter Accessories Bag

The type of scooter bag that you choose will depend on your own unique needs. While some people need a large bag that they can fit all of their shopping in, others simply need a bag that they can carry their spectacles and keys in. because these needs are very different, the style of bag that is needed will also be different.

Take a little time to think about your own unique needs and take a look at the various options so that you are able to select the perfect type of mobility scooter bag.

A Mobility Scooter Accessories Bag for Every Occasion

Smaller bags are designed to fit over the handlebars of the scooter. These bags come with individual pockets so that small items such as keys, wallets, pens and notebooks can be placed inside.

This means that drivers will be able to find these small items very easily when they need them and will no longer waste time and trouble searching for small items when they need them most.


Some of the best scooter bags for sale are below

Ducksback waterproof cover for a Mobility Scooter Front Basket

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  • Fits very well into mobility scooter baskets
  • Elasticated fitting keeps items firmly in place
  • Comes with handles to enable easy installation
  • Very high quality and durable to go the distance

Mobility Vehicle Bag / Scooter Bag

mobility scooter bags


• Fits easily onto the back of a scooter chair
• Reflective strips for enhanced visibility in low light
• Comes with plenty of storage space
• Very strong and durable even when fully loaded

Medical Crutch & Walking Stick Bag For Mobility Scooter

mobility scooter bag


• Large enough to store bulky crutches
• Enough space for extra items when travelling
• Very sturdy and visually pleasing design
• Easy to secure in the desired position on the scooter

High Visibility Scooter Bag with Crutch Walking Stick Holders

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• High visibility material for extra safety at night
• Versatile enough to meet a wide range of needs
• Enough space to store large and bulky items
• Very easy to fit onto any fold up mobility scooter

Armrest Bag for Mobility Scooters, Wheelchairs and Power Chairs

mobility scooter basket


• Keeps small items like keys safe and secure
• Two large compartments to keep items separate
• The zip is very durable and easy to use
• Easy to attach and stays firmly in place

Mobility Scooter Shopping Bag

mobility scooter shopping bag

• Fits easily on the back of a scooter seat
• Two handles on the top for ease of carrying
• The zip is very sturdy and easy to open
• Comes with a outside compartment for small items

Keeping Items Dry

While many mobility scooters come with a basket at the front, these baskets are open to the elements and any items that are placed inside are likely to get wet when it rains.

However, this problem is solved very easily by purchasing a bag that is designed especially to fit inside the basket of a mobility scooter. These bags are fully lined and come with elasticated fittings so that they grip the sides of the basket and keep all of the items that are put inside firmly in place so that there will be no risk of them falling out when going over bumps in the road or down hills.

What Do You Need to Put in Your Mobility Scooter Back Pack?

People who are planning to use their mobility scooter to go to and from the shops are likely to want to opt for a mobility scooter rear shopping bag. As the name suggests, this type of bag fits over the back of the mobility scooter and can be used to carry a large number of items. The bag is usually reinforced on the pickets and zip so that heavy items such as tin cans can also be placed inside without straining the material.

People who need to carry their own mobility scooter ramps with them so that they can access buildings and manoeuvre up and down curbs with ease will also find that there will be plenty of space to tuck it securely inside a mobility scooter back pack.

Walking sticks, crutches and all types of other items can also be placed inside to leave the lands of the driver completely free.

Ease of Attaching and Detaching the Mobility Scooter Rear Shopping Bag

Many people who drive mobility scooters often find that they have limited flexibility in their hands and especially their fingers. If this is the case, it is particularly important to choose a bag that can be easily attached to the scooter and removed whenever necessary.
Many bags come with hooks or handles so that they can be attached or detached with a single motion. It is important to read the product description carefully to find out exactly how it attaches while also making sure that it is compatible with your model of scooter.

Selecting a Mobility Scooter Tiller Bag That Will Go the Distance

Once you have settled on a style of bag that you love, you will naturally want to make sure that it lasts for a long time. Some bags are likely to be stronger than others and this is particularly important if the items that you plan to carry are particularly heavy and bulky.
Make sure you read the reviews carefully and choose a bag that has been praised for its durability so that you do not need to replace it too quickly.

Other Things to Consider Of course

People who are planning to be outside for an extended period of time will also need to make sure that they are prepared for wet weather. It is a good idea to invest in other types of accessories such as mobility scooter covers that can be easily placed over the scooter when it is not in use to keep it dry and free from dirt.

People who are planning to drive in the evening also need to make sure that they are visible and their scooter should have good lights, while selecting a mobility scooter tiller bag that features reflective strips will help drivers to be seen more easily.

How to use a Scooter Bag


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