Inflatable Bathlifts | December 2023

A safe and comfortable bathing experience is made possible by inflatable bath lifts, which are an essential product. 

These products are specially designed for people with mobility issues, covering a wide range from the elderly to those who are recuperating from surgeries or have physical disabilities.

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Slips and falls are prevented by an inflatable bath lift, which makes getting in and out of the bath easier. Users can maintain their independence and dignity while performing personal care tasks thanks to this helpful solution’s ability to inspire confidence.

The industry-leading Inflatable Bathlifts have been meticulously examined in our in-depth review. Each product’s functionality, dependability, installation ease, and user comfort were rigorously tested and evaluated as part of the review process. 

We also considered the insightful comments from customers who have used these products directly. We strive to offer a thorough and objective review to assist prospective buyers in making an informed choice.

Utilising inflatable bath lifts has a variety of advantages. First, they offer a safe and secure platform that is simple to raise to the desired height, removing the need for any physical effort to enter or exit the bath. 

Second, these items are made with comfort in mind and have padded backrests and seats to improve the bathing experience. The portability and simplicity of storing these bath lifts make them a valuable addition to any bathroom. 

Our review will make choosing the best inflatable bath lift to suit unique needs and preferences easier.  

The Best Rated

Mangar inflatable bath seat

  1. This inflatable bath seat features a plush Mangar bathing cushion and provides superior comfort.
  2. Manipulation of a remote control for simple operation.
  3. Easy to use and suitable for all age groups.
  4. Use a secure system to ensure maximum safety.
  5. Incorporates a low-pressure compressor for effective operation.
  6. Its high burstiness makes it a dependable bath seat for people with disabilities.   

The Best Value

inflatable bath lift uK

  1. The gentle lowering feature makes bathing easier.
  2. A bolstering backrest is created by adjusting the air pressure.
  3. The UK version guarantees support and comfort while bathing.
  4. Standard tubs and travel are both suitable for the portable design.
  5. Rapid inflation and deflation, 153 kg weight capacity.
  6. Ideal bathing aid for people with disabilities, increasing independence.   

The Best Of The Rest

Bentley Bath inflatable bath seats for elderly people

  1. Brand-new, superior belt bath lifts guarantee dependability and durability.
  2. These inflatable bath seats for elderly people offer a simple and safe bathing solution for people with disabilities.
  3. Priceless assistance to those who require help entering or exiting the bath.
  4. A full one-year UK guarantee is included for your peace of mind.
  5. Benefits from unmatched after-sales service that guarantees client satisfaction.
  6. An affordable, high-quality bath lift that is modern and superior.   

Relaxa Belt inflatable bath seat for adults

  1. The Setup of this inflatable bath seat for adults is made more accessible by effortless assembly.
  2. For independence and convenience, batteries are used.
  3. A one-year warranty is provided, and the product is proudly made in the UK.
  4. A remote control and thermometer are provided for ease of use.
  5. Comfort is ensured by a clever design that doesn’t obstruct the bath.
  6. Improves the bathing experience for disabled people in particular.  

White Aluminium Swivelling inflatable bath seat for elderly People

  1. Its 90° locking intervals provide independence and support, making it ideal for people with mobility issues.
  2. A 460mm by 390mm seat and a frame that measures 710mm wide can fit most personal bathtubs.
  3. This inflatable bath seat for elderly people is made of corrosion-resistant, lightweight aluminium for strength and usability.
  4. Features side arms and drainage holes for increased user safety.
  5. Explicitly designed for people with limited mobility, such as the elderly and disabled, it facilitates simple transfers.
  6. Suitable for use in care facilities and personal use at home.   

Master inflatable bath aids for disabled People

  1. These inflatable bath aids for disabled people provide comfort during bathing, which improves it.
  2. Use the bath cushion to enhance relaxation.
  3. Use a bathboard to add stability.
  4. Guarantees a safe lift mechanism.
  5. Helps with smooth bathroom transitions.
  6. Encourages self-sufficient and secure bathing.   

Sonaris Blue inflatable bath cushion

  1. Particularly made for the Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift
  2. This inflatable bath cushion features a lovely blue colour.
  3. Simple attachment provides waterproof and sanitary functionality.
  4. Comfort during the bath is increased by soft, superior quality.
  5. Helps to ensure safe bathing and slip prevention 
  6. Bath lift, sold separately, allows for simple entry and exit from bathtubs.  

Lightweight Blue Bellavita easy air bath lift

  1. The lightest bath lift on the market, weighing just 9.3kg.
  2. Model with the most miniature base, 6 cm high.
  3. The backrest reclines at an unheard-of 50 degrees.
  4. This Easy Air bat lift peaks at a 48 cm record seat height.
  5. For the comfort and safety of the user, simple installation and operation.
  6. Fully floating hand control that is lightweight and waterproof.  

Classic White Bellavita inflatable bath chair

  1. VAT relief is applicable, increasing affordability.
  2. This inflatable bath chair is displayed in a neutral white colour.
  3. Made of durable, lightweight plastic.
  4. Utilising basic touch functionality for user-friendliness.
  5. Has the industry’s best 50-degree reclining backrest.
  6. A high degree of burstiness is guaranteed for superior performance.   

White Invacare Aquatec blow up bath seat

  1. This blow up bath seat offers a modern bathroom solution that is both fashionable and practical.
  2. Increases comfort with bath entry and exit techniques.
  3. It boasts a quick-release control that is simple to use and has a rechargeable battery.
  4. Comfortable bathing and secure transfers are made possible by adjustable functionality.
  5. Supports users up to 140kg and reclines to 40°.
  6. Smooth surfaces and an open design make cleaning simple and hassle-free.  

Elderly Assistance inflatable bath aid

  1. This inflatable bath aid improves independent bathing while lowering the risk of falls
  2. Drainage holes and a supportive plastic seat are added to an aluminium frame.
  3. Most bathtubs can be adjusted for width, and assembly is simple.
  4. Design for a suspended seat that has a hole for personal cleaning
  5. The backrest offers additional support, ensuring the user’s comfort.
  6. Ideal for those who are ageing, disabled, or recovering from injuries   

UK's Deltis Bathmaster inflatable bath seats

  1. These inflatable bath seats make entering and leaving the bathtub simple.
  2. Suitable for the majority of tub types
  3. Contains a remote control and a waterproof Deltis Bathlift
  4. Provides comfort and safety through a durable construction
  5. Excellent aid for the elderly, the handicapped, or those who need help bathing
  6. Has a contemporary, corrosion-free, cleanable plastic construction.   

Orca Bath Lift by NRS

  1. This blow up bath seat for disabled people offers a relaxing and secure bathing experience
  2. It provides deep immersion and lots of legroom.
  3. For excellent postural support, use a high backrest.
  4. Convenient two-part foldaway design
  5. Large suction cups for placement security are necessary aspects of this blow up bath seat for disabled people
  6. Side flaps are included for seamless transfers.

Kanjo Silverline Antibacterial bath inflatable seat

  1. On the charger, actuator, and handset, a 4-year warranty is guaranteed.
  2. Contains cutting-edge Silverline Antibacterial Technology, which removes common germs.
  3. A deeper seat travel ensures better immersion in the water.
  4. This bath inflatable seat is compatible with every standard tub, including corner bathtubs.
  5. If an order is placed before noon, it will be shipped out that day.
  6. Uses lithium-ion technology to enable quick charging.   

Blue Endres Bellavita Bathlift

  1. Includes a traditional cover with back and quadratic seat padding.
  2. Do not include padding in side areas for a more streamlined design.
  3. Contains a hygienic cutout to help with personal hygiene
  4. Comes with a built-in battery and a floating hand control.
  5. Weighing only 9.3 kg, it is small and manoeuvrable.
  6. Demonstrates a strong load-carrying capacity, supporting up to 140 kg. 

Understanding the Purpose and Functionality of Inflatable Bath Lifts

For people with limited mobility, inflatable bath lifts, such as the Mangar Inflatable Bathing Cushion, are essential bathroom aids. For those who find entering and exiting the bathtub difficult, these mobility aids offer a cost-effective alternative to expensive bathroom changes.

Thanks to the low air pressure used by the bath lifts to inflate and deflate the cushion, the user can be quickly lowered into and raised out of the bath. This function is usually controlled by a hand-control device, making bathing more convenient.

To ensure stability, suction cups firmly attach the bath lift to the bathtub. Given the wide range of bath widths in UK homes, the seat’s depth needs to work for various bath depths. 

Additionally, the cushion offers some upper body stability. For people who struggle to keep their balance, this is a crucial feature. The market also offers a variety of different bathing cushions, including the standard and tall-height cushions. 

These options accommodate a variety of user needs and provide everyone with the opportunity to take a safe and comfortable bath, no matter an individual’s physical limitations or height. Due to its sturdy construction and convenient features, users favour the Mangar Inflatable Bathing Cushion.

When buying an inflatable bath lift, remember that delivery information is also essential. Although the majority of suppliers provide delivery choices that simplify the purchasing process, it is important to review the delivery information to ensure that the item arrives on time and in good shape.

Features to Look for When Buying Inflatable Bath Lifts

To find the best inflatable bath lift for you, it is crucial to consider several essential features. For instance, it is important that the bath lift seat offers plenty of comfort and support. 

For simple transfer from the wheelchair to the bath lift, an electric wheelchair user might also consider investing in a bath lift with a transfer board.

For instance, a shower stool or chair can improve the bathing experience. This specifically applies to people with limited mobility, these aids providing further support and stability. The Bellavita and Riviera bath lifts are both excellent choices, offering these extra features.

It’s also important to consider the VAT exemption for disabled people’s mobility aids. For those eligible for VAT exemption in the UK, you will be able to save on this purchase. However, checking to make sure that you qualify for this relief is necessary before purchasing.

Lastly, make sure to carefully consider whether the product is compatible with bath additives, as some may eventually harm the material of the lift. Therefore, it is essential to only use products which are compatible with your inflatable bath lift, working to maintain its durability. For advice on this subject, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Navigating the Market of Inflatable Bath Lifts

Whilst the market for inflatable bath lifts is vast, options like the Mangar Inflatable Bathing Cushion and the Bathing Cushion Bath Lift offer various features to suit various needs. To ensure that you select the one best suited to your personal needs, it’s necessary to compare multiple products. 

Make sure to consider the seat’s depth adjustment, maximum lift capacity, and whether the cushion is tall or standard. Another important factor is the bath lift’s compatibility with bath rims. Remember to measure your bath rim before purchasing, as not every bath lift will fit every bath rim. 

Although the chair should be able to support people with average upper-body stability, those with more severe mobility issues may need to source further bathroom aids.

The ability to recline is a key aspect of some inflatable bath lifts, working to improve comfort. This is specifically relevant to people who find sitting up straight for extended periods particularly challenging. For this feature, most people choose the Bellavita Bath Lift.

Another essential element of your decision is delivery. Therefore, if you need the product immediately, it is important to pay attention to the delivery details. The majority of businesses offer rights reserved delivery, ensuring that you safely receive your item.

Benefits of Using Inflatable Bath Lifts

For people with mobility issues, inflatable bath lifts are an excellent investment due to their many benefits. These bathroom aids allow your bathroom to become accessible, whilst also avoiding expensive renovations or extensive construction work. 

They also provide a secure and comfortable bathing experience, reducing the chance of slips and falls. Due to being small and simple to store, these bath lifts are perfect for bathrooms of all sizes. 

Additionally, they permit a full-depth bath which provides the user with a more relaxing and pleasurable bathing experience. To accommodate various bath widths and depths, the seat is also adjustable.

For those who qualify, inflatable bath lifts also come with VAT relief which makes them more affordable. Additionally, they come with many extras such as suction cups, These offer the best stability and hand control for simple operation.

In conclusion, it is important that those with mobility issues invest in inflatable bath lifts. They are an excellent option to improve the bathing experience, providing  benefits such as cost-effectiveness, comfort, and convenience.

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